Sibling Advice

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The following is a telephone conversation between my sister (Julie (J)) and me (Daniel (D)):


J: Dan, it’s me Julie how are you?

D: I’m alright sis. How are you?

J: I am at my wits end with the kids, and with that prick John gone it is just me looking after them and I don’t know what to do.

D: Why, what has happened Julie is everything okay?

J: I walked in on them Dan. I walked in on them!

D: What do you mean you walked in on them?

J: I mean just that! I walked in on them having sex.

D: ….

J: Hello?

D: Well sis, they are adults now, I mean Michelle is 18 and Craig is 20. They are both attractive young adults. I guess things are bound to happen.

J: No Dan, I mean that I walked in on them together!

D: …..

J: Are you there?

D: Yeah sis I’m still here, just comprehending the situation.

J: Michelle was lying on the bed and Craig was between her legs going down on her. I opened the door and seen them. I backed out of the room. They don’t know that I know.

D: Well it might not be as bad as you think; I mean they could be just experimenting like we did as kid’s sis. You remember?

J: Yeah, but it is different.

D: How? As I remember it, I ate you out many times; you too went down on me. We even went all the way. Several times I recall.

J: It’s different, we were younger.

D: Yes when we stated we were younger, you were 17 and I was 15, but I remember that we were still fuck in traffic porno doing it into my early 20’s.

J: …..

D: Cat got your tongue there sis

J: No smart ass. I am thinking

D: What about

J: Well I am trying to see if this is different to our situation

D: Well sis, I don’t think it is, I mean we kept going until we were both in relationships; you even cheated on John with me several times. As I recall it only stopped because we were both in relationships; I had just started dating … what was her name

J: Sarah

D Sarah, that’s it. Yeah you and I had sex on a regular basis until I met Sarah.

J: I suppose, I never thought about it like that.

D: …

J: Dan you alright’

D: Umm, yeah I’m fine

J: What’s wrong?

D: Nothing, just remembering all the times

J: They were fun, it is funny we were doing things before we knew the names for them..(Laughs)

D: yeah (laughs)

J: What’s wrong Dan?

D: Nothing

J: No really what is it

D: Don’t judge me

J: Ok what

D: My cock has grown thinking about what we used to do. Man they were good times. The sex was awesome.

J: Yeah it sure was.

D: God my cock is straining in my shorts.

J: I remember how big it is, you know that I still have not seen one that big, John came close though. Maybe you should let ‘him’ out; I mean you don’t want to hurt ‘him’ or anything

D: full porno Yeah (laughs)

J: I’m serious

D: Really!

J: Yeah, besides I am getting excited too remembering the past. My panties are getting damp and my clit is starting to tingle

D: Shit sis. My cock is throbbing already without hearing you say that.

J: I told you to let him out.

D: I did, I have removed my shorts and underwear

J: What that didn’t work?

D: No it didn’t!

J: Well maybe you should relieve yourself them?

D: What..!?

J: Relive yourself, do you need me to spell it out.. I think you should stroke it.

D: What about you?

J: What do you mean, I have a toy by the bed, don’t worry about me.

D: Shit sis, I am getting so horny now.

J: Well, do something about it.

D: I am slowly stroking my cock, already there is a drop of pre cum

J: Oh yeah, taste it.

D: It’s salty and feels like runny glue

J: Yeah. I wish I could taste it again.

D: What about you what are you doing?

J: I have slid my panties off and am playing with my pussy lips.

D: What colour?

J: What?

D: Your panties. What colour are they?

J: Oh, they are white cotton ones. The crouch is a little translucent from my damp pussy.

D: Really?

J: Yeah.

D: I wish I could taste that dampness.

J: Oh Dan, my pussy is so wet, my fingers are sliding in easy

D: How many?

J: gizli çekim porno Two for now

D: Oh, nice. I am building some pressure it will not be long

J: Me too Dan. I am imagining your cock deep inside me again, fucking your sluty sister like you used to. I would fuck John then came home for the real thing Dan.

D: Your pussy was so damp back then, god it felt good.

J: Your cock felt so good in there, I would image it when I was fucking John. I felt sad when we stopped fucking Dan.

D: Oooohh, I am cumming Julie.. Oooohh

J: Oh brother, I am cumming too.. Feels so good Oooohh yeah

D: … holy shit Julie that was amazing.

J: … I’ll say, masturbating has never felt so good.

D: (laughs)

J: What is funny?

D: Well you rang me looking for advice because Michelle and Craig are having sex, and it ended with you and I having amazing phone sex.

J: Well you helped put into prospective

D: So what are you going to do?

J: I don’t know, maybe I will let it run its course; I mean they are adults after all.

D: That is correct

J: And I would be such a hypocrite if I stopped it, I mean especially after this phone call and our sordid past.

D: That’s true

J: I will be even more of a hypocrite next time I see you too

D: What?

J: Next time, Dan it will not be over the phone. (Giggles)

D: Oh, I understand.

J: Yes. The kids are going to John’s on Saturday night. Maybe you could come then?

D: I’ll be around next Saturday.

J: I look forward to it. Thanks you the advice and pleasure. Love you brother

D: The pleasure was all mine let me tell you. You know sis that I am here anytime if you need umm.. ‘Advise’. Love you sis bye

J: Bye brother

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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