The Birthmark Ch. 02

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Nude Jo Costa was on her knees between the legs of her son, Eddie, who was fully dressed except for his hard cock sticking out of his fly and going in and out of her salivating mouth. He was leaning back against his desk, with his laptop behind him, and he looked down into his mother’s eyes, which were asking his, “How do my wet lips and tongue feel, sweetie?”

His eyes were answering, “No one can replace you, Mommy.”

Her fingers cradled his balls and tickled his scrotum. Her tongue flickered against the throbbing underside of his cock. Her soft, soaking lips slid back and forth along his shaft.

She took his cock out of her mouth and put his balls in. As she sucked on them, her hand played with his hard-on, knowing how to keep him just excited enough to stay rock-hard without coming yet. They never stopped looking in each other’s eyes.

After another two minutes of his balls in her mouth and her hand sliding up and down his shaft, he grunted, “Oh! I’m gonna come!”

She took his balls out of her mouth and pointed his cock at her face. His first wad hit her in the nose, some of it going in her right nostril. The second come-shot hit her in the left eye. Then she got jizz on her right cheek, her chin, and her lips.

She put his spent penis back in his pants and zipped him up. As his come was dripping down her face, she stood up, noting his grinning at the sight of his ejaculation. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh, yes, Mama,” he panted. “Nobody is nicer than you.”

“And no one is naughtier than you,” she said with a slight dirty look.

“How so?”

“For insisting on coming on my face, knowing I get no pleasure from it. You only think of yourself, never of others, you bad boy.” She was shaking her finger at him.

“Oh, but Mom, you look so pretty with my come on your face.”

She shook her head and sneered at him from behind the dripping come. “Never mind. I got you off, now you can get to work promoting your clients online without the distraction of horniness. I’ll help you with your work in a minute. I’ve gotta wash my face and clean up the apartment.”

“Oh, please leave my come on your face a little longer,” he whined. “I love watching it drip off your nose and chin.”

“…and all over the carpet, which I’ll have to clean up, too.” She cupped her hand under her face so the drops wouldn’t stain the carpet.

“I’ll help you clean the carpet.”

“No! Come on, honey. Hurry up and get to work. I’m cleaning up.”

“Aww, Mom,…”

“Go on!” She rushed off to the bathroom.

I love it when she bosses me, he thought, smiling, then turned around to face his computer.

A half hour later, her face was clean and prettied up with makeup, and she’d done the cleaning she wanted to do. Still nude from her head to her pretty bare feet, she went over to her computer, at a desk beside his, and turned it on.

“Oh, I almost forgot to put something on,” she said.

“Oh, stay nude a little longer, please, Mom,” he whined.

“Sweetie, I have to use Skype with a few clients. You want them to see my boobs?” She was about to leave to get a dress from the bedroom.

“Why not let them see? They’re so big and perfect-looking.”

“Baby, they’re for YOU, not for our customers.”

“But your body’s so beautiful,” he said, admiring her curves, the almost forty-year-old nearly having the body of a woman half her age. “Be proud of it. You’ve stopped working as a stripper for only a few months now; you’re used to strangers seeing you naked. Hey, besides, it might bring in more business for us.”

“You are such a naughty young man. I ought to spank you again.”

“Oh, please spank me, Mommy!” He got up, bent over, and was about to pull down his pants.

“Oh, stop that!” she scolded. “Get back to work, you.”

“I love it when you boss me.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’ll stay nude for a little bit. I’ll check my email first, and a little Facebook. But as soon as I need to use Skype, I’m putting on a dress.”

“OK, that should be fine,” he said. “I need to go to the store in ten minutes, anyway. You can get dressed after I go.”

“Sounds good.” She checked her email. A few new clients were asking about their online affiliate marketing service; she replied, telling them to contact her via Skype, which she opened and got ready to do business. They she looked at her Facebook wall for a while, laughing at a few funny memes and liking them.

“OK, Mom, I’m off to the store,” Eddie said after getting up and getting his coat. “Do you want me to get anything for you?”

“No, sweetie, I’m fine, thanks,” she said, grinning at a cute dog video.

So rapt was she in watching the video that she ignored the sound of Eddie closing the door behind him. She grinned and giggled at the cute beagle begging for food in the video.

“You are so adorable,” she said. “Poor thing. So hungry.”

She got a notification on Skype from one of the customers she’d directed there in one of her email replies. Her mind still occupied with thoughts of the çankaya escort cute dog in the video, she set up a video chat with the customer. Her eyes widened at the man’s familiar face.

His eyes widened at the sight of her familiar breasts.

“Rex?” she said. “Rex Pass, is that you?”

“Jo?” he asked, finding it…hard…to keep his eyes from looking below her face. “Jo Costa?”

“Yes, it’s me!” she said, grinning and bouncing on her chair.

Rex stole a glance at those bouncing titties she still forgot were on glorious display. “How are you?” he asked. “It’s been so…long.”

“Yes, it has. Our son is living with me here. He just stepped out.”

“Oh,…yeah, I see.” Since she wasn’t mindful of her nudity, he did his best not to make her think about it. “So, what services does your affiliate marketing do?”

“Well, we can help you promote your business by sharing your ads all over the net, and…” Finally, she realized, screamed, and cupped her hands over her boobs. “Rex, why didn’t you…?”

He was laughing. “Jo, why didn’t YOU…?” He pulled at his shirt to indicate the idea of getting dressed. “Anyway, no need to cover yourself. I’ve seen them before many times, touched ’em, sucked ’em, and fucked ’em. In fact, it’s great to know they still look nice after all these years. You’ve really aged well.”

“Rex, we’re not a couple any more.” Her face was still red.

“Don’t be shy, Jo. Even after all these years, you still have a beautiful body. Show it off; let’s see the rest of you.”

Then she thought, Hey, if Rex likes what he sees, maybe he’ll want to get back together with me, and Eddie will have a father. If he proves himself, I can forgive him for having left me when he got me pregnant. Then I’ll have a normal relationship with my son, instead of the incestuous one I’m still ashamed of having with him. She took her hands off her breasts.

“There, that’s better,” Rex said as he admired her tits. “Are you naked below the waist, too?”

“Yeah,” she said with a shy giggle.

“OK, let’s see the rest of you, then.”

“OK.” She got up and backed away so he could see all of her body. She turned around so he could see her ass, then, with her instinct as a former stripper, she spread her legs, bent over, and opened her ass so he could see her pussy and asshole.

His eyes widened, his jaw dropped, and his boner was poking a lump in his pants. “Holy shit! You’re as hot as you were twenty years ago.”

She went back and sat so she could talk to him.

“Did you like what you saw?” she asked with a sly smirk.

“How about we get together soon?” he panted.


That night, Rex had arrived in town by train, and once he checked into a hotel, he called Jo. An hour later, she was in his room. Not wearing any underwear, she let her dress fall to her feet and kicked off her high heels.

He looked up and down as she turned around for him.

“Damn,” he said. “You always were beautiful. Why did I leave you?”

“Why, indeed?” she said as she approached him.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he felt her hands clutch his necktie. “I was young and irresponsible. I should’ve helped you raise our son.”

“That’s right,” she said, unzipping his fly. “I gave him up for adoption, then I became a stripper because I couldn’t do any other work that made decent money. But when my money situation was better, I couldn’t take our boy back, because I didn’t want him to know his mother was flashing her pussy to strange men.”

“When did you meet him again?” Rex kicked off his leather shoes and lay on his back on the bed with his hard cock pointing up through the open fly of his dress pants.

“By sheer fluke, he came in the strip joint where I was dancing. We sat at a table and talked, he recognized my face from an old photo I’d left with the orphanage where he was, and the last proof I needed to know for sure that it was really him was a birthmark on his ass I remembered seeing when he was born.”

“He showed you his ass?” Rex asked as she mounted him.

“Well, yeah, but it was just to make sure it was him.” She took Rex’s hard-on and began feeding it into her cunt. “It’s a distinctive birthmark, it looks like the communist hammer-and-sickle symbol.”

“Ugh,” he grunted as his cock slid an inch inside her wet pussy. “I hate commies. Oh! You didn’t…strip for him, did you?”

“No, of course not,” she lied. He was in half-way now “Ooh!”

“Well, I guess…I should meet…my son. Oh!” He shoved in all the way. No incest between them, he thought. Thank God.

“Ah! Yeah, though we should…find the right…time and place. Oh!”

“Yeah…We don’t want…meeting me…to be…too much…of a shock…Oh!”

As they kept fucking, he wondered about what kind of money her online marketing business was making, since presumably she wasn’t stripping any more.

After they finished fucking, they lay side by side in bed and held each other.

“So, I assume you’re not stripping anymore, right?” escort çankaya he asked. “I mean, if you’re living with our son, you don’t like the idea of still being a stripper with him knowing that.”

“Oh, no, I stopped stripping months ago to start my new online business with him.”

“He does it too, eh?”

“Oh, yeah, he’s the one who got me into it. I love it.”

“So, how much money do you and he make in affiliate marketing?”

“Oh, lots,” she said.

“You must be living in a really nice place, then,” he said.

“Oh, it’s OK, nothing fancy, just Eddie’s small apartment. But it’s good enough.”

“Why only in a humble apartment, I mean, if you’re making so much money?” He was sneering in disbelief.

“Because Eddie, as an orphan, knows what it’s like to live with next to nothing, so he likes to take most of the money we make and give it to charitable causes.”

“Charitable causes?” Now Rex was scowling. “What a waste! You should be keeping most of your money and reinvesting it to make your business grow. Charity begins at home, Joann. Look, you two should come to Toronto and live in my house. I’m a businessman myself. Have been for ten years now. Let me take a look at how you two are running your business, and I’ll figure out how to make it more profitable for all of us.”


A month later, Jo and Eddie moved to Rex’s house in Toronto, but under great protest from Eddie, whose only reason for going was so he could be with his beautiful mother. He had only scowls for his father.

Rex, when they met in his house, tried to undo his son’s scowls with a grin and an offered handshake, which Eddie, of course, rejected. “So, Eddie Pass, meet Daddy Pass!” he said.

“My name is Eddie Costa,” the boy answered sullenly.

Trying to brush off his son’s iciness, Rex said, “I’d like to teach you a few tricks to make your online business make more money for you and the family.”

“I use my business’s profits to help people, not to enrich myself,” Eddie said, “…or to enrich you.”

“Now, Eddie,” Jo said. “Be nice. He’s your father.”

“Who abandoned us when I was born, Mom.”

“He’s trying to make amends with us,” she said.

“He’s trying to take our money from us,” Eddie said.

“You need to learn some manners, boy,” Rex said.

“You need to stay the fuck out of our lives, ‘Dad’!”

Rex punched him in the jaw, knocking him to the floor.

“Rex!” Jo shouted, then went over to help Eddie up.

“I’m not apologizing to him,” Rex said. “He can say sorry to me for that attitude. I’m trying to help his business, and this is the thanks I get? Get outta here, boy!”

“Gladly,” Eddie said. Then, when he turned around, he saw a photo on Rex’s wall by the door, a picture that made him shudder. He looked over at Jo. “Mom, do you know who that’s a picture of? It’s Reinhard Heydrich. He isn’t in his uniform there, but Google him to know what I’m getting at.”

“You shut your mouth, boy, or you’ll get another crack on the jaw!” Rex said.

“Google Reinhard Heydrich, Mom, when you have a free moment alone. I’m outta here. Don’t stay up for me tonight. I’ll be in after you’re in bed.” Eddie left the house.


That night, Eddie returned to the house, happy to know that Rex was in bed…but unhappy that his mother was in bed with him. Outside the bedroom, standing in the hall, Eddie could hear the bed creaking and Jo screaming.

He barged in. “Is he raping you, Mom?”

“Eddie!” she screamed, pulling the blankets over her nakedness, something he was shocked to see her do for the first time.

“Get outta here, you little bastard pervert!” Rex shouted.

“I’m a bastard, only because that bastard fucked you and wasn’t man enough to marry you!”

“You wanna see a REAL man, boy?” Rex said, then got out of bed, proudly displaying his naked, muscle-toned, forty-year-old body. He grabbed a Bowie knife from his bedside table. He pointed it at Eddie, just as his hard-on was pointing straight at his son. “You man enough to try me, boy?”

Skinny Eddie left the room, went into the bedroom beside Rex’s, and slammed the door.

“Just as I thought!” Rex shouted. “Little pussy!”

Eddie could hear his parents resume their fucking. He gritted his teeth as he heard Rex panting and grunting, his mother squealing, and the bed creaking.

I hate him, Eddie thought, and I’m gonna kill him.


Over the next five months, Eddie was working on the first phase of his three-part plan to get rid of Rex: he was lifting weights in a nearby gym. Three months into all that intense weight-lifting, He’d pulled a few muscles, and Rex laughed at him as he moved about the house in obvious pain. Still, Eddie got better, and felt his determination get stronger.

The second phase of his plan, something he’d been at for the following five months before succeeding, was to find something he was sure would make Jo want to dump Rex. Eddie had been stalking Rex all around çankaya escort bayan the Toronto area, since he knew Rex often left Jo and the house for long periods of time, supposedly for business, but since Rex was so invested in Eddie’s online business, why leave home so much?

Eddie discovered the real reason.

Rex was having an affair with another woman.

Eddie, wearing a hat, overcoat, and sunglasses, even got close enough to walk by Rex and his pretty girlfriend and get video on a smartphone of the two lovers talking and kissing at an outdoor café on Yonge Street.

Phase Two of Eddie’s plan was complete. Now he had to work out Phase Three–killing Rex. Eddie had been lifting weights at that gym for ten months now, but even with his youth–at nineteen years old–as against his forty-one-year-old, muscular dad, he was still doubtful if he could take the former army guy in a fight, let alone kill him.

Would Eddie need at least another five months to work out this plan…including making the murder look like an accident, or like self-defence?


In Rex’s bedroom, sitting on the bed together, Eddie and his mother watched the video of Rex and his girlfriend. She was in tears.

“I hate to say it, Mom, but I told you so,” he said. “He only wanted to get his hands on our money, and he only wanted you for your body…just as, I’m sure, he only wants this girl for hers.”

“I’m sorry, Eddie,” she sobbed. “I should’ve listened to you. All those times he beat you and threatened you…I should have seen the signs.”

“Are you aware that he’s a Nazi sympathizer?” Eddie asked.

“What?” Her eyes widened.

“You never Googled Reinhard Heydrich, did you?” Eddie switched his smartphone to Wikipedia to show her Heydrich’s page: the photo showed the same man, only in his S.S. uniform, as the man in Rex’s picture on the wall by the front door of his house.

“Holy shit!” she gasped. “I have Jewish blood, too!”

“This man, Heydrich, was involved in the decision to gas the Jews. Rex admires him, obviously. He must have gotten his Nazi sympathies while he was in the army, which is often a paradise for racists.”

“That bastard!”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I know you were just trying to give us a normal family, by giving me a father and relieving yourself of the guilt of incest; but Rex–I refuse to call him ‘Dad’ because he isn’t any kind of a father–he isn’t giving us a normal or healthy family. Besides, who needs normal? What is ‘normal’?”

He looked down at her bountiful cleavage and licked his lips.

“Honey, come on. No more of that.” She avoided his eyes.

“Why not?” He grabbed the sides of her open shirt.

“Eddie, no!”

He tore the shirt open. The buttons flew off in all directions. Braless, she wiggled her big, bare boobs in shock. Eyes agape, she gasped. “No! What if Rex comes back and sees us?”

“Fuck him! I mean, don’t fuck him. Fuck me.”

Their movements and breathing were frantic as they pecked each other on the lips and pulled off their clothes in horny impatience. Both of them nude, she was riding cowgirl on his cock on the bed. Their clothes were lying in a scattered mess all over the bedroom floor, Eddie’s tossed further away, close to the door.

As she bounced on his hard cock, the shaft tickling her wet vaginal walls and setting her G-spot on fire, she remembered how much better a lover her son was than his father. How could she have tossed her boy aside like that, especially for such an unworthy replacement?

Eddie reached up and fondled her breasts. Oh, the joy of being inside her again, inside the very vagina through which he’d come to enter the world!

And the best thing was, he was making his ‘dad’ a cuckold.

…and speaking of cuckolds…

“What the fuck?!” Rex shouted from the bedroom entrance.

She looked back at him with a frown.

Eddie looked up at him with a grin.

Rex took out his Bowie knife. “You little pervert!” he shouted. “You seduced and degraded your own mother?”

“This isn’t the first time, Rex,” Eddie panted. “We’ve done this many times…and she likes it!” He kept grinning at Rex.

“She’s your mother, boy! She’s MY woman!”

“No, I’m not!” Jo shouted, getting off of Eddie. “That whore you’re seeing, SHE’s your woman. Eddie showed me video on his smartphone of you and her kissing and holding hands at a café.”

“You little bastard,” Rex said, pointing the knife at Eddie. “I’m gonna kill you, then tell the cops you were raping your mom.” He moved toward the bed, but Jo stopped him.

“I won’t let you lie to the cops, Rex,” she said.

“You’d rather they knew you were fucking our son willingly? I always suspected incest between you two.”

“I won’t let you murder your own son…MY son!”

“Get outta the way, woman! Put your clothes on, incestuous bitch! Don’t you dare judge me!” He slapped her.

“You bastard!” Eddie shouted, then punched Rex in the jaw.

Rex fell back on the floor. He wiped the blood off his lip.

“So,” he said, smiling, “you have some backbone, after all.”

“She likes my bone a lot better than yours,” Eddie said.

“You little shit!” Rex said, then got up. “I’m gonna castrate you, and let you bleed to death.”

Shaking, Eddie put his hands over his cock and balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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