Swim Ch. 05

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Suzie was enjoying her mutual masturbation sessions with her son. The panty and Speedo stuffing turned her on to no end. Masturbation was great but what Suzie really wanted was a stiff cock shoved up her cunt. It was time to change the play.

Tom was sitting by the pool in his Speedo studying. After all that had happened over the last several weeks he always wore his Speedo now.

Suzie put on her red one-piece suit and went out to sit by the pool next to Tom.

There were no pretenses left between them. Suzie made sure Tom was watching when she casually put her hand down between her legs and started rubbing the red nylon fabric over her clit. The friction of the material made it feel so much better.

Tom’s Speedo came to life. Watching his mother rubbing her clit right in front of him he moved his hand to his Speedo and began rubbing his boner as it got larger. The timing couldn’t have been better. Just as Tom’s cum started oozing through the material of his Speedo his mother started bucking her hips and shaking in the throes of a great orgasm.

Her bucking was involuntary. Suzie always started bucking when she came. She couldn’t help it. For as long as she could remember this is how her orgasms affected her. She remembered the first time her sister had eaten her and had to use all her strength to hold Suzie’s hips down so she could finish.

Tom scooped up the cum on his Speedo with his fingers and let his mother lick them before jumping in the pool.

Swimming around in the pool Suzie kept grabbing at her son’s cock until it was again good and hard. She went up to the pool escort ataşehir steps and leaned over. Pulling the tight red nylon to the side she told Tom she wanted him to fuck her then and there. And hurry up about it.

Tom wasted no time pulling his dick out of his Speedo. Coming up behind his mother he pushed it up against her pussy. Suzie wasn’t wasting time, she wanted that cock in her and started to push her hips back. Tom didn’t need any encouragement as he slid his cock into his mother’s cunt. Slowly at first. He got his cock about half way in his mother’s snatch when he went for it and slid the rest of it all the way in as far as it go. Total bliss.

Suzie was pushing her hips back in time with Tom’s forward thrusts. In no time at all she started cumming. Her bucking hips only made Tom’s cock harder as he slammed it into his mother from behind.

The next day after classes Tom saw his mother sunning herself by the pool. She was wearing the red one-piece again that pulled up real tight on her pussy lips. Tom put on his Speedo and went out to the pool to join her.

She was lying on her stomach with her head turned away as Tom reached down between her legs and grabbed her pussy. Involuntarily she spread her legs and lifted her hips a little making it easier for him to reach her clitoris. Sliding his hand through the side of the suit he inserted his fingers in his mothers pussy and started finger fucking her using his thumb to massage her clit.

When she started to moan Tom stopped suddenly. This wasn’t his mother. It was his Aunt Ellen. Embarrassed, he pulled back. She kadıköy escort bayan turned her head to Tom and told him he had better not stop now.

Turning over on her back she grabbed his hand and put it back in the side of the suit and on her pussy pushing his fingers in so he could continue the finger fuck. She licked her fingers and began rubbing her nipples through the nylon fabric bringing them to sharp points. It wasn’t long before Ellen was creaming on her nephew’s fingers.

Seeing her nephew’s cock in his Speedo she told him to come over to the pool and fuck her. Tom jumped in the pool while she sat on the edge at the shallow end. Pulling him to her she spread her legs and tugged the one-piece to the side as she took Tom’s cock out of his Speedo and guided it into her inflamed pussy. Wrapping her legs around Tom she pulled him closer. He slid his dick in to the hilt and then started pumping it in and out seeming to go deeper with every stroke.

Ellen didn’t buck her hips like her sister but there was no doubt she came just as Tom shot his load in her pussy. Jamming her fingers in her cunt as her nephew pulled out she got them covered in his cum and her juices. Sticking them in her mouth she licked them clean.

Tom couldn’t believe it. He had fucked both his mother and her sister. Two MILF’s in two days. He didn’t think there was an Urban Dictionary entry for a “mother I DID fuck” but there should be.

As they were climbing out of the pool Tom’s mother came out of the house. It was obvious to her what had been going on but she just smiled and told her sister she escort bostancı hoped she had fun sunning herself by the pool. She would share stories with her sister later.

Ellen had gotten dressed and she was in the kitchen talking with her sister. When Tom walked in she asked him for a favor. She lifted up her skirt and took her thong off. Handing her thong to her nephew she asked him if the next time he came he would shoot his cum into her thong. She would get the thong back the next time she saw him.

Tom said there was no need to wait. He was ready now. Pulling his shorts down he took his cock in his hand to begin pumping. His mother and Ellen both grabbed for his penis at the same time. Suzie took the base while playing with his balls and Ellen pulled on the top paying special attention to the tip. Being double teamed it didn’t take long for Tom to reach climax. He picked up his aunt’s thong and wrapped it around the head of his cock as he came.

Ellen took the thong back and looked at them. They were all gooey. Perfect. She lifted up her skirt and put the thong back on, cum and all.

Tom grabbed his Speedo and a towel and left for swim practice.

After her son left for swim practice Suzie went up to her sister put her hand up Ellen’s skirt and grabbed her pussy. Her thong was wet and sticky. She wanted it.

Ellen was the big sister, but Suzie pushed her sister back on the couch. Lifting Ellen’s skirt she pulled her sister’s thong off. It had her son’s cum in it and she wanted it.

She rubbed the sticky thong on her clit then pushed the thong into her pussy.

Ellen and Suzie had been licking and sucking each other’s pussies since they first discovered how good their clits felt with a little stimulation. With Ellen’s bare pussy staring right at her Suzie dove right into her sister’s muff. She loved cunnilingus with her sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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