Showing Off Ch. 01

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It’s odd how most fathers never think of their daughters in a sexual way until something triggers them to look at their little girls in a different way all of a sudden.

In my case the trigger was taking my 18-year-old daughter Kelly on a shopping trip. We had gone into a large department store where she had picked out several different outfits to try on and then headed for the changing rooms.

I stood waiting not far from the changing rooms not paying much attention when another guy standing a few feet away from me whispered over to me,

‘Will you take a look at that girl there, she has not closed the curtain properly and is wearing stockings and suspenders.’

Like any hot blooded bloke I immediately looked and saw the lady bent over in stockings and suspenders and felt my cock hardening.

‘Not bad a figure.’ I responded to him.

The girl suddenly turned around and as she did so realised she had left the curtain open a bit. She looked out to she two guys watching her both sporting erections that were probably visible bulges in our trousers. My face dissolved from lust to horror as I realised the girl I had been watching was my own daughter.

Kelly paused as she glanced at both of us but she did not pull the curtain closed, instead she continued to try on the next skirt slowly pulling it up over her long legs which were encased in black stockings. I knew I should stop watching but I could not tear my eyes away from her as she smoothed the skirt over her bottom.

My cock was straining at my zipper and the guy next to me was just about drooling as my daughter dropped the skirt that she was trying on.

‘Wow she is hot, she knows we are watching and does not mind.’ My fellow voyeur said.

As she dropped the skirt she stood facing us and slowly let it drop as she wiggled it over her thighs. When it hit the floor she brought a hand back up and ran it over her knickers and I almost came there and then.

She pulled her own clothes back on and then walked out to both of us.

‘Okay dad let’s go family stroke porno and pay for these then.’ She said to me, leaving the guy next to me with a complete look of shock on his face.

I silently went with her and gladly paid for all of the clothes.

In the car I thought I had better say something as Kelly had not said a word to me.

‘I did not realise it was you until you turned around, I just thought it was some other woman getting changed.’

‘But you seemed to be enjoying the view.’ She told me.

‘Yeah but I did not know who I was looking at.’ I replied.

The rest of the drive home was quiet and I was not sure if she was angry or not.

When we got back my daughter went upstairs carrying her bags with her and I went into the lounge and poured myself a shot of Vodka with shaking hands.

‘Dad could you come up here a moment.’

‘Sure, one second.’ I replied as I quickly drowned the shot of alcohol.

I went up to my daughters room to find her stood with her new clothes piled on her bed.

‘I cannot make up my mind which skirt to wear out tonight and I was wondering if you could help me choose. Sit on the bed for me.’

I sat myself down on my daughters bed as she picked up the first skirt, a red one that appeared quite short. She stood in front of me and then turned around and put her back to me. My throat ran dry as my daughters hands slipped behind her and started to pull open the zip on the skirt she was already wearing.

The back of the skirt opened slowly to reveal her black lacy knickers and then her skirt was sliding downwards to reveal her stockings and suspenders. My cock was hard again but before I knew it she was sliding on the red skirt that she had picked up off her bed.

The red skirt was very short and began just about were her stockings ended.

‘What do you think Dad, is this one nice?’

‘Errr yes darling I do but I not she I should be sat here watching you getting changed.’ I told her.

She bent over in front female taxi porno of me allowing the skirt to raise right up and showed her knickers stretched tight across her ass. She brought her hands around again and ran them over her ass.

She stepped backwards leaving her ass only inches from my face.

‘Do you still like the view?’ she said quietly.

‘Yes very much.’

‘Then run your hand up my legs.’

I needed no further encouragement and placed a hand on each of her stockinged legs slowly running them up to the tops of her stockings, touching the bare skin at the tops gently and leaning forward to place gentle kisses on her skin.

My tongue eased its way up her thighs until I could lick her through her knickers bringing an instant moan from her as I tasted her wetness through the lace.

She turned around and pushed me back onto the bed and straddled me with her pussy and ass over my face as she struggled to pull my erection out of my trousers. I pulled her knickers aside revealing her asshole and pussy, both of which were lovely and smooth.

My tongue started playing with her lips at about the same time her other lips settled around the head of my cock. She teased me for a while before taking my cock to the back of her throat.

‘Somebody knows what she’s doing.’ I said.

Lifting her head mouth off my cock briefly she replied ‘Well lets say I have had a few boyfriends over the years.’

My nose was nestling in her ass while my tongue plunged deep into her pussy causing to her to moan a few onto my cock a few times as I pushed my tongue in as deep and hard as possible.

I did not take long for me to start filling my little girls mouth with hot spurts of cum, some of which was swallowed with the rest ending up around her lips as she pulled her mouth away. She got up and turned around, opened my trousers fully and then pulled them and my boxers down and off my legs. She was a picture of beauty before my I removed my shirt and she stood there removing female agent porno her skirt, knickers and blouse.

‘You are beautiful.’ I told her.

‘But you are biased Dad.’ She replied smiling as she got back onto the bed, straddling me again but this time grabbing my cock and guided it slowly to her lovely hairless lips.

‘You look even better with my cock inside you.’

‘Not sure mum would think of it like that.’ She giggled. ‘When was the last time you two fucked each other.’

‘Only last night actually.’ I told her ‘I fucked her on the sofa last night after you had gone to bed.’

Her mouth was still covered in cum as she brought her face to mine and kissed me hard letting me taste my own cum. My hands went to her small breasts and played for a while with her nipples and the soft, delicate surrounding flesh.

Kelly’s thrusts down onto my cock were quickly becoming more urgent and I slid my hands down to her ass to keep her in place and to also finger her other little hole. I pushed a finger into her quickly with little lubrication.

‘Swine.’ She said. ‘I’ll get you for that one.’ As she slipped one of her own hands under my ass and did exactly the same thing to me causing a mixture of sharp pain and excitement. This sent me other the edge and I begin filling her pussy with hot cum as her body shook and collapsed onto me with my finger still in her ass.

Her finger pulled sharply out of my ass as she used both hands to grip my ass cheeks in orgasm.

After a few minutes of laying together and getting our breath back Kelly decided she was ready for more.

‘Lick me clean now Dad.’ And she moved to one side and led back on the bed and opened her legs.

I moved in between her legs and lapped my cum out her pussy, having to swallow what I could but enjoying the taste of us both anyway. I started fingering her as I was licking and managed to bring her to orgasm once more.

‘No more, No more…….’ She laughed as my cock grew hard again.

‘Ok – but I want your ass at some point I told her.’

‘Maybe, maybe not, you will have to earn it if you want it.’

‘In what way?’ I asked.

‘I want to see a video of you and mum having sex.’ She told me.

‘Well she has never really liked the idea of being videoed but perhaps we can think of something.’

Part 2 to follow.

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