Reporter’s Dilemma Pt. 11

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They flopped down in a tangle of arms and legs, riding the glorious wave of afterglow. Jane enjoyed having several hot, sexy ladies who were eager to let out their hidden lesbian desires. She smiled, knowing that Caroline was added to that list.

Fifteen minutes later, Caroline felt Jane’s face nuzzling against her spread open lips. Plastering her mouth against Caroline’s fuck hole, she could feel Jane’s mouth and tongue, scooping at the juices of their passion, sucking and slurping, Caroline moaned, oh Jane was very skilled in the art of pussy licking, and she felt her passion lighting up again.

“Ooooooh, ummmm, so good, keep licking me baby, feels so good!”

Jane brought her fingers into play, stimulating Caroline’s clit, bringing it to quivering erectness again. Caroline moaned, oh god, she was gonna cum again.

Between the spread of her thighs, Jane licked wildly, eager for another rush of her juices., bringing Caroline to orgasm would paint her face and she wanted it.

“Oh yeah, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your face, nnngggghhhh, yes, lick, lick MEEEEEEEE!”

Jane could feel the fluttering flesh of Caroline’s pink tunnel playing with her tongue, the contractions of her orgasm started. Jane felt the pleasure at the rich gush of Caroline’s orgasmic juices washing her face down, giving her more juices to taste.

Caroline shrieked as she came, she could feel juices pouring out of her, and Jane’s mouth staying right with her, eagerly mouthing the hot flow until the last spasm of climax had rippled through her straining body.

Jane crawled up, and Caroline stared at the flood of juices that covered her face. She was grinning.

“It was a pleasure making you cum like that, Caroline.”

Jane led her to a couch, and they sat down. They were both still nude, and Caroline felt an ember of lust still smoldering, being nude with Jane, was giving her lust an edge.

“So, you are now the 6th lady to enjoy the delights of their lesbian desires with me.”

“Who else has been with you, if I may ask?”

“Well, tell no one, and I’ll let you know.” Once Caroline had promised, Jane continued, “Well, there’s Hilda Steen, Agnes Kolst, Heather Massey, and Debra Hilliard.”

Caroline knew them, oh yeah, they were all so prim, so proper.

“The one that will really shock you, is Nanette Johnston!”

Caroline was dumbstruck, Nanette? She was the Sunday school teacher, her husband was a minister. When she’d seen them, Nanette looked so buttoned-down, always wearing long, shapeless dresses that revealed none of her figure. Caroline had wondered if they had any sex life, her husband was always preaching about fire and brimstone for those who dare to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh.

“It seems her husband ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar is rather lacking in the art of fucking and sucking. When I let her in, I could see that look all over her face, and before I even asked her, she said, ‘Is it true, what Heather Massey told me, that you like to help women enjoy their lesbian desires?’ “

“I was amazed, here was the prim, proper, probably the one least likely to do anything so perverted, and she was eager for me to have my way with her. She was urging me on, making sounds of passion as I stripped her down. I felt my pussy give me a throb of lust. The shapeless clothes hid a ripe, wonderfully proportioned body, a fantastic heart shape of her ass, curvy hips, a neatly trimmed nest of black pubic curls, what looked like a 36 C chest, those beautiful melons topped with turgid, stiff nipples, eager for some attention. Her eyes were gleaming as she watched me get naked, when I applied my mouth to her body, she grunted, ‘Oh fuck, so perverted, so nasty, I shouldn’t be indulging in such fornication!’ When I paused, she growled, ‘But I love it, fuck it feels so good, mark my body, I want to fornicate, I want my body to burn with sinful lust, fuck, oh yeah, so gooooood.’ “

“I was happy to mark her body, cupping her breasts and tweaking her tits, that made her moan. Stroking that hot, eager, very sexy body gave me a rush. Taking a preacher’s wife, and working on turning her into a hungry lesbian slut was a heady feeling. I spread her thighs apart, her pussy was already a soaking furnace of lust, I could smell her arousal. When I went in and started to kiss and lick at her vaginal opening, she was gasping and grunting, crying out, ‘Yes, yes, mark me there, mark my cunt, lick my cunt, LICK ME!”

“That was something, hearing a preacher’s wife not only say the word cunt, but to use it to refer to her own fuck-hole as a cunt. She must have been sexually frustrated beyond belief, her husband some sexless lump, and she was just a seething mass of unfulfilled passion.”

“When I got her to that point, she was wiggling body back and forth, gasping, ‘Yes, oh fuck, I need it, I want it, take me, take all of me!’ “

“I turned her over, and had her on hands and knees, Nanette’s naked ass-cheeks cocked up, in the perfect position. I grabbed her cheeks, pulled them apart, she shrieked and squealed like crazy when I licked the tight pucker of her sweet ass-hole. More squeals issued from the preacher’s wife as my long, wet tongue slobbered all over her twitching ass-hole pucker. Holding her ass cheeks apart, and eating her sweet ass, was making my own fuck-hole creamy and hot.”

“I cooed to her, ‘Do you want it now baby? Do you want me to make you a full-on lesbian slut?’ “

“Nanette elvankent götü büyük escortlar cried out, ‘Yes, oh god yes, I want it, make me sin, make my wanton and wicked, I feel like I’m burning up!’ “

“Nanette grunted, ‘Just like you did for Heather, I want to eat your pussy, bring that sexy cunt over here, and let me lick it!’ “

“When I took position and spread my pussy in front of her eyes, she didn’t hesitate. Her face plunged between my thighs, holy fuck, she really knows how to lick cunt, maybe she was a carpet muncher when she was younger before her husband poisoned that well, or she was a natural-born cunt licker. She licked me all over, growling and moaning, when her tongue started to toy with my asshole, I squealed with pleasure and surprise, I had not expected her to go that far. Her fingers didn’t even hesitate, her finger fucking of my ass-hole and my pussy was nothing short of fantastic, and I was happy to drench her face with a rich, juicy load.”

I smiled as I strapped on a 9-inch dildo, and got a buttplug ready for her. I quickly got my mouth at her sexy starfish, slurping and slobbering, then I pulled back, nudged the plug against her, and one hard push buried it, she shrieked as the flare split her open, then the stem rushed in, and the tight pucker clamped at it, keeping it in place.

“Nanette howled, ‘Yes, oh fuck, my tight little ass is getting stretched, smack my sinful ass, then bring that big dildo over, and fuck me!’ “

“I was happy to do so, I gave her a good hand spanking, 10 healthy whacks while she babbled and grunted, her ass was warm and glowing. Nudging against her, I grabbed her hips and powered in with the full 9-inch drive. Nanette howled and squealed as she was now double stuffed, she gasped, ‘Fuck, fuck me, fuck me like a lesbian slut, make me your slut, eager to get reamed by your big cock, make me your bitch, mark my body deep inside with that big dildo, it feels so fucking great!’ “

“Nanette was crazy with lust, she cooed, ‘Yes, oh fuck, so fucking big, keep stuffing me, burn my cunt with the hot sinful plunges, yes, oh god, gonna cum, gonna cum so fucking hard, yes, yes, fuck MEEEEEE!’ “

“Her voice rose to a scream as she exploded, howling and yelling. I yanked off the dildo, and smacked my cunt against her ass, rubbing wildly, my clit was getting a good rubbing on her sexy ass cheeks, and I gushed a load all over her ass as I shuddered through my own orgasm.”

Jane smiled, and said, “Now, she’s over at least once a week, sometimes twice, and she said she’s never been more sexually satisfied in her life. Recalling all of that has made me hot, are you as turned on as I am baby?”

Caroline was flushed, she could feel the creamy wetness etimesgut çıtır escortlar filling her, and she cooed, “Oh yes, what did you have in mind?”

Jane smiled, she went over to her closet, she rummaged around, then turned back with a smile of sheer desire. Jane was holding an 18 inch, double-headed dildo, midnight blue in color, each end looking like a real cock, and two buttplugs.

“These should make us feel so good, on your hands and knees baby.”

Caroline scrambled into position, her pussy almost dripping with juices. She felt Jane’s mouth licking and laving at the tight starfish, Jane dipped the plug into the creamy wetness of Caroline’s pussy, giving it a good soaking, fingers teasing at her pussy lips.

Jane cooed, “Ummm, so wet, so hot and horny, just like me!”

Caroline cooed with pleasure as she felt the plug against her ass, then the entry, mmmm, oh god yes, the flare spread her rosebud, pushed past, and her ass puckered up tightly around the stem.

Caroline was happy to reciprocate, licking at the tight pucker of Jane’s rosebud, the nice lubed plug glided into her asshole, bring loud moans of pleasure.

Jame cooed, “Now. let’s get this big fucker in our horny cunts.”

Caroline went back to the hands and knees, Jane slid in about seven inches, enjoying Caroline’s loud coos of pleasure. Jane then settled herself into the hands and knees, her ass facing Caroline’s ass. She inched herself backward, and when she felt herself being impaled, she kept pushing back, the feel of her pussy being opened bit by bit was fantastic.

Caroline and Jane moaned with pleasure, and Jane cooed, “Let’s ride baby, pump back and forth, it feels so fucking GREAT!”

Caroline was cooing and moaning, as she and Jane started to move together. The feel of being on her knees, ass to ass with Jane, the stiff dildo bonding their cunts together, was oh so good. The rubbing of dildo and butt plug together had their holes sizzling, Jane’s sounds of pleasure joined Caroline’s, both of them could feel their asses smack together as they bucked back and forth. It didn’t take more than a few strokes before the entire dildo was buried between two horny, burning cunts, eager to get as much filling as possible.

Caroline was growling with pleasure, riding that big cunt fucker while having her ass plugged was beyond amazing, she was diddling her clit furiously.

On the other end of the dildo, Jane was also masturbating herself furiously, she adored having a sexy woman coming to her, and servicing her horny sexual needs. The fact that they adored it just as much as she did made it even better.

Caroline could feel the onrushing wave, and she cried out, “Gonna Cum, cum so fucking HARRRRD!”

Caroline howled, and she tumbled, shrieking wordlessly as her body burst apart, her holes spasming wildly, and Jane followed a few seconds later, shrieking out a wordless howl of pleasure, both of them ramming their sopping cunts backward furiously, taking the hard cunt splitting thrusts as deep as possible as their orgasms blazed through their straining bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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