Reconnecting at a Bar

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Best Friends

We are all at a crowded dark bar. Everyone in our group is getting pretty drunk and the guys are all hovering around you. It’s like they have to try.

You are wearing a low cut button down top, knee high leather boots and a skirt just long enough to sit in, but just barely. If you sit wrong, you can flash the entire room. All of the guys have their eyes on you and you know it. While sitting down you move your legs just enough to give me a peak of what I have been craving. I get hard just with a little glimpse of your pussy.

You lean over to talk to the bar tender, intentionally pushing up your DDs, exposing your cleavage and then that little wiggle, moving your butt in the air. I can tell what all the guys are thinking. You flirt and banter with the guys, all while you are leaning back into me, your ass “innocently” grinding against my crotch. You can definitely feel how hard my cock is in my pants.

I know you aren’t wearing anything underneath your skirt because you made the point of handing me your thong when we hugged at the door. It was still warm and wet with your moistness. You told me to hold on these as a reminder of what I was supposed to do. I smiled, held them in my hand for a bit and put them in my pocket. Every once and a while, I would reach in my pocket to feel the dampness.

I stand close enough to run my hands up your legs with no one the wiser. You shift one leg open enough for me to feel your warmth above my hand. It’s dark enough that I am able to cup your ass and move down between your legs, and easily slide a finger into you. You are so wet with my finger just still inside you. You gyrate your hips enough for you to squeeze your pussy and push back against my hand, which is now covered in your juices. I pump my finger deep into you a few slow times, rubbing your clit with my other fingers. Your wet cunt is gripping my finger as I slip it back out. You take a deep breath and continue the conversation you had been struggling to maintain.

We get back to my hotel after a few more drinks. You are nice and buzzed but not drunk. I can see that you’re almost etimesgut escort purring with the buzz of the attention and the dancing and the booze.

We get back to the room and I pour you another drink as you open the windows and look over the skyline.

I shift my hard cock, deciding how I should take you… I love considering pushing you against that window. I know the fun is just getting started. You know it, too. Your nipple are hard and your leaning them against that cold window.

I move behind you and run my hands around your waist, pulling your hips back against me. I’m huge against your ass now. I consider just fucking you here, against the glass, hard. I know you like it like that. Hard.

But I hear your breath and I want to kiss you and taste your lips. It’s been too long and as much as I want to fuck you, I’ve wanted to put my tongue in your mouth for way too long tonight.

I flip you around and bring you in close and slowly start to unbutton your top. I can feel you start to breathe a little heavier, deeper. I remove your shirt, kissing the tops of your big tits, your neck, your mouth. Your grabbing and pulling me against you…

“Wait.” You push me back and ask me what I want. I tell you “I want to suck and lick your pussy and then plunge my cock into you.” You tell me to pace myself because we have all night.

I grab you and take you to the bed, dropping you backwards and push up your skirt. I lean in to kiss your inner thighs, slowly working to your pussy. I can feel how warm you are and how ready you are for my mouth. I trace my tongue up you thigh until I get to your lips. I pull back a bit and then plunge my tongue deep inside your pussy. You let out a moan as I start to lap up your pussy, licking your lips and sliding down and into you again and again. Mmmmm. I love tasting you. You were already dripping wet and my face is quickly covered with your juices.

Your legs are up in the air with your boots wrapped around my head. You use your legs to pull my face deeper into your crotch. I respond by licking your pussy faster, my hands grabbing sincan escort your ass to pull you against my mouth. You’re fast approaching your o moment but I want to feel it.

I back up and pull your skirt off. You are lying there with your blouse open exposing your great tits, legs spread for me with those boots still on. I get a big grin on my face and you know what I am about to do.

I grab a couple of pillows and put them underneath your ass. They prop you up enough you I can property tongue fuck you. I go in. My face gets firmly planted into your pussy. I lick your lips, thrust my tongue into your pussy and suck on your clit. You clit starts to get the attention it deserves. I gently tug at it, sucking and pulling and then licking it with the wide of my tongue, before thrusting into you. You moan even louder when I do that. You grab the back of my head and push me in even deeper. Your juice are running down my face. You are so wet you are dripping. I focus my tongue on your clit as your moaning gets louder, your breathing gets faster. You are calling out my name. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Lick my clit. Lick it faster.”

You scream in ecstasy but you want even more. And then I get to my favorite part: I push a finger into your wet pussy while I suck and lick at your clit. It slides deep into you, and then with one hand pinching your nipple, I begin to pound away at your wet snatch. I can make you cum like this over and over again. I love fingering your pussy making you arch your back and scream my name again. Fuck, yes. Little breaks to catch your breath but I tongue fuck you for over an hour. I lose track on how many times you come. It’s never too much for you though. I could eat your muff all day and you’d just say keep going.

I get up, face covered in your juices, and pull you up by your hands. I stand you up, turn you around and say “I think it’s time for you to get a cock in you as well.” You still have on your boots and open blouse that barely covers your tits. I lean you over the couch and just push my cock deep into from behind. You let out a loud “Yes. Drive it escort etimesgut in me.” My cock is rock hard after having my tongue in your pussy. I thrust in you as you push back into me in perfect timing. I pump my hard cock as you moan in pleasure, trying to fuck every inch of your pussy. God, your pussy is so tight. So tight even after me fingering and licking and sucking, just waiting for my big cock.

You stand up and push me back on the couch. You tell me that you want to ride me and that you’re going to make me cum deep inside you. My cock is fully hard and waiting. You take off your blouse, fully exposing your great tits and slowly walk up to me. You grab my cock by your hand and slowing guide it into your pussy as you sit down on me. You ask “Is this what you have been waiting for?” I nod my head. I am so ready to explode and you tell me “Not yet, I am not done with you.”

You start to ride me slowly. Your pussy grinding up and down on my dick. I can feel how wet you as you slide up and down. You move faster and faster, throwing your head back. I grab you breast and suck and lick your nipples and you ride me, bouncing hard. You slow down just enough to keep me from coming. You tell me you want to cum as many times as possible and that I will get my chance. You slow grind pushing me deep each time. Oh, just thinking about your wet cunt sliding all over my shaft.

You cum so many times. You moan in ecstasy and each time you cum gets closer and comes on faster. You look at me and tell me that you are going to cum so hard and that you want me to flood your pussy.

You push me down and really start to ride me hard. I start to breath even faster, matching your pace, my hands on your hips, pumping into you. You tell me it’s cumming.

I am fucking you so hard, as I push you up, as I thrust up. Your eyes are bright, bright blue. I pull you down by your shoulders as your scream “I’m cumming.” I explode in perfect timing with you, gushing into your pussy. Pumping in. Fuck. Like, what a serious fuck. Oh, you feel so fucking good. I’ll never say no to fucking that sweet pussy of yours.

We both pass out dripping with sweat on the couch. I shift against you a little while later, and you mumble that you want more. I tell you “my pleasure” and carry you to the bed and start back on your pussy with my tongue…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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