The Bet

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It all started innocently enough, a bet, a simple bet between the two of us that would change our relationship forever. Gone would be the simple days of flirting and teasing to the next level of moaning and orgasms and sex.

I had been flirting a while with Jennifer, this cute girl that I played against in some pool tournaments with me. Well one night while sitting out after a game and talking for a while she teased me quite a bit because I had lost and I hadn’t shot well and had been a few balls behind in most of the games. The next night she was playing at a different pool hall and this set the stage for a friendly wager.

“Ok, honey,” she said as she leaned close, “tomorrow night I think we should bet on our game, winner get’s anything they want.”

My mind started off at once thinking of her in lewd positions ready, willing and able to follow any request I gave her. Finally after working out the terms, and haggling for a while to give us both what we would each think was the advantage we agreed to the terms and the payoff.

“Fine Jennifer,” I had told her, “I win, then you will strip and kneel down and blow me.”

Jennifer hadn’t needed a second to think about her answer, “Ok, sounds good to me now I need to get home.” As she left I realized that she hadn’t told me what I would be losing should she win. But I couldn’t worry about that now I needed to focus on winning. So come the next evening I played with fierce passion and intensity shooting better than I had ever before. I ended up winning in a landslide victory 20 games to 4.

As we walked out together to go up to the bar and get a drink I smiled and winked at her and told her she would be stripping and sucking soon. The smile that came over her face told me what I needed to know.

“Honey, even if I had won tonight, that’s exactly what I had planned for you and that big cock between your legs,” she said licking her lips.

Our schedules wouldn’t coincide until the following Thursday morning. Through teasing emails and online chats though we had pushed each other to the sexual brink and were ready to canlı bahis go ahead at any cost. I emailed her and told her Thursday morning to be at my house no later than ten A.M.

That morning as soon as I got off work I rushed home to tidy up a bit and then jump in the shower. I threw on a pair of shorts sans boxers and then a T-shirt and sat down to wait, my cock already throbbing at the thought of having this hot little seductress at my beck and call for the rest of the morning once she got there.

As I sat there contemplating just what might happen and running through the mental checklist of things I had wanted to get done I heard a truck pull up a door open and close and then the doorbell ring. I stood up took a deep breath and then slowly walked down the stairs to greet Jennifer.

“Hey honey, you look gorgeous,” I told her as I looked her over from head to toe very closely.

I ushered her in and then before she could even get up the first step I grabbed her wrists twirled her around and pushed her back against the steps. My hands wandered up underneath the hem of her skirt which was microscopic if even there. My fingers ran up over the wet center of her panties and then as we kissed I slid them beneath the elastic side of her g-string and slowly inched my fingers to the area of her body I had never seen, tasted, nor touched yet.

Breaking the kiss she moaned against me, “Oh Dave, I have waited for this but let’s get up the stairs so we can really get started.”

I was hesitant to break away finally having slipped my fingers into my little pool slut’s teasing pussy, but I did. I nearly ran her over trying to get up the stairs and turn on the cd player and click on some mood music. Jennifer looked at me and smiled and without a word started swaying her hips to the music and stood up on the coffee table in the middle of the room. She left her sexy heels on and then slowly unbuttoned her blouse, tossing it aside and cupping her full breasts through her bra she leaned over and pulled the material of the cup away long enough for me to glimpse her erect nipples. Quickly standing bahis siteleri back up she turned her back to me and then bent over all the way down.

Jennifer placed her hands flat on the table near her feet and wiggled her barely covered ass and pussy back in my direction, her skirt was so short she may of well have already been down to her g-string and bra. That is exactly what she did then, she straightened back up and unzipped the back of her skirt and then slid it slowly down over the sweet swell of her asscheeks and kicked it away.

I stood up then and ran my hands up her legs sliding around to her inner thigh and cupped her moist pussy. “No big pool stud, I want you to sit back, Jennifer’s taking care of her hunk today.”

I sat back down and just as quickly she finished stripping only pausing long enough to bend over and run her fingers past the glistening pink lips between her legs from behind as I watched. She then stood up and stepped off the coffee table and knelt between my legs as I sat on the couch. Her hand slid up the leg of my shorts and she gripped my hard shaft tight before telling me to stand up and let her free the big tool. I did and then as the shorts came down she wrapped her lips around my cock and teased the head with her tongue.

I started to sit back down when she grabbed my asscheeks and pulled me back to her hard. My cock slid most of the way into her mouth and as she bobbed her head I could feel her starting to pull me to her harder urging me to fuck her mouth. I was near orgasm feeling the talented little slut’s mouth moving over me and hearing her moan as she deep throated my cock and took me fully as I rammed in and out from her pretty little lips.

“Jennifer, I’m…gonna…cum, ugh!!!”

She never let up only sucked harder and moved her lips faster and faster up and down over my cock as I shot my load deep into her mouth and down her throat. As I pulled away she smiled up at me and kept stroking and licking my cock keeping me hard as she stood up and bent over the coffee table.

“Now stud, please fuck me, I have wanted this bahis şirketleri since the first time you teased me by showing me that big cock of yours in those pictures.”

I stepped behind her and she uttered those last words that still ring in my ears, “Oh, and don’t be gentle, fuck me like you have never fucked another girl, be rough with me like no one else would let you, I’m your personal slut today.”

I couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth but I intended to make sure and do everything she had just said. I slid my cock between her wet pussy lips and reached around to stroke her clit only to find her hand already there and pleasuring herself. The next thing I knew she was panting and shaking as I buried my length in her, she was starting to cum already and I hadn’t given her more than a few strokes.

“Slap my ass baby, come on do all those nasty things you said you would do if you ever got the chance,” she cooed.

I grabbed her asscheeks hard and started driving in to the hilt before raising my hand and swatting her ass as fully as I could. She moaned as soon as my palm hit her ass and then she started really pushing back against me pulling my cock farther into her dripping snatch. I had fucked her already as much as I could and was pounding her as hard as I could when I decided to reach up and tug her hair. This seemed to send her into overdrive and she immediately started cumming again.

“Oh fuck yes, Dave, don’t stop keep it up, fuck me baby do it, oh fuck yes,” she screamed as we fucked at a furious pace.

As I rammed inside her over and over the next orgasm for me built and I warned her and all she could say was cum wherever I wanted to. I held her hips and watched as my cock slid in and out of her until I could hold off no longer and let loose a torrent of cum deep inside her convulsing pussy. Jennifer smiled and slid away from me turning to wrap her lips around my prick again.

She looked up as she pulled away from my still erect cock, “Honey, if this thing doesn’t go down we will never leave this house until our next tournament,” then she slid her lips back over my cock and started sucking hard again trying to keep me up for the next round.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I told her with a smile.

But that’s a whole different story. Thanks for reading MV.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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