Quincy’s Rose

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Name pronounciations:

Quinchaveous Donovan Hale – “Quinch-a-ve-us Don-ov-an Hale”

Sephiria – “Se-feer-eea”

Lucetta – “Loo-chet-a”

Zuko – “Zoo-ko”

Sephiria is a transcendent vampire, and Quinchaveous is the lord of the prestigious Hale Manor. They have known each other for seven years by this point and been through a lot together, along with their mutual friend Lucetta who is an angel-turned-vampire. [Long story.]

Sephiria has loved Quinchaveous for a long time, as well as Lucetta, romantically and as a friend. This is also a detailed account of her first time.


Within the vast Moldavian mansion, decorated in all manner of vines and flowers, were the whispers and the memories of a particular vampire that had only recently taken residence there. This vampire, named Sephiria, lounged comfortably in her quarters with a book and quill in her hand as she scribbled away in Romanian about a number of things. She enjoyed writing, but tonight it wasn’t for the sake of enjoyment. Rather, for distraction from the impending moon that was to occur in only three nights from now. The blood moon, in her family, usually meant every adult able and willing stayed with their partners indoors and spent that night in each others’ arms; she had not yet done so willingly with anyone, and so while she got the urges she usually had simply distracted herself as she did tonight. Upon her form, surprisingly, was a scarlet one sleeve gown that was extremely familiar to those in Hale Manor due to her excessive wear of it. It was a nightgown made by her own hand, much like most of her clothing.

She was a rather talented seamstress when she wished to be – in fact she had been working on something for Lucetta and Quincy however she was lacking ideas on what to make. Her hair was brushed back in a familiar manner and she’d allowed her dear friend to stay in the castle for as long as he wished to, even giving him the study she never used.

Inside there were thousands upon thousands of books, all written in her handwriting and bound by hand as well. Reading them all would be a chore, indeed, but if one was curious enough the details within them were something to behold. She’d given him the largest bedchamber as well, the one that was across the hall from her own and the one she never set foot in normally. The bedrooms in her home were of a red and black color scheme and elaborately decorated, and she had a habit of leaving her own door open as she read or did something menial. She had no use for secrecy. The half moon shone into her room, clashing with the yellow-orange illumination that the lit candles brought. They highlighted her face, her skin, giving her an almost human complexion. She’d just come from the bath and smelled sweetly of long-extinct roses that her family once grew, due to the perfumes she’d crafted in their scent. She set the quill away and stood, sighing in relaxation as she wondered just what he could be up to.

The confines of the chamber were vast and scarlet, beautifully decorated and one could tell that the former ruler of Romania had put a lot into crafting such an atmosphere. The lord of Hale Manor, Quinchaveous Donovan Hale, had said so himself many times. Quincy now sat along the window sill of the large pane window in the lovely room his dear friend loaned him during his stay. He had just finished a shower, so his thick dark hair was pulled up into a high ponytail. Since he had gotten his shirt wet, he left it to the side to dry and simply decided to go about without it. Pale skin gleamed in the moonlight, though in no way shone like diamonds like the popular current movies had bastardized. Well built and lean, he was an attractive man and almost any woman that came near knew it.

However, he truly was a quiet man. He usually kept to his study, however his time with the former queen and his other dear friend, Lucetta, had made him get out more and more. It wasn’t in a bad way, of course – he simply wished to spend more time with them. His blood colored eyes focused on the moon in all her glory as he reflected on the troublesome times he had been having. Once again, his lover, Zuko, seemed to have gone missing for reasons he would never understand. However, this time he was conflicted. Should he wait for her? Somehow, he felt that the answer his heart decided was not the one he would wish. Despite his grief, he forced a smile upon his face.

“How could I allow her to slip through my fingers once more…?” His question was directed to himself, in which he answered with a chuckle. He rested his head back against the wall and allowed his eyes to close as he willed his tall form to relax.

As he’d gone deep in thought, the woman had shut the book and set it down as well as her mind wandered toward a similar path; she’d known that Zuko had seemed to disappear again, but she hadn’t wished to upset him by speaking of it. It was one of the many reasons she’d let him be, that and at that point in time it would be highly likely she’d have little control over her instincts. He was the one she loved, after all. She wondered why it was that things seemed to not go well for him and it saddened her greatly, for all she wished was his happiness as she’d told him on many an occasion. She decided now to pay him a visit, for there was no one in the house but ankara escort the two vampires. Her petite bare feet glided soundlessly across the tile floor as she slowly made her way toward the bedchamber he resided in for the time being, stopping just before the door before giving a gentle knock.

“May I come in?” She asked, her voice softer than it was normally in Hale. It was almost as if she was timid in her own home, but that was to be expected considering it was grandiose and quite new to her still.

Upon hearing the knock on the door, his eyes flew open. He looked in that direction, a smile upon his face.

“Of course, come in. This is your home.” He chuckled a bit, pondering her strange habits of over-politeness even within her own residence.

“It may be my home,” she mused, a chuckle of her own in her voice as she opened the door and took a step inside, “But you have a right to privacy, you know.” Her scent easily filled the room though it wasn’t overbearing, and her eyes seemed to glint a bit in the moon’s light. Going from the yellowish light of her room to the silvery light in his made for a drastic change in appearance, her hair shifting to white and flowing down her back. Her eyes returned to the bluish, red rimmed color they were the night she made her first kill in the Hale Manor, taking on the look that he told her he admired. She turned and shut the door quietly, chuckling a bit as she took a couple steps toward him before pausing. One could easily tell that the woman was still not used to seeing him in the state he was in, and the scent drove her senses into hyperactivity.

Instantly she flushed and lowered her head, more out of respect so she didn’t just stare in silence.

“Oh, please. I have nothing to hide from you…” With his head angled in a way that he could easily see her, he proceeded to rest it back against the wall as he thought back to the previous night, when he’d caught Lucetta and the other woman in some rather sexy shenanigans.

“I would prefer it if you do not knock…in your own home.” Her scent seemed to catch him off guard,

shown by how wide his eyes got when he inhaled it.

The second time he inhaled it, he did so with his eyes shut as he enjoyed the scent. Upon realizing what he was doing, he cleared his throat and regained his composure. “Forgive me. It is just that you smell so undeniably beautiful…”

She took a moment to respond, then smiled mischievously as she tilted her head back up. Upon those lips was a curled smirk, playful and teasing. She saw the way he enjoyed her scent and although her cheeks went several shades of scarlet, she simply and slowly sauntered forward. His reaction had given her confidence yet at the same time she retained her normal self, and she had enough confidence now to at least approach him. She held back strongly, fighting the urge to reach out and touch him. As she neared the scent she carried became stronger yet remained pleasant, and he could without a doubt tell that the vampire was in a strong heat that she was resisting very well. No doubt due to experience.

“I don’t mind at all, dearest. You smell…and look…absolutely breathtaking, if I may,” she responded with a silky tone in her voice.

The lord took a moment to inhale her scent once more as she approached, however this time he could easily sense something different – something lustful. A dark chuckle escaped his throat as his eyes never left her.

“I’m flattered.” He wore a smirk that seemed to match hers as he stood to his feet before her, his eyes wearing deeply into hers.

“I smell it…there is no need to hide it…”

She pondered his chuckle for a moment and his smirk before she heard him speak, and any restraint she had on her aura and scent alike were lifted. It was indeed a strong desire, a desire for him and him alone. She looked into his eyes in the same manner that he did to hers, and she could feel her fangs slowly lengthen a bit from heightened arousal. The only thing that she could think of to say or do was to stop walking when she was just inches from him, a last thread of restraint keeping her from doing just what she thought to do at that moment. Her blush darkened. Busted much..

“Would you have me tonight?” The question was honest and straightforward with that remaining hint of timidity, but she knew he already could tell what her desire was. She felt, however, that she knew what his answer would be.

In one gentle motion, his hand reached up to keep her head tilted up to him.

“My dear, I would enjoy nothing more…” Placing his other arm around her waist, he pulled her close so that her body pressed against his. His mouth seemed to melt against hers as he kissed her with just as much passion as she needed.

Her breath caught in her throat as he tilted her chin up to face him, that touch alone capturing her in a hypnotized state almost. A gasp rose in her throat but she felt it go away the moment he wrapped his arm around and pulled her against him, and the instant their lips met she melted. Restraint gone, her body forced her power to lock every door in the mansion and shadow all windows but their own, allowing the moon to shine down on them as she wrapped her arms around him and entangled her fingers in his hair. Her claws ever gently brushed against his scalp elvankent escort and she pressed against him, body oddly heated for her undead nature.

She probably wasn’t aware of it, but the mixture of her arousal and the scent of roses drove him crazy. He had always been strangely obsessed with roses, even as a small boy. He broke their kiss in favor of burying his nose into her neck, inhaling her scent deeply before placing various kisses about her neck and chest. His hands traveled along each of her curves as his kisses reached her shoulder. With his teeth, he caught the fabric of her gown and proceeded to pull it down her arm until it simply slid off the rest of the way.

Her grasp only slightly tightened so as to not harm him when his mouth found her neck and chest, the kisses earning little gasps and almost inaudible, shy whimpers of enjoyment. Her dreams were nothing compared to the reality, and his hands were working a magic on her skin that she’d never, ever been able to comprehend before. She tingled, sweet shivers running down her spine as she felt his teeth grasp her gown and pull it down enough for it to simply slide away. Her body was pristine and unscathed, porcelain-like. She had medium sized breasts and small, already erect nipples that were a lovely shade of pink, and her skin was soft and smelled of roses naturally as well as from the perfume.

As lightly as a feather, Quinchaveous brought a claw up to gently circle one of her erected nipples as he focused in on her eyes. A lustful smirk upon his lips before he went to bring his head down to lightly place a kiss upon her right breast, traveling down further until her was on his knees and placing a kiss upon her pelvis. His hands held her hips firmly as he allowed his tongue to slip in between her lower lips. He massaged her hips strongly, firmly gripping as he slipped his tongue in once more and this time flickered it- skillfully and proficiently. He enjoyed her bitter sweet taste, and it combined with her strong scent had him unbearably aroused also. He placed a kiss upon each of her inner thighs before standing, his smirk just as daunting as it was before, as he made his way over to the large bed she was so kind to provide him with.

“I want you to lay down…and make yourself as comfortable as needed.” His eyes were low, filled with lust as he stared her down as if she were possible prey. He reached up, taking the tie that held up his ponytail and slid it off. His long, dark hair flowed freely down his back as if it had been a ebony river of fine silk.

Sephiria kept her gaze fixed on his, her eyes low and lustful themselves as any notion of shyness seemed gone for that moment. When his claw circled her nipple and she felt his kiss upon her breast, it was all she could do to keep herself standing upright from the sensation it brought. The further his lips traveled, the more her body trembled in anticipation, lust and pleasure alike. At this point she wasn’t keeping silent, rather allowing her gasping whimpers to edge him on. She looked down, following him as he knelt but wasn’t able to keep her head focused on him for long as his tongue found a place that she really didn’t pay much attention to. He could taste that she was quite moist already, and had a sweetness that almost far outweighed the bitterness of her sex. She cried out sweetly and tilted her head back, lifting a finger to bite upon as her knees threatened to give way. When he flickered on his second lick she mewled again, arching her back and tilting her head to look at the ceiling with her hair brushing against the floor. She was quivering when he kissed her thighs and stood, and if she had a heart that beat, it would have been pounding in her chest with adrenaline.

She watched him walk to the bed and followed, not hesitating but not rushing as she too made her way to it. When he instructed her she again didn’t hesitate, settling onto the bed and laying back-first to the beautiful silk scarlet and black sheets. She allowed her head to rest on a pillow and relaxed, and even the sight of him untying his hair seemed to bring about that tingling sensation where he had so expertly licked a moment ago. She lay in wait, watching his every move with anxiousness as well as anticipation as she wondered what he would do next. Her dreams had tried, but did not prepare her nearly enough for such…exquisite closeness. His eyes slowly followed her as she made her way to lay down as he had instructed her to do. His face was a mixture of relaxation, lust, and amusement all in one expression. As he watched her relax, he took one finger and tugged down the black, silky night pants he wore. They easily slid from his body and pooled on the floor around his feet. He stepped out of them as he climbed into bed with her. Before long he was above her, his mouth pressed to hers roughly as he made her taste herself from his lips. Both his hands massaged and groped her sizable breasts, squeezing them and manipulating them as he pleased.

The woman’s blush deepened as she watched him slide his pants over his hips until they fell from his form, getting a glimpse of him in full nudity before she realized he was above her. The first indicator was that she felt lips pressed to hers, a sweet bitterness upon her tongue from his. That taste she knew well thanks otele gelen escort to Lucetta, and she had come to enjoy it greatly. Her body relaxing she gave a moan against his lips, greeting his kiss with a passionate one of her own as she allowed her lips to part for him. She felt his rough, yet soft hands grasp and manipulate her breasts -which were already quite sensitive due to the previous teasing- and that had earned another gasp and a delighted whimper. She let her leg wrap around one of his, her back arching. His touch was like fire upon her skin, pleasantly warming her. His hands traveled up along her chest, along her neck and over her cheeks until his fingertips tangled within her silky hair. He tugged her hair at the roots as he slipped his tongue within her mouth. His tongue grazed along hers, greeting it and inviting it to dance. She gave a soft, pleased growl in response to this, her body quivering. She didn’t realize how much she liked this, but it definitely earned a response he could see.

She pressed against him more, no longer shy in any shape or form, and her fingers on one hand ran into his hair to give a gentle tug and her other hand ran along his back, claws scraping on skin. She gave a delicious growl as his tongue invited hers, and she allowed it to reply by flicking against his and weaving sensation like a spider’s web. Hers was slightly serpentine without the fork, and her fangs were fully elongated, grazing against both of their fangs to incite visible trembles of euphoria in her. It was perfectly clear that Quinchaveous enjoyed each of her touches, However, when she reacted by tugging on his hair is what piqued his arousal the most. Just that small gesture alone ignited a flame, a small growl escaping his preoccupied mouth. With one hand, he took a handful of her hair and held it fast. With the other, he gripped onto one of her wrists and held it down firmly against the sheeted mattress. With her legs being wrapped around him already, all it took him was to lean up and push into her to be buried within her warmth completely.

She noticed the change far before he acted upon the urge, though it still surprised her pleasantly when he held a handful of her hair fast and gripped her wrist to hold to the mattress. She felt him lean and move up just slightly and then a strangely painful-yet-tingling feeling came from between her thighs. She didn’t understand it and it showed in how she winced with a sharp cry, a sound with both discomfort and unbelievable pleasure mixed together. She was quivering against his form and her eyes locked on his, her curved hips lifting to meet him as pain eased and pleasure fully took over. Dear sweet loving Gods, the feeling was incredible…indescribable. It was like a full bodied tingle with a dash of pleasant heat in every sweet spot she had, heightening her sensations tenfold. As he’d buried himself, a single mewling “Quincy!” had followed the mixed cry, and he could feel just how tightly she held him inside. To even move would be a difficult task, even though she was as relaxed as she could be after feeling such an intrusion. Her eyes searched his, trusting, loving.

“So strange, yet so wonderful,” she thought, easily for him to hear as well.

His ability to feel, to see and to hear her reaction to such a large move was clear. He even went as far as to coo to her lightly after seeing and feeling her discomfort. His lips pulled up slightly into an amused smirk as his eyes focused to hers, warm and kind opposed to the lust they had shown before. However, the lust and twisted darkness returned to his gaze as he heard his name escape her mouth in such a cry. Her thoughts were clear, so clear to him it almost seemed as if they were spoken. Slowly he brought his head down so that his lips pressed gently against her ear. “Indeed…” He whispered as he was finally able to move, pulling out of her slow and steady before he would thrust back into her depths. With the tips of his fangs, he gently clenched her earlobe and gave it a soft tug.

When he’d looked upon her she’d seen the kindness and warmth in his gaze, and all was confirmed in her heart – she could definitely trust him, and she loved that. He wouldn’t give her anything she couldn’t handle. She gave her trust to him completely, giving him free range of her body and mind and blood as he wished to take if he chose to do so. She noticed how his eyes changed and hers changed to match his own, a dark and twisted sense of lust taking over; she knew pleasure now, and she intended to give it right back to him as he gave it to her. She arched into him with a moan as he pressed his lips against her ear, hearing his whisper, the word making her grin and expose her fangs. That grin turned into a gasp as she felt a withdrawing feeling as he seemed to move his hips, the sensation making her head spin as she drowned in ecstasy. When he thrusted back within her she held him tight once again inside -though not as much so as before-, another somewhat loud cry of nothing but pure, unadulterated euphoric delight rippled through the woman in his arms. When he grasped her earlobe with his fangs and tugged gently she quivered strongly, tilting her head and offering her throat to him. She had never done that for anyone, anyone at all, and it was a gesture of love and trust that she did so for him. The blood in her veins pulsed strongly, the sweet scent able to be taken in simply from her skin. The way her body called out, the subtle trembles and rocking movements she made were her way of conveying the delight she felt as well as she trust she placed in him.

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