Sunday Afternoon

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I walked downstairs in the skimpiest outfit I owned. A mini skirt that could qualify as a belt, a bra that was a size too small to push my tits up more, a black tie hanging around my neck and thigh high stockings. I didn’t want to wear the shoes I planned on wearing cause coming down the hardwood stairs would have given me away. I peek around the corner and see you sitting down on the couch. You have a beer in one hand and the remote in the other. You just put your feet up on the coffee table. I narrow my eyes a little as you know I hate it when you do that.

I shrug it off and pull the tie off as I take the last few steps down to the living room. I tiptoe over to where you are sitting and bite my lip. I slowly reach up and put the tie around your eyes and I hear you gasp. You put the remote down next to you. I reach down and mute it then walk around the arm of the couch. I take your beer from your hand and take a swig before I put it down on the table. You have removed your feet from the table and have a slight smirk on your face. I lean forward and trail a finger from your earlobe to over your lips. I plant a kiss where my finger just were, you tried deepening the kiss but I pulled back. I take your hand and make you stand up. I turn around and press myself against you as I take your hands in mine and touch myself using your hands starting at the lacy tops of my thigh highs. I shiver at your touch. I can hear your sharp intake of breath and you lean down and kiss my shoulder right over my bra strap. I turn around and make you cup my breasts, I arch into your hands. You squeeze them slightly and you leave your hands there while I reach around canlı bahis to unhook my bra. I slide it down my arms.

I kneel down in front of you and start to unbutton your pants. You look down even though the tie is still over your eyes. I unzip your jeans slowly and then curl my fingers over the waistband of your pants and pull them down so slow. I notice that you’re not wearing underwear, which I thought was a little odd since you have said you don’t like the feel of jeans against your cock. I shrug again and push you slightly to let you know to step out of them. You take a step back and lift your leg so I can finish taking them off. Once you are naked from the waist down I sit back on my heels and admire your thick cock. You’re already hard. I lick my lips and take you in all the way in my mouth on the first try. I hear you groan and your hands shoot to my head. Your hands fist my hair and pull me back. I place my hands on the tops of your thighs and let you fuck my mouth. I love it when you pound into my mouth to the back of my throat. You go hard for a couple seconds then you hold me down for a couple more seconds. I dig my nails into your skin to let you know to let me go. You take your hands out of my hair. I wrap a hand around your base as I pull back slowly and surge forward. I keep going, hearing you groan and gasp out.

You rip the tie off of your eyes and toss it to the floor. You look down with glowing eyes. You quickly take your shirt off and then reach down and pick me up. You carry me over to the couch as I’m looking into your eyes. You throw me onto the couch cushions and crawl in between my legs. My skirt has ridden bahis siteleri up showing you that I’m not wearing anything underneath. You look up at me one last time before you lunge for my sex. I’m already wet and I cry out as your tongue touches the most sensitive part of me. One hand in your hair the other gripping the back of the couch. Your hands are on the tops of my thighs holding me to you. I gasp out your name while I arch my back. Your tongue is flicking back and forth. Up and down. I barely notice when you take one hand away from my leg.

But I do when I feel you insert two fingers in me. My toes curl as I cum hard from your carnal attack on my pussy. I can feel my pussy clamp down on your fingers. You’re wiggling them making me keep cumming. You remove your fingers, take one last long lick slurping up my juices and rise above me. You put your fingers in my mouth making me taste my own tangy arousal. While looking into your eyes, I suck them clean. You remove your fingers from my mouth and place your hands under my knees effectively spreading my thighs wider. You look down at my pussy and see that it’s swollen and soaking wet from my own cum and your saliva.

You rub your cock against my lips and over my clit making me squirm and quiver. You hold my legs so wide that I can’t move them right. I curl and uncurl my toes. I try to arch my hips up to meet your cock to make you go inside me. I need you inside me. As if you’re reading my thoughts you jerk your hips back and slam into me. I throw my head back and grip the fabric of the couch harder. I cry out as I cum again. You start to surge back and forth inside me, causing delicious bahis şirketleri friction. You fall into a hard, unrelenting pounding rhythm. I moan your name and start to meet your thrusts. You reach between us and using your thumb you rub my clit in hard circles. I almost scream.

You pull out of me and flip me over. You finger fuck me soaking your fingers. Then you rub your soaked fingers over my asshole and I shiver knowing what’s coming. After you satisfied with the lubrication, you grab my hips and pull me up so my ass is in the air and my back is arched. You push gently into my asshole and I groan, loving the feeling of being stretched. I can feel my pussy juices drip onto the couch but I don’t care at the moment. Once the tip of your cock is in and I adjusted to your size, you slam into me. I cum hard again and bite the fabric to keep from screaming. You let me breathe for a second but then you are not going to take it easy on me. You always love to cum in my ass. You pound hard and deep inside me, making me quiver. I cry out.

You start to pound harder but slower making me take all 11 inches of your thick cock. I know your orgasm is so close so I tighten my muscles down there to make me tighter. Your grip on my hips is iron clad. I can hear you groan loudly and you slam into me one more time. You still and I can feel you twitch inside me, unloading your spunk. I cum again when I feel you twitch and I just gush all over the cushion. You pull out of me slowly and sit back on the couch taking me with you. You sit me into your lap and your cum is dripping out of me onto you, but you don’t care. You kiss me hard and hold me tight to you breathing hard. I’m trying to catch my breath and you tuck a lock my hair behind my ear and you just hold me against your chest as we both calm down. I close my eyes and just relax. Now that’s one way to spend an afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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