The Girl at Work in a Car

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Susan is a young woman I work with in a city centre firm. She is quite pretty in a girl-next-door way with brunette hair and a pretty nice figure. Not a model but easy on the eye. She had only been married less than a year so I was surprised when, upon one of our smoke breaks she said she was seething at her husband. I was not privy to her personal life but listened anyway.

“He’s being a bit of a dick right now. Things had better turn around or he’s going to be in trouble.”

Since she didn’t specify what ‘being a dick’ was, I refrained from asking, just gave her a sympatric look and let her carry on with her vent. Besides, it was summer around lunch time and there were lots of young, attractive, office work type girls walking around and it was nice to be outside for a bit.

She took a deep drag on her ciggy and still looked steamed about something.

“um, … is there anything I can do?” I asked.

“No, just keep being my friend.”

I laughed, “Oh that will be easy.”

On the lift on the way back up she reached out and touched my arm quickly. “Thanks for letting me vent back there, I can’t really talk about anything at home, Dave is just so pissy all the time now.” She was looking up at the floor numbers as they ticked by and I took a quick peep down her cleavage. I wonder if girls know you are doing that…

Nothing much changed over the next few weeks, just taking ciggy breaks together and chatting in the canteen sometimes. She began to open up a bit more and was a little more flirty when we were alone together, but nothing untoward.

“Dave’s being having some problems at work and has started drinking heavily.” she said one day, gazing off into the middle ground, a fixed expression on her face that did not bode well for Dave at all. I think she just liked some nice male attention and somebody to talk to at that point.

Fast forward a few weeks and most of us are out for a happy hour across the road at a nice pub we all go to. Most canlı bahis of the staff recognize us at least and we get nice service. After a few beers and snacks we walked back to our car park to go home.

“Step in for a minute so we can chat.” she said.

“Ok.” says I a little surprised. Once inside her car she broke down and said she couldn’t do it anymore and she was leaving her hubby.

“I’m not surprised really but that is going to be a big step.”

“I know, but I don’t know what else to do, things are not going to change and I’ve had enough. Some of my girlfriends know what is going on and they say the same thing.” she sobbed. I still had no idea why she was telling me this.

She put her arms around my neck as she was sobbing, so I gave her a cuddle. Then she looked up at me and kissed me full on the mouth.

“I want to thank you for being so nice to me for all this time.” and then pulled my hand onto her left breast. Through the summer dress and silky bra it did not take much imagination as to what was under it.

I was a little shocked still, but still a red-blooded male at the same time. With a cute girl who was openly willing to play and about to dump her hubby anyway, I kissed her back and gave her boob a squeeze and fondle.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned into my mouth as she slipped her tounge into mine. Her body responding like it had not been touched for a long time and she had a need. Turns out that was the fact, hubby had been failing in the department as well.

I rubbed her breasts through her dress and bra and pinched her nipples until they were hard.

“Oh babe, that feels good, don’t stop.” Our making out continued as I slid a hand down her side and along her thigh.

“Mmmmm … Keep that hand moving.” Sliding my hand further up her thigh until it met her panty line.

“Try this” she moaned and spread her legs a little further apart. Her dress was up to her crotch by now anyway and her knickers were showing.

I bahis siteleri slide my fingers against her mound.

“Man, your wet and damp down there.”

“I know, I’m feeling really bad right now, like I need something, but not with my husband tonight.”

“Something like this perhaps?” as I slide a finger along her slit and inside her, just fingertip deep and moving it in little circles.

“Oh yes, like that. I’m not looking to get married again, I just want some fun so I can think about it later, after I dump that man.” she panted, opening her thighs a little more.

Susan reached over and cusped my bulge in her hand, finding the shaft and slowly stroking it up and down. “Do you mind?” she purred.

“Oh heck no.” I replied, kissing the top of her head.

She replied by unbuttoning her top and pulling it aside, her bra covered tits were encased in frilly lace and smooth silk. I removed my hand from her knickers and took her boob into my mouth, latching my lips on a nipple and sucking and biting down a little.

Susan pulled my face up from her boob and kissed me fully on the lips, her hand still stroking me.

“I want to see and taste it.” she said, pulling down my zipper and unbuttoning my trousers.

Lifting my hips to ease her pulling them off and dropping them to the floor. She had her hand around my shaft and quickly lowered her mouth to its head. Sucking it inside her warm wet mouth was a great sensation.

After a couple of strokes she pulled away and said something that floored me. “This is only the third cock I have seen, and the first strange one in seven year, thank goodness it is bigger than my husbands, he is only 4 inches.” before dropping her head again to my waist. My fairly average 6″ felt pretty good right now.

THIRD! THIRD! My inner voice said. She was a nice looking woman and I just guessed she had seen one or two in high school, plus some more in college as a given, but THIRD! What the heck had she been doing bahis şirketleri with her life??? I wondered briefly who was the first but dismissed that as none of my business. The second was her hubbies, and mine, the one she was sucking on, the third. I looked down on her brunette hair and is bobbed up and down and thought, ‘Oh babe, you need to get out more.’

Susan moved over the car seat to place herself over me. She grabbed my cock and pointed it straight up to her hole. She pushed it back and forth upon her lips before sliding it down straight up inside her. OMG, it felt so good. I pinged off her bra and she did that thing where she can take it off under her top and tossed it onto the dashboard. Her tits were now open to view under her summer dress and I clamped a mouth onto her nipple.

“Oh God, keep doing that!” she panted as I was inside her.

THIRD! That was ridiculous!

“Oh God please be clean, I know I am.” as she ground down.

“I’m clean, are you on the pill?” I said.

“Yes to both, keep humping me, cum inside me.”

THIRD! I kept thinking, and here was I, a co-worker pumping her with her tits bouncing up and down right in front of me. Christ she must have had a sheltered life, but with her grinding down on me I was not going to complain.

She was very wet and her juices were pooling underneath us by now, she was very excited by now and I could feel my own orgasm build by now.

“Oh God, this is the badest I have ever been.” she moaned. “Just finish inside me so I can go home with your cum inside me so I can smile sweaty at my hubby across the table knowing what I have done.”

“Ok, fair deal.” I said.

“Hold on tight.” I said as I clasped her hips and blew a load inside her with no apology.

“Fuck, I can feel it inside me right now. It’s probably going to dribble out of me soon, shit.”

I knew that it would be dribbling out of her, so handed back her panties so she could either put them back on or leave them off. She put them back on knowing they would soak through by the time she got home.

“Do you want to do it again?” I asked.

“Oh sure.” was the response as she gathered herself together.

*** The End ***

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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