The Getaway Pt. 01

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The day finally arrived.

It was cool and sunny out, but she was hot and very wet. When she left the house this morning she felt different. It wasn’t the perfume. It wasn’t the dress without panties- she did that quite often now. It wasn’t even the bag of toys she slipped past her hubby with.

No, it was the promise of things to come. She had a new friend and in the short time they had been talking, it was electric. She found her pussy tingling all day and she couldn’t concentrate. Now after work she would finally get to have some fun.

All day long they exchanged text messages- all racier as the day went on. She was so wet she swore her dress would show it, but figured no one would notice. She even took her toybag to the bathroom a few times to get herself right up to the point, and then stop- just so her release would be that much better.

Finally she was done with work and on her way. He met her at the entrance to the hotel, and they kissed for the first time by her car. He slipped her the room key and told her he would be back in an our or so. She gathered her bags, and went up to the room. Up there she saw he left a few candles burning and some incense.

She decided to get herself good and ready. She took out a small pocket rocket and began to work on her clit. She was careful to do this thru her dress, so it showed she had nothing under it when he came back. canlı bahis şirketleri Once again she stopped before cumming and let herself get frustrated.

Soon enough she heard the key in the door. Her heart skipped and she held her breath. Slowly the door opened, and there he was. She met him at the door and they embraced and kissed. He felt her big ass thru the dress, and she grinded into his hard cock. After a few minutes, they broke, and he looked her over. He picked up her dress and ran his hand underneath and licked his lips in approval. She knew he was happy, and before he could do anything else, she unzipped his fly and grabbed his cock to walk him to the bed.

He took off his pants, and she got to work. She wrapped her fingers around him and kissed the head. She knew he had been saving his cum for her, and she wanted it all now. She jerked the shaft and nibbled the tip. She then deep throated him to the base. She was even able to lick his balls too. She then stopped and concentrated on his balls. She held his shaft to the side, and sucked each ball in her mouth. She rolled them and sucked them, and slowly rubbed the shaft. She even licked all the way to his ass.

At this point she knew he had to be close, and decided to try something. She licked her finger, put it at the entrance to his ass and pushed. As her finger slid inside him, she engulfed his cock canlı kaçak iddaa in her mouth again. His hands were wrapped in her hair. She bobbed up and down while wiggling her finger and soon was rewarded. He started to cum, and after swallowing the first spurt, she pulled back and let him decorate her face and hair. She wildly jerked his cock as it spurted gooey cum all over her. As the flow slowed down, she sucked the last drops again, and took her finger out. It intrigued her, so she looked at it, and decided to lick it off. it wasn’t as bad as she thought, and made sure he could see her licking it.

He then took the camera she left on the bed, and snapped a few shots of the drying cum. She was going to get a towel, but he pushed her in a chair, and wiped her face with his soft cock, and fed the cum to her that way. Once she was cleaned off, he bent down and kissed her- they shared his cum with their tongues.

Then he starts kissing down her body…popping her breasts out of her dress. After kissing each on, and nibbling on the nipples, he reached behind and takes one of the candles. It is a special low heat candle, and he drizzles some of the wax on her nipple. At first it feels strange, but as he works it in, it feels great. He then coats the other nipple in wax and blows on them to cool them and form perfect molds of her big nipples.

He then lifts her dress and canlı kaçak bahis starts kissing her belly down to her legs. She is soaking wet and tries to push him there. All that makes him do is bite her leg. He continues to bite all the way from one knee, up her thigh, skipping her pussy, and down to the other knee. She is trembling with anticipation.

He stops, grabs the camera, and spreads her wide. He has her hold the lips open, he pinches her clit, and keeps snapping. Finally he says he knows whats wrong and stands up. He pushes her further back on the bed and gets a towel from the bathroom. He reaches into his laptop bag and produces an electric shaver. Carefully he sets to work trimming her pussy hair away to nothing. After a few minutes he asks for the camera again, and takes some more pics. He then shows them to her so she can see how she looks.

Immediately she is sopping wet again. Her pussy looks so clean and tiny. As she is admiring the pic, she realizes he is hard and on top of her. His cock finds her opening, and she bucks up to meet him. He reaches down and squeezes her clit as he slides in and out. She knows she can’t hold out long, and with a sigh releases the whole days worth of frustration. He then thrusts to the hilt and tells her to milk his cock, as he explodes deep in her pussy. They ride the waves of orgasm for a few minutes, until he moves to her side and tells her to clean his cock off. As she does, he fingers her pussy bringing her to another orgasm, and takes the leaking cum on his finger to share with her.

They are both spent, and he leaves- promising the next morning will be even better!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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