Sex with a Stranger

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Well – you’re finally going to do it – after fantasizing for years about having sex with a stranger – you’re actually going to go ahead and do it!

You can’t believe it only started 2 hours ago – with what seemed at the time like an innocent conversation in a chat room – he seemed like a decent, respectable man. As these things often do – the chat started innocently enough, before getting a little more suggestive. Talking about first loves, experiences, fantasies. Course – he was more than interested in the fact that you’d always wanted to have a hot, meaningless fuck with a complete stranger. He fitted the bill perfectly – as you hadn’t even exchanged names – and as luck would have it – he lived not ½ an hour from you.

It had been a really hard decision to take things this extra step – but he was very persuasive, in the end nearly ordering you to comply. So that’s how you’d ended up where you are now. It’s the middle of the day – your husband’s at work – and you’re lying in bed naked – waiting. 5 minutes earlier – you’d done as instructed – after giving him directions to your house – you’d left the back door unlocked, gone upstairs and slipped out of your clothes. You’ve drawn the curtains as he’d told you to – so the room was dark.

The anticipation is almost unbearable – you have goose bumps at the thought of what you’re about to do. You’re mind is still in turmoil – it’s not too late to change your mind – and lock the door – but a part of you – the part that makes you send obscene photos of yourself to strangers, wants to carry it through. Christ – you’re about to let a complete stranger fuck you. It could be anyone when he arrives – a guy from the street, someone you served last night in the pub, your boss even. But you’re past caring – all you’re bothered about is that he’ll have a hard cock – and he’ll share your own depraved perversions – the ones you’ve been discussing on line less than ½ an hour ago. You’re pussy’s dripping – as you lay there trembling – part of you still can’t believe you’re going through with this.

It’s nearly ½ an hour now since you finished your conversation. 2 glasses of wine later you’re on your back, naked, with only the duvet as a cover – waiting to be used for his pleasure.

10 minutes pass – and you’re beginning to think he’s bottled it. Wait…what’s that? Sounded a bit like a car door shutting outside – maybe it was at a neighbour’s house? Deep down though – you know this is it – he’s here for fucks sake! Steps down the path – before a hand tries the back door and you hear it swing open – then shut. He’s inside – and making his way through the house. He seems to be moving really slowly – as if he knows he’s enhancing the turmoil you’re facing. Step by step – he’s moving upstairs towards the bedroom.

Your heart’s absolutely thumping as you hear the bedroom door open – and he steps inside. For a second you’re tempted to look up and catch a glimpse of him as the light enters the room – but he’s ordered you not to – you’re to lie flat on your back and wait for him. Besides, the part of you that has had the audacity to follow this through wants to keep him completely anonymous.

You can hear him taking his shoes and socks off by the side of the bed. In itself not that big a deal – as you’ve laid there a thousand times and heard your husband do the same thing. However, this time it’s very different. Another swoosh – must have been a t-shirt coming off. There’s a man you’ve never met before – topless in your bedroom! But then you hear it – this is the defining moment – the belt buckle jingles as his hands come down and slowly start to unfasten it. You can hardly make it out though, as your heart’s beating that loud you think they’ll hear it in the street. But you can definitely hear the buckle unfasten, then what must be a button fly, before you hear his jeans slide down to the floor. He throws them to one side – as if trying to make a noise to heighten the suspense – but he really didn’t need to – you’re pussy’s never felt so wet, your nipples are so hard they’re physically hurting you, and you’re covered in goose bumps.

There’s no turning back now – whilst your behaviour on the internet over the last few years has been far from angelic – you’re about to take a far more sinister turn now – as you put your fantasy into action. You want to stop, just like you wanted to lock the door 10 minutes ago, and just like you wanted to come off the internet when he first suggested this meeting – but that filthy part of you that always wishes you’d been a cock-hungry slut won’t let you.

Then it happens – fuck – the quilt slides back a little and you feel the heat of another body in bed next to you. As he slides up to you – you feel him press canlı bahis against you – he’s not naked – as you feel some fabric trying ridiculously hard to case his throbbing cock. He takes your hand and slides it down to his cock – and allows you to run your hand around him. You recognize it instantly – he’s wearing a lacy thong – from the feel of it, and the fact that it no way fits his cock and balls comfortably – you know instantly he’s wearing a skimpy pair of women’s panties – probably his wife’s – which makes the whole thing extra naughty! You gasp as you feel them – you can’t help it – but his finger quickly comes up to your mouth. You know he’s telling you that you can’t speak – that was one of the rules you both agreed on-line.

You feel a hot tongue start to lick your neck – very gently making tiny circles – before moving onto your ear. You wonder what that tongue would feel like on your pussy, but deep down you know you won’t have to wait long to find out. You’re at his mercy now and he knows it – you’ll let him do absolutely anything to you – and he’s about to take advantage of that.

As his tongue nibbles your ear – he very lightly traces a finger over your stomach – and up over your breasts. His light touch slides over your tits, lingering fractionally on your nipples before carrying on – and this, coupled with his mouth nibbling at your ear makes you tingle even more. Your nipples feel like they’re going to explode – and you want nothing more than to come there and then – but he’s not going to let you do that. He enjoys the tease too much.

As he carries on with his tongue, his fingers trace down towards your pussy – then back up. He continues doing this – never quite reaching your wet hole, even though you just desperately want to spread your legs wide and have him push two or three fingers inside you. He strokes your thighs, then back up to your stomach, then your tits – he’s repeated this now for a good 5 minutes before the moment you’ve longed for arrives.

The first thing you feel is his tongue stops nibbling at your neck and he moves away slightly. For the briefest of seconds you wonder what’s happening. Then, you feel his body begin to slide down in the bed, taking the quilt with him, until he positions his face at your pussy. It feels like an eternity that he’s there, his hot breath meeting your juices and giving you that icy tingle that you’ve felt before – but never quite like this. His breath is fast – which makes it obvious that he’s getting as worked up as you are over this situation.

After what feels an age – you feel his hot tongue. But not on your pussy where you desperately want it – but sliding up and down the inside of your thigh, then onto the other thigh. After that, as if he’s aware of the spell you’re under, he traces his hot tongue along the bottom of your stomach – an inch or so from your pussy. As he does this, he’s lightly sliding his hand up and down the back of one calf, behind your knee, then the back of your thigh, before switching legs.

He repeats this for another few minutes – as if he’s waiting for you to break the rule and tell him to suck your cunt for fucks sake! But you can’t.

Fuck, this guys good – he’s been in bed with you for what must be 10 – 15 minutes, he’s got you on the verge of cumming and he hasn’t even touched your hole yet!

Then, you notice him up the ante; he begins to nibble at your outer lips. Mmmmmmm, you want him to suck on your clit NOW, but still he just slides his hot tongue up and down your lips. You’re so wet there’s no way you can tell which is the moisture from his tongue and which is from your pussy.

Up and down he goes – before he flicks over your clit with his tongue – and that’s when you feel like you’ve had an electric shock. He feels this, and every time he flicks your clit, your body freezes for a second as the sensation hits you. Now he’s going to let you cum – with a sudden change of tempo, he starts licking at your pussy with more purpose – pushing his tongue against your clit harder – so you can feel the hot pressure from him. He laps away at your hole – before sliding 1, then 2 then 3 fingers inside you. This guys got you so aroused that he’s got 3 fingers inside you and you haven’t batted an eyelid!

It’s only a matter of time until you cum. He’s sucking hard on your clit now, and gently using his teeth to saw at you. That coupled with the frantic way he’s pushing his fingers inside you mean that it hits you – and fuck does it hit you! The heat that rushes through your body makes you feel as though you’ve jumped into a red-hot bath – and the buzz from your cunt like it’s exploding.

Ahhhhhh, you have to put a pillow over your face to stifle your screams. You desperately bahis siteleri want to remove it, spread your legs like the slut you feel and shout your way through this climax. You shake as orgasm after orgasm hits you – he’s relentless – every time you cum – he keeps on eating your clit – and pushing his fingers inside you with more vigour. Mmmmmmmmmm – after what seems like an exquisite eternity – you feel that warm glow over you as he’s stopped. He’s resting – enjoying the fact that he’s just given you some of the best orgasms of your life.

As you come to your senses, you begin to feel that you want to take the initiative. You’ve been flat on your back like a wanton slut for the best part of half an hour, and it’s your turn to make him squirm!

You let him know your intentions by placing your hands under his arms – and trying to lift him up the bed. It’s more of a gesture than anything else – as he’s way too strong to go where he doesn’t want to – but he knows what you’ve got in mind and shifts up the bed – flat onto his back.

It’s your turn to gently run your tongue over his nipples – really lightly – teasing him. The boot’s on the other foot now as you make him squirm in bed – making him shiver in anticipation. As you keep teasing his nipples with your tongue, a naughty hand very slowly traces down his stomach to his skimpy thong. Part of you wishes you could switch the light on – as the sight of a grown man, fully erect, squeezed into a tiny pair of lacy panties is a big turn on. But again – that’s against the rules.

His cock feels big – your fingers trace it’s length – up and down through the tight lace. His pants are so tight you can feel the ridges and veins of his dick – almost as well as if he had been completely nude. Your grip gets a little firmer, as you make the transition between a teasing stroke, and a more deliberate slow wank – still through his panties. Not surprisingly, the head of his cock is now free over the top of the lace, and you tease him by running your finger over his tiny slit – dripping pre-cum. Again, the sluttish part of you takes over, and as if from instinct you raise your finger to your mouth and taste him. Mmmmmm – maybe it’s your imagination, but this seems to taste far better than your husband’s.

You want more of this now – and with an index finger on each of his hips slide his skimpy panties down to his mid thighs. Whilst you briefly have the idea of slipping them right off, the way restrict his movement in this position adds another piece of excitement.

You can hardly contain yourself from groping him – like crazed nimpho who hasn’t touched a cock for a month. Feeling his big heavy balls in the palm of your hands as you apply pressure and rub him – then grabbing his shaft and wanking him with a vigour you never knew you possessed.

After he begins squirming again – you know you have him at your mercy – and decide to catch him off guard by quickly throwing your mouth over his shaft and taking in his dick. This time it’s his turn to gasp in surprise – but he also realizes his mistake, and stifles his groans. You had wanted to give him a slow, sensual cock sucking – to show off your technique, but this has gone out of the window in the heat of the moment, and you start forcing him hard into your mouth, and the top of your throat. This goes on as you let him fuck your mouth – he’s lifting his hips off the bed with every thrust to get as far down your throat as he possibly can. His balls slap repeatedly against your chin just like a scene from a porn movie – which makes you feel even more naughty.

You know from the days you used to suck dick for fun, that no man can take this for long, so after a couple of minutes of hard sucking, you take him out of your mouth with the intention of fucking him. He’s got other ideas though, and begins to turn over on the bed, quite awkwardly due to the restraint the thong has on his legs, but after a couple of seconds he’s lying face down, with his cheeks spread.

It’s not something you do often, but in the heat of the moment it seems the most natural thing in the world to start eating his ass. He’s writhing again now, as you lap your tongue round his hole, before forcing it inside. It’s actually nicer than you’d thought it would be, that filthy part of you can’t get enough – so you begin to finger him – and abuse him with both your tongue and hand. A few minutes later and enough is enough – it’s too long since your last climax – and you want another – you want to cum with his cock inside you – you want him to take the lead again and fuck you into submission.

In a joint movement, you roll onto your back, and start turning him over. The quilt’s long gone, so here you are flat on your back, bahis şirketleri legs splayed like a cheap hooker waiting for this guy to screw you. No emotion, no guilt – you can leave that for later, just the raw animal instinct that sometimes takes over when you need to be fucked.

He slides in between your legs and leans forwards – forcing his tongue into you only too willing mouth. It hits you that you’ve spent nearly 3 quarters of an hour being more filthy than you ever have with your husband, yet this is the first time you’ve kissed him. In a weird way that helps underline what this is – a meaningless fucking session – a good one – but nothing emotional or loving – two adults with the sole intention of satisfying their temporary needs.

As your minds been wandering, you haven’t noticed his hard cock at the entrance to your soaking hole. It feels rock hard and red hot, and just when you think you’re waiting is over, he removes it and rubs his cock head against your clit. Then, he’s sliding his dick along your pussy – the pressure he’s applying make your clit burn – but this bastard is teasing you again. You grab his ass and try and push him in – god how wanton are you – but this only serves to tell him he’s got you. He keeps teasing, slips his cock head in your pussy, then removes it and pushes it hard over your clit again. Whilst you just want to feel it’s entire length inside you, you can’t avoid noticing that this is having the effect of pushing you very near to cumming for him again.

This distraction has got your mind moving on your climax, which is when he strikes. As you’re expecting him to keep working on your clit – he suddenly forces his cock straight in you until feel his balls slam into your ass cheeks. Argghhhh – it’s a little painful – but who cares – you’re suddenly full to the hilt of this stranger’s dick, trying desperately to stretch round him. You instinctively wrap your legs round him to keep him fucking you – but you really didn’t need to. He has only one intention now – to fill you with spunk.

You’re going at it like now – you both want to cum in a way that feels like you’re trying to hurt each other. Him – ramming his full length into you relentlessly, you forcing your hips off the bed to meet his thrusts. Your pussy juice is dripping everywhere – you’ve never been this wet before – and time he stabs his cock into you – you get closer to the verge of cumming.

It’s building now, that familiar heat building in your clit, hotter and hotter – from the way he’s speeding up you know he’s nearly there too. Every time he pushes deep in you – the muscle above his dick squashes against your clit – it’s like you’re wanking – bang, bang bang – you’re there, you’re there! Arrggghh – fuck you’re cumming – the shaking starts, then the hot flush. This time the rules have gone – you scream as you cum with this guys cock deep in you. You’re screaming so loud that you don’t even hear him shouting as he cums. The first sign you get is when you feel his dick pulsing inside you, then that familiar feeling of him shooting his spunk deep into you. It’s been such an effort that the natural thing to happen is that he collapses on top of you, and you lay together for a few minutes. You’re still red hot, and you’re both dripping sweat, but you really don’t care. That tingly glow that fills you after such a hard cum makes anything else bearable. It even feels quite nice feeling his heart thumping against your chest as he calms down after his exertions. And that great feeling you get as his dick, still inside you, begins to soften – and eventually slips out, helped by the mixture of your pussy juices and the spunk he’s just given you. God your hole feels more open at that point than it’s ever been – and you wish this moment could last forever.

You start drifting off into that relaxing place between consciousness and sleep – but you are jolted when you feel your new partner climb off you and get out of bed. After such a great fuck, you’re intrigued as to whether he will spoil the moment by breaking the agreement that he’d leave without speaking, or ask if he could see you again. But he does neither, after listening to him dress, just as intently as you had listened to him strip an hour ago, the door opens and he walks out of your life.

A few seconds later you hear the back door close, and your left alone. There’s no guilt, although there definitely will be over the coming years, just that warm sexy feeling that you’ve just fulfilled a fantasy you’ve always had.

You look at the clock – there’s still a couple of hours until your husband’s home – so you lay back and fondly relive the last hour. The quilts on the floor – so you’re naked, on your back, with your legs spread – exactly where he left you. You can feel his warm cum slowly dripping out of your cunt – but really don’t care. Instinctively your hand traces down to your pussy – maybe time for one last play before the husband’s back…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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