The Boss’s Daughter Ch. 02

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The job was going great, Tracy told me to call her Aunt Tracy, and the three old guys told me to call them Uncles, Chick, Vinnie and Vito these people were great. Mr. Pisano was still the scariest guy I ever met. But he would wave and say,” Hi Kid.”

Aunt Tracy was working my ass off, I got all the shit runs, I was making money, and I loved it.

Kristi and I couldn’t stay apart. When we weren’t busy, we’d hang out together. We could talk about anything and everything. She told me all about her ex-husband, and I told her how I was dumped by my ex, for another guy with a better job.

We got to a point where we could almost tell what each other was thinking just looking at one and other. Kristi talks, laughs, and giggles, all at the same time, and I can’t get a word in edgewise So I just nod my head in agreement with whatever she says,” yap, whatever you say, that’s right, okay, yeah, sure.”

Kristi, was blunt; strangely enough, at times she was kind of innocent, and insecure, but mostly she was, a fun loving, Goofy, bubbly, giggly, silly, Frisky, ball breaking, cock tease, Sex Pot, and” I wanted to fuck the shit out of her, and she knew it.”

We’d flirt and play with each other all the time, when no one was paying any attention to us, we’d play grab ass she’d grab at my cock, I’d jump and she’d giggle. I’d make out I was going to grab her little tits, or put my hand between her legs, she’d laugh…

One morning, I was leaning on Aunt Tracy’s desk, ogling Kristi’s snatch. She looked up and caught me, smiled, shook her head and sighed, like she was discussed with me, looked around the room, to make sure no one could hear her, and called me a perverted pig.

I grinned, raised my eye brows at her, stuck out my tongue and lapped my upper lip. She turned bright pink, clamped her legs together, as if she just had an orgasm, and turned her chair towards her desk.

The better I got to know her, the more I liked her.

A little voice inside my head kept telling me, she’s the boss’s daughter, she out of your league. The boss won’t approve of you hitting on his daughter.

Then another little voice inside my head would tell me. She’s perfect for you. She’s fun to be with, and she makes you happy. What hell more can I ask for?

Then the little head in my pants would remind me that .She’s HOT and SEXY and how badly, I want to FUCK HER.

“What the Hell can I do?”

I kept asking myself that question over and over again and again. I felt like I was in a no win situation!

The voice of reason finally won out. I got a horrible knot in my stomach that kept twisting and churning that wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t take it anymore. Then it came to me. I know what I had to do, as much as I didn’t want to do it.

I knew Kristi would be the first one in Saturday morning. So I could say what I had to say to her then but, “The best laid plans of, Mice and Men, most often go astray.”

Kristi was already there when I arrived. I took one look at her and I could see that something was bothering her. She hasn’t been herself lately; she’s been kind of moody and sulking around the office.

I though maybe she’s got the rag on, or something! I didn’t know what it was, but I don’t like to see her hurting. So I asked her,” what’s wrong?” She didn’t answer; instead she just snuggled up against me, putting her head on my chest.

I put my arms around her, to comfort her; I rubbed my cheek over the top of her head, the feel of her soft silky hair and the fresh smell of her shampoo, made my heart jump. I gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead, then on her cheek.

She looked up at me with her beautiful dark blues, just as my lips started to brush against hers, her Father came in. He looked at us, without saying a word, and went into his office.

Kristi pulled away from me, and followed him into his office. She left the door slightly ajar. I could hear them talking, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying…

They came out of his office still talking, gesturing with their arms and hands. They glanced in my direction a couple of times. I had no idea, what they were talking about, but I knew it wasn’t good!

It never occurred to me, that maybe, Kristi was asking her Father for help, because that’s what she did when she didn’t know what else to do…

I saw Mr. Pisano throw his arms up in frustration. Then he went back into his office. Kristi went to the loading docks to get the paper work from the night before.

Aunt Tracy came in, called me over and gave me a run. It was a real shit trip, a dirty; heavy, back breaking run, in South Jersey delivering to a tire recapping shop. I got back around eight PM that evening.

To my horror, Mr. Pisano was still there. He came out of his office and called,” Hey Kid come here, I want to talk to you.” There I stood covered in black rubber dust, looking like, canlı bahis “Al Jolson, in black face.” I was so nervous; I got butterflies in my stomach and farted, “I said to myself, this is its, its all over now”

I went into Mr. Pisano’s office; he motioned for me to sit down. I sat and waited for him to speak. He peered into my eyes, and said,” You’re doing a good job kid.” I was dumb founded! And I said.” Thank You.”

Then he asked,” Are you married? Do you have a girl friend? He paused for a moment, he looked like he was trying to find the right words, then he asked, Are you Gay?

I looked at him trying not to laugh as I answered, “No wife, No girl friend, and then I burst out laughing as I said,” No I’m not Gay either!”

He looked at me, like he was relieved and said,” I didn’t think so,” and asked,” How come, no wife or girl friend?”

I looked over his shoulder and saw a picture of Kristi hanging on the wall. I quickly looked down; because I didn’t want him to see me lie. I nervously answered him,” I just haven’t found the right girl yet.”

He saw me look at Kristi’s picture, but he didn’t say anything. He just looked at me, like he could see right through me. Then he said, “Come over for diner tomorrow.”

It wasn’t an invitation; it was a command!” Okay”, I said, as I though to myself, then I could tell Kristi, what I had to do then…

Sunday morning; as I got ready, my heart was aching, I put on my best clothes. I wanted to look good for Kristi. Because this was going to be the last time; I was ever going to see her.

I was going to tell her,” How crazy I am about her, and that I was going to quit my job, because I couldn’t have her.”

I arrived at noon; with this awful feeling of dread in my gut. I rang the door bell. Mr. Pisano answered the door looked me up and down, and called out,” Kristi, there’s someone here to see you!”

I saw Kristi, on the top of the stairs our eyes met and held, my heart beat faster; she had done something to her hair! She was wearing a white sweater, a black skirt that came down to her knees with white shoes, girl shoes on her feet, not sneakers…

OH MY GOD I though, She looks” GREAT” just like a real girlie girl, my kind of girl!

She’s even got legs, nice legs. I’ve never seen her in anything other then those light gray sweat pants or her jeans. She looked great. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I couldn’t help it; my heart was beating like crazy and my cock was starting to swell.

She came rushing down the stairs, like a child on Christmas morning, and hurried over to us. Mr. Pisano, said,” Kristi, I don’t know what’s going on with you two. You’re moody and mopping around sulking all the time. He’s looks gloomy and he’s loosing weight! Now hang up the Kids jacket, introduce him to your Mother, then you two go down stairs to your little apartment talk and straighten out your problems.” His cell phone rang and he walked away talking.

Kristi took me by the hand and led me into the biggest hall closet, I’ve ever seen. She put my jacket on a hanger. She turned towards me, with watery eyes…

I knew what I had to say, but I didn’t know how to get started. Instead she said,” You know I’m crazy about you! But you’re driving me absolutely nuts. One minute you act like you really like me and want me. The next minute you’re all quiet and withdrawn!

It’s obvious you want to have sex with me. I can tell by the bulge you get your pants when you’re looking at me. You know I want you as much, as you want me! So tell me, what’s wrong? I just don’t understand!

Daddy, Aunt Tracy, and my uncles, all say you’re crazy about me! That they can tell just by the way you look at me and the way you act around me. How come you never say anything to me; about the way you feel about me!”

I looked at her with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. Then I just blurted it out, with tears in my eyes.

“You just don’t understand, I’m crazy about you, I’m so crazy about you that I can’t sleep, I don’t want to eat and I dream about every night. But I can’t be with you, your Father won’t approve, I’m just a truck driver, I’m not good enough for you…”

She looked at me with her big blue watery eyes and said,” I’m not like that gold digging whore that dumped you! Daddy likes you, if he didn’t; he wouldn’t have hired you, and if he didn’t approve of us being together, you definitely wouldn’t be here.”

When I heard that all the awful feeling inside me disappeared and a feeling of relief came over me as I said, “Kristi I’m crazy about you…”

“What did you say?” she asked, “Kristi, I’m crazy about you.” I said,

The next thing I knew. Her arms were around my neck. Her legs were warped around my waist; causing her skirt to ride up over her hips. My hands were under her skirt on her perfect little heart shaped ass; with my finger tips on crotch of bahis siteleri her panties.

I got a faint scent of her flowery perfume; as our eyes closed and our lips met. I could taste her peppermint breath mint; as our tongues touched, and played in each others mouths, first in hers then in mine.

As our lips parted, I stood there holding her up with my hands under her ass. We just stayed that way; gazing into each others eyes, not saying a word we didn’t have too, our eyes did all the talking, for us.

It was our first kiss, I wanted more; I couldn’t get enough of her, I kissed her fore head, her eye lids, the tip of her nose, her cheek, and then her lips again.

She responded by trailing little kisses all over my face. Then she passionately, stuck her tongue deeply into my mouth.

I could feel the warmth of body through her clothes; her little breasts were pressed firmly against my chest with her hard nipples poking into me.

My cock was so hard it was throbbing. She asked me,” Do you really like me too? You just don’t want to fuck me?”

I answered, “No I don’t like you, I’m crazy about you, and yes I do want to fuck you so bad, my cock hurts and my balls ache.

I also want to make love to you, like a man does to his woman! I didn’t know where I got the courage to say that to her.

She got a serious look on her face and said, “I’m human, and I’m so freaking horny. That I’m wet all the time. I keep thinking about; how it would feel to have you inside me, making love to me, and fucking me. I want you so bad that I play with myself thinking about you, doing it to me.

But you have to know this; I’m not some barroom bimbo, club girl, or a whore off the street! I’ve only been with one other man my ex-husband, and you know what a mistake he was.”

I believed her; all she ever does is go to work and after work she goes home. I knew that, because we tell each other everything. I said,” I know, but I don’t want to hear about your past sex life.”

Kristi looked at me strangely, and asked,” Why.” I said,” Because I’ll get jealous.” She smiled and said,” I don’t care about your past sex life either.”

As we kissed; I could feel little shivers going up and down her spine. I stuck my tongue into her warm mouth and flicked it back and forth across hers.

Then I realized my finger tips were on the crotch her panties, just over her delicate; juicy, little, vagina.

I rubbed my finger tips up and down the length of her moist womanhood. As my finger tips traveled over her pussy; she sucked in her breath, exhaled her warm peppermint breath into my mouth, and dug her finger nails in my back.

She took her lips off mine whispering,” Not here, my parents might hear us, or come in, and catch us.”

I felt like I was a high school kid again making out with his first girl friend. I felt so good, I almost asked her to go steady with me!

She let her legs down from around my waist and dropped her feet to the floor. I didn’t want to stop; I wanted more, so I pulled her against me and covered her lips with mine.

She began pumping herself against my cock, as I kissed her deeply darting my tongue into her warm moist mouth. I pulled her against me, by the cheeks of her ass. Her skirt was still bunched up around her waist.

She broke our kiss, looked at me and whispered,” I need you, I’m so horny. I can’t stand it…” She shuttered, as I slid my hand down inside the front of her soaked panties and covered her warm wet pussy.

She didn’t resist, as I ran my middle finger between the puffy lips of her pussy. As I played her little pink pearl; she clung to me, breathing hard. She gasped when she felt my middle finger, slid into her snug little box.

She was so tight I could hardly get my finger into her soft moist hole. I bit her ear lobe, and finger fucked her, while I rubbed my thumb across her clit.

“Oh God Carl, you’re making me feel so good, Please don’t stop, I’m going to cum, Oh that’s it, right there baby, I’m cumin.” she moaned,

She went stiff, as she exploded in orgasm, her legs got so weak; I had to hold her up. She was trying to catch her breath as she whispered, “You don’t listen. I told you not to do that, because I’d cum.”

I asked, “Did you like it?” I kissed her before she could answer. She took her mouth off mine, and said,” Yes, Oh God Yes, it felt so good, it was great, and I needed it so bad. But I want your cock in me, I need you to, make love to me; I want you to fuck me, so bad.

Do you really like me? You not just saying that, to get in my pants, are you?”

I said, “Good God Kristi, how many times do I have to tell you that, I really like you; you’re cute, crazy, fun to be with, half nuts, and the sexiest woman I ever met. Beside I chuckled I’ve already got my hand in your pants.”

She kissed me again, stuck her tongue in my mouth as I started bahis şirketleri to play with her love button some more. She put her little hand over mine, and pressed it tightly against her cunt and said,” Stop it you’re driving me nuts.”

Kristi, grinned, and looked down at my cock. She grabbed it, and gave it a squeeze. I was about ready to cum in my pants,” Again.”

She, giggled, as she said, “I can’t have you walking around the house with a Big Boner like that! What will my Mother and Father think?”

I said,” I don’t care I’ll tell them, your daughter is a COCK TEASE and I want to fuck the shit out of their daughter!”

Then she busted out laughing and winked at me with an evil grin and said, “You’re freaking nuts, but I just can’t leave you like that, can I?” I realized she was herself again. I rubbed my hands over her cheeks, brushed her hair back, and I gently kissed her.

I really wanted to throw her on the floor, yank off her panties, and fuck the shit out of her right there in the hall closet, but instead I grinned and asked, “Oh yeah what are you going to do about it?”

Kristi dropped to her knees, looked up at me, licked her lips, blew me a kiss, pulled down my zipper, reached in side my pants and under shorts, grabbed my cock and mumbled. “It’s so big and hard, do you want me to suck it?”

“Oh Shit Kristi,” I groaned.” I need you to please do it. I’m so horny, I can’t stand it.”

She pulled out my cock, stared at it, put her other hand inside my shorts and scooped out my balls. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes, stuck out her tongue, flicked it across the tip of my hard throbbing cock, and ran her tongue around the head a couple of times.

I shuttered, and gasped, as my whole body started to shake. I held her head in my hands, and moaned,” Suck it, please suck it. Please make me cum, jerk me off, just do something, to get me off.” I was insane with desire and lust.

Instead she lapped my nuts with her soft tongue. Then she sucked on one of my balls. I could feel all my pended passion building up in my nuts. I wanted her so bad, and for so long. I knew I was going to explode any minute.

She licked me from base to tip, while she looked me in the eyes, she opened her mouth. While I looked into her big blue teasing eyes; I tried to push my cock into her mouth; she just giggled and said,” Tell me what you want?”

I pleaded,” I can’t stand it, Suck it, I need to cum.”

Kristi, wrapped one hand around the shaft of my cock and cupped my balls with her other hand. She nipped the head gently, flicked it some more with her tongue and then drooled on it making it wetter. She opened her mouth wider and eased it over the head of my cock.

She rolled her tongue around the head a few more times. Causing me to jerk wildly; I tried to shove my dick further into her warm wet mouth.

Finally she slipped her mouth down the length of my penis and sucked, making slurping sounds as she swallowed her saliva.

“Ooooh Yesss!” I groaned,” That’s it Kristi. Oh Baby, suck it, suck it harder honey!”

She pulled her mouth, off my throbbing cock, rolled her tongue around the head of my dick. Kristi looked up me with her big beautiful blue eyes, her lips and chin was wet with drool and she asked,” Does that feel good? Do you want me to stop?”

Then she giggled, closed her eyes, and took me back into her warm wet mouth, and started sucking harder as she bobbed her head faster up and down on my cock.

I moaned,” Oh Fuck Kristi Honey, I’m cumin.” My whole body started vibrating and jerking wildly, without realizing it. I pulled her head towards my groin, as I jerked my hips forward driving my cock down her throat just as I shot my load.

She gagged, gulped and swallowed ever last drop of cum. She pulled her mouth off my dick making a popping sound she looked at me, smiled giggled and hummed, “Yum Yum Carl’s salty cum is mmm mmm good.”

Then she asked,” will that hold you until later on? I want your cock in me. I need your cock in me.”

I put my cock back into my pants and sat down on the floor beside her, trying to catch my breath. I put my arm around her, and kissed her on the cheek, and said,

” You’re a freaking nut case, and a ball breaker.” She laughed and said, “But you love it.”

Give me a couple of hours to recuperate, and then I want to be in you, so we can be as one, if you know what I mean! And where the hell, did you learn to suck cock like that?”

She grinned and laughed as she and said,” I’ve seen porn on the internet, and I’m not dead, you know.” She phased for a moment and looked like she was thinking and said,” You want to be one with me?”

I don’t know what the hell happen. She turned towards me wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me. What the fuck, I though and kissed her back, so what if my cock was just in her mouth.

Kristi stood up, pulled down her skirt, and said,” We have to get out of here. You need to meet my Mother and it’s almost time to eat” We dragged ourselves out of the closet. Found a bathroom and freshened up.

End of part two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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