Sue’s Adventure Ends

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Black Cock

She was roused from her contemplation by the soft ringing of her phone. The familiar voice, again asked for a full accounting of the latest adventure and Sue spared no detail. It was almost as arousing in discussion as it had been in reality.

When her story was finished, Sue paused awaiting the next phase or wondering if the evening was complete. Although tired, her highly aroused state made her crave further challenges. She was soon rewarded with instructions. She noticed the car had once again come to a stop and she was told to follow the instructions of the next person meeting her. With a “Good luck and “Enjoy” the call ended.

Before she could contemplate what was to happen, the door opened and there stood a woman, probably in her mid to late twenties. She was dressed in jeans and a “T” shirt, which hung loosely over a full bust. She introduced herself as Amber and said Sue should follow her. She turned and Sue stepped out to follow. As the door closed the limo pulled away. Sue followed Amber into a beautiful single story house in an upscale neighborhood.

Amber opened the front door without knocking and said “Miss Dotty is waiting.” “You’re right on time, she likes that”.

Sue followed Amber past the beautifully decorated foyer and into a study decorated in a very feminine style with plush carpet and white leather furniture. Seated behind a small desk was an attractive woman in her mid sixties. Her gray hair was cut in a very chic style and she was dressed in expensive clothes that accented her compact and feminine figure.

She stood as she noticed her guests, held out her hand to Sue and welcomed her genuinely. She motioned for Sue to sit in the chair opposite her desk and nodded and smiled to Amber in a gesture of dismissal. Amber left and closed the double doors behind her.

When they were comfortably alone she said “My dear friend Steve, wanted me to provide you with a new experience, I hope we can satisfy your appetite for adventure.”

“Stand up dear, let me look at you,” she directed.

Sue stood and somewhat self-consciously faced Dotty with her arms at her sides.

“Turn around slowly,” said Miss Dotty.

Sue complied and was uncomfortable but excited at the same time.

Miss Dotty concluded, “I think we can make this work very well, I hope you like what we have planned.”

With that, she pressed a button on a speaker phone and when a female voice answered, she said “Helen darling, we’re ready for you now.”

In a few moments a door opened behind Sue to the left and in walked a plain looking middle aged woman with curly red hair and a slightly plump figure. She was dressed in a loose floral print dress and had a tailor’s tape measure around her neck. She walked over to Sue and proceeded to measure Sue as if fitting her for an as yet unknown outfit. She had Sue sit and used a device like those in a shoe store to measure Sue for shoes.

When she was finished she looked at Sue and said “Follow me.”

Sue’s inquiring look at Dotty was met with a reassuring smile and a nod of approval.

Sue followed Helen into a dressing room and Helen handed Sue a terry robe and told her a bath was poured for her and when she was finished she should call. Helen went to an adjoining room and closed the door behind her. With some reservation Sue undressed, placed her clothes on the bed and wrapped the robe around her naked body. She moved into the bathroom and saw a large marble bath full of luxurious bubbles and soft candle light. She hung the robe on a hook and stepped into the tub. The warm water was refreshing and she could feel her muscles relax, as the bubbles tickled her chin. The warm water lapping at her nipples caused them to rise in excitement.

After several minutes of relaxing Sue used the washcloth and expensive fragrant soap on the edge of the bath and soon felt refreshed and clean. Almost reluctantly, she rose and dried herself with the thick soft towel on the opposite edge of the tub. Placing the robe around her clean, tingling body, Sue tied the tie at the waist and returned to the bedroom.

She called softly and almost instantly the door opened and Helen walked in. She placed an armful of clothes gently on the bed and asked Sue to sit at a makeup table. Helen immediately began brushing Sue’s hair and applying makeup in such a way that made Sue feel she was in the care of a professional. Since Sue’s back was to the mirror she could not tell what was being done but she was excited by what could be ahead. After several minutes Helen stepped back to inspect her work and seemed pleased and asked Sue to stand. Helen moved toward the bed and asked Sue to follow.

As Sue approached she was busily organizing the things she had brought with her.

Helen turned to face Sue and said “Here, put these on and I’ll be back with the rest as soon as I finish.”

Sue saw beautiful black lingerie arranged on the bed like a display in an exclusive, shop in Beverly Hills. She removed her canlı bahis şirketleri robe and stepped into a beautiful pair of lace panties. They were cut high on the sides and the almost nonexistent back slid gently between the sides of her firm bottom. This was followed by a small black bra with low lace cups which barely covered her hard nipples. A small black garter belt was next and she realized everything fit perfectly. Sue sat and began to slide a beautiful pair of black stockings over her toes. She stood and bent to fasten the four straps of the garter belt to the lace tops of the stockings. As Sue bent she could feel her breasts move above the tops of the brief cups of the bra. Any movement would expose the tops of her aureole.

Almost on cue Helen returned with a simple long black cocktail dress on a hanger and a shoe box. Helen studied Sue briefly and although Sue felt slightly uncomfortable with her disrobed condition the gaze seemed like that of a professional evaluating her work. Helen held the dress up and helped Sue step into it. She lifted it up over Sue’s shoulders and slid the zipper closed up her back. Next she opened the shoe box and placed a pair of simple but expensive looking black pumps with high spike heels, neatly at Sue’s feet. Sue stepped carefully into the shoes and stood while Helen stepped back and with an approving smile admired the result. From a small black box Helen retrieved a pair of earrings and a necklace.

“Make sure you bring these back, dear” said Helen. “They’re real diamonds; Miss Dotty wants only the best for her girls.”

Sue could feel the excitement begin to build as she began to see her role as some kind of high priced call girl. This had always been a fantasy of hers and to be used as the plaything of a wealthy client caused a flood of erotic energy to flow through her.

“Come dear, we can’t keep everyone waiting.” Sue followed Helen back to Miss Dotty’s study and Helen’s handiwork received immediate approval from her employer.

“Excellent, my dear Helen, you always seem to know just the right look,” Dotty exclaimed.

Miss Dotty motioned for Sue to sit and Sue, assuming her perceived role, sat gracefully in the chair and slowly crossed her long legs arranging the long slit in the dress to expose just the right amount of leg. Dotty began to explain that she had an old friend who had expensive but unique tastes and called her when he needed something special. Tonight he was conducting some very important business and needed their help closing the deal. Sue was to do just as he wanted and would be paid handsomely for her time. With that she looked at her watch and said it was time to go.

Before Sue could ask a question she was escorted to the door and into a waiting long black limousine. A young, attractive well built man stood in driver’s attire holding the door. Sue slid into the seat, and enjoyed the subtle but attentive glance of her driver as she swung her long legs inside. She allowed the slit of the skirt to fall open exposing the top of her stocking.

The car moved swiftly away and after a short drive pulled in front of the finest hotel in the city. The uniformed doorman helped her from the low car and smiled and welcomed her to the hotel.

“We have been expecting you,” he added.

Somewhat surprised but excited nonetheless Sue took his offered arm and followed him into the lobby. She was led to the bank of elevators and the doorman used his key to direct the elevator to the penthouse. As the doors closed Sue had that delicious mix of feelings that accompanied these things, some anxiety but mostly excitement for the unknown ahead. The elevator stopped and as the doors opened she looked ahead at a single gold trimmed door. The door opened as if on command and a black jacketed butler met her and bowed slightly at the waist. He welcomed her as well and asked her to please follow him.

As Sue entered the opulent apartment she saw a table set for three and a tall, gray-haired distinguished looking gentleman and a slightly younger darker, perhaps middle-eastern man. Both men wore expensive tailored suits and she could tell by the papers arrayed on the low table in front of a sofa that business was being discussed. Beyond the sofa were a set of French doors open to the warm night air out on the balcony. The slight breeze felt wonderful. She wondered what was her role in all this, but would be patient and enjoy the experience.

The older gentleman beamed as she approached and extended his hand in welcome. His admiring glance caused Sue to walk a little slower and with a slight exaggeration of the motion of her hips. Sue offered her hand and he raised it gently to his lips.

“My name is Richard,” he said graciously.

“My guest is Ahmad,” he said motioning to the darker man.

“You’ve arrived just in time, discussing business can be rather tedious and make us forget the finer things,” Richard remarked.

Sue was offered a seat on the sofa and canlı kaçak iddaa she enjoyed sitting slowly crossing her legs and arranging the slit to show her long dark stockinged leg but leaving much for later. Her host offered her a drink and she accepted a glass of wine. This being the fourth glass tonight she was beginning to reach that euphoric state where the excitement is heightened just a bit but things seem to be detached and slowed slightly. Richard joined her on the sofa, a respectable interval away, and Ahmad in a single chair facing them. When the glasses were almost empty, Richard stood and offered his arm and escorted Sue to the table. As if by magic the butler appeared and began the service of a wonderful meal. The men began a discussion of current events and predictions of financial markets and included her often in the conversation. She could tell neither of these men would be attracted to a woman who could not intelligently participate. As the three became more familiar and at ease the conversation moved excitedly.

After a time, the butler returned with a tray of sherry glasses and a bowl of strawberries with whipped cream. She was offered the first glass and after a thoughtful toast to beauty and the finer things they all sampled the excellent liquor. Sue could feel the warming effect as it moved smoothly down her throat.

“Thank you, please take the tray to the balcony and that will be all for this evening,” Richard said dismissing the butler.

Richard said he always enjoyed fruit for the eyes as well as fruit for the body and he stood and asked Sue if she would be so kind as to stand and let them admire her beauty.

Sue knew the evening was about to change and didn’t know what to expect. His tone was respectful and admiring and before she knew she was accepting his outstretched hand and rose to her feet. He moved a few steps away from the table toward the balcony. He stopped and returned to his seat and picked up his glass. She felt the admiring gaze of both men and could feel the excitement rising. She could feel a deep slow warmth building between her legs. He raised his glass as if to toast her beauty and asked her to turn around. She complied slowly and seductively.

After a few moments Richard said, “Unzip the dress.”

It was an incredible rush for Sue and it was all she could do to steady her fingers to find the zipper at the back of the dress between the shoulders. As she slowly moved it down to the bottom, well below the waist she could feel the weight of the dress shift to her shoulders and she felt that the slightest move would cause the dress to fall.

“Excellent, my dear,” Richard said.

“Now if you would be so kind, please remove the dress and let us admire you,” he continued.

Sue forced herself to move slowly and reached up to slide the dress back from both shoulders and allow it to fall to the floor. The silence and erotic tension was almost unbearable and after an eternity she heard Richard’s voice ask her to turn around again.

As she stepped out of the dress, now circled around her feet, she saw both men’s eyes fixed on her and she could almost feel the warmth as they looked up and down the length of her body. She had never felt more naked even though she was still covered by the lingerie.

“Ah my dear, you are a feast for the eyes,” Richard said.

“Come, let’s enjoy the night air,” he suggested.

Both men stood and Richard came to her side, handed her a refilled sherry glass and offered her his arm. She was escorted out onto the balcony as if walking into a formal affair, only the lack of clothing made the experience unique. The three stood at the rail enjoying the view and Sue began to relax as she realized there were no windows in close proximity to the balcony. Still, she could not be sure somewhere, someone was watching.

“Where are my manners?” Richard suddenly said and offered his guests the strawberries on the balcony table.

Sue took one of the berries and enjoying her role now made a display of dipping the fruit into the whipped cream and placing the berry between her full red lips. Her tongue ran gently around her lips to take in the last of the cream and she was aware she had the full attention of both men. She was truly enjoying this role.

After enjoying several more of the succulent fruits another round of sherry was poured, Sue could feel herself slipping into an alcohol induced state of tranquility. Although she thought the slowly building sexual tension may have added to the feeling.

“I think the cream adds something to the enjoyment of nature’s gifts, don’t you Ahmad?” commented Richard.

“Yes indeed my friend,” agreed Ahmad.

Now Richard sat back against one of the low concrete planters on the balcony and extended his hands as an invitation, or maybe a command, for Sue to come to him. Sue stepped closer and felt Richard’s fingers gently take her hands. He placed her arms to her sides and with the lightest touch reached canlı kaçak bahis to her shoulders and slid the straps of her brief bra off first one shoulder and then the other. She could feel the weight of her breasts now and he very gently reached behind her and in a gentle deft motion unhooked the fastener and allowed the bra to drop to the balcony floor. Sue was almost overcome by the gentleness of his touch and fought an instinct to be taken by this powerful man. She had never felt so incredibly exposed before in her life and remarkably was still covered by her panties, garter and stockings. She wanted to rip the other things from her body but she could only stand as she had been directed.

Richard reached slowly and gently toward her breast and gently, almost imperceptibly ran the back of his right index finger across Sue’s left nipple. It responded immediately and swelled to the beautiful round shape of arousal. Richard reached to the bowl of whipped cream, placed a finger in the rich cream and placed a dollop of cream gently on her erect nipple. He leaned forward and extended his tongue to sample the delights in front of him. As his tongue took the cream his lips gently closed around her nipple and Sue was on fire with arousal. She wanted him to grab her and take her breasts but he knew this and would only tease with his tongue.

“Ahmad, this fruit is indeed enhanced by the cream, may I offer you some as well?” he asked.

Sue was startled to find Ahmad standing only inches behind her and she could feel his hands go to her hips and slide down over the fullness. His fingers, gently but more forceful than Richard’s, found their way around in front to the curve of her belly and down the front of her panties. His fingers brushed lightly over the lace front. Just the weight of his fingers caused a reaction between her legs and she knew she was wet and ready.

She could feel his fingers find their way to the waistband of the tiny panties and feel his probing fingers move toward the growing wetness. Gently he parted her lips and lightly touched her hardening clitoris. She was almost in agony.

But rather than continue, Ahmad slowly withdrew his fingers and said to his host, “It is a succulent fruit indeed.”

Sue could feel his powerful hands slide down the fronts of her thighs and quickly release the garters in front. His hands moved, with more urgency now to the two at the back and she felt the belt relax around her waist. He quickly removed the belt and let it drop to the ground. Then she felt the panties move down her hips as he removed them as well. She could feel him kneel to guide the lace to the ground and help her raise first one foot then the other as she stepped free of them. Clad only in stockings and shoes, she felt free and ready. She felt the powerful hands turn her shoulders as she was guided to turn toward him with her back to the table. He guided her back to the table and in almost one continuous motion, eased her off her feet and onto the edge of the table.

He crouched before her and raised his hand to the bowl of whipped cream. He scooped up a large portion of the rich cream and placed it directly on the light hair of her pubic triangle. She leaned back with her arms behind her on the table to steady herself. With her head tossed back she could only feel his tongue sample the cream and then the taste of her own cream as his tongue entered her. She was on fire and almost came just from the release of her pent up desire.

His tongue was wild and insistent and she felt completely surrendered.

Before she was satisfied though he stopped and said, “Forgive me my dear, as a gentleman I must offer you dessert as well.”

He eased her off the table into one of the chairs. She was overcome with sexual desire and watched in a daze as he moved in front of her and opened the front of his pants. In moments he was exposed and in front of her face. She could see nothing except his hard cock. He placed a large drop of whipped cream on the head of his penis and placed it barely an inch in front of her lips. She could wait no longer and took him deeply in her mouth in one large movement. She had to have him and the desire finally found an outlet. She matched his forcefulness and took him completely in long deep strokes. As she felt his knees weaken he suddenly pulled away and grabbed her and pulled her to her feet.

She was roughly turned and bent at the waist toward the balcony rail. Her hands went to the rail to steady herself. Before she could respond her legs were moved apart and in one deep pounding stroke he was in her. It was an animalistic motion which met her own desire and she forced herself back to him and felt his hands roughly on her hips pulling deeply into her. These sensations, outdoors in the cool night air were overpowering. In a few moments she felt him cry out and release into her powerfully and completely.

He eased from her and her own passion, although partially met, was not satisfied. The powerful sensations running through her were electrifying and she could barely control her movements as she slowly stood and recovered her balance.

Her host Richard, who had watched the entire episode with rapt interest moved to steady her.

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