The Erotic Tales of Chris and Bettie Pt. 02

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Chris and Bettie decided to play “hooky” from work one day. Bettie had been hearing about a really hot scene in the movie “Crank” that involved some really risque, kinky sex and was interested in seeing it. Chris rented the movie and invited Bettie to come spend the day in bed with him while they watched and played.

He picked her up early in the morning and brought her back to his place. They climbed into bed and started the movie. Bettie snuggled up close as they began to watch. The movie started and Chris began running his hands all over Bettie’s sensitive body as she lay against him watching the film.

As they watched, Chris could tell that Bettie was becoming aroused. Shivers began coursing up her spine. She began to squirm at his touch. He soon lost interest in the movie, and began using his lips and tongue on Bettie’s neck, eliciting groans of pleasure from her lips. He slowly began undressing her. First her shirt was eased off. He kissed his way up and down her delicate torso, stopping to suck her breasts and erect nipples. He dragged his tongue across her firm belly, nibbling along the way. Her hands clasped his head, holding him to her as she gasped with each gentle bite.

Working his way back up, he latched his mouth to her neck, working his tongue up the side to her ear. She groaned aloud as he caught her lobe between his teeth and flicked his tongue across it. His hands roamed freely, delicately tickling her. He grasped her breasts, gently twisting her nipples between his fingertips as they kissed.

He directed Bettie to lay on her stomach as he began work his way down her back. Lying atop her, he enfolded her in his arms as his teeth clamped onto her shoulder. His fingers traced delicate lines down her sides, across her sensitive ribs. Her body convulsed in pleasure at his touch. Chris began to drag his stubbly chin up and down across her back. She squirmed in pleasure as his facial hair brushed across her flesh. He alternated between licking and kissing his way across her back, then using his beard to brush across her sensitive skin.

The movie forgotten, he began to lower the waistband of the sweatpants she was wearing, exposing her panties. He pulled her waistband down, canlı bahis şirketleri exposing her beautiful round ass and latched his mouth to the exposed flesh. Her ass clenched as he gently bit her perfect globes, dragging his tongue lightly across them. He continued to lightly drag his fingertips up and down her back and sides as he used his mouth to explore her buttocks and hips. Bettie was gasping in pleasure as her engines were revving up.

Bettie raised her hips up from the bed, and Chris worked her sweatpants down her long, lean legs. She was now only wearing a pair of petite panties. He paused to marvel at how gorgeous she was. Her dark skin stood out in stark contrast to how pale he was. Her body was practically hairless while he was quite hirsute. His eyes feasted on the sight of her on his bed, her ass up in the air beckoning him….

He climbed behind her and began to run his tongue across her ass cheeks once more. His fingers found the waistband of her panties and began working them down her legs. As he removed them, his fingers found their way between her legs, gently brushing across the opening of her moist slit. He could smell how excited she was becoming, he could feel how wet she had become. He knew she was ready to fuck, yet he was not done teasing her…

With his fingers dragging slowly up and down across her vaginal opening, teasing her clit, he slowly began licking the crack of her ass. She groaned loudly as his tongue drew closer and closer to her puckered anus. He ran his tongue nearer with each pass, continuing to tease her clit with his fingers. Then he ran his tongue right across the sensitive bud, causing her to exclaim loudly, “OH FUCK!”

Chris grabbed hold of Bettie’s buttocks as he worked his tongue up and down across her sensitive asshole, pressing slightly into it with the tip. Bettie squirmed on the bed, crying out loudly as his tongue invaded her most private orifice. He lowered one of his hands and began to gently work first one finger, then a second, into her dripping pussy. She began thrusting her hips back against his digits as they penetrated her deeper. As she continued thrashing, Chris stopped his oral assault on her rectum and focused on driving his fingers canlı kaçak iddaa in and out of her cunt. Bettie soon shuddered in orgasm, collapsing forward onto the bed.

Chris quickly made his way to the bathroom to rinse off his hands and mouth. He returned to find Bettie still lying face down on the bed, panting heavily. He crawled into bed, positioning himself in front of her. She reached up and took hold of his thick cock, gently stroking it up and down. After a few moments, she moved forward to take him into her mouth. She took just the head between her lips, swirling her tongue around the head. Chris’ hand gently grasped the back of Bettie’s head, encouraging her to continue.

As Bettie began sucking more and more of his length into her mouth, he looked up into the bureau mirror, which gave him a perfect view between her spread legs to see her dripping wet pussy. Chris stared hungrily at the reflection as her lips and tongue caressed his organ. She began to become more animated in her service, and he continued to watch in awe as her hips swayed back and forth. Unable to take anymore, Chris stopped her. She looked up at him quizzically as he moved around to the other side of the bed and positioned himself behind her. He pressed his hard cock to her damp entrance and slowly worked his cock up and down against her moist slit. She propped herself up on her elbows as he thrust into her.

“Aaaah!” she exclaimed as he bottomed out inside her. After checking to ensure she was comfortable, Chris began slowly easing his cock in and out of her incredibly tight snatch. His hands traveled up and down her back, caressing her. She began whimpering as he gradually increased his pace. She clenched her buttocks together spasmodically as he thrust into her. He leaned forward to begin tonguing her ear as he drove deeper inside her.

Bettie squirmed beneath him, thrusting her hips towards him as best she could. Chris continued fucking in and out of her at a steady pace, savoring the experience. He loved the feel of her firm body and the sensations of having his thick cock in such a tight, wet pussy. He could not recall another lover whose cunt was so velvety smooth as Bettie’s and he only wished he could stay buried canlı kaçak bahis inside her forever.

Bettie lay beneath him groaning in pleasure with each thrust of his hard cock. She was coming in waves, orgasm after orgasm shuddering through her body. All too soon he felt the familiar sensations of his impending orgasm approaching as his testicles began to draw up into his body. He could feel the tingling not only coursing up and down the length of his shaft, but through his entire body from his head to the tip of his toes. He felt his cock grow more rigid, and he quickly withdrew as he came across Bettie’s buttocks and back.

He rolled off of her and they lay side by side, panting. Their hands began exploring each others bodies as they finally returned their attention to the movie he had rented. They watched the movie, not really following the action as they had missed so much of the story. The movie finally reached the scene Bettie had told Chris about, where the lead actor has raunchy public sex with his girlfriend at a crowded bus station.

“That looks like fun,” Bettie mused. “We should try that sometime.”

Chris smiled. He loved how wanton Bettie could be and wondered whether they could ever get away with something like that.

Their hands continued their gentle exploration of each others naked and sweaty bodies. Chris soon found himself becoming aroused again and turned his attention from the film back to Bettie. His hands began to explore with more intent, cupping her ass, twisting her nipples, brushing across her still drenched pussy. Bettie’s hands fondled his balls, causing him to grow erect. Discovering this, she began to gently stroke him as his hands were now replaced by his mouth.

He laid her on her back and began sucking her nipples in earnest while cupping her breasts with his hands, pulling and twisting her nipples with his fingers. He dragged his tongue all over her torso. He pinned her hands above her head and orally assaulted her armpits. “OH SHIT!” she cried as his tongue slowly dragged across her sensitive flesh.

With her positioned on her back and her arms pinned above her head, Chris positioned himself above her and spread her legs. He placed his cock at her entrance once again and thrust into her. He released his hold on her arms and they embraced each other as he began fucking her once again. They kissed passionately as he thrust deep inside her once more.

They never did finish watching the movie….

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