The Group Ch. 02

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I awoke the following morning, alone in bed, my first thought was when did she leave, just then, the bedroom door opened and in walked Tracy, wearing nothing but a smile

“Good morning sleepy head”

“Morning Tracy”

“I made you a cup of coffee”

Just then I heard the key in the door

“Oh shit, that’s Anna”

“Anna? Who the fucks Anna?” Tracy exclaimed

“My daughter, she’s been sleeping at her friend’s house last night”

“What will she say?”

“I’ve no idea, ermmmmmmm, lets tell her you got locked out last night, and stayed in the guest room, quick I’ll go ruffle the sheets up, and you grab your stuff”

“I can’t, it’s all downstairs”

“Here , …… you’d better take my dressing gown”

“Phew, that was close, she’s gone into her bedroom with Helen, the coast is clear, lets get downstairs before she realises”

With that, Tracy went downstairs and got dressed, while I dressed in my room

“I’ve just gotta nip out Anna,” I shouted, “and I’m taking your car,”

“Ok, dad,” came the reply; “by the way whose are those clothes on the living room floor”

Ignoring the last comment as I left, I drove Tracy home and gave her my mobile number, we both said it was a shame we couldn’t have repeated last night, but we would do it again.

When we got to her place, her mother was waiting for us, now I knew where she got her looks and body from she was an older version of Tracy, yet another stunner, I got out and explained that she’d stayed at my place as she couldn’t find her key to get back in last night (a total lie, but it served it’s purpose) she then offered me a cup of coffee, which I gracefully accepted, whilst Tracy went upstairs to have a shower.

“Thank you for looking after Tracy,” she said

with tongue in cheek I replied, “It was my pleasure;” “I couldn’t see her out on the street all night”

“How do you know her?”

“Through Carol, Carol’s my son’s girlfriend”

“Ah, I see”

with a slight fluster I continued, “I was with them all last night at the nightclub”

Changing the subject I went on to explain about the passing of my wife, and how I was lonely, so they took me out

“You do know that Tracy and Carol used to be an item?” blurted Charlotte

“You güvenilir bahis mean, as in lovers?”


“No I didn’t”

“You know Tracy doesn’t like men, she’s a lesbian”

At that moment Tracy came down, “right mom, I’m off out, gonna go meet Judy, we’re off shopping”

“Ok love, take care”

Tracy turned to me and said, “Thanks again for last night”

“That’s alright it was my pleasure” I said (again tongue in cheek)

“Shopping, now there’s a euphemism, more like they’re off to have sex somewhere”.

Now that was a surprise, Tracy’s mom, Charlotte, talking to me like that, and after I’d only just met her, I nearly choked on my coffee,

“What” I said

“Oh, sorry, just thinking out loud, I forgot I had company”

“Good job I’m not the vicar,” I joked, and we both laughed.

“So you think Tracy and Judy are keeping each other happy?”

“Oh, definitely, which is more than I’m getting since Joe left me 8 years ago”

“I know that feeling, especially at night,” I replied

“Night times are the worst, kids are either out or in bed asleep, no-one to talk to, or have fun with.”

“Tell me about it”, I said rhetorically, “especially the fun side, I miss that”

“Me too, but I’m not looking for and kind of relationship, I’ve been hurt once, and don’t want to be hurt again, I just want something physical, with no strings”

My ears pricked up as did another part of my anatomy as I replied, “Sounds ideal”

“Are you offering”? Charlotte asked, “‘cos if you are, I’m accepting”

“I’m offering,” I assured her

“In that case I’m accepting,” she giggled

Moving to her and kissed her, she responded by deep throating my tongue, the next thing I felt apart from a stirring in my loins, was her hand rubbing my crotch, as my cock started to harden even more

“My…my what have we here, this seems a nice size”

“I’ve never had any complaints”

“Hmmmmm,” she purred, “I think we’d better go to my bedroom, we don’t want Sharon coming down and catching us”

Oh shit I thought, I didn’t even know she was in the house

“Don’t worry about her too much,” added Charlotte “she’s engrossed in some new game, she’s bought herself with her türkçe bahis birthday money”

Charlotte led me, quietly, up the stairs to her bedroom, as we passed Sharon’s bedroom door, I could have sworn I heard a sort of buzzing sound, and some muffled groans, but I had other things on my mind.

Once we got into her room, Charlotte turned and kissed me lustfully, unbuttoning and removing my shirt at the same time, in a flash she had me down to my boxers

In a husky voice I said, “Now it’s my turn”

I started to strip this lovely lady, first removing her top, and nuzzling her neck as I undid her bra, releasing her ample, yet firm breasts, not as firm as her daughter’s, but firm for a lady of her years, I moved down and kissed each one in turn, giving each nipple a suck at the same time, this brought on the required effect, of a long slow moan, I then removed her skirt, leaving her stood there in only her g-string, she then stood me up and removed my boxer’s and my cock sprang into her view

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, “It’s larger than average, nice though, very nice”

“Why thank you ma’am,” I replied, “now what about that g-string?”

“That’s entirely up to you”

Needing no prompting, I knelt down an pulled gently on the sides of her g-string, off it came, there was I, kneeling in front of her, looking directly at her completely shaved pussy

“Nice, very nice, I love them shaved”

“Do you?”

“Definitely, yes, it makes it much better to do this,” and with that I guided her over to her bed and lay her down, spreading her legs, so I could go down on her, like I had with Tracy, I placed my hands one on each of her pussy lips and spread them apart, she was soaking wet, and her clit was visibly throbbing, I couldn’t resist, I had to lick her pussy and suck her clit, as I did so, she came in my mouth

She screamed at me, “For fucks sake, get your cock in there”

“No, not yet, I have something I want to do,”

“What’s that” she pleaded

“I want to fuck you doggy style, if you don’t mind”

“Who cares, as long as you fuck me,” she said, as she rolled over, “you can do it in any position you want, so long as you fuck me, my pussy’s aching for it”

I moved in behind her, and my cock güvenilir bahis siteleri found her sweet hole, it slid in so easy, she wasn’t as tight as Tracy, but it was still velvety smooth, she groaned loudly, and I reminded her that Sharon was in the next room.

I fucked her hard, to another earth shattering orgasm, and as she came, she clamped her pussy round my cock, and milked it, making me shoot my load deep inside her.

“Jeez that was fantastic,” she gasped

“I’ll say it was, the way your pussy clamped my cock, I though you were gonna pull it off”

Just then, we heard Sharon’s bedroom door open, so stayed very quiet, just holding each other, on the bed, then the toilet flushed, and she went back to her bedroom.

I looked at my watch, “Jeez I said look at the time, I must get back, or my daughter will wonder where I am”

Charlotte played with my cock as she said, “That’s a shame I was hoping you might be able to manage a second time, this time you could fuck me in the ass if you wanted to”

“You know I’d love to, I really would, but I honestly don’t have the time, I must get back, maybe next time, if you’re up for it”

“You plan to cum again,” Charlotte grinned

“Oh yes, and when I come again, I’ll cum again,” I smirked

“Oh very funny,” came the retort

With that we grabbed our clothes and dressed, when I said got dressed, all Charlotte put on was her top and skirt

“I’ll just go check, make sure Sharon’s not outside the door” she whispered

Ok, all clear, so we went to go downstairs, as we passed Sharon’s door, I could see she hadn’t bothered to close it properly, and through the crack I could see her with her dress up round her waist, and rubbing a vibrator round her pussy, I told Charlotte when we got downstairs

“The little cow” she said, “that’s where my best vibrator went, I’ve been looking for that”

“Leave her, let her have her fun”

thrusting a piece of paper in my hand, Charlotte said, “Here’s my number, call me

“I will, I will probably tomorrow, if that’s ok”

“I look forward to it”

I kissed her goodbye, and gave her right breast a quick squeeze.

As I drove home, all I could think about was Charlotte, when she said that Tracy was a lesbian, if only she knew, it kept a smile on my face all the way home.

To be continued…

Feedback on this my second submission would be greatly appreciated, if I receive enough, I will post what I have written so far…

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