The Enchantress

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(to the one who will haunt my dreams for eternity)

There she stood, the wind twisting her hair madly. Making her the layers of her dress dance wildly around her. Her arms were held out wide away from her body, welcoming the elements. The waves below crashed, pounding the rocks below in a hypnotic rhythm.

It was by the light of the full moon that he spied on her again. His lady enchantress, the vision of beauty from the dreams. Exotic, sensual dreams that for the past two months had been draining the life from him. He kneeled behind the trees, peeking through the lower branches so that he would not startle her. His eyes wide with wonder as he watched her release the powers she held so deeply inside.

The chill ran up her spine, she felt the presence of another there with her. She quickly finished, closing the circle and lowered her arms to her side. He stood and turned to run. “Stop!” she yelled as she whirled around to face him. “I know that you have been watching, come out now and stand before me.”

Her eyes locked with his as he stepped out into the moonlight. She looked amazing, her hair wild, dancing around her face. He felt as if he could not move, he just stood there staring at her. She wore a long burgundy colored dress and her waist was cinched tight in a black corset.

Kneeling before the place where the circle had been, she reached to it’s center and retrieved her dagger. She lifted the edge of her dress, revealing a black leather strap that was bound tightly to her thigh. She tucked the gold blade of the dagger into the sheath that rested against the inside of her thigh. Watching her every movement, he let a smile soften his lips. How he wished that he could be that dagger nestled between her thighs. To feel the softness of her skin, feel the heat of her against him.

He stepped forward and gave her his hand, ” M’lady, I must apologize for behaving in this manner.” She took his hand and canlı bahis pulled herself up and looked into his deep blue eyes. Smiling, she whispers,” Aye, my sweet. But ’tis I that should apologize, for I am the one that brought you here.” Wrapping her arms around him tightly, she trails her tongue across his jaw. Kissing him deep as a soft moan comes from her lips.

“I have waited so long for this m’lady, I want you badly, I can no longer bear the dreams I have nightly.” He scoops her up quickly and heads in the direction of her cottage, his lips never leaving hers for a moment. Reaching the door, he kicks it open and carries her over to lay her down if front of the fireplace. The fire still burns softly, casting an angelic glow upon her face. Kneeling before her, he lets his hand slide up under her dress. He pulls at the buckle of the leather strap and removes it from her. He lets his hand wander higher finding the soft delicate petals of her sex. She brings herself forward and throws her arms around him as he lets a finger dip into her wetness. He kisses her hard, letting his tongue dip into her sweet mouth. Tasting the mixture of chamomile and berries, as his tongue dances with hers. Bringing his finger to his lips and tasting her sweetness. He shakes the dagger from it’s sheath and stands, never breaking their kiss, pulling her up with him. He turns her around and slides the dagger up under the laces of her corset. In one fluid stroke he cuts it away from her, letting it fall to the floor.

As he lifts the back of her dress he kneels, tosses the dagger away and begins to knead her buttocks. Kissing them and nipping her delicate skin. He turns her around and nestles his head between her thighs. She gasps as he parts her and probes her with his tongue. She unties the back of her dress and lifts it over her head, dropping it on the floor next to her. Her hands find his hair and she pushes him hard against her as he nibbles bahis siteleri on her. Moaning deeply as her knees go weak and she feels the waves of ecstasy hit her hard. She pushes him away and drops to her knees, breathing heavily.

She reaches for the belt of his pants and he grabs her wrists shaking his head, ” No m’love, tonight is for me.” He smiles and leans her back to lay her down, grabbing the leather strap. He stretches her arms high above her head and winds the strap around her wrists, tying her to the leg of the chair. As he finishes he smiles devilishly and kisses her. He trails his tongue over her neck to her ear and gently nibbles, then continues with his kisses down her neck, each getting harder until finally he is biting her. He moves to the other side of her neck and lets his teeth graze her skin, he sucks the skin in between his teeth and bites her hard. She screams and he places his hand over her mouth, she tugs and wiggles trying to free her hands as he drinks from her. Finally she gives in to the ecstasy and he removes his hand as he lets go of his bite, whispering to her, “No worries love, ’twas just a taste.”

She can see the flash of excitement in his eyes as he cups her breasts with his hands. Bringing his mouth down over one nipple as he pinches the other. Licking and teasing her nipple to a hard peak as she moans. Biting her nipple hard as she squeals in delight. He moves his hand down to her mound, penetrating her with two fingers, pushing them deep inside of her. Her hips bucking against his hand as he moves his tongue down her hip, scraping his sharp teeth over her hip, biting her again. She writhes and moans, once again trying to free her hands.

He stands, moves to the chair opposite of her and sits, slowly he begins to remove his boots. Tilting his head slightly he looks at her,” M’lady you are lovely, I want you badly love. Do you want me?” She nods as he stands letting his pants bahis şirketleri drop, kicking them away. He straddles her as she wiggles, pulling at the strap around her wrists. She looks down at his hard arousal, then brings her eyes to his, softly smiling. He leans to her and whispers in her ear,” How bad do you want me?” He smiles, moves to position himself over her chest and begins rubbing the tip of his arousal over her lips. She flicks her tongue over the tip and eases her lips over him. Using her tongue to caress him as he thrusts into her mouth, she moans. He arches his back as he moans, feeling the warmth of her mouth sliding over him. His thrusts becoming deeper as he holds her head, her tongue flicking over the tip each time he pulls out of her mouth. He moans deeply as his body tightens and he pulls away from her, climbing off of her and kissing her passionately.

He kneels in front of her and spreads her legs wide, looking at her glistening, wet and ready for him. He pushes her legs up, holding her spread open, and plunges deep into her as she screams. He lifts one leg up over his shoulder and thrusts hard into her as he moans, his body tightening. He lets her leg fall to his side as he thrusts deeper and harder, leaning in and kissing her neck. He flicks his tongue over the wound from the first bite and then licks his lips. She arches against him as she begins to tremble as he thrusts hard, her head tips to the side exposing more of her neck. She screams as he punctures her again, wave after wave of pain mixing with pleasure hitting her hard. He drinks greedily from her and shudders as he empties himself into her. She is soaring from the explosion inside of her, he holds her there in eternity with him. He lets go of his bite and kisses her deeply, she tastes the sweetness of her life on his lips.

As they come down from their high, he collapses on top of her, their breathing and heartbeats matching in rhythm. He whispers to her,” I love you M’lady.” She smiles, “And I love you, m’lord.”

He slides off of her and releases her hands, pulling her close to him. She rests her head upon his chest as they drift off to sleep.

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