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It had been a long stressful day when she arrived home from work. As Rose closed the door behind her she let out a growl of frustration.

“Fucking slave driving bastard” she cussed out thinking off her boss.

Not that she would get any rest tonight as she was due to have a client visit her at home. What really pissed her off was that the boss had given the client her home address and told him to meet her there without even asking her permission.

If she could only find another job then she could afford to tell her boss to “go fuck himself”.

She saw that he would be arriving soon and that she didn’t even have time for a shower. As she looked at the clock she realised she had even less time than she realised. “Fuck!”

“No dinner and I’m fucking starving.”

She went and grabbed a wine glass, looked at it for a moment, then put it back and grabbed the bigger glass. “I need this”.

She sat on her soft cream couch kicked off her black heels and took a large mouthful of her white wine.

The doorbell rang.


She wished she had time to get out of her office skirt and jacket and at put on something more comfortable. Her favourite jogging pants and baggiest T Shirt seemed very appealing right now. After all it is her home, her time and she can dress how the fuck she wants in her own home she thought.

The doorbell rings again and she reluctantly goes towards the door.

She opens it and the client is there. He is wearing a dark navy two piece suit with a pastel pink shirt and light blue silk tie.

He was so stunning in that moment to her that her mouth dropped open.

He smiled a lovely sweet smile and she imagined what it might be like to be kissed by those lips.

“Hello Rose, I’m John Fellows. We have a meeting here?”

He spoke. This shook her from her daze. “Oh, I’m sorry.”

She offered illegal bahis her hand to shake. He grasped it and give a firm handshake.

“Do you always greet clients like this?”

She thought “Fuck, I must look a right idiot practically drooling like a bitch on heat. Damn I’m horny, I haven’t had sex in like, how long is it now?”

Longer than she could remember she knew that.

Anyway, she was a professional and needed to up her game as this was an important client.

Over the next hour or so they took care of business and made a lot of progress. Enough that she might even be able to take some much needed time off later in the week.

She found him easy to engage with, he was light and funny and very intelligent. But damn that smile was hot.

The deal had been made, this would save weeks of work. It was wrapping nicely. It was time for him to leave she knew, but she desired him. But she was professional, so she knew she would do the right thing and see him out.

She walked with him towards the door.

She put out her hand once more, “It has been a real pleasure John.”

His left hand extended instead of his right and he put her hand in his. He gently pulled her towards him, their faces being just inches apart. She could feel his breath, she felt quite heady.

The professional part of her told her to move away, “But my God those eyes.”

It wasn’t just that his eyes were green, but they sparkled. She was lost in them.

He then smiled and that was it, all professionalism was gone from her mind.

She felt him hold her other hand as he leaned in to kiss her. “Oh my God” she needed this.

She was lost in the moment. He gently pushed her back against the wall and kissed her firmly. She pushed back with her lips passionately. He raised her hands and pushed held her back against the wall.

Rose could illegal bahis siteleri feel her panties were now wet. “Oh fuck!” she muttered. It had been so long.

He ran his right hand down the side of her body until he reached the hem of her skirt. He pulled her skirt up and lowered himself down and away from her lips.

He got down onto his knees and he looked up and smiled at her as he slowly removed her wet panties. She lifted her feet to help him remove them.

He put his hands on her hips and moved his head to her love spot. His tongue brushed against her slit. She gasped audibly.

His gently worked his tongue in to her mound, only just inside her lips. “The fucking tease.”

He darted his tongue in and out and moved slowly in the direction of her clit. Just as she thought he was about to reach her clit and that she would feel his warm tongue, he stopped and pulled away. Her hands instinctively grabbed his head to pull him back.

He held firm against her, and moved his hands either side of her vagina.

He pulled her apart so slowly. She could feel his breath on her clitoris. Her loins ached for his mouth. She arched her back to try and get closer to his mouth and pulled hard against his held. “You fucking bastard, lick me!”

She could tell he was smiling, nothing showed it, but she knew.

He so slowly allowed her to pull him towards her. The anticipation was killing her. She was dripping.

How she wanted to feel his tongue.

The tip of his tongue brushed her clit. “Oh fuck!”

He put the tip of his tongue against her clit gently and held it there for a few moments. He gently increased the pressure. She pushed forward as hard as she could. Her clit was so hungry for him.

It was then he started giving her the gentlest butterfly kisses she had ever felt. It was driving her mad. All she wanted was canlı bahis siteleri to grind against his face, but “the fucker” wouldn’t let her.

His mouth moved closer and she could feel his kisses. “Finally!” She thought.

She moaned with pleasure.

That is when he began suckling her. “Oh fuck! What are you doing? Oh God!”

He moved on to licking and exploring her with an intoxicating rhythm. His head moved slightly in and out and felt like she was grinding against him, except that he was in control of it, not her.

His left hand reached around and grabbed her buttock. He pulled her closer. “Damn if he keeps this up I’m going to cum.”

She then became aware that he was slowly and gently slipping a finger into her wet pussy.

His finger started moving in and out so easily. Until he stopped within her so that he could curl his finger up to reach her G-spot. She had never had a man touch her there before. Her knees went weak and started to buckle, but his support held her up.

He massaged her G-spot, by now it felt like she was running with juices. It was then that “the bastard did it, fuck him!”

He put the pad of his thumb on her clit and she could feel him inside and outside her G-spot. He sensed her writhe and massaged her clit with his thumb while moving his finger in and out and making sure he touched her sweet spot each time.

This was just too much for her, her body shook as she came hard. She had never cum so hard in her life.

She groaned so loudly that her neighbours would surely of know what she was doing. But right now she just didn’t care.

As her juices flowed he continued to lick her. Her cum was soaking his face, but he did not stop.

It was then that it became so sensitive that she needed him to stop for a moment, it was just too much.

He sensed that she had reached that point and pulled away. He stood up and looked her in the eyes and smiled.

“You bastard.” She growled as she returned his smile.


She hugs him and thanks him.


She kisses him passionately.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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