Prostitute Lover

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I love toothless crack whores, prostitutes in general, really. I sometimes flash my headlights at night twice in the shadier parts of town just to get their attention. I take them to a parking lot or a back alley and they suck me off. No strings. No dinner, no pretending. You’ve got what I want and I’ve got the cash. The excitement of being in public with these disgusting, desperate people brings me to orgasm in seconds. My wife doesn’t know.

The first time I encountered one, she offered to suck my dick for ten bucks. I was just walking downtown when I heard a loud, shrill, “Hey.”

I turned around only to see this pathetic, emaciated girl with maybe three teeth. She was wearing a loose sundress and no shoes.

“I’ll suck your dick for ten bucks.”

I was floored. I wondered what her dry lips would feel like sliding over my dick. I watched as she walked over, the sundress flowed around her. I smiled. She approached, so close I could smell her stench, stale and rank. As awful as it was, the thought of her mouth and thick crusted lips on my dick caused a raging hard on.

We snuck behind some bushes, near a deserted parking lot and she taunted me. The entire time, I was nervous as hell.

“You want this shit, don’t you, baby.”

She licked her lips and began tugging at my pants. I could feel my dick rise and pulsate in time with the nervous beating of my heart.

“Give çankaya escort me the money first.” She demanded.

I fished into my pockets and nervously pulled out a ten. I handed it to her. She smiled, showing clearly that she had only three teeth. I was disgusted. I let her unzip my pants. She was not tender or subtle.

She gobbled up my dick fervently, sliding her thick, nasty mouth over it. I pushed her head with my hand, forcing her down, gently. I stroked her hair, it was saturated in oil. Her gaze didn’t leave my face for the entire time.

I wondered if she thought I would hurt her. That could be why she stared at me the entire time. At one point, her few teeth scraped my dick. I remember her head hitting my belly only six times until I pumped a load into her gaping mouth. She swallowed it down, stood up and ran towards the street.

“Thanks, baby.” She yelled.

I zipped my pants and went home. I was “hooked.”

Maybe it is the desperation that I’m attracted to. I don’t think I’d ever hurt any of them.

I’ve actually gone to prostitutes quite a few times since. I occasionally get my dick sucked by male prostitutes. My first time was memorable. I was cruising, looking for some action one Saturday night. My wife assumed that I was out with the guys and I guess in a way I was. I saw an attractive young buck and thought “why not.” He was obviously looking for a “john.” escort etlik I pulled my car toward him at the side of the road.

I watched as he strutted to my car, his jean shorts were tight, I could see his bulge as well as the inside pockets of the jeans which were hanging out on either side of the bulge. He was wearing a tight yellow wife-beater and rhinestone studded sandals.

“Hi. How’s it going?” He asked. His voice was deeper than I thought it would be.

“Fine, fine.”

“Are you a cop?” He questioned.

“God no,” I replied.

He tried to open my car door but it was locked. I leaned in and pulled the handle for him from the inside.

“A gentleman!” The hooker smiled.

We sped off into the night and discussed his terms. He asked me what I wanted and agreed to suck my dick for 30 dollars. I veered the car behind an empty shopping center. I fished the cash from my pocket and handed it over. I kicked my seat back, excited and curious about this new and unusual experience.

“You are going to love this,” he promised as I unzipped my pants.

He leaned down and began fitted me with a condom from one of his jean pockets. I don’t prefer to use condoms, but he insisted. I felt his cold hands grab hold of my cock. The contrast of the warmth of the car and his frozen fingers made me jump. He pushed against my chest gently.

He finally ankara demetevler escort fitted the condom completely over my thick dick then leaned into my lap. His mouth enveloped my cock and his face was pressed down against my bush. He sucked my right nut into his mouth, still with my dick in it, and then sucked up the left one. I gasped, afraid that he would hurt me, at the same time mesmerized by his skill. He sucked my entire package for a moment then released my balls from the clutches of his mouth. He began to suck me, down then up then down again. He stroked at my balls with his fingers and tickled the head of my dick with his tongue. I was ready to explode.

He jerked at my dick with his hand, his mouth still around the head of my cock. His clasp on my dick was tight and hard and I came intensely. He snapped the condom off my piece and chucked it out the window.

“Did you like that?” He asked sarcastically.

“Have you ever sucked a guy’s dick?” He asked.

“No,” I answered.

“Did you want to try? I won’t charge you.”

I thought about it for a moment and decided that I should at least find out what it is like.


I watched as the hooker unzipped his tight jean shorts. When I saw his long and massive piece I felt self-conscious of my own. I thought there was no way I could perform like he did.

“Don’t be scared, I know it is intimidating. But I’ll go easy on you.”

He slipped a condom on and I leaned in and licked the head of his dick. He guided me with his hands until I was choking; I lifted up quickly in response.

I didn’t like sucking dick at all. But it doesn’t matter who sucks mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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