Pool Buddy

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Having nothing to do Friday night, I ran down to the local “men’s club” to have a few beers and watch the Cowboys game on the big screen TV. Recently divorced, I was enjoying the girls on stage and watching them move around the floor looking for company. I usually don’t spend too much time talking to them since they are usually only looking to score drinks and cash, so I mostly decline their offers for company. Midway through my third beer, a cute blonde came over and just sat down. I had seen her throughout the evening and she didn’t seem like the pushy type, just hanging out and mostly taking to others. It was getting late and both of us were tired and content just to relax for a while.

I introduced myself and she told me her name was Erica and that she’s had a long day. I agreed and we both continued watching the game. She was a 20 year old local girl trying to make extra money on the side of her regular job as a medical office assistant. Erica didn’t look like a slutty stripper. She was a girl-next-door type with a tight and fit body. She had a great tan and obviously spent quite a bit of time outdoors. I asked her about this and she said that the nickname “beach-bum” probably best described her.

This intrigued me since I would also consider myself quite a beach-bum. I told Erica that I had the opportunity to travel quite a lot and I have been lucky enough to visit some of the best beaches in South America, Spain, and Australia. We quickly began comparing stories about hanging out on the beach and lamenting about the lack of quality beaches in the area. After a few minutes we were oblivious to the rest of the people around us and talking like old friends that have known each other for years. I ordered another beer and offered her a drink. Erica surprised me by having a beer too and tossing down a cold one while sitting close to me.

Her shoulder length blond hair flew around as we talked and laughed and got drunk together. Man, she smelled good. She wore a bikini top and a wrap around skirt, both made of fluorescent orange material which seemed to glow in the dark. Her tits were the perfect size. Not huge, but not small by any means either, with a natural bounce. Definitely not fake. Through the slit in her skirt, I could also glimpse a matching orange g-string. It looked slightly smaller than the other girl’s. Not wanting to appear as a pervert, I didn’t immediately ask to see her thong up close with a table dance, since we were starting to hit it off quite nicely. Erica felt the same way because she didn’t feel like asking me if I wanted one. She did ask if I didn’t mind if she spent the rest of the evening here hanging out with me. “Of course not!” I responded with a smile. She snuggled in closer and closed her eyes to rest.

The topic came up of our all-time favorite beach in the U.S. and we both agreed to Miami’s South Beach. It has that South American influence where thongs are so common, they’re overlooked. Wearing a thong at almost any other “family friendly” beach in the U.S. will result in glares by other women and creepy dudes with video cameras trying to take pictures for the web. A cute girl wearing a thong at our local beach also results in the same response. We both wished that we could find a beach where you could lay out all day and never be noticed just because you liked a thong bikini.

I then had to ask “So, where do you lie out and work on your tan?”

Erica said the beach was too creepy and she usually stays at her apartment’s pool, but that recently has become too crowded.

I said “Well, with a little thong like that, you are sure to attract attention.”

“Oh, do you like it?” she grinned, pulling her skirt aside to let me see.

“Yep, I really like tiny thongs, they don’t leave much to the imagination, just the way their supposed to. That one looks good on you.”

“Yea, I like them small. I don’t want a huge tan line. This is the smallest one I could find.”

I asked “Have you seen the microkinis they make now? You’d probably like them.”

“No, I haven’t. What are they?”

Having spent quite amount of time on the Internet checking out styles of microkinis, I knew dozens of websites that sold these tiny creations. I said “The Internet is loaded with new companies that make thongs probably half that size. Just 5 years ago, these things didn’t really exist, but now you can find them made all over the world.”

I rattled off some names and I could tell she was trying to remember them for future reference. But then I had an idea.

“If you’re interested,” I said “maybe we could grab a pizza next Friday and I can show you some of the best microkini sites I’ve found. Then if you’d like, we can hang around my pool later. You wouldn’t have to worry about the perverts at your apartment.”

Erica smiled at me and said “Yea, I’d like that. We could be pool buddies this summer.” I could tell that she was getting excited about the idea, just like I was.

It was getting late, so we both decided to call it a night. Erica went in the back to change and I met her outside the front door. We traded numbers and left.

I was looking forward to seeing her again on Friday to window shop the Internet eryaman escort for microkinis. This would be fun.

The phone rang Monday after work, and it was Erica. She was bored and wanted to talk. I asked her if she was doing anything tonight and invited her over to show her some micros. “That’s what I hoped you’d say, I’ll be over in 15 minutes.”

She came over holding a large purse and six pack of beer. I gave her a quick tour of my house and we took a look at the backyard pool. I think her eyes glazed over as she imaged herself lying out on the deck. I opened two beers and she picked up her purse and said “I brought along a few of my bikinis to show you, if you don’t mind.”

Erica proceeded to dump her bag on the floor and sort through a jumble of colored strings, sorting out the tops and bottoms. “This is my favorite,” she said holding up an electric blue g-string. “Want to see it on?” “Of course.” I said. Right then and there, she proceeded to take off her shorts and tight T-shirt and quickly put on her tiny bikini.

“You said that there are bikinis smaller than this one?” Erica asked.

“Come over here and take a look at these” I said. I was sitting at my computer desk and Erica promptly sat on my lap with her arms around me and her beautiful tits just an inch from my face.

We began to browse through the online catalogs of WickedWeasel, NVRStrings, Kauaibikini, CollenKelly, WickedTemptations, and many others. Erica couldn’t believe that there were so many kinds of microkinis out there. She was very intrigued by the fabrics that became sheer when wet and the bikinis made from metallic foil fabrics. My favorites too! I said “Let’s have some fun and order a dozen of these microkinis for this summer. I don’t think they’ll go unworn.” Erica agreed enthusiastically and we filled the shopping carts with all different colors and shapes of the tiniest scraps of fabric. Amazing how expensive such little pieces of material can be.

I had been gently massaging her shoulders and could feel her body relaxing under my touch. A casual stroke of her perky boobs made her quietly sigh, so I was curious to see where this might go. It’s not every day that a cutie in an electric blue g-string is sitting on your lap so I was feeling aroused too. I moved my hand down and rested it so that I was holding her thigh.

She said, “I don’t think I’ll need to shave much more to wear those micros, what do you think?” Erica pulled her blue g-string aside to reveal the cutest little shaved pussy I’d ever seen. It was almost as tan as the rest of her body, so she must have been tanning in the nude quite often. Above her pussy was a small patch of hair, trimmed to fit inside her g-strings, but probably just a little large for the microkinis we just purchased.

“Wow,” I said, “that’s pretty close, but maybe a little more off the top”.

“Want to help?” she smiled.

I led her into my bathroom and we both stripped down. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that she was checking out my cock with a smile. I filled the large tub with water and we both got in. I pulled her towards me and ran my hands up her body and rested them on her tanned boobs. The sight of the tan, wet beauty in front of me started getting me hard. Erica reached out and gently stroked my dick until it was standing straight up. I similarly slid my hand down her belly and started fondling her pussy. My other hand felt her hard nipples and I could feel that, indeed these were real, not fake tits.

I didn’t want to scare away my new pool buddy by trying to fuck her; we’d save that for later. But I did want to finish the job, so I continued to play with her pussy until it became warm and pink and juicy. Her eyes were closed tightly with a smile on her face as I moved down to lick her tiny clit and she started moaning. After a few minutes of teasing, Erica got up and knelt down in front of me. She slowly held my dick and wrapped her lips around the tip. Her tongue drew circles around my shaft as she took the full length into her mouth. Her left hand was holding my balls while she stroked with her right and gave me the best blow job of my life.

We laid back and both agreed that this was going to be the best summer ever. Back to the original reason why we were here, I grabbed a can of shaving cream and a new razor. I lathered her up and she let me shave the rest of her pussy until there was only just one little curl of hair left directly centered over the top. Maybe we’d need take care of that later.

Over the next few days, I started to get some small padded envelopes in the mail. Microkinis don’t require much packaging to mail. I’d call Erica and let her know whenever something arrived. We made plans to hold a fashion show on Saturday at my backyard pool to try them out.

Finally, Saturday arrived. We’d be spending all day at the pool, so I had some snacks and burgers ready for the grill and a cooler full of ice cold beer. The stereo was playing some Van Halen, and while I was cleaning the pool, I heard the gate open. I turned to see Erica stroll through the gate wearing old flip flops, cutoffs, a jog bra and a baseball cap with her blond hair in a short ponytail. Definitely sincan escort showing some beach-bum vibe. Erica dropped her backpack on the picnic table, gave me a sweet kiss and exclaimed “I’ve had a long week. Let’s check out those microkinis that arrived and get some sun.”

I had three of the packages that we received on the picnic table and we opened each one up to check them out. The rest of our purchases still hadn’t arrived yet. We ordered a size Small for everything since Erica is petite and we couldn’t get anything smaller anyway. What’s the use of a large sized microkini?

The first one was a light blue mesh micro teardrop thong from ALSBikinis. Unlike a regular teardrop thong where the teardrop material attaches at the waistband, this model had two additional bands that drop down from the waistband to a small metal ring directly above the pussy, making the teardrop half the size. The material had a thin quality to it that promised to become deliciously transparent when wet. Being only about one inch wide and two inches long, it covered only her pussy lips and nothing else. I helped her tie on the bikini top, which also had similar teardrop shapes pointed at both ends, expanding to only 1 inch wide to cover her little nipples. She turned around and teasingly wagged her slim hips back and forth and asked me “Well, What do you think?”

“Mmmmm, tasty,” I replied. “It looks much better in person than the picture on-line. How does it feel?”

“Almost like I’m completely naked,” she giggled. “I can feel the bottoms just surrounding only my pussy. It feels like you’re gently squeezing my lips together. I’m actually getting horny just standing here in front of you”

“Let me see,” I said. I bent down, and sure enough, there was a little drop of pussy juice starting to turn the material transparent. “Yep, I’d say so.” “Do you want a beer to cool yourself off a little? You’ve only been here a few minutes and already you’re overheating!”

“Sounds good to me,” she said. I opened two beers over by the beach chairs I had sat out on the pool deck. “Wait a minute, I have something for you too,” she said. “If I am going to get sexy for you, then you have to too.”

Oh crap, I thought. I’m not going to wear a thong. But to my relief, Erica pulled a black Speedo swimsuit from her backpack. While I was standing there holding two bottles of beer, she came over and pulled my swim trunks down. As I stepped out of the trunks, she cloyingly grabbed my balls and gently squeezed them and said “It kind of feels like that.” I stepped into the new suit and she pulled it up, stuffing my dick into the smaller suit.

We sat down in the beach chairs and started working on our first beers. The sun was bright, not a cloud in the sky with a light breeze. Couldn’t ask for a better day. We got caught up for a few minutes with the week’s activities at work and emptied the first bottles. I said “Do you want to try another micro?” Yes, she said, “Got to find the best one to wear today.”

Back on the picnic table, the next package we opened was a tiny metallic fabric slingshot style bikini from CollenKelly. It was called a lamé Dragonfly Sling because the strips that (supposedly) covered the boobs were horizontal instead of vertical, like wings. It was metallic blue with a series of criss-crossing silver straps. Holding it up in front of Erica, we couldn’t imagine how to get started.

“Well, take off your bikini and let’s try to figure this puzzle out”. She reached back and untied her top and shimmied out of her tiny micro bottom. I had the new microkini bottom in my hand and I said “I know where this piece goes, so let’s start here.” I held the bottom micro patch in my hand and gently grabbed her pussy. “I’ll hold this here while you figure out the straps” I said. I could feel the warmth of her body as I held my hand on her shaved mound. I leaned forward and kissed her right nipple, which was aroused like a pencil eraser. Same thing on the left side. She jokingly said “I better get these straps figured out to cover these up before I melt.”

I kept my grip on her little pussy, now warm while she pulled the fine silver strings over her shoulders. Once the strings were in place, Erica pulled the small metallic patches of fabric over her nipples and centered them across her perky breasts. It was a turn on to see the bottom curve of the breasts exposed, which are usually covered by normal bikini tops. I released my grip and moved around to her back to help adjust the straps of the sling.

I said “Everything looks great back here. Bend a little forward so that I can see how the micro covers your pussy from the back.” Erica leaned forward, rested her arms on the picnic table and turned her head back to me, asking “Looks alright?” The metallic blue fabric clung to her pussy, revealing every curve and feature as if it had been painted on. I could make out the curves of her inner lips and a tiny bump created by her clit. I ran my finger down the center and could feel the pressure exerted by her pussy against the smooth material.

I stepped forward and leaned into her with my packed swimsuit pressed up against her firm tanned ass. “Mmmmm,” batıkent escort she said as I leaned forward and grabbed both tits, “That feels good too.”

“This is my favorite suit so far,” I said. “I wonder how long it will stay on. It would be such a shame if I only had 5 minutes to check it out on your fantastic body.”

“Then we’d better lay out awhile and enjoy it while it lasts,” Erica said with a smile.

“Good idea. We have the whole afternoon to keep teasing each other,” I said.

I had inflated two rafts and I moved them over to the center of the deck in full sunlight. Erica pulled her towel, sunglasses, a book and some oil from her backpack. I grabbed two more beers and a bag of chips and put them in reach of our towels. “Let the tanning begin!” she said. I lay down next to my pool buddy and grabbed my magazine, but reading became hopeless. Attempting to concentrate with a nearly naked babe next to me just was not going to happen. She appeared to be having the same problems with her book too.

“Do you need some suntan oil?” I asked. “Wouldn’t want to burn anything today.”

OK, she said and flipped over onto her stomach and rested her head on crossed arms. I situated myself and squirted a pool of oil in the small of her back. I spread the oil upwards while slowly massaging all of the muscles on her sculpted back. “Oooh, that hits the spot,” she said as I was working on her shoulders and arms. I squeezed more oil into the palm of my hands and started down at her ankles, slowing working my way up her long legs. With only her little tan ass left to coat, I needed to resituate myself to get a better angle. I spread her legs and knelt down between her knees so that her beautiful ass was right in front of me. I lubed up my hands one more time and covered every square inch of her cute butt with oil. Slowly spreading her ass cheeks to reveal the home of the bikini’s strings, I ran my wet fingers down the crack of her ass and stopped right where the patch of fabric began, her body twitching as I slid over her ass hole. “All done back here,” I said. “Time to flip over.”

With me still kneeling between her knees, Erica rose up doggy-style and backed her ass into my chest. She then swung her legs around and resituated herself on her back. I quickly oiled up her arms, legs and stomach. I slowly painted oil across each breast, sliding my index finger under the metallic fabric strip to cover her nipples.

“Make sure EVERYTING is covered with oil”, she said. “I have a feeling this microkini exposes a little more skin than my usual g-strings.” Her little pussy mound rose from her flat stomach in a gentle arch, raising the bottom’s strings off of her abs a half an inch. I started there, slowly applying oil below her belly button, lifting the microkini strings and sliding my finger underneath. Carefully applying oil down between both sides of her thighs, I made sure to run my fingers under the fabric to spread a thin coat of oil on each lip of her pussy.

“There you go” I said, “I think I’ve got you one hundred percent covered now.” as I viewed the glistening body before me.

Erica responded, “I like the way you did that, now my pussy smells like coconuts!” She then sat up and said “You better not burn either, now it’s your turn”.

I moved back to my towel and I lay on my stomach. Erica promptly sat on my butt and began to massage my shoulders. Her strong little fingers were turning my aching neck muscles into butter. After spreading oil all over my back side, she commanded me to flip over. She stood up above me as I flipped over onto my back. I gazed up into the sunlight and took in the beautiful sight standing above me. With a sly grin on her face, she knelt down over top of me by straddling her legs across my chest. She said “Why don’t you take a good close look at my microkini and see if you still like it while I oil you up.” Her shimmering metallic covered pussy hovered inches from my face while she rubbed oil between her hands. She started rocking back and forth, brushing the smooth patch of fabric across my chest and bumping it onto my chin. Finished with my upper body, Erica rotated around so that she was facing away, but still straddling me doggy style.

She pulled my swimsuit down and took my dick in her hands. With a generous amount of oil, she proceeded to ever so slowly stroke my shaft only upwards, first with one hand then the other. In no hurry, I relaxed and closed my eyes while Erica continued to play with my dick. I was really starting to get worked up after a few minutes as one of her hands caressed my balls while the other continued stroking only upwards. I opened my eyes and watched her firm ass right in front of me rocking with each stroke. Grabbing her thighs with both hands, my thumbs faced inwards to press her pussy mound. I began to match the rhythm of her stroking my dick with similar pressure on her. I moved aside the moist patch of fabric to reveal her completely wet pussy. Her lips were so relaxed and open that I could see an inch into her vagina. I stuck my index finger into the pink hole and immediately felt her warm juices engulf my finger. Her clit began peaking through her hood, becoming a hard round point. Squeezing her clit firmly one last time, I let go completely and said “I think that’s enough teasing for now. Let’s swim a little and continue later.” Erica understood too that prolonging the teasing was only going to make things better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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