She Helps Daughter and Son-in-Law

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The New Year party was in full swing as the DJ switched the dance music to a slow beat. Dani had been strutting her stuff with her son-in-law and needed the rest, but instead found herself being guided by him to the sway of the melody. Halfway through the second slow dance with Wes, she became aware of the wood in his trousers. She didn’t want to say anything but Wes did.

“My situation is still the same,” he said into her ear.

Dani knew what he was talking about. “We can’t discuss your marriage to my daughter and your sex life with Amy … she’s my daughter, for goodness sake!”

“I’m just saying … it’s the reason why I’m … you know … aroused.” Wes kept his groin in contact with her.

“You and I had a one-night stand. We both know, Wes, it must never happen again.” Dani tried to disengage his hip contact with her. “Have you not talked to Amy about your sex needs?”

He brought his head away from her neck and swivelled his eyes to the right and left. “I’ve tried to discuss fantasies with Amy – mine, hers, if she has any – but she’s not interested.”

Dani had noticed at the party how a couple of the young women were hitting on Wes. He was handsome, of course, women found him attractive. At 6 foot tall, there was no denying that Wes looked fit. Crease lines on the outside edge of his espresso coloured eyes and tousled hair down to his shoulders made him look wild. He had this way of enlarging his eyes when talking to other women. Dani remembered their night of illicit sex, he 29, she 45, and she still couldn’t believe how much he wanted her, why her son-in-law needed her. He had told her how Amy wasn’t that interested in sex and how he masturbated to release himself. After their explosive night together, Dani had assumed Wes would sort it out with his wife.

Dani looked up at him. “Most women have fantasies, just like men. You need to talk to her. And please stop grinding your hips into me. I’m not attractive at my age.”

He smiled. “I’ve seen you naked, Danielle. You’re in good shape. Your oriental looks in line with your Thai father is the reason for your dark features, dark hair and petite build. Trust me, you look very sexy.”

“Shush, Wes.” Dani had noticed how Wes used her full name, Danielle, and he was the only person in the family who did that. He’d used it often during their night together – it seemed to express a dominance from Wes as if he were speaking to a small girl – it sent a shiver down her spine.

He continued, “Your English mother must have given you those teardrop breasts, full but not sagging with nipples that stand out when aroused.”

“That’s enough, Wes. Besides, Amy has the same features as I do. Concentrate on her.”

They ended their dance and nothing more was said. However, it was clear to Dani that his marriage to her daughter was going to fall apart unless they could sort out their problems. She thought about how she could help.

Two days later at the weekend, Dani phoned Amy and suggested she bring her dog over for a walk. They set off together leaving Wes to play golf. Amy was age 25, four years younger than Wes. It was obvious that they were mother and daughter, the same oriental features, size and shape. And Amy used to confide in Dani about how good Wes was in the ‘bedroom’ and saying, “He’s the best lover I’ve ever had,” and “He knows how to please,” but these snippets of information between daughter and mother had dried up.

After a while, Dani asked her, “Are you and Wes ok in your marriage?” Dani threw a ball for her dog. “I ask because I sense things could be better.”

Amy took her mother’s arm. “Nothing escapes mum!” She sighed. “It is frustrating sometimes.” Amy opened up more and more during their walk. It appeared to Dani that Amy couldn’t talk in any depth with Wes about what she wanted from sex, nor did she want to give details to her mum. Dani sensed there was a block, a holding-back from Amy.

Dani said, “I ought to use my job experience as a trained counsellor to get you two to sit with me and open up, let it all out, hold nothing back from each other. What do you think if I sit in and help?”

“Confess about sex in front of my mum?” Amy tightened her grip on Dani’s arm.

“Yes. In an informal way, relaxed in your home, comfortable, in front of the fire perhaps.”

Amy eventually agreed to have a word with Wes to arrange a date.

The following day, Amy phoned Dani and it was decided the next Friday evening would be best.

On Friday, as she rang the doorbell, Dani had second thoughts on how effective she could be with the younger couple. She resolved to take charge and hope for the best. Amy was nervous and Wes hid his feelings as he poured wine into three glasses but Dani said, “Listen you guys. I’ll set the rules and the first thing I want you both to do is this: go upstairs, have a shower, dress separately in your choice of sexy clothes and get back here within 10 minutes.” To Dani’s relief, they obeyed without a problem. Wes came back first, his shoulder-length hair still damp, he wore a black T-shirt under a fawn linen anime porno jacket, loose chinos and no socks.

Next came Amy, black straight hair which partly covered her hard nipples, as they pushed through her white cotton shirt. The mini skirt and black knee-high boots gave her a street girl appearance as she giggled and took a gulp of her wine.

Before they sat, Dani said, “A group hug, please.” In no time they put down their drinks and locked arms around each other in a three-way hug. “Remember, I’m in charge. Think of me as your counsellor, to answer all my questions and to do whatever I say.” Dani felt emboldened by her new role. She hadn’t done sex therapy, her speciality was marriage guidance, but she’d decided to play this by instinct and ignore the so-called rulebook.

Amy nodded and squeezed her arm tighter around Dani. “Will do,” said Wes who’s hand had slipped from Dani’s waist to her bottom. A flashback to their secret night together came to mind of his cock but Dani quickly shoved the image aside.

Dani said, “I want you two to kiss and think of sexy thoughts. Don’t stop kissing till I tell you.” She watched her daughter relax into it and after a while, Dani said, “Now use your tongues.” For Dani, the unexpected reaction from herself was the slow-burn turn-on from being so close, 6 inches close to the mouths of the other two. Taking a deep breath she said, “Now I want you to stop kissing and take your hand away from your partner’s waist and caress any part of each other’s body.” As Amy and Wes did this, Dani tightened her grip on them to keep them all in a huddle. She watched Amy run her hand under her husband’s jacket to feel his chest. Wes used his hand to caress Amy’s back and around to her ribs.

Wes said, “Thanks for helping us, Dani. Can I kiss you? Is that allowed?” He chewed his lower lip in a school-boyish way. Dani looked at Amy who shrugged. It didn’t take much for Wes to lean into Dani, their heads were so close anyway. She refused to open her mouth as his lips gently stroked hers. She blushed and pulled her head away.

“Mum,” said Amy. “I think you enjoyed that!” She paused. “I don’t mind. In fact, I also want to thank you.” Amy laughed and planted a kiss on Dani’s cheek but moved her lips over to her mum’s mouth. Dani was so surprised that she didn’t try to move and let her daughter continue kissing, their lips locked together.

“That was a longer kiss than you and Wes, “said Dani who felt flustered. “Let’s sit.” She did wonder why Amy had kissed her in such an intermit way. Wes topped up their glasses and chucked another log on the fire. Dani composed herself and said, “I want to explore your fantasies … because if a couple can trust to tell each other their secret desires, then there’s a much better chance of satisfying sex.”

Wes asked, “Can we include your fantasies, Dani, to make this conversation more balanced?”

“I agree,” said Amy. “If mum is going to hear my secrets, I want to hear hers.”

“That,” said Dani, “isn’t going to happen. We’re here because I want to help you and …”

Wes interrupted, “We must share our and your inhibitions, otherwise Amy and I will feel uncomfortable.” Amy nodded.

“You can’t possibly be interested,” exclaimed Dani, “in my sexual thoughts. I’m too old for that sort of thing.”

“Rubbish,” joked Amy. “You’re not too old. For example, do you have any hang-ups about dad and his way of wanting sex?”

Dani may have said something about that in the past to Amy in confidence. “Your dad is boring in bed.”

They all fell about laughing, including Dani who moaned, “I admit I’m bored with the same old missionary position.”

“What position would you prefer?” inquired Wes.

Dani was surprised the way this conversation was going. “I can’t believe … oh ok, I would prefer from behind.”

Wes opened another bottle of wine and said, “Now we can talk about Amy’s fantasies.”

Amy took a swig of her wine. “Alright.” She took a deep breath. “I think I’m bi.” The silence lasted 5 seconds. “Which also means,” continued Amy, “when I masturbate I think of being with another woman.”

Dani could see that Amy was embarrassed and Dani leaned forward in her armchair. “Have you ever had sex with another girl?”

Amy looked glum. “No.”

“Don’t worry, Amy darling.” Dani came over to the sofa and sat next to Amy to give a mother-to-daughter cuddle.

Wes said, “I didn’t know, Amy, about your bi feelings. We could roll play them during sex. Would that help?”

Amy shook her head. “I’d prefer the real thing, although I wouldn’t mind you in the room if that makes sense.”

Dani stroked her daughter’s long black hair while thinking of this new revelation of bi-curious and having Wes watch her. Dani noticed Amy’s hard nipples seemed to have got bigger and they pressed against her shirt. “I’m sure Wes would be with you when the time came to experiment with bisexuality.” She turned to Wes. “Tell us something about your dark desires.”

“A bit embarrassing.” He looked at Amy. “I often think about an asyalı porno older woman.”

Dani held her breath and hoped he wasn’t going to say anything about their one night together 6 months ago. She sat back. “Why the older woman? … in general terms.”

As Wes explained, he couldn’t figure it out but he still wanted to try it. Dani became aware of Amy snuggled next to her and her face resting on Dani’s shoulder and Amy’s warm hand on her thigh. Wes said, “I love Amy but I want more sex and so I imagine an older woman giving it to me.”

Amy asked, “Why someone who’s older? How much older?”

“At least 10 years older, more experienced, although not to take over from you, Amy.” He sat next to Amy on the sofa. “I suppose I fantasise about a mother-figure.”

Amy scrunched her forehead as she took her husband’s hand.

Dani broke the hush. “You two have broken the ice. Amy wants to try another female while Wes looks on. And Wes wants to experience an older woman. Are you both more aroused now?”

They nodded. Wes said to Dani, “What is your fantasy? You’ve told us your best position but not your secret thoughts.”

“But I can’t possibly tell my daughter and son-in-law. And remember I’m not the one who’s trying to improve my sex life or my marriage.” She wondered if Wes ever thought about their night in which she had agreed to help him achieve satisfaction. She had resolved not to show any weakness like that again. “Let’s get back on the subject of you both. It’s time you tried some sex. How about I give you advice as we go along?”

“Where do we start?”

“Strip each other.” Dani felt more in charge now.

Wes pulled up Amy to stand and face him. “Can we strip one item at a time, slowly?” He whispered something to Amy and they both looked down at Dani.

Amy said, “We’ll begin when you tell us one of your fantasies.”

Dani could see they were serious and their evening would fold if she didn’t give them something. The wine helped her relax. She stared at the warm fire. “Ok, ok.” Dani paused. “I like to think of a bigger cock.”

Wes said, “Is that because Amy’s dad is …?”

“All I’m saying is I’d like a bigger one … and to have sex slowly … because hubby comes too quick for my liking.” Dani felt herself blush. “Now strip.”

She watched Amy seductively remove Wes’s linen jacket while stroking his biceps. And then Wes took off Amy’s mini skirt which left the bottom of her white shirt just covering her groin. Dani thought she looked so sexy. She said, “As you take off your clothes, explore your bodies.”

“Yes, ‘mummy’, said Wes who smiled. But first, we want to hear another of your secrets.”

Amy giggled.

“I’ve told you enough my darlings.” She was reluctant to say any more.

“We can stand here all evening,” said Amy, “unless you tell us more.”

“You’re my daughter. You don’t want to hear my secrets.”

“Yes, I do.” It was obvious Amy nor Wes were going to give in.

What the hell, thought Dani. “I would like to be forced … as in … held down and made to do something I shouldn’t be doing.”

Amy shrieked and laughed. “Naughty mum. Love it. Let’s strip some more.” She pushed up her husband’s black T-shirt over his head and ran her fingers all over his abs. Then Wes got behind Amy and put his hands under the bottom of her loose shirt to caress his wife’s groin without showing exactly what he was doing. Slowly he pulled down her red thong which dropped to the floor.

Dani was mesmerised by the sexual act of the two people she loved and who now faced her. They waited before Wes said, “Time for Danielle to say more of her needs.”

“There are no more fantasies,” she lied as she sat deeper into the cushions of the sofa.

“We don’t strip anymore until you join in.”

The damp patch in Dani’s knickers had got bigger. She whispered, “I want to taste myself … meaning I want to be fucked and have the man withdraw to make me suck … to taste it.” She couldn’t believe she’d just admitted to that.

Amy proceeded to undo the belt of her husband’s chinos, then the zip and slid her hand inside. Dani watched the way she stroked him before she pulled his chinos right off. It left Wes in his briefs which were thin enough to show the outline of his relaxed cock. Amy sat on the floor to pull her knee-high boots off. The way she sat with her legs towards her mother enabled Dani to see flashes of Amy’s pussy. Dani refused to acknowledge to herself that she found her little girl sexy.

Amy knelt, put her face against Wes’s thigh and said, “Tell me more, mum.”

Dani’s heart thumped. “If I say another fantasy, you’ll strip completely. Both of you?”

They nodded and Wes said, “And we’ll fuck each other while you watch?”

Dani managed to say, “You can both make love in private. I don’t need to watch.” Her words didn’t sound convincing to Dani’s ears. Dani licked her lips while thinking about her fantasy. “As you know, I want to be held down, tied maybe, and used like a slut, taken against my will.” She crossed her legs backroom casting porno to stop the moisture seeping further into her knickers.

Amy seductively removed the black briefs from Wes as he made eye-contact with Dani. His cock was as she remembered it, an image she had often thought about – she liked the way he wasn’t yet fully aroused, it hung, semi-erect. She swivelled her eyes back up to see Wes looking at her, a slight smile on his face, hiding a secret they both share. Amy spoke, “I can see, mum, you like his cock.” Dani rolled her eyes in mock shock.

Wes stood behind Amy again to give Dani the best view and slowly undid the buttons of her shirt, the last remaining garment. She wore no bra. As he peeled off her shirt, Amy’s pert breasts swayed, her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. She came over and knelt before Dani. “I can’t explain why,” whispered Amy, “but I need you to stay with me while we have sex, mum, please.”

Dani wondered if this may be to help her daughter’s fantasy – the bi-curious thoughts she seemed to have. Dani said, “Making love should be done in private, shouldn’t it?”

“I want you to hold me.” Amy’s pleading eyes caused Dani to nod.

Wes now stood next to Amy while she remained on her knees. Dani refused to look at his cock directly, although in her side vision she could see it had grown slightly. He said, “You better take your dress off, Danielle, otherwise it may get stained.” The use of her full name again, only Wes called her that, triggered her desire to do whatever Wes said – he made her feel like a small girl, to obey his orders. Dani couldn’t help feeling that way.

Dani felt reluctant to take off her dress but her daughter insisted. “It’ll be ok, mum, let’s do it.” Amy moved up to the sofa, unzipped the back of Dani’s dress and eased off the shoulder straps. It just needed Dani to push up her bum to enable Amy to pull down the dress, and in 5 seconds the task was done. Dani looked down her body, at her white see-through lacy panties and matching bra, and realised this was the underwear she’d worn on the night she had slept with Wes.

As if in a trance, she allowed the others to move her hips across sideways along the sofa to lie on her back. Wes kissed Amy and directed his wife to lie the same way, on her back, on top of Dani. The intention was to enable Dani to hold her daughter from under her with Amy facing Wes who climbed on top. Dani reckoned Amy was ok being sandwiched between her mother and Wes, although this wasn’t how Dani envisioned their sex talk would develop. It was too late for Dani to refuse and her head was directly behind Amy’s. In no time Amy was moaning as Wes sucked her nipples and she begged to be fucked. Wes spread Amy’s legs and pulled apart Dani’s as well.

Amy’s body juddered every time he inserted his cock deeper. All Dani could see was Wes’s face and the back of Amy’s head. Dani felt her hands being grabbed by Amy and directed to caress her daughter’s breasts. For Dani, it was a revelation to stroke her hands across another women’s nipples, erect and hard but for Amy, it seemed to turn her on even more. The thrusts from Wes into his wife had Amy sliding to one side of Dani. As Wes stepped up the rhythm, Amy was able to turn her head sideways to her mother, their lips only inches apart. Amy gasped, “This is so good, mum. Kiss me … ” Her pleading eyes persuaded Dani to oblige and a few seconds later they were mouth to mouth, open, inviting tongues to touch and explore. Without thinking, Dani began squeezing Amy’s nipples and each time Amy gasped, “More, mum, don’t stop.”

At the same time, Dani felt Wes’s thighs brushing along the inside of her own legs, his forward momentum into his wife scraped between Dani’s legs, his balls slapped into Dani’s groin, positioned just below Amy’s pussy. In half a minute, Amy started to orgasm, started to call for more, as Dani broke her kissing to hold Amy steady, to flick her nipple buds and watch Amy climax. It was beautiful, thought Dani, to see and hear her daughter orgasm which seemed to go on for a full minute.

Dani let Amy’s breathing get back to normal and asked Wes if he’d come yet. He hadn’t, and when he withdrew his wet cock, his erection looked even fatter than Dani remembered. He leaned over the two girls under him. With his legs either side of them, Wes rested his groin over their chests. His cock was so close, Dani couldn’t help gaze at it.

The words from Wes were more of a command. “You’re both going to take turns to suck me.”

“Not me,” said Dani, looking at Amy. “Amy wants it, don’t you darling?”

“We can share him,” said Amy.

“No way.” Dani looked at the cock above her, the head of which leaked pre-cum in a thin line of dribble onto Amy’s breasts. The smell of him was intoxicating.

Wes said, “You admitted you want a big cock, Danielle. Now’s the time.”

Before Dani could refuse, Amy struggled to get a better position alongside her mum. “I came so hard, mum, because you held me, helped me, touched me. My first bi experience. It was so beautiful. Can we do more together … please?” She started to kiss Dani, their tongues in each other’s mouths. Amy pulled Wes’s cock closer to touch their lips which were locked together. Amy opened her mouth to the side to allow Wes to push his cock briefly inside, past Amy’s lips and onward into Dani’s mouth.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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