Quid Quo Pro

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In the early 80’s I wrestled for an isolated University in a very rural and rather conservative state. It was at a time when the drinking age wasn’t twenty one and no one realized that unprotected sex could kill you. It was the Thursday night before mid term exams so the dorms were dead. I was down in the lobby watching TV by myself, when my friend Leah passed by carrying a six pack.

“What you doing Billy?”

“Just getting ready for an exciting Thursday night, everybody is studying. I stopped by your room but you weren’t there.”

“I’m back….you want to come up and watch ‘Magnum PI”?”

Rising, I joined Leah and headed to the elevator. Walking together we looked a bit like Mutt and Jeff, I was a 6’3″ and she was a 4’10’ distance runner who may have weighed 90 pounds. As we got on the empty elevator Leah spoke.

“Billy, your season ended two weeks ago”


“So, my outdoor season doesn’t begin for a couple more weeks do you think that you might be able to find us a joint?” she said coyly while batting her eyes at me. Hitting the button for my floor I answered.

“I might be able to; I’ll meet you at your room in five”

The elevator stopped and I got off at my floor, and Leah went up on her tip toes and gave me a friendly peck on my cheek, something that she had never done but I thought nothing of it.

Greg, my roommate was inside studying. He was a football player, who was from the same small town as Leah.

“What up?” he asked without looking up from his book

“Do we have enough stash to spare a couple of joints?”

“I am sure we do, we have like a quarter….Who you partying with”

“I’m watching TV with Leah, and she wants to get high before her season begins.” I got the weed and a couple of papers from underneath a loose floorboard in the closet and began to roll the joints.

“You’ve been hanging out a lot with Leah recently, man.”

“I have always hung out with her” I responded

“Yeah, but since she broke up with Mark, she comes around here a lot more.”

“Probably because you and I are her friends and she’s bored”

“Well, I think she has a thing for you.” Greg said

“I doubt it, for one thing I am a freshmen and she is a junior.”


“So, she considers me a friend and I am not one to misconstrue friendship”

“Whatever…I have known Leah my whole life and I am telling you that she likes you” Greg said honestly

“Anyway, I got them rolled…study hard….later”

I headed to Leah’s single on the top floor; all the scholarship athletes on campus lived on the top two floors of our dorm (which was the tallest building in the state). Leah let me in. She had changed in a tight polo shirt and sewed boxers that showed off her firm little body. Leah and I opened a window and smoked the joint and had a beer. It didn’t take long for the relaxing effects of both to take hold. We were watching ‘Magnum PI’, when she started to talk

“I don’t get what women see in Magnum”

“Uhh, he is a fictitious character that is some marketing genius’s interpretation of what women want?” I answered

“He is a scruffy, unstable, unemployed freeloader”

“You mean that isn’t what women want?”

“Actually women are impressed by materialism, like his car.” She responded sarcastically.

“Oh, you mean the small penis compensation device”

“The what?” she said laughing

“SPCD, small penis compensation device. It is well known that men with escort çankaya small penises compensate by having extremely expensive sports cars or unnecessarily large trucks.”

“So, you can tell TC has a big dick because of the type of car he drives” Leah remarked skeptically

“Well as we all know he has a big dick because he is black…” I said sarcastically

“Billy that is a racist statement… and a complete myth by the way” she said with authority.



I continued

“Regardless of how it happened, he has a huge schlong and is not compelled to have a fancy car as a form of compensation for a perceived shortcoming.” I said glibly, by this point we were both giggling.

“So, that means you have a big dick, because you have a shitty car?” Leah said raising an eyebrow.

I nearly choked on my beer when she said that.

“No, my shitty car is a symptom of my CIP.”

“CIP?” she asked

“Yeah, College Induced Poverty. Besides I have baby dick and aspire to have a SPCD”

Leah paused for a second and I thought that she was going to change the subject, when she spoke in a more serious tone.

“I’ve heard that you are actually fairly well endowed.”

“Who told you that?”


Michelle was one of my fuck buddies. There were two girls that I would occasionally hook up with for “no strings attached” sex. There was some truth to what Michelle had said, while I was no John Holmes, I was somewhat larger than average but not huge.

“Well Michelle is obviously a nice person, who lied to you in an attempt to save me embarrassment”

“Really?” Leah was not buying it.


“Then prove it, whip it out and show me.”

“No, it’s embarrassing” I teased.

“It can’t be any smaller that the puny thing Mark had between his legs.” She paused “Look if it is tiny I will jack you off and spread the rumor Michelle told me”

What Leah didn’t know was that I had a bit of an exhibitionistic streak and the idea of exposing myself to her was somewhat appealing and exciting. The alcohol and pot had also clouded my judgment and lowered my inhibitions, and I realized that I might be able to finagle a hand job out of the situation.

“Well…..okay” I said already getting hard in anticipation.

Leah leaned against the large built in desk and I moved in front of her, taking my time I undid my belt then unbuttoned my jeans before pulling my jeans and boxers down to my knees and my cock jutted straight from my body. Leah just stared for a moment before speaking.

“Damn Billy, either you have an odd sense of size or you lied to me.” She then walked up to me grabbed my cock, her small fist barely fit halfway around it.

“This is no baby dick, but a nice slab of meat”

Leah knelt in front of me and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick. Her hand traveled up and down my shaft while her tongue gently swirled around the tip. Without any warning her head lunged forward and my cock sunk into her throat. Leah’s lips traveled two thirds of the way down my shaft before she gagged. Her head began to bob back and forth.

To say that I was shocked is an understatement, all I could do was moan “Jesus Leah, OOoooh God Leah” over and over as one of my hands cupped the back her head and the other plunged down the collar of her shirt. She kept sucking hard on my cock for another five minutes until I lifted her up by her shoulders. As she stood up she looked at otele gelen escort me and started to say something but my mouth covered hers and I kissed her hard. Her tongue slid into my mouth, the slowly she pulled away. Leah looked at me and said “I am not done with you yet” and she pushed me backwards towards the bed. Her aggressiveness surprised me a bit but was also a turn on.

I stumbled backwards onto the bed and sat there staring at Leah. She took a sip of beer and then pulled off her shirt, she wore no bra and her small breasts were larger than I had imagined being in proportion with her tiny torso. She smiled at me and told me “Get naked”. I quickly pulled off my clothes then stared at Leah’s naked form. Her body was tight and athletic, much more defined that I would have thought but still thin and waif like. She looked like a beautiful small woman rather than a little girl, with a nice hour glass figure. As she strode over to the bed I noticed that her pussy wasn’t bushy, but trimmed very short into a box shape and shaved completely from the clit down. I was no virgin but I had never seen a trimmed or shaved pussy and stared at it as she approached the bed.

“Do you like the box above my box, Billy?” she asked

“Very much, you’ve got a great little body Leah” I said.

She smiled and cocked her head to the side, then pushed me onto my back forcefully with her hand.

“Quid quo pro” she said with an evil grin as her legs straddled my head forcing me into the sixty nine position. I was a bit nervous; Leah was by no means the first woman that I had been with but I had only gone down on a woman three or four times and I wasn’t very confident in my oral abilities. This was literally the first time that I had been in this “position.” I opened my mouth and nervously ran my tongue gently around the contour of her lips. Leah moaned as her mouth descended over my cock. The sensation of her mouth gliding up down was slightly (but pleasantly) distracting and I could feel myself growing in her mouth. I continued tracing my tongue around the edges of her pussy, slowly working closer to the center with each pass. When I reached the center my tongue moved slowly up and down sinking deeper into her slit with each lick, causing her to become slicker and slicker. Occasionally I pause on the upstroke and vibrate her clit with the very tip of my tongue. Whatever I was doing seemed to be working because her legs were gripping my head tighter and she was grinding her pussy against my face with increasing pressure. As her excitement increased, she took more of me down her throat. When I thought she was ready I sucked her clit between my lips and frantically licked it. She released my cock and sat upright sending the back of my head deep into the bed. Her thighs quivered as they clenched fiercely around my head, for a few moments while the waves of her orgasm subsided.

When she stopped shaking, Leah rolled off me and lay beside me stroking me with her small hand. “Wow Billy, you have potential and staying power”

My only response was to smile and shrug. I started to wipe my face off but she stopped me and began to lick her cum off my face while gently kissing it. I thought that this was a little weird but at the same time it was quite erotic. I teased her breasts with my fingers, lightly running them around the edge of her areola. Leah caught her breath then rolled on top of me straddling my waist.

Without a word she grasped etlik bayan escort my cock and rubbed the head along her slimy slit several times, before she lowered herself onto the tip. She tensed and grunted as she allowed me to penetrate her, stopping for a moment before the head slid in. Maybe it was her size, her pussy definitely was tightest that I had experienced. I reached up and cupped her palm sized tits and she leaned against my outstretched arms for support. “Don’t move” she whispered then she began to slowly slide herself down my shaft. When she was two thirds of the way down she stopped, and gently began to rise up and down. At the end of each down stroke she grunted and paused, taking a little bit more of me with each stroke. “Damn your thick…very nice, I have never been so completely filled” Leah said as she started picking up pace slightly. After ten minutes she bottomed out, I could feel her cervix against my head while she paused. With me still in her she shifted forward onto her knees and placed her hands on my shoulders “Okay, I am ready go slow and REAL easy, I can barely take you.”

Leah’s cunt was hotter and wetter than anything I had encountered and her small size made me feel huge. I slowly thrusted, rocking her gently while we kissed hard. She moaned into my mouth and increased her counter thrusts. It didn’t take long for pussy to clench, her nails sunk into my skin. “Yes, yes ohhhhhhhhh” she cried cumming so hard that she nearly forced my cock out of her drenched pussy. I struggled to stay in her as she convulsed. After a couple of moments Leah began to recover and announced “I want to be under you.” With that she pulled off my throbbing erection and spun around to lie down. When she turned around I noticed a small script tattoo, the first I had ever seen on a woman, on her left ass cheek.

“What’s that” I asked

“A tattoo” she said coyly raising an eyebrow

“What does it say?”

“TASTY” with a grin

“Tasty?” I repeated

“Aren’t I? I got it freshmen year, it was a girlfriend’s idea”

As I processed all that she had said, Leah lay down in front of me and spread her legs. I got on top of her and propped myself up with my elbows. With one hand I grabbed my prick and rubbed the head up and down her slit, then slowly slipped the head into her hole. “Uh huh, yeah” she murmured. Sliding deeper into Leah with each stroke she began to spread her legs farther and farther encouraging me with tiny grunts. By the time I had sunk into her to the base, her legs were behind her arms. Unmercifully I began to almost pull out of her completely before slamming my complete length into her. “Uhh, Unngg…Uhh, Unngg…yeah, yeah….uhh, unngg” Leah grunted repeatedly. She started to tense again and wrapped her arm and legs tightly as she shook through another orgasm. I just kept fucking her until I felt my own climax building. When I could hold back no longer I plowed as deep as I could into Leah and exploded. I kept thrusting as the last of my cum filled her. With my last spurt I collapsed holding her tightly as our cum leaked out of her still filled cunt. After a few moments I pulled out, and rolled holding her next to me. We lay like that for awhile, while I processed what had just happened. Finally I spoke

“Wow” I whispered

“You’re not bad for a freshmen” she said

“Gee, thanks” I said sarcastically then waited a moment before saying “So, this changes things a bit” Leah snuggled against me and remained quiet for awhile. After a very long fifteen seconds she responded.

“I guess it does Billy, but things have been changing between us for awhile”

“Yeah…..So, where do we go from here?” I asked

“We’ll see what happens, but I expect you to stay here tonight.”

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