The Freaky Friday Thing Ch. 02

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The early morning sunlight was intruding, but Evan had had such a restless night, that he didn’t want to give into it and get out of bed. Something else though was there on the edge of his consciousness, persistently trying to intrude. An awareness that something was very much not right.

The sheets, they didn’t feel right. Heck, his body didn’t feel right. Giving in, though still exhausted, he opened his eyes.

‘What the fuck! The room isn’t right either. Oh shit! This is Emily’s room! How did I get in here and what the hell happened last night!’

He sat up, but couldn’t see Emily in the room anywhere. Maybe if he got out of here quickly enough he wouldn’t be caught in her room. But where was she?

He went to get out of bed, and that’s when he had the biggest shock of all, jolting him wide awake.

‘Oh my god I’m wearing Emily’s nightgown! And what the HELL! I have breasts on my chest! What the FUCK!!’

He scrambled out of the bed, tripping in his haste to get to a mirror. The reflection of his knockout gorgeous twin sister staring back at him from the mirror nearly broke his mind!

Or, then again, maybe it had broken his mind, at least temporarily. He stood looking into the mirror and saw beautiful Emily’s face relax and turn mirthful.

“This is one wild dream!”

‘Oh shit, I even sound exactly like her!’

“Okay, wild and weird! But so cool. And so vivid!”

‘Alright… I really shouldn’t be doing this, but hell it’s my dream right? I just better not wake up right now or I’ll be pissed.’

With nervous trepidation he watched as he pulled Emily’s nightgown up and over his head, leaving him standing before the mirror in complete nakedness. Although he had caught the odd glimpse of her, he had certainly never had the chance to fill his eyes before. At least not since they stopped taking communal baths at around age five.

The image of Emily’s naked body reflecting out of the mirror flooded him with desire, and he felt his dream body do strange things. First, he was aware of her nipples hardening and standing out well over an inch from the amazing pair of C-cup breasts that he was somehow dreaming up. ‘Or are they D-cups? Oh hell, they’re amazing whatever they are!’

Next he felt his dreamed up body of hers getting wet and swollen around the beautiful pussy, which he thought he was doing an admirable job of imagining what it would look like.

‘So beautiful. Everything all nice and neatly trimmed. Hell, it looks like some of it is even shaved. Yup, stubble. Damn this dream is just so well detailed and awesomely vivid! The only flaw I can see is that nipples can’t possibly be this long and hard. Can they?’

He couldn’t resist any longer. Watching, he saw in the mirror, Emily’s hands come up and grope his dream tits. As he felt his hands against his chest, and then especially as he felt his nipples being lightly pinched and pulled between his fingers, he saw Emily’s reflected face slide back into a horror and shock filled expression.

“Oh my god I’m not dreaming am I!”

‘No dipshit! You haven’t got the imagination to conjure this up and you know it! But… but how! Oh fuck me! The artifact! That fucking artifact at the museum. How did that script go again.’

He thought about it, but it took him a few tries in his dazed and confused state to recall the words.

Where love is exceptional, but now buried behind anger, yet capable of greater heights, recite this together in touch, to gain an understanding of the opposite. But be warned, only in complete honesty and blissful union of that great love, will you find your way back.

‘Gain an understanding of the opposite! Oh fuck this really is real. That’s what it meant. Get stuck in the others body. Oh my god… I’m stuck in Emily’s body!’

He felt his knees wobble, or maybe he should say hers. It next hit him that at any moment Emily would be waking up, and freaking out in an astronomical way. He had to calm her down. Their parents would surely be awake by now.

He was about to dash to his bedroom when it struck him that he, or at least Emily’s body, was still naked.

“Okay, just calm down and find your clothes. Shit where the… Oh fuck I’m stupid. Your clothes are in your room dumb ass! Why would Emily have any of her brothers clothes in her room huh? Fuck I need to get dressed though. And stop talking to yourself… It isn’t as though we need any more fuel for the insane asylum to come pick you up!”

He knew he was stalling. He also knew he didn’t have the time. Taking a deep breath, he opened what he was pretty sure was Emily’s underwear drawer.

‘Oh fuck me!’

He slammed the drawer shut. He couldn’t. He just couldn’t.

In a panic, his eyes starting to dart everywhere for some form of escape, he saw the discarded nightgown on the floor.

“It’ll have to do.” and threw it on as quickly as he could, while already turning cebeci escort to her bedroom door. He just got the gown down over her hips, as he stepped out into the hallway.

‘Alright. No signs of life in the house yet. I can do this.’

He marched down the hall to his bedroom door, while being as quiet as he could. Slipping inside, he was struck by the incredibly surreal situation, as his eyes fell on, well… himself, sleeping in his bed.

‘Oh this is so strange!’

“Emily wake up!”

“Mhm, mom why do you sound like me?”

She sat bolt upright, words tumbling out of her mouth. “Why do I sound like Evan?” That’s when her eyes, or his really, fell on him. Or herself?

She sat stunned, and Evan could see her sleepy mind working madly to try and make sense of it. He couldn’t blame her. Before he could try to explain though, she jumped out of the bed, looking as though she was about to scream.

He tried to make hushing gestures to keep her from causing their parents to rush in, but what happened next was so comical in this bizarre situation that he actually had to stifle his laughter.

Evan had gone to sleep in the nude, so his sister had just jumped out of bed naked, and sporting a morning hard-on. Her eyes fell down over, well his body, but the one she was currently inhabiting, and landed on her erection. She tried to jump away from it, but it being attached of course followed her.

“Aaah! What the hell is this thing!” she spluttered as she started to slap at it. “OWE!”

“Well that’s what you get for slapping my dick! Take it easy with that thing. I’m going to want it back Emily!”

“Take it then! What the fuck Evan? Oh my god what the hell is going on?”

“The artifact Emily!”

“What? Why am I… What are you doing…my body… GIVE ME BACK MY BODY!”

“Quiet Em! We can’t bring mom and dad in on us like this!”

“What the hell is going… So help me Evan… EXPLANE!”

“Sshh! The artifact! I know how weird this is. I just woke up a few minutes ago, and had myself convinced it must be some sort of wildly vivid dream.”


“Owe! What the hell Emily?”

“Did that wake you up?”

“I’m unfortunately not dreaming!”

“You slap me now! Maybe I’m the one dreaming all this!”

Although he was tempted Evan didn’t think slapping Emily was a good idea. ‘Oh what the hell. That was definitely not a light slap she gave me!’


“There. Did that wake you up Emily!”

“No. But it was worth a try. What artifact? What the hell is going on?”

“From the museum yesterday Em. You remember it don’t you?”

“Oh you have got to be kidding me. Alright, well… We’ll have to tell mom and dad what is going on, and take another trip back to the museum and fix this!”

“Are you crazy! We can’t tell anybody! We’ll be put in a mental asylum. Do you really think that anybody would actually believe this?”

“Well we’ll have to figure out a way to make mom and dad believe us! What else can we do? If you think I’m going to let you keep my body, think again mister.”

“You think I want to be trapped in your body? Your nipples keep getting hard and your… your… well it keeps swelling up and getting…wet.”

Emily stood in front of him, still buck naked, gesturing meaningfully to her still very erect penis, “Oh you think that’s hard to deal with? You poor boy! Look at this… this thing jutting out of me! How do I get rid of it?”

“It’ll just take a few more minutes to go soft. It’s a normal morning thing Em.” he told her as he could feel his cheeks flushing. ‘Damn it, it’s supposed to be the girl blushing… Oh shit! I am the girl… What the hell am I going to do!’

He could feel himself losing it. He felt tears forming, and he couldn’t make himself think straight.

Suddenly he was aware of Emily hugging him, “It’s okay Evan. We’ll figure this out. Be strong for me okay!”

That was all it took. His twin needed him to be strong for her. Somehow the world was alright again. Well, except for being stuck in each others bodies.

“Alright Em. We can manage a day or two surely. Right? Well, we’re going to have to, because Em… We can’t take the chance of talking to mom and dad about this. Even if they believe us, which would take more convincing then I’m prepared to do, they would likely flip out, and go who knows where for help with it. I mean think about it, Em, if it were your kids, what wouldn’t you do to try and fix things. They’ll talk to somebody, and likely wind up in the insane asylum in our place. I’m not willing to risk my mother and father like that Em, I’m just not.”

“Alright, I get your point, even if asylums don’t exist anymore. I swear you watch too many stupid movies. But Evan, I remember what that sign said at the museum. ‘But be warned, only in complete honesty and blissful union of that great love, cebeci escort bayan will you find your way back.’ Evan, I’m sure blissful union means sex. And you’re stuck in my body… So…”

He felt the blood drain from his face. He had wanted to have sex with Emily so badly, feeling very ashamed of it of course, but still wanting to. He sure as hell didn’t want to be Emily as he had sex with her though.

His mind not working, he said the only thing that would come to him, “Emily, I swear I didn’t engineer this… I mean…”

“Relax dipshit. I know very well that you wouldn’t do this just to get into my pants. Though you seem to be in my nightgown at present. We need to get dressed. Fast. Mom and Dad will be looking for us to start our chores any moment. Where are your clean under things. At least that, that… monster of a thing of yours seems to be behaving itself now.”

He looked, and sure enough his cock was hanging limp on Emily. “Top left drawer. Over there.”

Emily opened the drawer and pulled out a fresh pair of boxers. When Evan started to hold his hand out though, she gave him a quizzical look instead of handing them to him.

“Go get dressed Evan.” she told him as she started to put his boxers on herself.

“You’re in the way. Can you just hand me a pair of boxers please?” he asked in some exasperation.

“No! You’re not going to go prancing about in my body wearing guys clothes. They wouldn’t even fit you. Go to your room Emily. And remember, we’re going to have to start calling each other by the right names. You can’t go calling me Emily, or people are really going to start wondering about us.”

“But… but you don’t have anything that I can wear… They’re all very girly!”

“Of course they are!” she just about started laughing. “And right now, like it or not Emily you’re a girl!”

“Oh shit! That means I’m going to have to help mom do the inside chores! I hate cleaning!”

“Ah fuck. I forgot about that, now I have to do all the yard work. I hate yard work.”

They looked at each other, and after a few seconds burst out laughing.

“Em… It’s good to have you back. I missed you so much.”

He looked at her, or himself, ‘Damn this is going to get so confusing!’ and she started to tear up.

“Damn it Evan, now you’re going to get me crying!”

“Well stop. It’s not a good look for me!” seeing himself getting all emotional he started to worry about her acting like a girl in his body. ‘Damn, that could ruin my reputation instantly!’

“Arg… Men!”

“Just do me a favour Evan,” he said, emphasizing his name as she had been doing to him, “Try not to forget that you’re a guy while you’re stuck in my body. I swear I’ll try not to do anything that would embarrass you once we get this fixed, but please, please do the same for me.”

She came over and gave him a hug, still in only boxers, and said, “Alright. I’ll do my best.”

Extricating himself, he headed back to her room, but just as he was about to close the door of her room behind himself, his mother came striding down the hall looking flustered already.

“Oh good dear. Is your brother awake yet?”

“Yes. I ah… Just need to get dressed mom.”

“Well hurry up. I’ll need your help with breakfast.”

“Okay mom.”

‘Shit this is weird. Can I do this? Fuck, I have to. Be strong for your sister. Wait why is mom following me into Emily’s room?’

“Come on Emily, hurry up and get dressed.”

“Mom… what are you doing?”

“Someone needs to get all your laundry don’t they? I’m amazed you have anything clean left to wear. And give me that nightgown too.”

‘Okay Evan, don’t freak out, remember! It’s just your mom, and it’s not your body she’s seeing, it’s Emily’s. Perfectly natural. Women do this stuff.’

It still felt rather awkward, but he made himself pull the nightgown up and over his head. Unfortunately, he caught sight of himself in the mirror again. Damn, but Emily sure had a smoking hot body.

Catching that his mother had caught him checking himself in the mirror, he uncomfortably handed the gown to her as she stood looking at him with a questioning look on her face. “Are you feeling alright? You seem a little… out of it.”

“I’m fine mom. I’ll be downstairs in a few minutes.”

“Alright. You’d better. I’ll go get these started in the wash, you start breakfast.” and with that she was striding out.

For his part, Evan was glad to be alone again, but the prospect of making it through even one day wasn’t looking so great. Sighing, he turned to the underwear drawer from earlier, hoping against hope to find something different in it this time.

As he pulled the drawer open again though, crestfallen he found the same stuff as before when he had slammed the drawer shut and made do with the nightgown.

“Hey, hurry up. If you need help, I only escort cebeci have a minute.” it was Emily, sticking her head in the door. When she saw him standing there with a dejected look on his face as he held the only underwear and a bra up from the drawer, she started giggling.

“Stop that! You can’t giggle in my body!”

“Oh Evan. You look priceless! Do you know how to put a bra on?”

“In theory. Do I have to wear these?”

“Yes! You can’t go around without a bra on! Here, let me help you.”

It was infuriatingly embarrassing to have his sister help him get dressed. Truth to be told though, he didn’t think he would have managed without her. At least not as quickly.

“Okay, the bra should be the only awkward thing for you, and that’s done now. Here, these are some old jeans I don’t mind getting dirty, and this shirt will do.”

Thinking that she had to be nuts to think the bra was the only awkward thing for him, he gave the underwear in his hands a dirty look. It was a very lacy and very skinny little thong. Groaning that he would actually have to wear these he started to put them on.

“No that’s backwards silly. I have to go.”

What! Backwards? He turned them around so that the really skinny part was in the back, and pulled them up. ‘Oh man, does that feel strange. I can’t believe I’m wearing a thong, and a bra for fuck’s sake. A BRA! And a freaking THONG.’

He would have given Emily a piece of his mind, but she had already ducked out. Trying not to give in to mass hysteria, he pulled the jeans on, which at least felt basically normal. Just a pair of jeans. The top though, was a cami-top. While it wasn’t the worst, it was definitely girly.

‘Oh dear god, please let this day fly past and be over! And PLEASE please let me wake up in my own body tomorrow.’ Prayer thrown in for good measure, he made his way down to the kitchen, where he decided that an omelette would be something easy enough for him to do, while pleasing enough for everyone.

Pulling a carton of eggs out of the fridge, he turned to be startled by his dad.

“Good morning sweaty.”

Evan felt himself tense up as his father leaned in for a quick hug and kissed him on the cheek.

“Evan and I will be working hard, so don’t skimp on the food. And thanks, Emily dear. I know it’s going to be a hard couple of days, but we’ll get through it, have the house on the market and then things will get easier. As long as this place sells anyhow.”

“No problem dad.” Evan called to his back as he made his way out the front door.

‘I swear if any more guys kiss me I’m going to come out of this a homophobe. Damn that felt weird.’

He had just started to get back to the food, when Emily quickly rushed back in, seeming almost panicked. “Oh god I almost forgot. You have to take a birth control pill every morning. No fooling around with this Evan. You can’t forget, or so help me god when, when we get our bodies back, if I’m pregnant, I’ll rip your cock off. Literally! Nightstand drawer. Go take one now!”

Later, Evan was hard at work scrubbing down the last of the bathrooms, after washing the walls throughout the rest of the house, and a myriad of other chores, when his mother came in. “Looking good dear. I’ve just about finished with lunch, so after we get some fuel into us, I figure we need a break from all this hard work. As it happens I need to get some things, and could definitely use the help, so why don’t you come with me to the mall. You can use those young legs of yours to run around the mall getting the little items while I get all the groceries. It’ll give us both a needed break. Sound good?”

The thought of going out into public in woman’s clothing never surfaced in Evan’s tired mind, as he agreed that this sounded wonderful. “What kinds of things do you need me to get?”

“Well, I’m about to start my period, so you should be too. I’m sorry dear but I completely forgot over this past week to go out and get tampons, and there isn’t a single one left in this house. Not even a panty liner, so that’s a priority and they don’t sell them at the grocery store at the mall. I’ll need you to get some for both of us, as well as some things from that hardware store for your dad. He has a list. Other than that, just our lottery tickets at the convenience store.”

As she had started to rime this off, Evan groaned, not being able to imagine a more distressing conversation. ‘Tampons! Ah man… How am I going to get out of this? Wait, I’m about to start my what? Oh for… That’s just great!’

He spent the rest of the time before lunch going over options, but hadn’t really come up with anything by the time mom was calling the guys up from the basement where they had been working after finishing up outside.

Eating together in the kitchen, Evan used the universal signal that he and Emily had come up with years earlier, to say that he needed to talk privately. It was just a few foot taps under the table, but he was pleased to see recognition in Emily’s eyes. Or at least the pair of eyes, his, that Emily was using.

They met up in Emily’s room after lunch, and she immediately asked what the problem was.

“Mom wants me to buy tampons!”

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