Sarah Thinks Of Laura

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I wonder if anyone in the world has a softer mouth than my sister. When she takes me, that first sensation makes me wish it could last forever. Then the tip of my penis on her palate makes me think I could come that instant, over and over. So the two feelings mingle as her sweet soft mouth works on me, and she glances up and smiles.

Since we became lovers Sarah and I developed a number of little rituals. When she comes into my room in the early morning she stands by the door to drop her nightie, so that I get a full view of her body from the beginning, then she does a ballet twirl so I can see how her bum and sweet young breasts flow and move. Of course I’m almost always awake and waiting for her, but if I’m not, she lowers her vagina onto my face and makes me as wet as she is. Sometimes I even pretend to be asleep, to get that, and she knows.

It’s not so often we can get the house alone for long enough to go to bed properly, and use condoms, so much of our daily play is oral sex. At night I go into her room to “help her with her homework,” as we started to call it, and we turn some music up, and this covers my eating her out. She is delicious; I love putting my tongue in as far as I can and swirling it round for her juices.

We’re careful not to do anything that we can’t stop pretty quickly, but at some point she has to have her orgasm: I part her pretty pubic hair and concentrate my sucking on her clitoris, wiggling my fingers in her pussy, or sometimes up her anus.

Sarah and I like kissing. asyalı porno A lot of the time we just like to kiss, and that’s all we’re doing in her room. She can taste herself all over my face. Often I can taste my semen, if instead of her swallowing it we shared it in a kiss, trying to keep it between us as long as we can. One day, soon I hope, I’ll know what it’s like to lick my semen out of her vagina. I’m tired of condoms, we both are, and it’s no worse if our parents discovered the Pill instead of either of us having condoms. It’s not like they’d leap to conclusions about the two of us.

Perhaps they think we’re both gay. Neither of us has other partners, that they know about. Sarah’s very thick with her pretty, dreamy friend Laura. I tease her with my fantasies of seeing them do it together, and she just smiles at me and tells me she prefers doing it with me, or she doesn’t do it with Laura. Something erotic clutches my viscera when I hear this, as she doesn’t say she wouldn’t or couldn’t, so I wonder. Just thinking about her with another girl gets me excited, and Laura’s someone I want to see naked, very much.

One of my favourite things with Sarah is just licking her anus, and up and down her crack, nuzzling and kissing, coming back to stick my tongue in what little I can. She lies there hips up, cheeks spread, nightie ready to be pulled down if we’re disturbed, and I exercise my oral and wetness fetish by making her as slick as I can in that lovely place, with its heady castajans porno wet flesh smell.

“Laura’s got a nice bottom, you’d like hers,” Sarah said one day.

“Have you seen it?” I asked, somewhat surprised.

“Of course!” she said.

“I’d like all of Laura.”

“I know you would. I wonder whether I’d be jealous if you slept with her?”

“I want you both together.”

“Mmmm, sounds quite nice. I wonder if she would.”

I began sucking on the inside of her cheek, trying to bring out a lovebite. This was the only place we agreed it was safe to leave these, where only we would see them. Sarah’s bottom was beautiful and should have been left pristine and unspotted, but seldom was: I like leaving my mark on her. The way I like covering her in my saliva and smearing my semen over her body. She loves it too. Once we went into the shower and experimented with urine. Neither of us has said anything yet but I hope we’ll try that again.

“Would you?”

“I might. You might be lucky,” she smiled, rolling over and facing me. She lifted up her nightshirt so I could see her breasts. It was an invitation. It was more important to suck on them than to speak, but I was very stiff with the thought of these two girls entwined with each other and me watching, and wanted her to talk.

“Do you ever think of sleeping with her?”

“Oh yes. Yes I have. I have very vivid… impressions, sometimes. The smell of her on my face. And sometimes when I bangbros porno kiss her I just think it would be nice to do it longer. And use tongues, the way we do. Oh yes, I think of Laura like that.”

We were interrupted then and didn’t get another chance to talk until the morning. As she surfaced from my blow job, flicking her hair back from her face and gently licking the last drops she was squeezing out of me, my sister looked up at me curiously and said, “I’ll be at Laura’s place tonight. I think I’ll see how far I can go.”

“Don’t risk a friendship.”

“No, it won’t be that. I just want to linger kissing her. I’m sure she won’t mind that, I’m pretty sure she’ll like it… And we might talk about going further, who knows.”

Well I went out that night too, and didn’t see Sarah when I got back, though I heard her later, and thought she had someone with her. I dropped off to sleep smiling at the thought of my beautiful young sister and her long clean limbs.

I awoke when she opened my door in the morning. She was already nude. She smiled cryptically, then twirled for me. Silently she stole across the carpet and bent down to kiss me. On her lips and cheeks was an unmistakably scent.

“Is that Laura?” I whispered. Sarah nodded eagerly. I put my hand up to my sister’s face and stroked her, then laid the hand upon her nipple. “She’s so lucky.”

Sarah drew away the bedclothes and kneeled over me, over my penis that was suddenly stiff with desire. She slid over me, onto me, and she was so wet she enclosed me all the way, and began wriggling with me inside. She bent down to kiss me again, then slid off before anything could happen. “Sorry, haven’t much time,” she purred in my ear, “Laura’s waiting for me. You might be lucky too some day soon. I’ll work on it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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