Sis-in-Law Gives Head Ch. 03

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Monday morning couldn’t arrive fast enough, the thought of Anne sucking my cock the night before had my mind running in circles. Here I was a 30something guy dating a nice girl and her sister-in-law was stopping by to suck me on what was becoming a regular basis. I didn’t feel any guilt due to the fact that my g/f and I hadn’t slept together yet and Anne was more then happy to make me feel good with her expert oral skills. I swear I fell asleep that night with a huge hard-on and woke the next morning the same way. All I could think of was Anne sucking me and hopefully today I would get to taste her and finally fuck her.

I got up and put on my robe, my cock visible through the front, no need to waste time getting dressed I thought, once Anne stopped by I would be naked soon enough I hoped. I sat in the front room and waited for 9am to arrive. That was the time that Anne told me that she would be back. I drank coffee and watched the morning news shows while waiting for her. A smile crept across my face as I watched a now familiar car pull into the drive. I put my coffee down and walked to the door to meet her. Anne got out of her car and walked toward the door, I opened it as she approached and greeted her with a smile. She was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, nothing fancy and I was kind of disappointed, I then noticed the small bag she carried and my mind raced thinking what she might have in it.

“Good morning Babe,” she said, “You look ready for anything.” She smiled and reached out and grabbed my cock through my robe.

I just smiled at her and flexed my cock, causing the head to expand in her hand. She returned the favor by squeezing my cock a little tighter and walked in the house.

Once the door was closed I pulled her to me roughly and kissed her deeply. Our tongue explored each other mouths as we shared a hot wet kiss. My hands roamed over her back and I couldn’t feel a bra strap and moved my hands to her breasts. Anne broke the kiss and moaned as I pulled at her nipples through her shirt.

“Easy big boy,” she smiled while grabbing my cock, “we have all day to play, but I need to change first, the bathroom is over there, right?”

I nodded and she broke our embrace and walked toward the bathroom, her ass shaking as she walked. She stopped and winked at me as she closed the door. I took a deep breath and stroked my rock hard cock, wondering what the bag held. I finally turned and walked back into the front room, sat down and took a sip of my coffee. I sat there nursing my coffee for 5 minutes until Anne walked into the room. She was a vision of beauty, she stood before me wearing a dark red push up half bra, matching red crotchless panties and a sheer, see through cover wrap. The bra strained holding her tits and her nipples almost flowed over the top. She opened the wrap a little and stroked her bare pussy lightly, moaning as her fingers slid along her wet slit.

I stood up and placed my hand on hers and worked her fingers into her pussy. Anne responded by moaning and almost fainting. She looked up at me, smiled and nodded, letting me know she had just had her first orgasm. I could feel the wetness from her slit and continued to rub my fingers along her slit.

She pulled me toward ankara escort her and laid down on the floor, saying “You better just do me now Babe, I am so fuckin horny I need cock now!”

I took my robe off and knelt at her side, returning my fingers to her pussy mound. She moaned and begged me to lick her. I didn’t disappoint and fell between her thighs. I placed my hands on her hips and moved my mouth to her crotch. Her breathing got quicker as my mouth moved closer to her wetness. My tongue traced around her red pouting pussy lips. Anne moaned again and I moved my mouth and tongue closer to her clit.

Anne couldn’t stand it and reached and grabbed my hair, pulling me into her. I began to lick at her with earnest. Her pussy was so wet that my tongue slid along with ease. Anne was pulling at my hair like a woman possessed, desperate to cum. I continued my assault on her pussy, avoiding her clit and lapping at her pussy like a dog. Anne pulled her legs up and spread them even more, allowing me more access to her wet slit. I was in heaven licking at her and tried not to waste a drop of her tasty juice.

Finally I flicked my tongue across her clit and Anne screamed. Her legs closed tighter around my head, not allowing me to pull back. Pulling back was the last thing on my mind. I licked harder at her clit and flicked my tongue across it, driving Anne toward another huge climax. Anne shuddered and screamed, then pussy juice squirted from her hunny hole. I was a little surprised when the first squirt landed in my mouth, but quickly realized what it was and savored the taste of her. Anne relaxed her legs from my head and I slowed my assault on her clit. Slowly she relaxed and moaned as I licked every bit of her juice from her slit.

“O God Baby, I haven’t cum that hard in years! You are a wonderful, you work your tongue like a pussy eating expert, I know that we are going to have lots of fun all day.”

I nodded, smiled and moved up her body, her legs along my sides. I brought my cock to her hole and it slid in easily. Anne moaned lightly as I began my rhythm. I slowly fucked her, with long deep strokes, stroking deeply into her then pulling out almost completely before sliding my cock slowly back into her. Anne reached for my ass and pulled me deeply into her, wanting to impale herself with my meat. I knew from the look on her face that she wanted it bad and I picked up speed. I continued to fuck her hard and fast, her moans growing in intensity and volume.

I was fucking her like a mad man, fucking her so hard that her tits freed themselves from their confines. Her tits were shaking from my thrusts and I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back at me and begged me not to stop. I continued my thrusts until I felt her pussy tighten around my cock; I was amazed how tight she had gotten. I continued to fuck her hard, shaking her tits with the thrusts, till she again screamed and threw her legs around me. Her pussy again tightened and her muscles began to milk my cock, I finally lost control and my load rushed from my balls to my cock. I thrust into her deeply, one more time and shot a huge load into her. Anne screamed in orgasm and clamped her legs around my body. My cock flexed in her and her pussy muscles escort ankara continued to milk my cum from me. We held each other for the next few minutes as her climax subsided. I fell on top of her and kissed her deeply, our tongues again exploring each other’s mouths.

We finally broke our embrace and I rolled off her, my cock wilted and covered with her juices. I lay on my back and Anne held me and rubbed my chest. Slowly her breathing returned to normal and she slid her hand down my chest and belly and grabbed at my cock.

“We made quite a mess didn’t we?” She smiled as she continued to jack my meat.

“We?” I questioned, “Seems like all the mess came from you, my cum went inside you.” I laughed.

“Yea I know, it felt like you shot a gallon inside me.” Anne laughed. “I haven’t cum that hard since I lost my cherry, my hubby doesn’t come close to pleasing me like that. You thing that nest time we can try a bed?”

“Well it was my pleasure and you were the one that couldn’t wait, or did you forget?”

“No I didn’t forget, I was horny all last night waiting for this, I masturbated twice last night and even sucked the hubby off, so you can imagine why I wanted it so badly.”

I laughed, “Well if you are ready to see the rest of the house we can finish the walk through anytime you want.”

“Help me up then, I need to clean up first, just in case you decide to go down on me again, and if you don’t decide then I will demand that tongue again!” she laughed.

I helped her up and she walked to the bathroom to clean herself up. I walked back into the kitchen and poured myself another cup of coffee. I stood at the kitchen window, naked, and enjoyed the view. I heard the bathroom door open and Anne walked out, naked, except for the see through wrap she had on earlier. She walked over to me and held me close to her and kissed me deeply. We shared the embrace for several minutes and Anne moved her hand down to my cock and stroked it slowly.

“I still have to clean you up.” Anne smiled at me, “but I think I know how to do that.”

Anne fell to her knees and holding my cock, licked it slowly. She seemed to enjoy the taste of my cum mixed with hers and soon was deep throating my meat. She looked me right in the eye and continued her oral cleaning. I smiled at her and grabbed her hair and began to face fuck her. It was quite a sight to see, Anne looking me in the eye as I fed her my cock. In no time my cock was hard again and Anne stopped her sucking.

“That’s pretty clean I should say. Do you have any ideas right now?”

I reached for her and pulled her to her feet and grabbed her around the waist and set her down on the counter. The counter was the perfect height and my cock slid right into her. I fucked her slowly. Anne threw her head back and smiled; enjoying the feeling my cock was giving her. I kept the pace and continued to slowly fuck her. Anne reached down and held her tit up to me; I eagerly took it into my mouth and began to lightly bite on the nipple. Anne moaned from the feeling of my cock sliding into her and the sensation of her nipple being bitten on. She held her other tit up and licked at the nipple herself, flicking her tongue across it. I dropped her nipple ankara escort bayan from my mouth and focused on fucking her. I varied my strokes and soon had her moaning again. I pulled my cock from her and slid it along her pussy slit, rubbing it across her clit. Anne moaned louder and gave me a look of desire and wanting. She reached down and held my cock tight to her clit and forced my cock to rub roughly against her clit. She moaned again loudly and clinched her teeth as another orgasm washed over her. She let go of my cock and rubbed her clit lightly with her fingers. My cock bobbed at the entrance of her hole and I thrust forward, Anne reached out and stopped me.

“Take me to your bed Babe,” she sighed, “I want you to finish me doggy style. I want you to fuck me harder then ever and cum all over my back when you shoot your load.”

I nodded in agreement, I love fucking doggy style and have a mirror placed just right that allows me to watch their tits sway from the fucking. I helped Anne down from the counter and she reached out and grabbed my cock, leading me to the bedroom. Once in the room she pulled the covers off and got on the bed on her hands and knees. She looked back and I joined her on the bed. I was quickly behind her and ran my swollen cock head along her wet slit, she thrust back several times, trying to get my cock inside her, but I was wanting to tease her more. I continued to slide my cock along her slit until she finally begged me to fuck her.

“Damn it, quit teasing me and fuck me you bastard!” she screamed.

Without warning I thrust deep inside her and she thrust her hips back to meet my thrust. My cock hit bottom and Anne moaned loudly. I grabbed her hips and continued to fuck her hard, noticing her tits swaying in the mirror. The view drove me wild and I fucked her harder and faster. I loved watching her tits sway in rhythm to my thrusts and I fucked her harder just to watch her titties jumping from my thrusts. I knew that this was just an animal act and that neither of us was hoping for a long fuck session. Anne’s pussy began to contract around my cock again and I knew she was close to another major orgasm. I fought it off as long as I could but finally felt my cum rising. Anne moaned loudly and screamed that she was coming. I heard her and thrust one final time into her, bringing about my own climax. Anne fell away from me and my cock popped out of her tight hole. I held my cock in my hand and stroked twice before cum erupted from the tip. The first spurt of cum shooting out and landing near her shoulders, causing Anne to moan again. The next shots squirted more onto the middle of her back causing her to moan lightly every time one landed.

Anne then rolled over and took my cock into her mouth, I thought I was done cumming but found out that wasn’t true as Anne sucked and milked the last of my cum from my now tender cock. She pulled her mouth off my cock in time to watch the last drop leak from my cock tip. Looking me directly in the eyes she stuck out her tongue and licked the drop from my cockhead. She then took her tongue and licked her lips tasting my cum. I was totally spent and fell to the bed, my cock wilting quickly. Anne snuggled up to me and grabbed my cock, stroking it slowly, and we drifted off to sleep, I realized before falling asleep that it was only 11am, the rest of the day was yet to come and I wondered what else would happen.

Hope you enjoyed this story; comments are welcome and please vote.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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