Ravenswood Sluts Ch. 04

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Marlene Gallo arrived home and couldn’t believe her discovery.

“So Frank is sleeping with his students. He just left from Brie’s and Vanessa’s place. I wonder if he had sex with Peyton the night he took her home.”

Marlene kicked off her shoes and headed towards the bathroom. 15 minutes later, Marlene emerged from a long, hot bath and stepped in front of the bathroom mirror. She wiped the steam off the mirror and profiled herself.

“What do those girls have that I don’t?” the 48 year asked herself.

Her large and heavy beige-colored breasts hung down like miniature ski slopes with faded stretch marks. The undersides formed soft curves. Her areolas were dark-brown, the size of drink coasters and crowned with two small nipples of the same color. Although they were firm and full, they slightly drooped and Marlene knew there was nothing more you would expect from a pair of 34 Double E’s.

“I have massive breasts of my own if he desperately wanted to get his naughty hands on a pair.” She placed her palms underneath the bottoms of her big droopy tits and squeezed them. “I bet he when apes shit over Miriam’s giant knockers. God blessed that homely girl with some serious over the shoulder boulders.” Marlene lifted her breasts up, then quickly released them and watched as they fell back to their natural, teardrop shape. In addition to her breasts, she had nice curvy hips and a darkly-haired pussy nestled between her silky smooth thighs.

The thought of Frank kneading her huge tits made her horny. She thought about Frank and the three students she seen him with after class. It was a night class and everyone in it was considered an adult over the age of eighteen but the relationship dynamic of a teacher fucking his students excited Marlene. She understood Frank as she had not only been in the same position as his female students but she found herself attractive to a lot of the young male population in Ravenswood.

Marlene entered into her bedroom and laid down upon her large bed. Her large tits fell off to her sides a bit as she inserted her fingers into the open wet slit of her pussy and started masturbating. She speeded up the tempo and started pushing her hips down to match her finger’s sliding in and out.

“OH Frank!” she moaned.

With her long, slender legs spread eagle to opposite ends of her bed, her toes curled and her ample breasts wobbled and jiggled as she furiously finger-fucked herself and visualized Frank filling her hairy pussy up to the brim with his thick, huge instrument of pleasure…


Frank arrived outside of his landlady’s apartment door, as agreed. He continued to wonder why exactly did she want to him to come to her apartment just to talk and not his. He also wondered what exactly did she want to discuss with him that was urgent. Frank gave the door a couple of knocks before Mrs. Marks answered. Briefly, his eyes were drawn to her enormous mature tits as they jutted out beneath her button-popping flannel shirt, than to her slightly wrinkled face. She wasn’t bad looking for an old board, Frank thought. Doris smiled from ear to ear very pleased to see he decided to come to her apartment after all.

“Come in, come in,” she invited.

Frank entered her apartment and got hit with a strong whiff of an apple-cinnamon aroma in the air.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Doris offered, as she closed and locked her apartment door.

“Sure,” he agreed.

“Please, have a seat and I’ll be back shortly.”

Frank took a seat on her leather sofa. The apartment looked very neat and organized. Doris returned and handed him a beer.

“Thanks you,” Frank replied.

Doris took a seat next to him and couldn’t stop smiling at him. Frank didn’t know exactly what to make of her smiling.

“You seem to be in a very smiling mood?” he guessed.

“Indeed I am and I promise, you will be too.” Her response puzzled Frank.

“Oh yeah. Why is that? You’re going to stop making me pay 350 on rent and live in the apartment for free?” he concluded, than took a guzzle of his beer.

“No, not quite. I want to give you to my niece,” Doris shockingly blurred out.

Frank spit up his beer instantly after being blindsided by his landlady’s proclamation.

“Could you please repeat that?”

Doris just smiled and chuckled at Frank’s reaction.

“You’ve met my niece, Kirsten, right?” she asked

“Yeah…” he replied cautiously.

“Well, she used to be married.”


“Uh huh, to some cheating jerk. They dated throughout all of high school and got married immediately following their graduation. It only lasted for four months.”

“What happen?”

“He got caught cheating on her. That broke her heart into a million pieces and devastated her. Since then, she’s been really depressed and hasn’t been on any dates. Her mom and I thought it would be a good idea if she came to live with me and Kirsten agreed. Since coming here, she hasn’t met any new friends or even been out on a date. I kızılay escort was luckily enough to get her a job at the local Pet Shop. Her 21st birthday is this Saturday and I wanted to do something really special for her. That’s where you come in.”

Frank raised his eyebrows and awaited to hear Doris’s idea.

“You’re the best looking man to come into this neighborhood in a long time. I want Kirsten to have at least one memorable and joyful night with a real man and not some plastic dildo and perhaps, that will be all it takes for her to get out into the world and start being her old self again.”

Frank was still a bit overwhelmed by Doris’s request.

“So you want me to take Kirsten out on a date and show her a good time?” he asked.

“Nah, I was just hoping you would skip the dinner and movie and just fuck her brains out so she can stop moping and forget about her jackass of an ex-husband.”

“Oh, I see.”

“And from all the commotions from the other night, I strongly believe you’re just the right man,” she said with a smile. Frank chuckled at the last part, as she was referring to his all nighter with Candice.

“All right, Doris. Lets say if I agree to be Kirsten’s gift from you, what do I get in return?”

“Besides fucking my gorgeous niece with giant knockers? What more do you want?”

Frank contemplated for a second.

“As much as I would love to live rent free, how about letting me fuck the Aunt with giant knockers of the niece with giant knockers?” Frank ultimately suggested. “Unless there is Mr. Marks already doing so?

“Oh my,” Doris replied stunned. “Mr. Marks has been dead for over 8 years. I’ve had my fair share of men since his death but It’s been a long while since I had someone in me. Especially someone as young and as handsome as you.”

“Sorry to hear about your husband. Allow me to give you a sample of what you’ll be giving your niece for her 21st birthday.”

Frank moved in and passionately kissed Doris. She was completely surprised but eased into kissing him back. His hands ran up and down her backside feeling the thick strap of her huge 36JJ bra. It got his cock hard and excited. Frank moved his kisses down her neck and moved his hands to the front where he started to unbutton her colorful flannel shirt. He opened her shirt and was greeted by an enormous white bra that housed some really huge tits and rolls of fat on her stomach.

“My husband always found them to be freakishly too large and floppy,” Doris spoke.

“Don’t worry. Your tits are about to be taken care of by a real man,” Frank replied. He discarded her shirt to the floor and unhooked her bra. The bra fell into her lap revealing her voluminous pendulous breasts. They were tanned and blue-veined as they hung like water drops from her chest with the curvy, plump bottoms stopping short of her navel. Her areolas were dark-pink, crinkled and the size of bologna slices toppled with crimson nipples like thimbles.

Frank’s hands immediately fondled Doris’s mountainous pleasure bags. Each one required two hands to hold but Frank basked in enjoyment of the soft flesh sinking through his fingers and overflowing his large palms.

“Christ,” he groaned.

Frank hoisted the heavy soft hangers up to his mouth and alternated sucking her enormous nipples. His mouth pulled and stretched the huge buds and sucked on them further to get them at their harden peaks. He squeezed both giant melons side by side to where her crinkled areolas and fat nipples looked like one and ran his tongue over them. Doris let out a series of long moans as Frank devoured her milk tankers. She moved her weathered hands down to his jeans and felt the enormous, hard-rock bulge. She cried out from the shock of the sheer size of his swollen erection.

“Go head and pull him out,” Frank urged her between mouthfuls of her elongated titties.

Doris bravely unzipped his pants and send one hand in to retrieve the biggest and thickest cock she had ever seen and felt.

“MY God! You’re so HUGE!” she gasped and slowly stroked his throbbing member up and down. Frank groaned with one of Doris’s titanic tits smashed into his face while he sucked on it. Doris moved her other hand to his huge cock and had both hands stroking his masculine girth from the balls to the tip.

Frank sat back and unbutton his shirt. He used his feet to kick off his shoes. He then pulled his pants down and off his legs. He sat on Doris’s leather couch naked except for his socks while she continued to stroke his dick. Pre-cum oozed from the bulbous head of his shaft onto her caressing fingers and Doris rubbed it into the skin of his dick.

To Frank’s surprised, she climbed up onto the couch on all fours and moved her head directly above his massive cock and filled her mouth with it. It’s been a couple of years since Doris tasted a man and she planned on savoring his moment. Frank’s throbbing hardness filled her mouth. She ran her tongue around the mushroom head as she bobbed her head up and down his etlik escort crotch. Her heavy milk bags swayed back and forth profoundly and bumped into the side of Frank’s thigh from her sucking movements. The taste of Frank’s manliness send orgasmic signals through her mature body. Her pussy became hot and slick from her wetness and her enormous nipples were so hard, they could cut through glass.

Frank had his head thrown back over the couch and his eyes closed as he let his landlady pleasure him. She attempted to throat all of his massive girth and he groaned with enjoyment. Her massive, blue-veined bazookas spilled over his thigh adding another toe-curling sensation he groaned too. He felt their rock-hard nipples piercing into his skin.

Doris leaned over further and buried his meaty tool between her pendulous hangers. She tucked her head into her chasm of hot cleavage and sucked on his cockhead.

“OH yes!” Frank moaned. The unbearable feeling of his thick shaft trapped between the walls of her monstrous boobs and her mouth on the swollen head caused pre-cum to leak between her hungry lips.

Naturally, Frank thrust his hips up and started steadily fucking her titanic hangers and mouth. He heard his landlady moan as she received a fucking between her giant saggy fun-bags and mouth at the same time. No man had a cock big enough to deliver a double dose of pleasure to Doris until Frank’s. He held the back of her head while promptly thrusting his massive, slick cock up between her trembling bosoms and into her mouth. With each push, the tops of her shaky huge breasts hit her face. Her saliva made great lube for his plunging dick. Frank rarely had the pleasure of a duel fucking between a pair of massive tits and a hot mouth and the mature 53 year old was giving him one of the best sexual thrills he has had in a long time.

After a couple of minutes of pounding her heavy soft tits and warm mouth, Frank pulled out of her, leaned her back against the couch and removed the rest of her clothes. He stood in front of a naked Doris, stroking his enormous, hard cock and admired her plump frame. The way her gigantic udders softly overlapped to her sides, her pudgy belly rolls, and a thick hairy mound that glistened in her wetness. Doris’s eyes lit up as big as an owl’s seeing how massively hard and lengthy Frank’s member was but she was ready to receive the best fuck she ever had.

Frank maneuvered between her legs. He teased her by running his fat cockhead up and down the opening of her pussy. She heavily panted and gasp just by feeling the huge mushroom head of his dick moving along her pussy lips. Frank slowly parted her fat, moist pussy lips with his enlarge cockhead.

“OHHH Frank!” Doris cried, as she felt his hard cock push its way up her pussy. He penetrated her slick cunt with half of his huge dick and then moved his hips forwards and backwards while holding onto her cottage cheese thighs.

Frank leaned over his landlady’s vacillating prone body and fervently kissed her, as he rammed his cock into her. She was breathing heavily and moaning non-stop in Frank’s mouth as he fucked her. He lifted up her legs from behind her big, soft thighs and used them as leverage. He drilled his cock deeper into Doris’s profoundly drenched forested mound, pushing all the way up until he filled her up with his entire thick length. She never felt such a massive, iron-hard tool sliding in and out of her but she savored every inch of his throbbing manhood as it hammered her into her leather couch.

She felt her mammoth flesh bags wobbling up and down at her sides. Doris wasn’t a fan of letting her heavy hangers move wildly. She pushed her arms beneath her flaunting jugs and brought them to the center of her chest where they shook and jiggled like gelatin filled balloons crushed against Frank’s hairy chest. He grunted and increased his tempo causing her hefty udders to seriously shudder between their sweaty bodies.

Frank feverishly drove his hot cock into her pussy, harder and faster, slapping his balls against her asshole. He felt her becoming tight around him and knew he was seconds away from feeling his old landlord’s cum. Frank pulled out of her and turned her around to his favorite position. He got his first view of her flat butt as he repositioned his rock-hard cock at her wet pussy lips and plunge into her with hard thrusts. Frank clutched her thick, quivering love handles while fucking her with deep, penetrating force that caused her to loudly whimper. Doris’s head hung over the back of the couch while sobbing in pleasure. Her giant saggy melons hung down and walloped against the couch. Her pudgy stomach jiggled frenziedly from the hard fucking.

“That’s it, you old bitch! Cum on my cock. Cum for papa,” Frank urged, smashing his groin furiously against her ass. “Hmmm. I’m going to fuck your cute little niece just like this but a lot harder. I’m going to make sure she forgets her shrimp-dicked ex-husband ever exist while she rides my massive cock. Oh demetevler escort yeah, I’m going to bounce that skinny little niece of yours with the huge knockers on my enormous cock and make her scream.”

Frank’s hard pounding and dirty talking about her niece send Doris over an orgasmic edge that the old woman never felt before. Frank kept his cock buried deep in her drenched, tight cunt, driving himself uncontrollably inside as she came loudly and violently. He felt her pussy cream soaking his thrusting cock and balls.

“My turn to cum,” Frank groaned, leaning over Doris’s sweaty back and moaning in her ear. Doris was still feeling the effects of her orgasm and panted hard as Frank pulled out of her. “To seal the deal about me being your niece’s gift, I’m going to cum all over your wrinkled old face.”

Moments like that brought Frank back to his porn days. He usual told and directed his female co-stars where to position themselves and where to expect a hefty load of his jism. Doris had positioned herself on her knees between Frank’s legs. He stopped jerking his throbbing wet erection and slapped it on her face. He rubbed his fat, pussy-juiced slick cock all over her weary face, something he wanted to do to her since they first met and she told him how much he would be paying for rent on his current night teaching salary.

“Oh yes!” Frank shouted, as a couple of strokes to his dick send thick jet steams of cum all over Doris’s face and hair. Her forehead, eyes, and nose took the brunt of his spewing cock. He pushed his cock against her cheeks and lips, coating them in his spunk. Dribbles of his cum ran down her chin and neck to her hanging monster udders and bulging belly. “Oh yeah, that was lovely.”

“That was the best!” Doris panted, still on her knees, face covered in thick wads of gooey cum and smiling.

“Now then, why don’t we negotiate a new deal about my rent?”


Marlene slipped on a long, white silky robe over her nude body as the doorbell rung. She walks over to her door just in her robe and barefooted and answered.

“Hello Mrs. Gallo. I’m here to fix your computer,” said 20 year old Milton Cooper. He was a student at Ravenswood college studying to be an computer engineer. And he had a huge crush on Marlene. He was taken back by seeing her in a robe that displayed her well-endowed cleavage and her rock-hard nipples stained against the silky material.

“Come in Milton,” Marlene invited. “Normally my maid Giovanna would answer the door for my guest but she’s currently on vacation right now.

Milton nervously entered her home. He had heard rumors about Marlene being a man eater, manly targeting men much younger then she was. Milton assured himself before accepting the job to fix her computer that she would never be interested in him like all the other girls at college. He was a rather handsome young man but a bit nerdy with shaggy brown hair and big baby blue eyes seen only behind a pair of large bifocals. His lack of confidence, communication, and 5’5 scrawny frame wasn’t ideal for boyfriend material, according to an overwhelming number of attractive females at his college. He did have some admirers but the feelings weren’t mutual.

“Right this way,” she said.

Milton followed Marlene to where she kept her computer. Instead of his eyes wandering around the huge, beautiful house she won in her divorce settle, they were glued to the sexy sway of her ass. She had a nice, little heart-shaped ass.

“So glad you could come out here on very short notice. Most computer repair people would set up a regularly scheduled appointment a week or 2 from now but I need my computer fixed as soon as possible. Oh and how is your mother doing?”

“It’s no problem, Mrs. Gallo and my mom is doing good.”

“That’s good Milton and It’s Ms. Gallo. Remember, I’m divorced.”

“Of course, I forgot. Sorry Ms. Gallo.”

“It’s quite all right Milton and please, just call me Marlene,” she giggled. “After all, I’ve known you since you were a little boy and may I add, you’ve grown up into such a handsome young man. You must be fighting the women off with a stick.”

Milton snickered and blushed. They entered into her study area where the computer was located. When Milton sat down in front of the computer, he was shocked and quite disturbed at the large number of porn pop-ups that covered the screen.

“A lonely old woman like me has to find pleasure wherever she can,” stated Marlene.

“What are you talking about, Ms., I mean Marlene. You look fantastic. A lot of girls at school would kill to have your body. Guys must be blinded if they can’t see how beautiful you are,” Milton complimented.

“You think I’m beautiful?” she asked.

“Marlene, you’re smoking hot. Your what guys at school consider a MILF, even though you don’t have any children.”

Marlene burst into laughter and Milton observed the tremendous amount of jiggling underneath her robe that indicted she wore no bra beneath. He felt his cock becoming stiff.

“I maybe getting older but I know what a MILF is. I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended.”

“Gosh, Marlene. I’m terribly sorry. It just kind of came out and…” Milton was cut off by Marlene’s big tender lips pressed against his.

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