Shall We Dance?

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Ass Fuck

Star fidgeted with the skirt one last time before walking into the bar. She dressed meticulously for this encounter. Red sleeveless sheath top and black mid thigh skirt topped off with knee high boots in deference to the cold outside. She chose red because it made her feel sexy and it looked great against her mocha skin. She and Ian had been dating for a few weeks and it was time to move things to the next level and she was hoping that this outfit would make that clear. After paying the cover and checking her coat she strode to the bar, taking note of the appreciative glances men were casting in her direction. Once she received her Rum and Coke she turned again and surveyed the club and caught his eye. Her heart skipped a beat as it always does when their eyes first meet. He caressed her with his eyes starting at her face and working his way down to her exposed thighs, a satisfied smile playing on his lips. Returning his eyes to hers he began closing the distance between them.

Taking a long pull on batıkent escort her drink to bolster her courage Star met his eyes with a sultry look of her own and waited for him to reach her. As he drew nearer she could see a new light in his chocolate eyes that started a low pulse in her core. There was a slight flush beginning to show on his ivory skin and a quick glance to the front of his jeans showed that he was very happy to see her. “Mission accomplished” she thought to herself and allowed herself to be pulled into his embrace for a welcoming kiss. Just as they came up for air her favorite song began to play and she began to move to the beat. Ian asked if she would like to dance and she finished her drink and followed him to the dance floor. He led her to the center of the quickly filling dance floor and pulled her close for the mid tempo song and they began to move in sync with each other. Star knew that sex with this man would be incredible because he knew how to set beşevler escort the pace but allowed her to dance the way she wanted to. Time passed seamlessly as the DJ continued to play hit after hit and the syncopated beats kept their bodies moving with the rhythms.

Then Ian did something completely unexpected. He began to slide his hand up the inside of her thigh. Surprised Star gasped and glanced into eyes asking permission to proceed. Curious about how far he would take this she arched a brow in challenge. Dipping his head for a quick kiss he kept pace with the music and traced his hand up her thigh and unerringly found her center uncovered, wet and eager for his touch. His surprise at finding her without any panties was shining in his eyes and an approving smile appeared on his lush lips. Wasting no time he began to stroke her sensitive bud sending shudders through her body. Star bit her lip and looked around to see if anyone was watching both nervous about getting caught ankara escort and turned on by the prospect of being seen. Seeing her hesitation Ian leaned in and said “Ignore them. I want all of your attention.” She rewarded his command by flooding his hand with her juices. He continued to caress her using her own wetness as lubrication and she began trembling with the beginning of her climax. Gripping his shoulders she began to pull back and he tightened his grip on her lower back and increased his pace. Bringing his lips close to her ear again he said “Give in to me Star.”

When his eyes met hers she saw his determination to please her and she let go of the last vestiges of control and erupted right there in the middle of the dance floor. The force of her orgasm weakened her knees and she tightened her grip on his shoulders to keep upright. As the last aftershock rattled her body Ian straightened her skirt and surreptitiously sucked her juices from his fingers sending more aftershocks through her core. All pretense of dancing gone Star reached up and grabbed his head pulling him down for a soul shattering kiss and stroked her hand over his hard length. Pulling back from the kiss she said “Lets go finish what you have started.” Laughing he took her hand and lead her out of the bar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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