The Bathtub

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I closed the front door behind me as I stepped into the house and waited for a response.

“Hello?” No response.

It had been a long day at work, and I was arriving home later than usual, but I figured that my wife couldn’t be in bed asleep already. As I listened for a moment for her reply, I heard something else and it all came into perspective.

From the upstairs en suite bathroom, I could hear water running. Not the soft gentle rain of the shower, but the deep rumble of the bathtub being filled up. Now it made sense – she couldn’t hear me because she was in the bath. Listening closely now, I could of her favorite dance tunes playing – that meant she was relaxing and enjoying her evening, which made me smile.

Knowing that meant she was, right now, behind the door at the top of the stairs, likely naked and lounging in a tub of hot water certainly perked me up. Long day or not, that’s certainly something that brings fresh energy to a man when he arrives home.

Taking off my suit jacket and tie, I draped them over the bannister and started upstairs. Half way up the stairs the water stopped running, and I figured that she would for sure hear me as my shoes took the steps toward our bedroom door, then through the door toward the en suite. From the steam in the hallway, I knew that my guess was right and indeed there was a hot bath on the other side of the bathroom door even before I opened it.

“Hello.” I said again just before opening the door; so as to not shock anyone.

“Hi honey.” I heard, and I opened the door to see my wife ensconced in the extra long tub we had specially installed when we renovated the bath a couple of years back. A full soaker tub we called it, long enough for her to almost completely stretch out her lithe 5’3″ frame in. And there indeed she was, propped up slightly at one end, only her neck and the tops of her shoulders visible, her face flushed slightly from the heat of the water. The rest of her lay very modestly sunken underneath water and a fine layer of bath bubbles. At the other end of the tub, just the tips of her toes peeked up through the water as her feet rested on the tile next to the faucet.

Closing the door behind me so as not to let out any of the heat out of the room, I stood for a moment and admired. Her long dark hair was arranged behind her so that it would not fall into the water, which accentuated the smooth curve of the tops of her shoulders above the water. Her skin looked like silk with a sheen of moisture from the steaming water and whatever moisturizing bath product she was using. She really did look good enough to eat, or at least good enough to nibble on for a good long time.

She looked back at me with an adoring, but slightly glazed look in her eyes. Must be the heat from the bath, I thought. Looking again, I saw the glass of wine next to the tub. Hmmm – maybe she’s had more than a few glasses of wine? That might explain the oddly distant look in her eyes as she luxuriated in the bubbly water. It didn’t matter the reason, because here she was: relaxed, aglow and naked with a smile on her canlı bahis face. The starting point for many a fantasy…and just as many real evenings we’ve spent together.

After I’d been staring at her perhaps a bit too blatantly for a few seconds, I noticed the change in the background noise in the room. The music was still playing from the small speaker on the counter, but something changed. Looking at her quizzically, I saw the guilty, mischievous look on her face, it began to occur to me what the absence of sound was. As the realization dawned, I smiled knowingly back at her.

A few months ago, while on vacation, on a whim we had gone into an store specializing in adult toys and gotten her a new vibrator. In the many uses both alone, and with me, since then, it had become her all-time favorite. One aspect of that toy that I knew about (but until now had not seen in practice) was that it was waterproof. As she saw my dawning realization, she pushed a few bubbles away with her left hand to show me her right hand, holding her matte black vibrator right next to her neatly trimmed pussy.

With a smile, she touched a button on the device, the background hum started again and her eyes resumed their glazed look. She sank an inch or two deeper into the tub and I could see her toes wriggle as she made herself more comfortable. Her hand and her toy disappeared from view, but now it took very little imagination on my part to know exactly what was going on.

Now, I’ve watched my wife masturbate many times in the past, so I know that she quite enjoys when I watch. This experience of finding her in the middle of the act, and only being able to see her face and neck while she was doing it however, was quite different. Somewhat caught off guard, I simply stood there across the bathroom for a few moments, enjoying the site and trying to decide what to do next.

For a minute of more, she seemed content for me to simply watch, which was absolutely fine with me. By now, it would be quite obvious to her the erection under my pants. But I was happy to enjoy watching her pleasure for now, knowing that my own turn would come before the night was finished.

Her eyes continued to open and then glaze shut repeatedly as she settled into a groove with her toy obviously hitting just the right spots. It was one of the elements I enjoyed most about watching her touch herself was the losing battle she fought to keep her eyes open. She would try valiantly to keep a focus on the world around her as her passion rose and rose, until it would ultimately become too much and she simply stopped trying to be present and lost herself in her own pleasure.

Even if I was just going to watch, because of the heat of the room, I needed to take my shirt off. The sound of my silver cuff links hitting the hard marble of the counter momentarily shook her from her focus and she turned and stared at me, barely focused, lust in her eyes.

“You could just stand there if you want.” she said quietly, “but I think you know where I would prefer you to be…”

Knowing what she meant and what she was asking for, there bahis siteleri was no way I could keep my hard cock restrained any longer. As gracefully as is possible with a straining erection, I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and stood next to the tub.

I had to think a moment about the logistics of what she was suggesting. We had never done this in the bathtub before. Very carefully I lifted one leg over the edge of the bath, over her slippery body and set my foot down along side her far hip. Taking a second to confirm that the non-slip pad was in place, I lifted my other foot into the tub as well, bringing it down on the bottom of the tub just above her other hip. Fortunately, with her slender figure, I could fit both feet beside her in the tub, which left me standing over her, my cock now standing at full attention, hovering a couple of feet above her.

From the combination of what she was doing with her toy to herself and the sight of me towering over her, I could see her heat level rising even further. Her eyes continued to open and shut as she pleasured herself.

The next time her eyes opened so that she could see exactly what I was doing, I put both hands on the edge of the bath behind her, and slowly leaned forward until the tip of my penis touched her lips. With a moan she opened her mouth and I slid forward until my knees rested against the slope of the tub and my penis was buried to the hilt against the back of her mouth.

It wasn’t graceful or elegant, but I could tell from the purr coming from her throat through the tip of my penis that it was exactly what she wanted at that moment. To reinforce the point, the purr was now accompanied by the soft suction of her lips and the smooth agile tip of her tongue pressing firmly into the underside of my shaft. I gasped, and she smiled ever so slightly around my throbbing member in her mouth.

I could tell from her intensity how this must have been on her mind well before I got home. It’s an incredible sensation to look down at her eyes and know that although she was enjoying her vibrator before, the combination of the vibe on her clit and a cock in her mouth was what was really driving her rapidly toward what would likely be a body-shaking orgasm.

She purred again. Her tongue continued to make swirls under the head of my penis. The combinations of what she was doing to me, and what she was doing to herself turned her purrs into near growls. Fortunately, those growls are a sound that I know well, which means that she’s close to the precipice. Good thing too, because no man could possibly hold back for very long in this position.

I could hear the speed of the vibrator behind and underneath me intensify slightly. At the same time, her mouth began to vary in intensity. The on and off in her focus meant she was having a hard time knowing what to concentrate on. One moment she was sucking and flicking her tongue like she had no other thoughts than my pleasure. The next my penis lay almost forgotten in her mouth as she growled in her own pleasure, sending vibrations up to my very core.

As she continued bahis şirketleri to alternate between her own needs and mine, I slowly pushed deeper into the back of her throat. From that point, all of her moans and growls would flow through me as if the vibrations on her clit were being transferred through her body and into mine. After holding deep in her mouth for a few seconds I pulled back so that only the head rested between her lips, and then sank myself deeply into her again.

After a couple of long slow strokes deep in and out of her mouth, I felt her hand move up my leg to lightly grab my ass. She loves to stroke my ass, but it also gives her some small amount of control of the depth of my motions, so I let her control the pace for a bit.

With her hand now providing encouragement, I gave another couple of long slow deep thrusts. Her hand now firmly on my ass, I both heard and felt her vibrator move to maximum power. I knew that neither of us could hold on much longer. Her mouth stopped moving, but did not release its grip. She began to tense and her breathing stopped. Five seconds. Ten seconds of no movement, and no breathing from her which meant she was about to cross the peak. I slowly slid just a bit deeper when I felt and heard her orgasm hit.

Her mouth clenched hard around my penis. Her tongue ground itself against the underside right at the root of the shaft. There was a slight splash of bath water as she writhed against her vibrator and her body spasmed hard in orgasm, her head tilting back. For fear of her not being able to breathe with my cock in the back of her throat in this position, I pulled back slightly. This small motion on my part must have reminded her of what she was happening because in spite of the fact that she was still disoriented and shaking in her own orgasm, the hand on my ass grabbed and pulled me hard into her.

The sensation of being forcefully pulled into her warm mouth and her tongue sliding up my cock was just too much and I passed the point of no return. For a second, time stood still as my orgasm began – my body clenching, her tremors still vibrating through my penis until I let loose a jet of cum that seemed like it came from the root of my spine. My body shook. A guttural moan that I didn’t recognize came out of my mouth as I grabbed the towel bar on the wall over her head for balance. Not knowing if she could possibly have been expecting that in her dazed state, I pulled back slightly only to have her lips grab me and suck forcefully as the second and third pulse of cum surged out of my cock and hit the back of her throat.

Leaning hard on the towel bar to keep my balance, I reveled in the quivering sensations coming from both of our bodies as our orgasms continued to pulse and slowly fade out. Her hand on my ass went slack and I slowly pulled out of her mouth and looked down at her. I was panting for breath and trying to regain my composure. Her glazed eyes stared back at me as she wiped away a small drip of cum off of her lips.

As her tremors finally subsided, she blinked her eyes back to reality and looked up at me. She gave one final growl satisfaction at both her own orgasm and the pleasure she’d just given me. After a few seconds, the urgency and intensity faded to a Cheshire smile on her face as she asked “And how was your day honey?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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