The Forfeit Ch. 6

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The Forfeit, Ch. 6, Valentine Day

Amanda looked again at her left hand, tears coming to her eyes as she remembered Christmas Eve and Will’s lovely proposal. They had been sitting in front of the tree, just holding each other and making Christmas wishes. Amanda’s had been that things would always be this perfect, that they would always love each other so well.

“Nothing else, Darling?” asked Will. “Because I have a heart full of wishes, all of them involving you and our lives together. My first wish, though, is the most important.”

Amanda’s heart skipped a beat as she looked into his beautiful eyes and saw the intensity of his feelings reflected there. “What do you wish for, Love? Is there anything I can do to make your heartwish come true?”

Apparently, that was the question Will had hoped for. He turned to Amanda and rose to his knees. He reached behind a cushion and pulled out a small velvet box, holding it out to her and looking suddenly shy. “I love you, Amanda. You are my world and I don’t know how I existed before you. Please, honor me and become my wife and I will make every day better than the last.”

He opened the box and there, nestled in black velvet, was a ring. The stone was a sparkling pink, the setting intricate. He waited, holding his breath, suddenly unsure of her answer.

He didn’t need to be. As soon as she could speak, Amanda fell into his arms and kissed him, saying over and over, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

He placed the ring on her left hand, explaining that he couldn’t resist it, the stone was the exact shade of her cheeks, the same blushing pink that he loved.

They had spent most of the night making love and making plans, sure they were the two happiest people in the world.

Now, it was less than a week before Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year, and Amanda was on a plane, flying away from Will. It was their first separation. Her mind kept drifting to Christmas Eve and how her entire world had changed. Will was everything she had ever wanted and now they were pledged together. She looked again at the beautiful ring, and thought of all it represented. The tears burned her eyes. She was nearly overcome with the unfairness of it all!

The corporation was involved in a huge merger. Lawyers met for hours in many major cities, working through emails and phone calls, even satellite hookups, trying to get all the details to mesh. But it wasn’t happening. Finally, a conference was set up in a central area, and a member from each firm was selected to attend. By some unhappy fluke, Amanda was the representative from their office.

Sometimes, she looked at herself in the mirror and almost saw a stranger. She used to be so independent. Now, just the thought of missing Valentine’s Day with Will reduced her to tears. The only thing she could do was get to the conference and get this whole thing resolved and then get back home. She missed him already, and it had only been a few hours.

The meetings went smoothly. Everyone seemed anxious to get the negotiations completed. Finally, on Thursday afternoon, everyone agreed on the basic tenets and the contract was signed. Amanda was on the phone immediately, trying to get a plane home that night. She wanted to scream with frustration when the first flight available was Friday afternoon, Valentine’s Day! She returned sadly to her hotel, her lower lip quivering. She called Will and told him the timetable for her arrival, and was a little dismayed to hear him sound, well, not happy, but not sad either. Nothing seemed to be going right!

For his part, Will was delighted. He had planned a Valentine’s gift for Amanda, and the trip couldn’t have come at a better time. In fact, he had spent some quality time in the boss’s office, praising Amanda and her abilities of compromise. He mentioned how perfect she would be for this conference, and strongly suggested she be the associate to attend.

As soon as Amanda boarded her flight, Will flew into action. He called the contractor and set all the plans into motion, knowing he only had five days to get her present finished.

Their home was set on acres of rolling hills. Many of the trees were ancient oaks, huge and gnarled. One in particular had always impressed Will. It was set back, apart, surrounded by plush green grass and fragrant flowers. It was tall and majestic, with thick branches that canlı bahis şirketleri reached for the sky. He loved the tree. When they had first moved into their house, he had hung a lover’s swing from the lower branches, and he and Amanda spent many late afternoons and evenings there, watching the sky change and the sun settle. Here too, he had carved a heart with their initials, and the date of their engagement, something he wanted to share with his children and their children.

He knew the tree was perfect for her gift. The contractor he hired was wonderful. He had workmen out at the tree early each day, the sounds of hammers and saws filling the air. By Thursday night, they had completed the project, and Will hurried home to inspect the finished product. When Amanda called, Will had just arrived home.

“Oh, Will, I can’t come home until tomorrow! First no one would agree on anything, then they finally saw reason and signed the papers. Then the airlines were completely booked with “Lovers Holiday Packages”. Damn lovers! So, now, I can’t get a flight until afternoon, and I won’t be there until nearly dark!”

Will was thrilled that he had a reprieve. There were some final touches that only he could arrange and he needed another day to set everything in motion. He was slightly distracted, and Amanda sensed it. After hanging up the phone, she nearly cried with frustration.

Will was not satisfied with the way the conversation had ended. He quickly called the hotel and asked for Amanda. She sounded so sad when she answered, he was glad he had called her back. He tried to make up for his inattentiveness, asking her questions and listening intently as she talked. This time, when they hung up, both felt more content.

Will went outside to inspect the tree. It was perfect. All he had to do was add the finishing touches and his gift to Amanda would be ready.

He took Friday off and stayed home, happily preparing his surprise. Finally, everything was in place. He had just enough time to shower and dress before he had to leave for the airport. Once there, he stood quietly, holding up a heart-shaped sign, MY LOVELY AMANDA, printed in red paint. She beamed when she saw him, and walked right into his arms. They kissed as if starved for each other, their bodies molding together as they reunited.

Finally, they collected her luggage and found the car. Driving home, Amanda sat near Will, telling him all the tiny tidbits that made the week so frustrating. She spoke proudly of her part in the negotiations and Will was glad he had recommended her for the trip. At home, they drove up the long drive, parking at the front door. Even in February, the weather was balmy and warm, the breeze soft and filled with sweet floral scents. Will helped Amanda out of the car, carrying her bags inside and upstairs. In the bedroom, he had candles lit and music playing. He went into the bathroom, filling the tub with warm, fragrant water, lighting candles there too. He helped her undress, helped her settle into the tub, then washed her tenderly and lovingly. He kissed her softly on her cheeks and eyes, rubbing his lips against hers invitingly.

Amanda waited for him to move on, to begin to make love to her and make her whole again. But he was very restrained. When he had bathed her body, he assisted her from the tub, wrapping her in a thick towel, walking with her into the bedroom. On the bed, wrapped in shiny paper, was a box with her name on it. She sat on the chaise, taking the package onto her lap, opening it slowly. It was their first Valentine’s Day, and like all firsts, very special to her. She wanted to savor it.

Inside the box was a beautiful teddy. It was a pale pink, gossamer, delicate. The stitching was finely done, the details perfectly executed. She stood, dropping the towel, looking like a Dresden doll, all pink and white and exquisite. Will was mesmerized.

“Shall I wear it tonight, Love?” she asked. Even as she spoke, she slipped the sheer fabric up her legs, smoothing the garment over her flesh, until she was modeling her lovely gift for Will. Her nipples were tight and pink against the bodice, her blonde curlies pressed against the crotch. Her skin glowed. Her cheeks were the delicate rose that Will admired so much. She was so beautiful, so desirable. And she was his.

He stepped toward her, taking her chin in his fingers, looking canlı kaçak iddaa into her sky-blue eyes, losing himself in them. He kissed her mouth, feeling himself melting into her. She moved closer, snuggling against him, nearly making him forget his plan. They were young and in love and had been separated for days, after all. But he forced himself to concentrate on this evening. He pulled away, taking her hand and leading her from the bedroom. As they passed through the kitchen, she looked around. She could smell delicious aromas and expected to see a finely-set table, but everything was clean and empty. It was so odd.

Out through the back door they walked and down the path into the back yard. Amanda was so totally puzzled. It was dark, not even stars or the moon to light their way. Will seemed to know exactly where he was going and carefully guided her. Then they stopped. Will turned to Amanda and kissed her again. They stood in near blackness, their lips meeting, all her senses heightened. Suddenly, even with her eyes closed, she was aware of lights, shining brightly. With one last kiss on her nose, Will turned Amanda around.

There was his Valentine’s present to her. The huge oak tree with its massive spreading branches was totally lit with fairy lights. Most were tiny and white, but interspersed were lit red hearts, circling the tree, entwined on all the branches, making the tree glow in the darkness. It was beautiful. It was enough. But there was more. He led her to the side of the tree, to a chair fashioned of wood and soft pillows. He settled her there. Touching a switch, he sat beside her as they were elevated into the actual tree! When the whirring stopped, they were seated before a deck of stained wood, which ran around the tree. He had built a tree house for her! She stepped forward, unable to grasp the beauty of it all. There was a sturdy railing running around the deck, lights and music. As she stepped forward, she saw the delicious meal she had only guessed at, set up on a picnic table made of hewn wood, sanded to a soft sheen. Champagne sat in an ice bucket, crystal stood ready to be filled. Past the table and the feast, there was more. On this side of the tree, he had created a beautiful bower, filled with soft down comforters and pillows, a nest for lovers to share. She was speechless. It was so incredible.

Will filled glasses with the bubbly champagne and offered her one. He stood before her, looking into her eyes, and smiled. “You are my life, you are my heart. I built this for us, our own little hideaway from the world, a place to just be us, together, forever. Happy Valentine’s Day, Darling.”

Amanda was overcome. She had so much love for Will. It was spilling from her heart, making her ache. She stepped forward, her mouth full of champagne, and kissed him. As he entered her, he felt the tiny bubbles surrounding his tongue, tingling and tickling him. He drank from her. He pulled her close and felt her soft body against his, inciting him. They placed their glasses on the table and moved to the nest, not able to wait longer to share their love.

Slowly, teasingly, Amanda began undressing Will. Her tiny fingers moved with skill as she opened his shirt, her mouth hungrily licking and nibbling his chest. She moved slowly to his nipple, taking it into her warm mouth, pulling it deep. She loved the moans he made when she touched him, the way his body swayed toward hers, the way his cock throbbed against her. Her hands moved into his open shirt, finding his smooth, firm flesh and massaging it. Her mouth continued its quest, moving down his chest to his taut abdomen. Her fingers busily opened his belt, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his fly. She reached into the opening, finding his erect cock and circling it with her warm palm. Again, he moaned. She lowered herself to her knees, her mouth seeking his manhood. Hungrily, she covered the velvety head with her warmth, gently pulling him deeper, teasing him with her wandering tongue. Without a word, she reached out her hand and Will knew what she wanted. He handed her the champagne and she stopped adoring his cock long enough to fill her mouth. Again, she moved her lips to the dripping head. She pulled him back inside, bathing his cock in dancing bubbles, the sensation incredibly erotic.

As much as he loved this, Will wanted tonight to be about both of them. He wanted to plunge canlı kaçak bahis into her, make love to her, feel her hot pussy wrapped around him. So he reluctantly pushed her head away, pulling her to her feet. They kissed, their bodies fitting together with perfection. Then he settled into the nest, naked and hungry for her.

Amanda stood before him, still dressed in the nearly transparent teddy, the fairy lights highlighting her beauty. The music swirled through her head, her hips began to move in time. She danced for him. She looked directly at him, and danced seductively for her lover. Her hips swayed, her arms floated in the air, her feet moved slowly. The night was warm, but her nipples were hard with need and anticipation. She ran her hands over her body, cupping her breasts, pinching her pink nipples until they ached with desire. She slid down her own body, tracing all her soft curves. When her fingers reached her pussy, her eyes closed and Will cried out. He needed to be touching her, making love to her. She stepped toward him, standing nearly over him. His mouth closed on her mound, his teeth finding the snaps and pulling them open. She crouched over his face, her curls brushing his lips and cheeks. He buried his face in her, his hands grasping her hips and pulling her even closer. His tongue went wild, searching, sucking, probing. Amanda could feel the orgasm building. Her thighs began to lock around his face, blocking all the light. All he could see or smell or taste was Amanda’s beautiful pinkness. He ate as a starving man, licking and thrusting. He knew she was getting close and he wanted to taste her sweetness as it ran from her. His hands were under the teddy, pushing it up to her waist, giving him access to her sweet ass and her tender flesh. His mouth continued its quest, as he felt her tighten and still. Then came the cry of a woman satisfied. She screamed out his name in the quiet night, followed by gutteral moans and whimpers. He held her hips now, to support her. As her spasms slowed, her body turned liquid and she began to sink slowly into the nest.

With her lying beside him, his mouth continued to pleasure her. He pulled off the teddy, opening the tiny buttons and pushing aside the fragile fabric. He sat beside her, admiring her magnificent nakedness, the fairy lights making her glow even more. He buried his wet face between her breasts, nuzzling there, kissing and stroking the smooth skin. He kissed his way up the sloping flesh, capturing her throbbing nipple with his lips and teeth. She moaned aloud, no longer in control in any way. Her back arched and she thrust her needy nipple into his mouth, her hand caressing the back of his head, holding him close. She loved the feel of his mouth on her, the rhythm that he used to nurse and suckle on her. God, the ache was starting in her cunt again!

Pushing back, she settled beneath him, her legs together, his thighs outside of hers. She could feel his massive erection pressing against her and she looked into his face. “Please, Will, now, I need you now. Give me your cock, fill me with it and take what is yours. My cunt is yours. Your cock is mine. I need to feel you fucking me, over and over. Use me, fuck me, love me, Will. FUCK ME NOW! I have missed you so much, I have been so empty. Now! Fill me now! I love you, Will.”

All her words incited him, but her declaration of love was the most exciting. He slipped his cock between her thighs, feeling the tightness that this position always presented. He moved his hips, dancing in and out of her wet pinkness, hearing the lovely sound of her excitement. Her hips moved to meet his, even as she was captured between his thighs. His cock felt even larger, grander, tighter. Her nipples rubbed against his tight chest, their mouths met and devoured. She felt his tensing, felt the way his cock threatened to explode. But he was waiting. He wanted her to come again. It was another gift to her. He began to rock inside her, his cock setting up a rhythmic massage on her sensitive clit. Again, she felt it. Her legs were hot and tight, her head filled with the rushing sound of incredible excitement. He watched her face, knew when the peak was reached, felt her spasms around his hard cock. Only then did he allow himself the pleasure of release. They throbbed together, rode the ecstasy as long as possible. As the spasms ebbed, Will lowered himself onto Amanda. They turned slightly, fitting into each other’s embrace. They kissed softly now, the urgency abated.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Love,” they whispered together before falling asleep wrapped in each other.


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