The Business Trip

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Her: The airplane ride was a long one and I had run out of in-flight magazines to read. The thought of doing work did not appeal to me at that moment, so I took out my novel, which was carefully concealed behind a magazine from the seat pocket in front of me. I was a little embarrassed at the thought of being caught reading a romance story, particularly a steamy one like this. One of my coworkers was beside me in the row of seats. Poor guy, he must have gotten the short straw. My boss brought four others, all men, and me to this conference and I certainly felt out of place. Not that I minded sitting by him, since he was most certainly a handsome companion, but he was clearly uncomfortable with me as his seatmate. I decided to chance discovery and read, in order to spare him the painful efforts of small talk.

The story was moving along and I was soon lost in the fantasy world painted by the author. Hmmm, this was a good one. The sex scenes made my heart quicken and my breathing deepened. I looked out the window and played the scene again in my mind, imagining myself in it. I must have sighed, because my companion turned and asked if I was all right. I told him I was fine, hoping I was not blushing, and laid my head back and closed my eyes to avoid his gaze.

What must have been sometime later, I awoke to lunch service. I sat up and gathered myself, preparing for the meal when I noticed my novel, closed and sitting in the bag at my feet. Funny, I did not remember placing it there. Nevertheless, I was relieved to see it safely tucked out of the sight of others. I was a businesswoman, with an image to maintain. If people knew about my fantasy world, they might think less of me.

Him: I managed to get the seat next to her. I was hoping that on the trip, I might get the opportunity to break the ice. This is something I had been dying to do, but never quite had enough time or privacy at the office. I was not very successful in my attempts this time either. She retreated into a book at her first opportunity and I was left to turn and visit with the other staff members on the trip. I heard something to my right, a soft gasp of pleasure, and turned in time to see the color flood her cheeks. The subconscious rubbing of her hands told me that she was aroused. Oh, how I wanted that to be for me. I knew I had to get a look at that book, and not too long after that I had my opportunity. She slept quietly and I quickly read the pages she was mesmerized by. I should have felt guilty but after reading the contents, knew that I did not have to – she would be pleased in the end. I spent the rest of the trip hatching a plan.

Her: I was relieved when we finally arrived at the hotel. My companion checked us all in and then handed out keys. Room 602. It was time for a hot shower and a nap before the formal reception tonight. My room was spacious and well appointed. Business traveling, while exhausting, has its perks. I stretched out on the bed and turned on the TV for some early news. A soft knock on the door drew my attention to an envelope that was sliding beneath it. I looked to see who had placed the envelope there but the hallway was empty by the time I reached the door.

Inside the envelope was a note.

I know what you need. You need a man who knows how to satisfy your every need. You need to experience erotic sensations. You need to be caressed and taken like you are owned. You need a master who can play you like a fine instrument and not give up until you scream with pleasure. I am that man.

Tell me you are ready to experience the joy of complete surrender. Wear your hair up tonight and put this pin in it. If I do not see it, you will never know who I am. Wear it and you will never regret it.

I was stunned. Who did this come from? There were 5 possibilities and none of them had given any hint that they were interested. I turned over everything in my mind a hundred times but the author remained a complete mystery. I wanted it to be from him…secretly, and I began to dwell on the possibility.

Him: It was a calculated risk. I might wind up with a sexual harassment suit. Especially when she figures out that I arranged for adjoining rooms. Somehow, I did not think so, though. I saw the arousal and knew the cause. Now was the time for her to contemplate a liaison, a time to let her curiosity drive her into my bed. I headed off to the store. I had plans for success, not failure.

Her:I paced the room. How dare he. I paced again. I wonder canlı bahis who it is. Pacing. This is a sexy approach. Pacing. How dare he. Pacing. Who? I have to know. Pacing. All right, I will play the game…. I dressed for the reception. In my mind I practiced telling him off and then I contemplated being seduced by him. This was a crazy game and I was completely enthralled with it. I put my hair up with the delicate filigree clip. At least, whoever it is, has good taste.

I arrived a few minutes late, so the rest of the group was already seated. They rose to greet me and I looked around the table to see if anyone took note of the pin. Nothing. HMMM. Dinner was an ordeal. I sat there feeling vulnerable and exposed to someone, but I could not figure out to whom. I kicked myself a dozen times, imagining myself the butt of a horrible joke. Pretending that I was not in turmoil was nearly impossible, so I lapsed into silence. I made the decision to retreat to my room as soon as possible, however, the band was playing, and the speakers were yet to come, so I had to wait.

Him:I knew she would be unable to resist the message. I had a positively delicious time watching her squirm. She was not usually off guard and I almost started to feel sorry for her. I needed her to feel vulnerable, however, so in the end, I just enjoyed it. Iwould have to make a move before she chickened out, though. After the speakers, the band began to play dance music once again. I could tell she was preparing to leave as she was bidding goodnight to our boss, so I swept in behind her and guided her to the dance floor before she had time to protest.

“I am pleased to see you wear that pin,” I said as I pulled her close to me. Her eyes flickered with surprise.

“You” was all she could manage. She did not show either pleasure or disappointment with the revelation.

“Yes, me. Are you disappointed?” She shook her head and smiled slightly.

“I…” I put my finger to her lips.

“Let’s talk upstairs. We have adjoining rooms. Go to yours and unlock the door, okay?”

She paused, taking in the new revelation, then nodded.

Her:He went the entire night without the slightest hint that it was he. I thought I would die of embarrassment. Everyone must have known I was being made a fool of. Were they having a joke at my expense? I was determined to not show a hint of emotion, but I am not sure I succeeded. At the last minute, he revealed himself and I had a curious mix of emotions…anger that he was so forward and made me wait so long to find out who it was….relief that it was him. I wanted it to be him and I was intrigued by his approach and wanted to know more.

I gracefully exited and returned to my room where I waited. The butterflies floated in my stomach as I undid the latch to the room next door. I took the pin out of my hair and put it in the center of the table like a gauntlet. My shoes were off and my hair down. I was ready to give him an earful.

Him:I did not wait long because I wanted to keep her off balance. She was one of those people who could dig her heels in, and if that happened, I would loose. I stood at the door and worked up the nerve. I had a bottle of wine and two glasses in my left hand. The right pulled my door open… Now hers. It was unlocked, a good sign. I entered her room and immediately caught sight of her standing with her hair down around her face, her eyes glinting with anger and excitement. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of her in a bedroom and I caught myself before my imagination took off on all the things I wanted to do to her. She started to speak but once again but I cut her off.

“Shhh, don’t say anything” I walked over to her with purpose and determination and she stood silent as I set down my offering.

“Give me your hand.” I said reaching out to her. She looked at it for a moment and then slid hers into mine.

“Did you know that when you become aroused, you rub your palms?” I looked at her, drawing her gaze to my eyes.

“What makes you think…” she started. “That I can come in here and just take you to bed?” I finished. She nodded.

“I don’t think that. I think you are a more complex woman than that. What I do know is that you hide the passionate woman that you are, and I am the man to bring it out. Let me show you.” I pulled her close to me and kissed her. I gave it everything I had and, thankfully, she responded by leaning into me. I was trying to arouse her, but it was me who had bahis siteleri to struggle to regain composure. We were both breathless when I finally relented my assault on her soft lips.

“By the end of the night you will want me to take you. Come, sit down and share this wine with me.” I whispered in her ear as I caressed it with my breath. She was unwilling or unable to move, so I guided her to the loveseat.

For a brief moment, I thought perhaps I had overplayed my hand. The range of emotions that crossed her face was fascinating and told me a great deal about the map of her heart.

Her:As I sat down and tried to regain my composure, I noticed that my palms were itching and I began to rub them…. and then caught myself. What had he said? I rub them when I am aroused? How did he know? I was still reeling from his kiss, it had sent electricity straight through me, and I was left without ant reasoning ability.

We talked for a while, light talk about our past, our goals and our passions…. We had so much in common, a love of books and water and a love of dining, among other things. My initial caution was erased and he could see my relaxed mood. The conversation deepened to more personal topics and it was not too much later that he brought up my reading material (I blushed at the thought) confessing that he read it. He asked me if I would like to act upon the scene, the one that had sent me into dreamland on the plane. The truth was, I was dying to and, to my surprise, I admitted it… and much more. The wine had lowered my inhibitions and I found myself discussing things I had never shared before.

When he rose to leave, I was sure that I did not want him to go…..but I could not ask him to stay. I stood up and nervously put my hands together. I was doing it again….wasn’t I? I quickly hid them behind my back, but it was too late. He had seen the motion and responded with a deep penetrating gaze that made me feel as if I was standing there naked. “Say it”….he whispered as he stepped forward and gathered me into his arms. I could not protest, only surrender. My desire surged like a tidal wave “please stay” I managed just before his mouth moved down to claim mine.

I know he must have enjoyed the victory, but I was too overwhelmed to care. I relaxed as his tongue traced my lips and plunged into my waiting mouth. I moaned softly as his hands combed upward through my hair and gently pulled to reveal the soft part of my neck to his soft caresses. I tensed up momentarily when I felt the zipper on the back of my dress move downward. Then abruptly he stepped away. “Undress for me,” he commanded softly in a voice that melted my resistance so quickly that I half wondered if I was really a tramp at heart.

My hands moved as if they had a mind of their own, wrapping around each shoulder of my dress. I released the material and it fell at a pool around my feet. His eyebrows arched with surprise when it became obvious that I wore nothing else. The side of his mouth pulled up in a half-grin and a wondered what he was thinking. “Turn around” he spoke almost to abruptly. I obeyed with trepidation. Taking the hair pin from the table he swept up a lock of my hair fastening it securely, then placed his hands on my shoulders and leaned down to speak in my ear “you needn’t be completely naked…this will suffice.” I was defeated and we both knew it.

Him:I had imagined it for months, but seeing her naked for real was better than I imagined. She looked so vulnerable and she had made herself that way for me. I ran my thumbs down the back of her neck, curving my fingers around to massage her throat. She stood there moving with my touch in a position of complete surrender. I could barely contain the grin, which, thankfully, she could not see. My hands drifted down across her breasts and as my fingers found her nipples she leaned back against me allowing a soft moan to escape, one like I had heard on the plane. I instantly began to harden and I pressed my cock against her buttocks. She wiggled against me and laid her head back on my shoulder. I massaged her breasts, alternating between firm and light. Her nipples pressed into my hands and I grabbed them and pinched. She gasped. Moving my other hand down, I slid between her folds to discover her wetness.

I turned her around…I had waited so long to do this…she would not soon forget that she had been had by me. My mouth came down over hers in a punishing kiss. I pressed against her lips, forcing bahis şirketleri her mouth open and my tongue into every recess.

Her:It was a secret thrill to be naked and pressed against a fully clothed man. I loved being the object of desire and I was prepared to meet him in his passion.I turned my head a little and kissed back, hard and long…my tongue dancing with his. He pulled away first and dropped his head to my breast. Catching my erect nipple between his teeth, he tugged. I arched my back exposing myself to his mouth and my hips pressed in against his cock, which I needed to feel in my hands. I began to undress him and he paused long enough to slip out of his shirt while I undid his belt. He stepped out of his pants to reveal his full erection and I took in the sight, reaching to feel him.

Moments later, I found myself across the bed, with him suspended above me. “Lay back and enjoy,” he whispered.

Him: I returned to kissing her breasts, which hardened further under my tongue. I licked and kissed and nibbled my way down to her naval into which I shoved my tongue. She jumped and giggled as I explored this ticklish spot.

Slowly, I worked my way down to her waiting pussy. Once there, I spread her apart and lowered my mouth to her nub. I could smell her arousal and wanted to feel her pussy grip my tongue, my fingers, and my cock as I claimed her. She arched with pleasure, moaning softly, her breathing shallow and quick. I pressed two fingers into her and began to move them in and out while my tongue encircled her clit. I could feel the orgasm beginning to mount as she tightened around my fingers. Her hips bucked against me as she released a deep sigh of pleasure. Her juices flowed between my fingers as I slowly removed them to rub the outside all the way down to her ass. She jumped as I pressed against the opening and shook her head. “Just relax,” I whispered. “I won’t violate you there. Just enjoy the touch.” She nodded and closed her eyes, her face glowing from the arousal as he touched her everywhere.

Her:He took his time bringing me to orgasm again and then again, each one becoming stronger, as he continued unrelenting in his assault on my pussy. My moans became louder and deeper with each one. Finally, I could take no more, I needed him inside of me, I needed to be filled with his manhood. I lifted myself up and told him to let me taste him. He positioned himself above me so that his cock was directly above my mouth.

I reached up and pulled his shaft into my mouth, taking as much of it as I could. His sharp intake of breath conveyed his pleasure, and I so I wanted to please him. I cupped his balls gently in one hand while my other reached around and fondled his butt and the opening found there. I flicked my tongue along the ridge of his cock and traced hi pulse with my tongue. I was enjoying the taste and responsiveness of him when, suddenly, he grabbed my hands and pulled away. “I don’t want to come yet,” he said. Moments later he relaxed and allowed me to continue. I was gentler this time, not wanting to loose this aspect of our encounter.

He pulled away soon enough and sat back, reaching for my legs, which he positioned on either side of him. He pulled me down the bed to him and I could see his shaft, engorged. His fingers pressed inside of me, checking to see if I was ready. He leaned forward and entered me with a single stroke. I gasped as he filled me, finally completing that need, that hunger that had been building inside of me. It that moment, I felt complete. His motion was exquisite and I ran my hands over his taunt muscles as he rode in and out of me. I pulled my legs up to get as much of him into me as possible, and met his motion with my own. I could feel the tension mounting again and I closed my eyes as I rode the wave of pleasure coursing through me. We climaxed together as he slammed into me with a force matched by my own. He held me against him as he emptied and then finally he moved slightly holding me on his shaft as he came down beside me. We lay in each other’s arms, unwilling and unable to separate, our breath slowing together. He kissed me, and whispered “I have imagined that for a long time and it was everything I thought it would be.”

“I guess we will have to talk about how to keep this relationship secret,” he said. I was overwhelmed with insecurity at that moment. Was this a one- night stand for him? “Because I intend to have many more nights like this one, and days, too” he added after seeing my stricken expression. I responded by kissing him and then snuggling into his arms for sleep. “Let’s talk tomorrow,” I murmured, already on my way to dream world…completely satisfied.

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