The Nail that Stands the Proudest

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Author’s Note: A spectral interloper inAn Excess of Possession challenged the relationship of Ray and the girls. They thought he was gone, but he’s not. Brooke’s book, however, is a success. Julia’s webcam show is taking off. Destiny’s spiritual insight is unmatched. All of that outstanding achievement and confidence is about to get hammered.

Doesn’t anyone answer the door anymore? The man with the briefcase rapped the door knocker again, but harder. He pressed the doorbell, but it apparently didn’t work at all. Suddenly, the handle turned and the front door creaked open. A woman with disheveled dark hair and a red silk robe stood just inside. The fabric was loosely gathered around her waist and gaped open in the front, exposing pale skin and the hint of a very fancy tattoo under her boobs.

“Yes?” Julia asked.

The man’s countenance brightened instantly, like a light switch; a skill most con men master very early in their careers. He stuck a business card through the gap and said, “Hello! My name is Jody Goode, with Planetary Productions. Is the man of the house at home?”

Julia narrowed her eyes and glanced at the card. She found the man distasteful. “Yeah,” she said, “What’s this about?”

Mr. Goode turned on the charm and said, “Well we produce adult films. Some material was recently brought to our attention and…”

Suddenly Julia brightened up. “Is this about my webcam show?” she asked excitedly. Before the man could answer, she grabbed his hand and yanked him through the door. “Please come in!” she said.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Julie asked as she led Jody to the couch in the living room.

“Well, eh, no. Thank you.” said Mr. Goode.

“Please make yourself comfortable,” said Julia, as she sat down in one of the chairs facing the couch.

The man set his briefcase on the coffee table and pushed aside the votive candle and decorative offering plate to make room. “Are these chicken bones?” he asked with a furrowed brow.

Julia ignored him and gushed, “I am so glad you’re here. The girls and I just knew my webcam show would be a success. I always hoped to be discovered, you know. Everyone says I should be in film.” As if to prove a point, she recrossed her legs seductively to offer a peek at her nethers and let her robe open further, exposing a smidgen of one of her nipples.

The man stared at her for a moment and said, “Well I…”

“The answer his yes! Absolutely yes! ” Julia beamed as she hastily dragged fingers through her bedraggled hair.

The man stared at Julia’s boobs for a moment, but said nothing. He turned and clicked open the latches on his briefcase. With a grunt he hefted a book from the case and placed in on the table. It was titled ‘Naked Ray.’

Mr. Goode put his index finger on the book and said, “This is the material I was referring to.”

Julia froze for a moment then deflated like a punctured hot water bottle. She closed her robe with white-knuckled fists and said, “Oh.”

She stared back at Mr. Goode, who she again found distasteful, and said dismissively, “That’s Brooke’s book. I’ll get her.” She rose and left the room without another word.

The clock on the mantel ticked as the minutes passed. When it chimed at the top of the hour, Mr. Goode heard soft padding on the floorboards behind him. Brooke appeared on his right, dressed in flannel pajamas and bunny slippers. She smiled brightly, held out her hand and said, “Julia tells me you want to talk about my book…. and something about a movie?”

“Yes, well, we were very intrigued when we saw your book,” said Mr. Goode.

Brooke interrupted him and said, “…and you want to make a documentary showcasing my erotic art? What a fabulous idea! You know I almost had a gallery showing recently. I draw custom tattoos as well, and I’ve had this idea about framing ‘human canvases’ on canvas, you know. I think that’s the hook you need, but I have a million other ideas too!” she paused but her enthusiasm was overwhelming.

Mr. Goode was expressionless. This was not going well. He sighed, opened the book at the middle, flipped it around so Brooke could see, and thumped his finger on the image for effect.

“You misunderstand me.” he said, “We’d like to meet this guy.”

Mr. Goode was pointing squarely at Ray’s oversized dick.


“…and in the book of Ecclesiastes,” continued Father Muttathupadathu, “We learn that man’s fate, does not depend on righteous OR wicked conduct.” He glared at Destiny in the front row to see if she was getting his point. Her eyes had rolled back in her head earlier, but now they were closed all together, and her head was tipping back. Frustrated, the priest banged his fist on the lectern to punctuate his point.

Destiny rocked forward and blinked her eyes open as the priest droned on.

“You see,” the priest said. “Only God determines our fate, not the actions of man. That’s the mystery we need to embrace.”

Destiny closed her eyes again recalling bahis firmaları the ghost problem they had in the house. Her Creole voodoo had failed to eradicate the forceful spirit that was wreaking havoc on their sexual relations. Father Mutta had suggested she attend Mass with an open mind and ‘return to the love of Jesus.’ She’d grown up in a culture steeped in Christian tradition, but always found the belief lacking in practical solutions for problematic kitchen spirits. Her best advice at home had come from local witch doctors. They had never failed her … til now.

What Father Mutta was delivering was not actionable, and was terribly boring.

After mass, the priest took Destiny by the arm and guided her to the rectory where they could have a private chat.

“How did you like the sermon?” asked Father Mutta.

“It was fine,” lied Destiny, nodding pleasantly. “Very insightful.”

In a quiet room of the rectory, they settled into comfortable wing-back chairs facing each other. “So, tell me, child,” asked Fr. Mutta, “What misgivings have you been experiencing?”

Destiny cringed at the priest’s choice of words. She replied flatly, “Pratush, we have a ghost problem. They’ve been pleasant up till now, even complementary to our sexual relations.” She paused as the priest grimaced at the mention of sex. “But now, there is a new presence that only wants to have sex with all of the women and tattoo Julia from head to toe.”

“Julia?” asked Father Mutta.

“I mean ‘Crystal’,” Destiny corrected herself, using Julia’s stage name.

The priest nodded and furrowed his brow. Tattooing ‘Crystal’ any further would not please him at all.

Destiny continued, “So, I have prayed, cast spells, made offerings, even sacrificed Brooke to slake his sexual thirst, but none of that has worked. He’s still there. He’s still making demands.”

The priest put a hand over his mouth and adopted a contemplative pose, staring into the middle space thoughtfully.

Actually, he was staring at Destiny’s tits. The were wrapped in a multi-colored satin blouse with a neckline slightly too high to see much of her fine dark cleavage. He was very appreciative of how they rose and fell with each breath and jiggled pleasantly when she changed positions. Musing about the size of her nipples, he mentally sketched circles around the thick humps that poked up the fabric, and imagined they might as large as the saucers in his tea set. Not since he was a boy in Mumbai…

Destiny snapped her fingers in front of his face and said, “Father? Pratush?”

“Oh, yes.” said Father Mutta, returning to the present. He cleared his throat and said, “I think your reliance on the occult has exacerbated the problem. You have drawn Satan into your house and now face a devil who is empowered by the gratuitous sex practices in your, ahem, family.”

The priest’s words hit her like a hammer. Was it really her fault? Was it the fault of three women loving one man? She sat stunned as the priest continued in his imperious Indian accent, “What I recommend is that you go on a strict, sexual diet. Certainly no more sex with ghosts, but no more sex at all. Cover your bodies and do not entice one another. Purge your minds of erotic thoughts and sensual activities. Take long cold showers and meditate frequently. And, absolutely don’t allow Crystal to be tattooed from head to toe.”

Father Mutta, leaned forward and pressed a small leather rosary pouch into Destiny’s palm and said, “If you walk with Jesus, I am sure this malevolent presence you perceive will go away.”

Destiny blinked and thought to herself, ‘How am I going to sell THIS?’


The shingles on Ray’s small garage had become decrepit. Unlike the brick house, which had a flat, tar and gravel roof; the garage at the far end of the yard, was wooden and had a pitched roof. With Amar, his friend’s help, Ray was replacing the roofing and their hammer work echoed like rifle shots off the surrounding brick homes that shared the alley.

The back door slammed and Brooke strode on the path to the garage. She wore baggy sweat pants and a mismatched, oversized blouse that should never have been sold (or bought.) Her head was covered with a frumpy straw hat and she wore cataract sun glasses. Shirtless men on the roof ignored, she entered the garage and slammed the door shut.

Roofing nails in his mouth, Amar looked over at Ray curiously, but said nothing. He went back to hammering.

A few seconds later, Julia dashed across the yard wearing a baggy, sun dress that might have been fashionable 50 years ago and chunky garden boots. She, too, ignored the bare-chested, sweaty men on the roof, and entered the garage, slamming the door behind her. Moments later, the Duster started up, backed out of the garage and lurched away.

Amar looked over at Ray and asked in his eastern European accent, “These girls? They mad at you?”

Ray glanced over and said, “No, why’d you say that?”

Taking a remaining nail kaçak iddaa from his mouth, Amar pointed at the distant automobile. “Their clothes. Very ugly.” he said.

Ray laughed then sighed. He twisted around, sat on a patch of tar paper and set his hammer aside.

“Amar,” he said. “Honestly, we have some problems. To begin with, some guy came by to offer me a job making porn movies.”

Amar’s eyebrows arched, and he sat down like his friend. Rarely was he asked for counseling, and his now curiosity was peaked.

Ray continued, “Of course, I refused meet with the guy. I mean, really? Is my dick that much larger than anyone else’s?”

The Bosnian nodded thoughtfully, and felt obligated to say, “I don’t see your dick.”

“But anyway, Brooke and Julia had assumed his visit was about their erotic endeavors. They were both crushed to know it was about me and my average sized dick.” said Ray. He paused, picked up his hammer and banged down a nail head he had missed earlier.

Yes, Amar thought, He could see how this would be disappointing.

“The other thing is…” Ray said but paused considering he was about to tell his friend a secret that no one outside of their family knew. He said flatly, “We have a ghost, Amar; a horny, insatiable ghost named Cyril who has been ravaging the girls.”

Amar concealed his surprise but raised his eyebrows as if to say, “Tell me more.”

“So, Destiny is convinced that we can get him to leave if we dress unattractively, stay apart and avoid sex entirely. This has been going on now for about a week, and everyone’s nerves are frazzled,” said Ray. He added, “Oh, and Julia has paused her cam show, Brooke is drawing landscapes instead of nudes and Destiny has been going to church every day.”

“Poor man,” said Amar, shaking his head sadly.


The Pointer Sisters “I’m So Excited” was playing when Janessa touched the screen of her cell phone to stop the music. The Bluetooth speaker went silent. She lay naked on the bed next to her husband Amar. She shook her thick body causing her huge tits to roll back and forth as she stretched her arms in celebration. “Ooooh Baby! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

Amar’s wife loved to fuck to music. She had her own special playlist for it. It was mainly 80’s pop and dance with a little bit of what she called ‘pretty white boy’ music. He always knew she was horny when she pulled out that phone. If he heard music playing, well, that usually meant he was late for the show.

Janessa rolled her body against Amar’s sweaty body and massaged his deflated cock. “Oh honey, that was great!” she said. “I could to do it all over again.”

This was sticky situation for Amar because he knew shecould do it all over again. He complained to Ray once that his wife was losing interest in him. Using his advice, Amar turned their relationship around. Now Janessa was an insatiable beast in bed. Right now though, he was just exhausted.

Amar admitted to his wife it might take a while for him to recover. When he saw the wisp of disappointment in her eyes, he deflected with the story Ray had told him earlier.

“Oh, baby, that’s not right at all!” said Janessa. She’d heard the plan to eradicate the sexual ghost intruder, and shook her head. “That ain’t gonna work. Oh those poor people.”

Amar furrowed his brow and asked, “What we do?”

Janessa ran her hand up and down her husband’s chest and said, “I tell you what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go over there and get rid of that ghost. I know exactly what to do,” she said.

Amar turned to Janessa, “Yes?”

“Yes!” she said as she reached down, grabbed Amar’s ball sack and flaccid dick; and squeezed. “First, we need Ray and the girls to get out of the house and go out on a date.”

“All of them?” asked Amar.

As Janessa explained her plan, Amar felt a renewed energy that flowed through his body, down his spine and into his balls. That feeling produced a rigid cock that stood proudly as his wife waved it around.

It looked like she was getting a second round after all.


“Oh, this is so beautiful Ray. I love watching the sun set over this field of sunflowers,” said Brooke as she kissed his forehead and then his lips.

Ray glanced around, but it had grown dark and the windows of the Duster were fogged up. “It was the best I could come up with. Amar and Janessa wanted us out of the house for a few hours. So, this is what came to mind,” he said.

Brooke ground her hips into Ray’s and pulled his head into her bare tits. “It’s been too long, lover. I hope whatever they’re doing works because I want this abstinence thing to end. We shouldn’t be afraid to make love in our own house,” she said.

“No, I agree. I want things back to normal. And, I want you drawing again!” he said with a smile. He craned his neck, and gave Brooke one last long wet kiss. Brooke pulled away, her back against the steering wheel, and asked, “Who’s next?”

“Me, me!” exclaimed Julia as she climbed kaçak bahis between the bucket seats and plonked down into the passenger seat. Brooke reluctantly let Ray’s cock draw out of her pussy and clambered into the back seat, where Destiny was welcoming her with open arms.

The girls snuggled under a blanket while Julia fucked Ray like it might be her last. With only the field of sunflowers to bear witness, the springs in the old car squeaked on into the night.


Janessa squatted naked next to Amar outside the bedroom door. Amar loved seeing his wife this way. Boobs resting on her shins, she balanced effortlessly on her haunches. Reflected light backlit thick labia that hung, pointed to the floor, between her feet.

Amar scratched his head as he looked at his wife’s cellphone.

“I have it all set up for you,” said Janessa. “You touch the screen right here and that will control the music.,” she said, pointing to the phone. She sniffed the Bluetooth speaker, like it was a fabric-covered jelly doughnut. “I will take this with me.”

“It’s time, baby,” she said as she reached out and stroked her hand across Amar’s shaven head. “Thank you for letting me do this . ” Then she grinned salaciously. “I take care of you later.”

The big woman stood and nodded. Amar pressed the icon on the cell phone and the gray doughnut started playing Sister Sledge’s “Got to Love Somebody.” Janessa swayed to the music, and her hips rocked back and forth as she lifted her heels in time. She closed her eyes, and her shoulders picked up the pace. Amar smiled broadly, watching his wife dance nude, boobs swinging from side to side. As she opened the door, entered the bedroom and closed it behind her, he heard her sing.

“I’ve got to love somebody today…”

As the first song ended, from in the room, Amar heard Janessa say, “Hey baby, Yeah, you never saw any girl like me. What you want to do with these titties?” He closed his eyes and pictured his wife standing over him back at home waving those awesome jugs at him. The next song in the playlist started up. It was “Venus” by Bananarama.

Even over the loud music, Amar could hear loud thumping, objects rolling and wild, bouncing bed springs. At first it concerned him. Was Janessa safe? Then her heard her laughing and teasing the poor ghost. “Oh come on, baby. That all you got?”

Van Halen’s version of “You Really Got Me” was up next on the playlist.

That’s when it really got loud.

Janessa was giggling and laughing; and the floor shook from bodies hitting the floor. There was a huge scraping noise as the bed was dragged (or pushed.) A framed picture in the hall next to Amar fell off the wall. Grunts and moans flowed through the walls in great waves. Through all of this, Amar heard only snippets of words. “Yeah, baby. Give it to… Oh, FUCK ME! That’s good!”

Suddenly, all the commotion stopped.

Amar touched the phone screen to stop the music. All was quiet for a few moments, then he heard is wife laughing to herself from in the darkened room. He recognized that self-satisfied laugh and knew she had been successful.


“This is so…embarrassing,” said Ray. He stood naked in front of the bed with a dog collar around his neck. Brooke and Destiny had assembled a chastity device and were pushing Ray’s junk into it.

“Oh, shush,” said Destiny. “It’s only for the show.”

“I think, it’s supposed to go in that hole,” said Brooke, pointing

Destiny scanned over the instructions and said, “No, it goes on this way.” She took the mechanism from Brooke’s grasp; wiggled and twisted it until Ray’s now-useless balls were clamped with a thick stainless ring and his dick was encased in a shiny metal sleeve. She inserted a small brass padlock in the hasp and closed it with a satisfying click.

Ray had a look of dismay, when Destiny gave his secured package a little flick. It bounced and waggled sadly as she rose from her knees. When she was eye level with him, she kissed the key and grinned. “I’ll be keeping this,” she said as she looped its chain around her neck. The tiny silver key, sparkled against the dark skin between her breasts.

“Hey guys,” said Julia. “Be quiet back there. I’m about to start the show.” She sat in front of the computer monitor and adjusted the camera.

Brooke clipped a dog leash onto Ray’s collar and led him to the bed. “Ray, thank you for being a good sport,” she said as she pulled him to his knees and draped him over the edge of the bed, with his ass facing the cam. She couldn’t resist giving his metal encased dick and weighted balls, dangling for the viewing audience, a final yank before straightening up.

Julia opened up the webcam show precisely when she had promised and watched the user list fill with her regular followers. Thankfully, ‘ChristmasPast’ was not on the list. It looked like Amar and Janessa had scared him away. She recognized a new visitor namedBad_Mutta. “Oh! Hi Pratush. So glad you could make it!” she said.

“Silence slaves! I demand your services!” called out Destiny as she appeared in the frame oiled up, wearing only tall heels and a Mardi Gras mask. She sat on the bed and leaned on Ray’s hip, like an armchair.

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