Sex in the Office

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you visited me last night in my dreams… I was at work and you walk into the outer office and began chatting with some of the employees. I heard your voice and my heart started to race… I had been in a “mood” all day and was ready for an out and out fuck-fest that night… but here you were in the building!!

I step out of my office and watch you a moment… your back is to me… You make certain to greet all of the employees, exchange a few pleasantries and then turn to head to my office… Our eyes meet and you see the look of desire in my eyes… “Oh, shit!” flashes through your mind… “This woman is going to rape me!!”

As you pass by me I close my office door behind us… and lock it! Within moments I am at your lips, kissing you deeply… your hands move across my body and hold me tight as my hands run the length of your back up to your hair, pulling it gently. My voice is hushed…”God, I need you, Baby! Let’s do it NOW!” You have little time to react as my hands move quickly to your pants… they are slid over your hips and to the floor within moments… my hands move inside your canlı bahis briefs and caress your ass, pulling you close to me… I feel your manhood start to swell… the fury of my attack has shocked you but excites you at the same time.

Your briefs are off and join your pants on the floor… I’m an animal at this point, I need to taste you, to feel you inside me. I move silently down your body, kissing your neck, pulling your shirt up and nibbling on your chest, sucking your now hard nipples… my hands move ahead of my lips and find your cock, gripping it tightly. You catch a moan as it escapes your lips… “Good Lord! We are in your office!! They can hear us!”…

Your words fall on deaf ears as I move quickly down your body, taking your cock in my mouth… your hands are in my hair as I begin sucking you gently… running my tongue up and down the length of your shaft… my hands move to your ass and stroke your center… Our breathing is heavy…

As quickly as I have moved to your cock I move away, standing up in front of you… I raise my skirt and you see I have worn a black bahis siteleri garter belt with hose to work… no panties. I brush my fingers across my box and feel the wetness that you have caused… You take my hand and suckle my fingers, tasting my juice.

“I need you now, lover! Please, fuck me!!” and with that I turn my back to you… leaning on my desk my skirt wrapped around my waist and my legs spread for you, begging you to enter me. You move to me, the head of your cock brushing across my ass… I silence the moans that escape my lips… We are so caught up in the moment but we are still aware of the people just on the other side of the office door.

You tease my cunt with your cock, working my juices over your hard shaft… you hear my hushed words “Fuck me, Lover!! Fuck me now!” The head of your cock is pressing in me slightly… when my words are heard you thrust in hard, holding onto my hips you pull me onto you… the air in my lungs is lost… my head is thrown back as my mouth falls open… silent moans and purrs come quickly! You pump hard, thrusting your cock in me deep and bahis şirketleri then pulling out to the tip only to thrust in again harder and deeper… my hips meet each of your thrust, grinding my pussy onto your shaft! Your hands move across my ass… over the garter belt and on the silky hose that cover my legs. Then with one final thrust we cum! I feel your seed spread inside me as my juices flow freely… we are frozen in time, our legs rigid, our backs tight… “God, you feel so perfect inside me, lover!”

We stay in that moment for a short time… feeling the heat from each other, feeling the love that we share. When you pull out of me I feel our juices run down my legs… You are such a tender lover… you reach for the tissue box and begin to clean me, careful not to disturb my now tender clit. I turn around to you and lower my mouth onto your cock, cleaning you with my tongue… tasting our juices off of you.

You dress quickly as I slide my skirt down, smoothing any wrinkles… Our eyes are locked as we smooth our clothing and catch our breaths… “You are the devil, Woman, and I love you to death!! I can’t believe we just did that with your employees on the other side of the door!!”

My grin is evil as I move to you close and take you in my arms… “Next time, Lover, we leave the door unlocked!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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