Taking Mom

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Note: I really debated which category to put this in as it could go in BDSM, incest, or non-consent. I picked incest because it is likely the most taboo of the three categories. If you don’t like forceful domination of partners than you will not like this story and you should stop reading now. Also, this story is probably one of the most far fetched stories I have written. It was written at a reader’s request and proves anything is possible in the fantasy world.

Oh mom my cock is hot and hard! I burst through the front door after school. I pull out my cock proud of it and order you, “Strip mom.”

You refuse saying the other day was a one time thing. “Fuck no…” I holler and slam you to the floor tearing your clothing to shreds -ripped blouse, torn stockings and demolished panties. The only piece of clothing you will ever wear again is your skirt as it pulled right off under my assault.

“Doesn’t mommy remember that she told me her body is mine and she was begging for more yesterday? I guess I’d better punish my own mother!” I yank you over my lap and begin swatting your rear end. A sexy shade of pink appears.

Smack after smack I hit it before suddenly standing you up in front of me and sticking my snake like tongue up your nasty shit hole.

You squirm trying to get away and almost make it when I grab one of your wrists and pull your arm behind your back. I shove your hand up until it is between your shoulder blades. I snap, “I’ll break your fucking arm unless you settle down and take what I have to give you like a good little whore mommy!”

I push hard on your back making you bend over so that you are looking at the floor causing your ass to jut out closer to my face and your cheeks to open wider. My mouth again descends on your little hole. I stab my tongue halfway into your bowels causing you to gasp and moan.

After eating your brown hole for a couple of minutes I back away and jab two fingers deep inside your fucking ass and hard and demand, “Mom, you are my fucking bitch and you will please your mother fucker every day after school. Tomorrow you better have on your fucking sexiest nightie and panties. And if you wear a damn thong you will NOT enjoy what happens. Now I’m going to let you loose but what you are going to do is go over to the fucking couch and put on a show for your bastard son playing with your big titties and pussy until you cum while I undress. Now get to it, slut”

Hornier than ever I watch as you scurry to the couch and sit down with your knees clamped together like a vice. You look up at me pleadingly and softly ask, “Please baby boy don’t make your mommy do this?”

“Shut up and get on with it!” I snap back. Slowly you place your hands onto your titties and begin tracing around the edges. As I watch your hands work on more and more of your breast I remove my shirt and kick off my shoes. Gradually you seem to be getting into playing with yourself as you tweak your hard nipples.

Your legs relax slightly and your bush comes into view.

As I take off my pants and socks your hands travel down your belly to your hair. You sigh at the bulge in my undies and spread those sexy legs showing your little boy your whole bright pink pussy. As soon as I see your full twat I yank off my underwear and stroke my cock in front of you. You are now playing with your pussy with both hands as I walk closer and closer.

“Don’t stop mommy, cum for me.” I sit down beside you and squeeze your tits as I lean into your face and give you a hot kiss.

You moan as I kiss you again even more passionately while firmly squeezing your big tits. I remove one of your hands from your cunt and lick your fingers.

As I move your hand to my cock I grunt, “You are one horny little slut aren’t you; and taste great, too. Now, mom make both of us cum!”

You begin slowly to stroke my cock up and down. But, being fairly close to cumming yourself your hand is soon a blur on my cock and on your clit. Gasping you utter, “Oh fuck, oh my, Come on and cum for your mother. Your cock feels so good in my hand; Oh holy crap!”

We kiss yet again as you wrap one leg around mine and throw the other leg onto the arm rest of the couch so that you are wide open. Huskily I growl,” Don’t you stop rubbing me until I cum no matter what!”

Your breathing sounds more like panting as I slide off the couch allowing you to hold onto my prick as I do. The next thing you know I am standing directly in front of you, my hands underneath your titties holding them up toward me. I gasp, “Make me cum!”

Your hands are now flying over our privates. Our moans bostancı escort bayan and groans get louder and louder. Without warning, I spray your tits and face with my sticky seed.

Blobs of my cum cover your face and hair running down both cheeks with a pool of cum between your boobies. As I spurt a second load I hear you scream, “Fuck I’m cumming.”

The instant you let go of my cock and lay back against the couch I pounce down to your face and kiss you again, “You will be your baby boy’s fucking cum slut from now on won’t you? And you will wear your sexiest nightie for me tomorrow when I come home from school won’t you?”

I dip my fingers in my cum and feed it to you as I wait for your answer, “Yes baby I’ll be your slut from now on and wear the nightie tomorrow.”

You eat up my cum as fast as I can feed it to you. I sink my teeth into your boobs and begin cleaning them and then look up at you and sharply demand, “And when I bring my friends home to play you will suck them and even fuck them as I direct is that clear?”

You don’t answer me except with a groan. As lustful as I am I take that as agreement. Then I shove your body onto the couch and pounce on you ramming my cock deep inside your pussy in one thrust. You try to push me off, at first, but before long your hips are bucking up to meet mine and you are digging your fingernails into my back lost in lustful enthusiasm

We spend the next hour and a half there on our living room couch fucking and sucking. You totally empty me of the contents of my balls and I have to shower to get the sexy smell of pussy off of me before dad gets home.

The next day I once again burst through the door but this time with Carl, a tackle on the football team. He is a big guy and has a football scholarship to a major football power. I motion to him to be quiet as I don’t see you in the living room. I call out, “Mom, are you here? Come to the front room.”

“Yes honey I am here, I’ll be right there.” I grin knowingly at Carl as he seems a bit nervous. I see the large bulge in his pants form instantly as you walk in wearing a nightie that barely covers your boobies and panties. I’ve never seen anyone turn such a dark shade of red as you are now. I look sternly at you and you just stand there wanting to hide. Your nipples are hard and poking the gown.

“Come to me Mom, now. Oh, this is Carl.” Slowly you saunter over to me. I grab you into my arms like a piece of meat. Powerfully I kiss your mouth; ramming my tongue into your mouth. In mere seconds you respond by kissing me back.

“Oh shit man, this is unbelievable making out with your own mom!” Carl exclaimed. I spin you around and nuzzle at your neck as I fondle your boobies. Carl’s eyes are glued to your sexy body. I lift up your gown to show him your hot pink bikini panties.

“Yeah it is really cool and like I told you at school she will pay off my debt to you with her body just because I tell her too,” I boast.

You shiver in my arms as you squeak, “What bet?”

“Well, mom, it is like this Carl and I were playing poker and I had three of a kind so I bet your body against Carl’s $200.00. To bad for us that he had a full house. So, just stand here and let Carl check out his winnings.”

“Baby, I can’t fucking you is one thing but your friends I just can’t,” you plead with me. My stern look tells you it is hopeless. I back away a couple of feet to let Carl inspect you. He is not graceful as he pulls and tugs at your body as if you were livestock. I step forward and pull the nightie over your head causing Carl to gasp out loud.

“Yeah man, your mom will do if she puts out. You know she is pretty foxy for an old broad,” Carl muses. I am not sure where he is getting this odd language but I bite my lips to keep from laughing. Your body is shaking horrified at what you got yourself into.

“Now get over there and suck his cock; I mean now Mom,” I say giving you a little shove. You fall to your knees in front of his crotch. Timidly you unzip his pants and pull out his massive thick 8 inch cock. Carl groans with delight as you caress the length of his big tool; shaking his head in disbelief.

His knees buckle as you swallow his cock down your throat. Soon his whole member is in your mouth and your cheeks are hollowed out by the hard sucking you are doing to him. I reach down and pull down your panties and feel your pussy. My fingers are drenched by your juices. As I lick my hand clean I order, “Mom, Lay down spread your legs and fuck Carl right fucking now!”

You suck my friend for a couple of more seconds and as you pull ümraniye escort your mouth off of his erection he sprays his seed all over your face. I toss Carl a condom as I can’t have my mom get pregnant by someone outside the family. Frantically he rolls it on to his still hard and throbbing member.

As you lay down I almost laugh about the cum running down your neck. In seconds he is on top of you humping you wildly. I can easily hear the swishing noise the two of you make with every stroke of his pecker in and out of your pussy. Your hips slam up to meet his as you yell, “Harder, come on harder; I’m fucking cumming, fuck yes.”

About a minute later he pulls his deflated cock out of your cunt and rests his head between your boobs. The next thing I know he is sucking your nipples into his mouth. I snap, “Carl, you got to fuck her and get sucked off so my debt is paid. I’ll take over from here and see you in school tomorrow.”

Disappointed he climbs off of you and pulls his clothes back together. I tell you not to move as I let Carl out the door. You have a very odd smile on your face when I return to you. You look sexy lying there cum all over your face and your cunt wide open. I dive between your legs to lap up the fresh fucked cunt juices.

I haven’t seen a wetter twat in my entire life. I go to work lapping and sucking every drop that I can catch. Your hips gyrate in my face. I look up to see you squeezing your own tits. I am hotter than ever and demand, “On your knees mom!”

As soon as I move from between your legs you roll over and present your ass to me. Using my spit and your cunt juices I lube up your asshole. I push the head of my cock against your tight little rosebud until it pops in. A small scream escapes your mouth as I push forward. I don’t stop pushing until my seven inches are buried all of the way inside of your hot bowels.

Powerfully I pound in and out of your shithole. I Use your hair as reins to snap back your head. With my other hand I give your ass several quick hard smacks and growl, “Oh fuck you are tight; you like being your son’s fuck whore don’t you?”

“Oh yes; I’m your whore slut. Cum in me; give me your fucking cum. Gawd yes I’d do anything for your cock. Oh shit, yes; fuck me harder. I am your slut!” You are gasping for your breath as you speak. I am now pounding you like a jackhammer and move both hands to your tits to hold on smashing them against your ribs.

“You’d do anything for my cock, huh? I might just have to hold you to that as my girlfriend has been wanting a threesome. But, right now I’ve got other things on my mind. Oh fuck, bitch, I’m gonna cum!” I no more than say the words before I shoot a massive quantity of spunk against the walls of your asshole.

You moan and gasp as I feel honey pouring from your twat splashing against my balls in your own blissful orgasm. I pull out of your shit hole and you lay back on the floor. Slowly I crawl over toward your face and place my cock at your mouth. Not a word is spoken as you know what I want. Your mouth goes to quick work cleaning every millimeter of my cock off. With that completed I calmly get dressed and go out to shoot hoops with my friends knowing that I can have you whenever I want you.

Later that evening my girlfriend, Lisa, and I are making out in my bedroom. We ravage one another kissing, licking and caressing all over each other’s bodies. She has a meaty frame but not fat. A minute or two after I begin to eat her pussy she moaned, “When will I get to try lapping cunt? You said you could get your mom to let me eat her out. You seem to enjoy it so show me that you aren’t bullshitting me soon!”

“Come home from school with me tomorrow and we’ll have a threesome with mom and you can eat her pussy as long as you like,” I replied confidently as I bit into her clit. Lisa cooed and pushed my head into her lap. We had a great fuck before she left that night. As she walked out the door she smiled broadly at my mom sizing her up as she said that she would see her soon.

Mom thought nothing of it when Lisa walked in with me the next day; especially as I hadn’t given my mother any particular directives before hand. On the way I told Lisa to play it cool and follow my lead. To contrast with my relationship with my mother there was no submissive or dominant in our relationship. That is why Lisa didn’t really believe I could control my mother so much that Lisa could play with her.

We grabbed some M&M’s and soda and had a snack while we talked about our impending graduation from high school. Mom was reading a book but had put it down finding our discussion escort kartal of interest to her. We moved to the sofa and I began lightly making out with Lisa. Then I whispered in her ear an idea which took me a minute to get her to go along but she finally agreed.

“Lisa, sweetie, I think you forgot to greet my mother properly when you came in. I bet she will forgive you if you do it now,” I said rather coolly. Lisa swept by me and bent over my mother and lowered her lips to hers with her tongue already sticking out. Mom’s eyes bulged from their sockets. Mom jerked her mouth away but Lisa caught it.

“What are you doing Lisa?” mom screamed in a panic. Lisa let me answer for as she pulled mom’s lips to hers.

“You are already my slut mom. As of now you are also Lisa’s slut. Now shut the fuck up and do as we say, understand?” I snapped in a firm voice. She didn’t get the chance to answer as Lisa had overpowered her and had her tongue deep inside my mother’s mouth. As they kissed I shed my clothing and yanked off their footwear and Lisa’s pants.

Lisa could tell that I was for real right away as my mom put her arms around her and fervently kissed her back. Then, liking the game and the power, Lisa decided to put it to the test. She stood up in front of mom and wiggled her ass right in her victim’s face. Growling she told mom, “Kiss my big ass slut and take off my panties.”

I could see mom frown as she looked over at me pleading me to stop the show. Instead I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it against my girl friend’s butt. Then I walked over to Lisa and pulled her top and bra off. I kissed Lisa tenderly and she returned the kiss and I whispered, “I love you.”

Getting behind mom’s chair I yanked her blouse and bra off without any love apparent in this action. Feverishly I groped her breasts then reached down and unfastened her pants. It was a lot of work as the two women’s bodies were in the way but I got both her pants and panties off. At one point I had my face directly at Lisa’s crotch.

Without saying anything Lisa whirled around and sank to her knees in front of mom’s chair. She tried to pull mom’s legs apart but mom resisted cursing at both of us. I grabbed both of her legs and gave them one hard yank prying them open for my girlfriend. In seconds she was dining on the pussy I had come out of 18 years before.

I stood beside the chair watching Lisa eat pussy and concluded my mom’s pussy probably was not the first she had done. Squishing on mom’s boobs like toys I asked Lisa to pull mom to the floor so that she was leaning against the chair. To my surprise Lisa grabbed Mom by the Knees and yanked her whole body from the chair with my mother landing with a thud on the floor.

This allowed my girl friend to keep eating twat while I straddled her and rammed my cock into my mother’s mouth. Mom moaned around my pecker as Lisa’s cunt action was driving her over the edge. It didn’t take long for me to feel the impending orgasm building. As my mom’s body convulsed in orgasm I pulled out my cock and shot a huge load of jism all over her tits.

Happy that she had her fill of honey and that she had made mom cum Lisa helped my mom all the way onto the floor and sucked my spunk from the older woman’s titties. Lisa jumped when she felt my cock slide into her dripping wet pussy. Feverishly I slid my cock in and out of Lisa’s pussy. Being only18 it didn’t take long for me to give Lisa her own load of my spunk as she finished dining on the gooey stuff on her future mother in law’s chest.

I barely had to move when I whispered to Lisa to sit on mom’s face. Mom struggled to push the sweet young ass and pussy away but Lisa was determined and rested her pussy right where it needed to be; mom’s mouth.

Mom thrashed in protest when I spread her legs and sank my cock into her twat. Lisa leaned back so I had room allowing me to rest my face right in her cleavage. Thunderously I pummeled my pussy of origin. I could hear my mother slurping frantically eating the specially prepared cream pie of Lisa’s honey and my salty spunk.

It took just a bit longer for me to explode in mom’s twat but I had no trouble filling up her juicy hole. Glancing at my watch I reluctantly called a halt to the activity but told my mother slave that she now had to do whatever Lisa said and whenever she said to do it just as if Lisa was me.

Of course there were protests from my parent but finally she agreed. Then Lisa and I got an idea simultaneously. We told mom she would be the guest of honor at our Halloween party giving oral sex to every male and female there who wanted it. The one concession we made was to figure out how to keep her identity a secret. That will be one heck of a party.

It is great being a mother fucker especially when you have full control of the sex. I wish only that I had torn her clothes off a couple of months earlier.

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