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It was one of those hot desert days and we had both had a long work week. Nothing was scheduled that weekend except to relax. We turned off the phone, and “hid out” for the weekend. We both slept late, and then decided to lie out in the sun for a while. I had my old faithful shorts, but she surprised me with a new rainbow bikini. This was before the current micro bikinis and string bikinis that are so common today; but it was ahead of it’s time. She said she didn’t have the courage to wear it anywhere in public, but she thought it was sexy to wear here at home. I couldn’t have agreed more.

She stood before me in three very small triangles of material that were somehow held together with a few wisps of string. Her nipples were barely covered, leaving her breasts greatly exposed. I thought that was pretty hot until I looked down. She had enough material on the bottom to cover her pussy. That was all. I could see that she had had to have trimmed herself closely to not see any hair around this little triangle that covered her crotch. When she turned around, there was nothing to see of the suit but a couple strings. Her great ass and beautiful back was all just right out there. “Nice suit.” I said.

She grinned, wagged that amazing ass at me, and headed outside into the small yard of our townhouse. The yard was small but was very private, with high block walls completely enclosing it. We didn’t have to worry about any prying eyes. She güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri stretched out on her stomach on a towel and closed her eyes. I sat in a chair next to her, where I could pretty much check her out completely. It was hot out in more ways than one. I was getting hard just looking at her and imagining myself slipping my dick between those long, lean legs and into her pussy. It was great to sit there dreaming and having her right there to look at, too.

After a while, she turned over onto her back. I suggested that she might want to untie her suit and avoid any tan lines. She gave me one of those “who-do-you-think-you’re-kidding” looks, and then reached back and tugged off her top. Her nipples were perfect- sticking up hard and pointing to the sky. She said the rest stays on or I would probably try to jump her. She was absolutely right. So, we remained like that for about another 30-40 minutes, with her stretched out, and me hard and drinking her up in my mind. She had fallen asleep, and her legs had come apart somewhat as she dozed. Her little bikini bottoms were tight into her pussy slit, and it was all I could do to not rip that little piece of material out of the way and dive in.

I woke her up and said we should get out of the sun so we didn’t get burned. She agreed and rose up as I did. We weren’t paying attention and bumped right into each other. She stumbled into me and I grabbed her to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri keep my balance. We were pressed against each other, and as I could see here great tits, she could feel my hard dick. She smiled and said, “Come inside; I have an idea.” She led me into the living room, and pushed me back onto the loveseat. She stood over me and said that my shorts needed to come off. I managed that in about three seconds. Then she told me to sit back and enjoy. She straddled my legs, which pretty much stretched that bikini bottom into her pussy, and then poured some lotion into her hands. She looked me straight in the eyes and she began to stroke my hard dick with her hands. Oh, boy, THAT felt good! She took her time, and massaged my balls as well as stroked my shaft up and down. She gripped me hard, but with the lotion, her hands still slid the length of me, creating some interesting sensations. I was getting really close to cumming, and told her so. She stood, removed the bottoms to her suit, then straddled my legs again. She told me to touch her pussy and make her cum.

I reached with my left hand to her nipple and gently pinched it, and then stroked her left breast. She had closed her eyes, and was totally into feeling me feeling her. I took my right hand and began to play with her pussy. I stroked my fingers along her entire slit, inside, then out, and softly played with her clit. She began to breathe güvenilir bahis şirketleri hard, and I knew I was getting to her. I pushed a finger into her and then put my thumb against her clit, and slowly massaged her inside and out at the same time. She was pushing down against my hand, and I could feel her pussy getting really wet. Suddenly, she threw her head back, and began to shake. Her orgasm washed over her, as she clenched her pussy on my fingers. I thought it was very sexy to see her cum, and know I had done that to her.

As she started to catch her breath, she reached down, grabbed my hard dick, and moved closer to me. She lifted herself just enough to slide me inside her. I was rock hard and she was as hot as could be. We both were ready and she began to fuck me hard. She was slamming herself onto my cock, raising herself, and slamming down again and again. She was squeezing my cock tightly with her pussy the whole time. I watched her slam down, then rub herself against me, then rise and do it again. It was really a turn on to watch her going for it.

She opened her eyes, and asked me if I was close. I said I was and she said, “Watch my eyes. Watch my eyes. I want to see each other cum together!” Then, as she stared deeply into my eyes, she and I began to cum. I felt my balls start to pump it out and I spurted into her again and again. Her pussy was sliding up and down and she was humping me for dear life, grinding herself onto me. We never blinked, as we watched each other orgasm together. It was amazing. We both were exploding and could see the lust in each other’s eyes as we came. She collapsed against my chest and I held her for a long time. I always think of her whenever I’m sitting in the sunshine. And, I still love rainbows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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