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Big Dick

“Hello Ms. Learner.”

That voice, one that had been in countless fantasies when I was a bespectacled, brainy and horny teenager, caught me so off guard that I nearly dropped the punch I was holding. It was my ten-year high school reunion, held in the ballroom of the same hotel we had had our Senior Prom. I only came to show certain members of my class that even the biggest nerds are just successful swans in the making. Now I wore contacts, had a personal trainer that had whipped me into coke-bottle shape, was a thriving romantic erotica author and also had just celebrated my first year as an independent publisher. You better believe I was looking to rub it into the faces of former cheerleaders-slash-bullies turned unhappily married or divorced homemakers.

I hardly expected to see my former American Literature teacher Spencer Davis. Back then he was fresh out of college and every girl’s dream lover. He was tall and athletically stout. He managed to look rock-hard and teddy bear cuddly at the same time. His skin brought to mind a rich sable coat, set off by startling gray eyes. My senior year had me spending many nights masturbating while thinking of his hands in and on me.

Feeling the heat of those memories in my face, I turned and whispered, “Mr. Davis!” Finding my voice, I said, “This is a pleasant surprise. Were we that bad a class that they thought we still needed you to chaperone us?” I asked smiling. I was rewarded with the smile that melted my heart and heated other parts as well.

“No, I’m the Assistant Principal now and the new Principal is sick so I’m standing in. I confess also that I was hoping to run into a few of my former students. You all were the first seniors I ever taught. It’s amazing though…” he stopped in mid-sentence looking at me strangely.

“Mr. Davis?” I asked tentatively.

“Please, call me Spencer.”

“I will only if you return the favor by calling me Tori, Spencer. Now, what were you saying about ‘amazing’?”

“I was just thinking that I never realized how close in age we are.”

With a boldness that I have rarely felt before I said, “Funny, I could never keep that fact off my mind in school. But I’m sure you realized you were the object of many a teenage fantasy that year.”

That quick and sexy smile came into play again as he teased saying, “So can I take that to mean that I was the object of one of your fantasies Tori? If that is the case, then why haven’t I seen myself in one of your steamy tales?”

Once again the spirit of some raunchy hussy that wanted this man tonight possessed me. At least that is the explanation I’m going to go with for the bald honesty of my response.

Looking him directly in the eye I said, “Oh yes sir, you starred in many of my teenage exploratory moments. Those fantasies were too hot for print though; closer to pornographic than erotic.” Pleased to see the heat in his eyes, I decided to throw caution to the wind and see where this flirtation would take me. It had been over a year since I had been etimesgut escort with anyone and frankly a girl was feeling a little frisky.

“So, would you like another drink?” I asked as innocently as possible.

“Isn’t that my line as the man?” he asked jokingly.

“Not if the drink is in my room.” I stated frankly, letting the underlying invitation show in my face.

Though he was obviously interested I could see that he was still hesitant. I can’t say that I blame him because though we were both adults, he probably still saw the awkward brainiac I used to be. Crooking my finger, I indicated he should follow me out into the hall.

“Look Spencer, we’re both adults now. You turn me on and to be perfectly honest, I’d like to act on it. But if you’re too uncomfortable just let me know and though it will be difficult, I’ll rein in my lust for you.” I added some theatrics to lighten things up and it seemed to work. At this last comment he laughed and visibly relaxed.

“Tori, you’re still as charming as ever. You’re also sexy as hell. When I saw your picture on the jacket of your book, I recognized you immediately. After reading a few of your steamy chronicles I admit that I had a few fantasies about you of my own.”

“Really? Care to tell me about them?”

Moving as close as possible without touching me he said, “I’d much rather show you.”

Heat spread all over my body then, pooling in the wisp of silk that made up my thong. “You always were good at acting out the stories in class, so I guess I can count on a thorough demonstration of those desires, Mr. Davis?” I deliberately used his surname. I had a sudden craving for a student/teacher encounter.

Catching on he replied, “Most definitely, Ms. Learner.”

“Then I guess you should lead the way to the study hall. I’m looking forward to an enlightened lesson.”

When we got to his room I asked him, “So what is the lesson plan for today, Mr. Davis? Do you recommend a review of the basics or should we move on to something more advanced?”

Slowly walking towards me he smiled replying, “Since this is our first session I think we should do a review. You know, just so I can see what concepts you have a good grasp on.”

Reaching for and rubbing his crotch where my prize was straining for liberation I said, “I think you’ll find my grasp will show I have above average skills.”

“I’ll be the judge of that Ms. Learner.” Pulling me to him, he kissed me in a way that was commanding yet tender. It was the kind of kiss that liquefies you with its slow heat; then burns you with the sudden explosion of lust at the end. Standing there with my body formed to his, top to bottom, I reveled in the sensations that were traveling through all of my erotic zones. As our hands roamed over each other I asked him, “So what would you like to test me on first, Mr. Davis?”

His nimble fingers were making quick work of the tiny buttons on the side of my dress as I loosened his pants when he answered, “I think a quick evaluation sincan escort of your command of certain Latin terms would be in order. Do you think you can remember a couple from any oral exams?”

Instead of answering, I pushed him so he fell across his bed. Stepping out of my dress so I was only wearing my thong and heels I said, “Yes Teacher. I think you’ll be pleased with level of proficiency I have obtained.” Kneeling in front of him, I removed his shoes and socks and then his pants and underwear. The teen deep inside me was delighted to see that I had been correct in thinking he was a boxer type of guy. The sight of his full and elongated member throbbing at its sudden emancipation thrilled the woman I had become. Reaching for him, I caressed him steadily while keeping my eyes on his.

Removing his shirt he then propped himself up so he could better see my demonstration. As I lowered my head he said, “Ms. Learner, I believe you’re forgetting the tradition. You are to say the term first then give an illustration of the act. So if you will.”

Grabbing his dick like a microphone I said, “Fellatio.” I then proceeded to spell it with a lick between each letter; up, down and around his shaft. When I got to the end and said the letter “O” I took a long lick from the base to the tip, then dropping my jaw I deep-throated for my “illustration”. The sounds of pleasure he evinced let me know that he was enjoying himself as much as I was. Sucking on the head lightly then firmly pulling myself as far down as I could go. When I tasted the salty sweetness of his pre-cum I stopped and asked him if we could engage in another demonstration.

“You see Mr. Davis; I’m enjoying this lesson so much that I’ve made a bit of mess of panties. Do you think you could help me out by engaging in a bit of oral Latin as well?”

“You have been a good student. Hmm…it would be my great pleasure Ms. Learner.” Helping me to stand, he knelt in front of me pulling down my panties. Then he propped my leg up on the bed and adding extra support by wrapping his arms under my thighs initiated a delicious tongue-lashing. His talents could never be called into question.

Massaging my sensitive breasts, I reveled in the sensations running through my body. Staying in character I said, “Oh Mr. Davis. That feels so good.” But as I climbed toward my climax my words turned to indistinct whimpers. Grabbing the back of his head, I rolled my hips into his face. “Please let me cum Mr. Davis! Please sir!” The dream I was caught up in amplified my orgasm. As I came my sweet peach ran with my juices. I got to hand it to Mr. Davis though; he didn’t spill one drop.

Still wanting to feel him inside of me, I tugged him to his feet to share my taste on his lips. Turning I pulled him down on top of me. With a light of humor in his eyes he said, “I thought I was doing the teaching here. Are you trying to take over, Ms. Learner?”

“Oh no Mr. Davis. Was I out of line?”

“I think you may have over stepped your bounds. Now what escort etimesgut do you think would be an appropriate reprimand for that?”

My body flushed at his words. “Perhaps you should bend me over, Sir. I’m sure I’ll learn my lesson that way.”

Eyebrows raised he asked, “Bend you over my knee?”

With a sly look I said, “No. Just bend me over…Sir.”

Taking the hint Mr. Davis nodded. “First a few licks then I’ll get to your punishment.” Before I could ask what he meant by “licks” he was showing me. Closing my eyes I simply allowed myself to bask in the feel of his mouth all over my body. Not just licks but kisses and sucks as well. I was a limp mass of nerves by the time he rolled me over. Because of his wonderful ministrations, my pussy was slick and ready for him. Quickly grabbing a condom from his wallet, he was inside me before I could draw a breath. Rhythmically moving deep inside me then pulling out so just the crown of his dick was left, he soon had me quivering. Doggy-style is my favorite position for a thick man because his dick isn’t only going deep, it’s filling me up too. As tightly as I was wrapped around him, I know he could feel the spasms as I started to edge toward the precipice again.

“Yes Mr. Davis. Shit Spencer, fuck me. Baby I want to cum with you. Fuck me Sir! Fuck me!” I ground out in a harsh whisper. My now extra sensitive tits grazed across the spread as he began to pile drive into me. The resulting shocks went straight to my clitoris; it was becoming harder to hold back but I wanted to cum with him as I did in my long-ago fantasies.

“Ms. Learner are you ready for me to cum?” he asked, his voice husky with sound of sex.

“Yes Mr. Davis.” I breathed softly.

“I can’t hear you Ms. Learner. Do you want this dick to cum deep inside your juicy-ass pussy?”

I absolutely LOVE dirty talk! I practically shouted, “Yes please Mr. Davis!”

He didn’t need to any words to convey the power of his orgasm. The heat from the nut filling the rubber was all it took for me to go flying over the edge. It felt so good I was bouncing myself off of his dick without even realizing it. When it ended almost a minute later I collapsed and giggled when he fell on top of me.

“Get off Mr. Davis! You’re all sweaty now.”

“Like you don’t have wetness in and on you right?” he chuckled as he rolled to his side.

Smiling I turned to him. “I did enjoy my lesson. So…interested in giving me those advance sessions still?”

“I thought you had moved away?”

“I did. But I’m only like 60 miles away. So what do you say?”

Nodding he said, “It sounds good. But I have to warn you. I don’t really do the casual thing. This…” waving his hand to indicate our evening activities, “is not the way I usually am. I’m generally pretty steady with the women I choose to be with. So why don’t we go out, sans sex and see where that leads us?”

Not believing my luck at finding a man that wasn’t interested in just hitting it I said, “I would like that.” That was six months ago and we’re still seeing each. But the “sans sex” part went out the window about three months ago. After all, how often does a teacher cum across a student so excited about her studies?

Copyright 2006 B.F. Redd

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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