The Blanket

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You are unaware that I am watching you as I stood in the doorway in my underwear. I could see how nervous you were before I went into the bathroom. You took the opportunity to undress while I was not watching and tucked yourself into bed. As I stand leaning against the door frame, I see you sitting up on the pillows with the blanket pulled high up your chest. Just a hint of cleavage is showing as you look over and finally notice me standing there. A sly smile crosses your lips.

“Just like all of those video chats, isn’t it dear?” you say, your smile growing wider.

“I’ve told you when we were chatting how much I hated those blankets,” I said, trying to feign anger.

“But tonight is the night you get to see what is underneath them,” you whisper. The expression on your face changes from playful to serious as your eyes widen.

I smile as I walk to the side of the bed. I start to grab he blankets to pull them aside but your hands grasp the top and hold them tightly against your chest. I loosen the other side and slide into bed beside you. You don’t look at me at first, just stare straight ahead. I turn to my side and kiss your shoulder.

“It’s okay honey, really. I think you are beautiful.”

Your finally turn toward me, looking into my eyes. My face moves toward yours and our lips find each others. You feel my palm against your cheek as I urge you closer and we kiss canlı bahis şirketleri more deeply. I can hear you moan into my mouth and my tongue runs against your lips. Your mouth opens and I soon feel your tongue toying with mine. As I pull your mouth tighter against mine, our kisses move from soft and tender to passionate and erotic. But through it all, your hands still clutch tightly on the top of the blanket.

My body shifts as my kisses move down your face, from your lips to the tip of your chin, to the curve of your neck and finally down to the space between your collarbones. You can feel my lips form a smile as I plant kisses on the backs of each of your hands. With each kiss, I feel your grip on the blanket loosening. Finally, your hands release their tension and I feel your fingers in my hair.

Your body is shivering but not from the cold. You are ready for me to see you but still nervous about what I might think. But I don’t give you time to worry as my hand slowly raises the blanket and slides it down your chest, revealing your breasts that I have waited to see for so long and they were definitely worth the wait. I press against your hands so I can raise my head to look in your eyes. They are questioning as you look at me but my smile lets you know there is nothing to worry about now.

My face returns to your chest, filling the space formed by your cleavage canlı kaçak iddaa with short, quick kisses. The width of my kisses broadens until I am planting them just to the inside of your semi-erect nipples.

The first touch of your nipples is with the tip of my tongue as it flicks the underside. I feel your body raise off the bed slightly as my tongue traces small circles around your nipple with occasional movements to brush across it.

“Gawd,” I hear you moan.

I know it has been a long time since you have been with anyone and even then the experience was more dutiful than passionate. My concern rises.

“This okay?” I ask softly.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” is your reply.

I return and wrap my lips around your nipple, flick the tip with the tip of my tongue. I tighten my lips and tug gently, pulling your nipple up slightly. I can feel it harden in my lips and can feel the motion of the bed as your head rolls from side to side. I see a blur of motion and raise my eyes to see your hand around your other breast, kneading it roughly and occasionally squeezing your other nipple between your finger and thumb. The only sound filling the room now is your soft moaning.

My hand slides down your belly and reaches beneath the blanket that now covers your hips. I can feel the soft hair that covers your lips and move my hand lower under I have completely covered canlı kaçak bahis your pussy with my hand. It is warm and I can feel the moistness telling me about your excitement. I continue to suckle at your breast as my fingers move to separate your soft lips. My middle finger starts sliding up and down between them, spreading your moisture. As I slide my hand a bit higher, my finger finds the hardness that is your erect clit. With my first touch, your hips rise quickly up then drop hard onto the bed.

As I continue to rub your clit, I can feel your breathing increase its depth and its pace. I know what this means and how long it has been since your body has felt this way. My speed increases as I feel the moisture between your legs growing. Your hands both find the back of my head now as I lock tightly on your nipple with my lips and continue to stroke your clit with my fingers.

The deep breath you take tells me what is coming next. As your body quakes, the orgasm that has been a long time coming finally overtakes you. I can feel the muscles in your body tightening and releasing as the pulses of your orgasm continue. Your pussy spasms around my fingers as they continue to stroke your clit and slide between your soft lips. Shudder after shudder flow through you until I hear you release a long slow groan feel the tension in your body finally subside.

I release your nipple and look up to see your eyes closed, tears running down your cheeks. I crawl up beside you, my arm draped across your chest as I kiss your cheek. As your arm reaches around my neck, I lean in and kiss the tears off of your cheek.

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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