Sarala Chithi – Revisited

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Hey people. Hope you are all doing good. I am back with a latest experience of mine. Well it happened recently when I visited my uncle in Chennai. Sarala chithi was my uncles’ sister in law. It was almost 13 years without sex with Sarala chithi. I had been married for 13 years now. I am now 42 years old and Sarala chithi must be around 57, I guess. It was a normal practise that I would stay in my uncles’ home whenever I visit Chennai. And that’s how we were able to break the jinx years ago. Now both her kids are married and they live away from them. So that leaves my uncle and Sarala chithi alone in the house. My uncle is a habitual drinker and slogs off after his drinks and dinner. Today I shared a couple more drinks to ensure he stays sloshed for the whole night.

It had been 13 years since I had shared a bed with Sarala chithi. On a couple of occasions, marriages and sort we had a quickie in the bathroom and the fields. But that’s about it. So, I wanted her tonight. Age was possibly a number for her. As she carried radiant charm. The older she got. She possible started to ferment better. So her voluptuous curves were a bit softer and her boobs sagged but were huge like before. Her ass was rounder but not ugly. Her saree draped gave her the charm of a south Indian woman.

From the time I became sexually conscious, she had been the object of my desire (though I felt guilty feeling that way about her at times, but always loved her). She was about 5′ 7, not too fat, fair and incredibly sexy at this age. I was now ripe and my only sexual experience till now had included some of her sisters, sister in laws and friends as well.

That night, my eyes kept straying over my aunts’ body when she was moving about. She once caught me looking down her cleavage when she was cleaning under the bed, but didn’t say anything.

I was sitting on a sofa pretending to read a novel when my aunt came and sat beside me. She was idly chatting with me while I was reading and her hand slowly resting on my thigh. I had reached a torrid section in my imagination and got slowly aroused. My penis grew and then gently pushed against her hand from under my shorts.

She did not remove her hand and suddenly I became fully aroused. My heart was pounding and I started sweating when her hand covered my arousal and she gently squeezed czech casting porno it while continuing to talk to me of other things.

My mind was concentrating only on her hand. I kept my book down and looked at her to see a different look in her eyes. Her lovely bosom was moving up and down rapidly and she was breathing heavily. She suddenly got up and ran inside her bedroom.

I bolted the front door and went towards her. She was standing in guest room with her saree partially removed exposing her bosom. I hugged her from behind. She said ‘have you taken care of chithappa’ I said ‘yes’ and cupped her lovely breasts and kissed her neck and ears.

She kept moaning and said “don’t Stop it! It’s been so long. Please keep doing it!!” even I wouldn’t stop and I felt her body writhing in ecstasy. Her nipples were getting hard under my palms.

She started sighing and moaning and rubbing her arse against my aroused dick. She turned around, put her hands around my neck and began to kiss me. While we were locked together my experienced hands were moving all over her body fondling her curves. She helped me by removing her sari and petticoat and undoing her blouse.

She pulled my clothes off in a hurry and we lay on the bed hugging each other. Her body felt so hot and desirable. Just like before. She put her hands behind her back and undid her bra. I nearly came when I saw her lovely round breasts for which I had lusted all my life, they looked so delicious, just a little sagged.

I cupped them and they over flowed from my hands. I began to kiss and suckle her breasts and she began sighing with pleasure. Her nipples hardened as I licked and sucked them. I moved my hand over her stomach to her crotch which was already wet. I always knew she never wore panties.

She moaned with pleasure as I inserted my fingers into her warm love hole. I bent down and hungrily began to kiss and suck her vaginal lips. Her juices tasted warm and salty as I inserted my tongue inside her. She began to moan with pleasure and held my head against her crotch. She directed me to stay stuck into her vagina. Moaning in restraint. Her body started to sweat in gallons as she writhed in excitement. Her hands tearing into my hair in aggression. She face-fucked me vigorously. Her bulky and shiny thighs holding czech couples porno my head in place. Her hands now ground my head into her vagina which was now growing wetter and wetter.

The final could break came when she gruntled her teeth while I sucked on to her clitoris like a baby feeding on her nipple. I was on the peak of my excitement and never going to give her away. Neither was she going to let this opportunity slip. She held me to my job and ensure she had the best orgasm. Her thighs clasped my head in place harder. Choking me in the process. But somehow, I gathered some air and went in for the final onslaught. Coz I wanted her to remember me and this orgasm for the rest of her life. I wanted to awaken her to the sexual fantasies once again. My straining tongue did the last few flicks in unperturbed fervour. Her body totally arched and her moans, escaping her mouth. Her fountain of ecstasy broke open and she fell down on the bed. Still holding my head amidst her thighs. I lapped up her juices that flushed into my face. It was all wet. My face, her thighs and crotch. All wet from her juices.

She lay writhing in excitement and opened her eyes to see me with all the love in the world. without wasting a moment, she dragged me on to her. I couldn’t hold myself any longer too. As i climbed on top of her. She held my member and placed it to enter her and the feeling that came over me was indescribable. instantly we were fucking each other and gasping with pleasure and lust. After a few minutes and strong thrusts, I came deep inside her and filled her with loads of cum. We lay wrapped in each other’s arms for some time.

How much I had missed her all these years, I told her. She said that she had not been so aroused at all. After our last outing. My uncle was not interested in sex wither anymore and just used her to satisfy his urges.

I started to fondle her boobs again and this time she suggested that we make love in her sons’ room in the terrace. She walked me up all the way picking up our clothes. Naked as we were. She shut the terrace doors behind so not let anyone come up. On his bed I lay below her and her boobs felt hot and heavy in my cupped hands and I was entering her deep and smoothly.

Excited as she was, she rode me hard. I squeezed her breasts with czech estrogenolit porno one hand while fondling her vagina with the other. She rode me like a queen out for a war. Her enthusiasm showed me how engaged she was to sex and how deprived she was for sex. The room had bamboo windows and hardly decent cover. It was almost like an open room. she did not care a hoot. She wanted her pleasure and that was all. She loosened her hair and let fall over her shoulder and back. That’s when I realised the length of her hair. As they flowed down and tickled my crotch. Her long hair stiffened my cock further and She rode my pole to its full length and milked my girth.

She held my hands pinned down to the bed and started moaning with pleasure and began fucking me even harder. I too was moaning with pleasure and my bulged cock felt like a dam about to burst. And it did burst. Together. She collapsed on top of me as we had our orgasms and she lay on my chest for a long time. We made love two more times that night. Before she could retire to her room. it was 4 am. I slept in my cousins’ room in the terrace.

Next day evening. While all of us were inside the house watching TV, my uncle was four pegs down. She went to collect the clothes from the terrace and I followed her up. It was 9 pm as we came on the terrace and we could see our neighbours watching TV on the adjacent house. We knew we were taking a big risk as we passionately locked together in the terrace but couldn’t stop ourselves.

She leaned against the wall and I pulled up her nighty and entered her tight hot opening. We ground against each other in the open. The darkness was our shield. We put the clothes on the ground and as she put up her spread open legs, I entered her again. I could see the neighbour lady come up to remove clothes from her line but we didn’t stop thrusting into each other. She started moaning with pleasure and bit my ears and I laid low as the lady looked around to trace the strange noise which escaped my mouth. She orgasmed faster thinking of uncle still drinking in the ground floor and the neighbour aunt on the adjacent terrace. The excitement was building into me as well. I shot my load once again into her and held her tightly embraced to me. It took a while for us to get up and move down stairs as we had to ensure the neighbour aunt had left the terrace. My uncle had sulked into the sofa, when we came down.

That night was another great story, which started our second innings. The December of 2018 we all had met for a wedding in Bangalore and so did chithi. She spent a week in Bangalore. Mail me your thoughts on the events I narrate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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