The Games We Play Ch. 01

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Some of the more astute patrons had noticed the rate at which the two kids in the corner of the dark bar were drinking. The most astute ones had noticed that the guy seemed to be feeding the girl drinks at twice the rate that he was drinking them himself. Only a few had noticed that she wasn’t drinking quite as much as she seemed to be, and the bartender smiled to himself. He had seen this game before. Each was trying to get the other one drunk. It would probably end badly but they seemed to have it together and he doubted that it would be a problem for him. And anyway, he’d seen the girl around before and she could handle herself. Of course, the second he had completed the thought there was an explosion from that corner.

“Fuck you” yelled the girl, slamming her drink down and rising to leave. She did not get far though, for the guy had risen as well and blocked her exit. He grabbed her arm and yanked her back to him, crushing her mouth to his. Several of the burlier men made as if to intervene but the bartender stopped them. He had seen a flash in the canlı bahis girls eyes and had noted the way her body had melted into the man’s arms and he had a feeling that he was witnessing a game rather than a domestic incident. Slowly the man released her mouth and her eyes stayed closed for a moment until she seemed to remember that she was angry. Her hands resting on his shoulders suddenly grabbed a bunch of fabric and shoved him away.

She turned and marched out of the bar, stopping to ask the smokers outside for a light. The man stood looking at her through the window for a moment and then took a seat at the bar and ordered a bloody mary. He sat looking into his drink and ignoring the girl until the sound of her laughter made him look up. She was flirting outrageously with a bunch of guys who had stopped on their way in. She was leaning against the brick of the door jamb, blowing smoke rings and laughing at some dumb joke, the strap of her insanely revealing top slowly sliding off her shoulder as she giggled. The sound of a smack on the bar made the bartender bahis siteleri jump and he turned around to see an empty stool and a bunch of money next to a still half full glass. The guy was outside already and had shoved his way through the bunch of frat boys to loom over the girl. She looked up at him and blew smoke in his face as her eyes narrowed.

“What do you want?” she snapped, unleashing a bit of the edge that she normally kept under wraps.

“Yeah man, what the hell, we were talking to the lady” said one of the frat boys. The guy turned, slowly, and looked at the group. As one the frat pack took a step back, shrinking a little under his glare. One or two of the less drunk and more perceptive guys had noticed the way the girl’s hips had twitched at this display of aggressive masculinity and wisely decided that it was a lost cause. The guy smirked at them as they headed for the door and turned back to the girl. The cigarette was back in her mouth and her arms were crossed.

“What DO you want?” She snarled, clearly still pissed.

“You” bahis şirketleri he snapped as he grabbed the cigarette and threw it aside before leaning down and claiming her mouth. She squeaked and dissolved against him for a moment before recovering herself and yanking him even closer. She twined her arms around his shoulders and sank her fingers into his hair as their mouths assaulted each other. He grabbed her hips and pulled them to his and she moaned into his mouth. She pushed forward and wrapped her leg around his waist as his hand trailed up under her skirt, exposing her stocking clad thigh to the cold night air.

She wrenched her mouth away and leaned her head against the glass behind her, gasping for air. Her chest was rising and falling and he dove down and buried his face between her heaving breasts, nipping and sucking on the pale flesh. As he had suspected, she was not wearing a bra, and he reached under her shirt to lift a breast up and suck on the nipple. She moaned again and he looked up to see her face, flushed and raw from his stubble, and through the window behind her, the bar’s entire clientele watching what had become quite a show. He shot them a grin, grabbed the girl’s upper arm and marched her away up the hill, towards her apartment and privacy.

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