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Author’s Note: All persons in this work of fiction are at least 18 years old.


Josh Miller smiled as he watched the naked man and woman frolicking with each other on the screen of his new laptop. He had received the computer a few months earlier on his 18th birthday and thought it was the greatest gift his parents could have given him. In a month, he would be starting college and Mom and Dad believed the laptop would be a great help in his classes at the local state university. They were probably right about that but it was the use to which he would put it before then that made the laptop the best gift he had ever received from them and, probably anybody else.

His parents had given him something else he liked very much – a room of his own, with a shower and his own entrance – in their basement. They believed their son was old enough to have the additional freedom and privacy that would go with such an arrangement so they essentially left him alone in what he referred to as his man cave. Josh was more than happy to take advantage of the opportunity to do what he wanted.

Just then, he was avidly watching a pornographic video on a site to which he was a subscriber. He had been raptly watching the erotic spectacle for several minutes and had been divesting himself of his clothing until he was down to his casino oyna jockey shorts, with his cock sticking out through the fly. The best part of the presentation – at least as far as he was concerned – had just arrived, when the voluptuous blonde climbed on top of the man, took his deeply cock into her pussy and started moving slowly up and down.

She leaned forward to sprawl atop him and Josh and anybody else watching were treated to a close up view of the man’s massive cock being repeatedly enveloped and released by her pussy. Even as he watched, her cute pink asshole seemed to be winking at him. He knew the time had arrived for him to get into the shower with his bar of mild soap and a washing cloth.

Quickly, he stepped over to the metal stall and turned on the needle spray. While he was carefully removing his shorts around his raging erection, the water became warm enough for his use and he stepped inside to stand on the rubber mat that was carefully laid on the floor. As he worked up a soapy lather on the washcloth, the water gushed onto the front of his body until he turned around to wrap the soft piece of terrycloth around his cock and began to slowly caress it with his right hand while his left fondled his testicles.

His first strokes were slow because Josh was in no hurry and wanted the pleasure he was giving himself canlı casino to last as long as he could make it. His hand moved easily on his cock over the soapy solution and he wondered if the pussy of the blonde he had been watching was as slippery or felt as good. His sexual experience with women and girls was very limited and the few females whose pussies he had known had been nowhere near as slick as the soapy lather that covered his cock that day in his shower.

Slow or not, after a few minutes, Josh could feel his climax start to build deep within his body. “Mmm, that feels good,” he murmured to himself and thought again of the big blonde. In his mind, he replaced his hand and the wash cloth with her talented mouth, which was easy to do. Before the blonde was shown mounting her co-star, there had been a plethora of close-ups of the man’s cock sliding in and out of her heavily lipsticked mouth.

He kept pumping until he knew from frequent experiences that he had reached the point of no return. He was breathing rapidly and his heart was thumping inside his chest, both normal reactions. He could keep wanking until he came or he could stop, leave the shower and dry off his body before watching more of the porn site.

Josh opted for the former. His hand started moving faster and he could feel a warm glow, in addition to the kaçak casino warm water, spreading over his body. Faster and faster he stroked his right hand until he was actually fucking into the wash cloth when his climax bubbled up from within his body and erupted out his cock. Cum spurted and landed on the floor of the shower, to be washed down the drain. He gasped at the feeling of La petite mort, or Little Death, and his hand let go of his cock as Josh grabbed the cold water pipe to keep himself from falling over.

He turned off the water and stood there for a few minutes, catching his breath and letting his heart return to normal. “That was a good one,” he told himself while grinning over what had just happened. When he was ready, Josh pushed open the door to the shower stall to make his exit, put his shorts back on and returned to his chair in front of the laptop.

It was still on the same site, except he had put it on “Rest,” on the off chance one of his parents might have entered his man cave. When he sat back down and turned the screen on again, the same site was there with more of the kind of video he had been watching before. The pneumatic blonde might have been the same woman but she was carnally pleasuring a different partner. This one was a well-hung black stud and she was giving him deep throat, stroking his huge organ in and out between her lips. As Josh watched, his cock started to stiffen and he pulled it through the fly on his shorts for easier access. It was early and there was plenty of hot water available.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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