The Perfect Night Ch. 01

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As I approached her door, a slight smile came to my lips. She had no idea what she was in for tonight, but I knew that it would be a night she could never forget. When I rapped twice on the door, it was almost immediately opened by my special girl, and I wondered if she had been waiting for me since she had responded to my knocks so quickly. She was completely decked out, wearing her favorite skirt and a matching silk blouse. It was obvious that she was looking forward to tonight, even though I had never said exactly what we would be doing. I could not help but wonder what she was wearing underneath her outfit, although I couldn’t determine exactly what it was even when I let my gaze follow her figure as she walked. I quickly pulled my mind back to the task at hand, knowing that I would find out later.

As I entered her apartment, I could smell the perfume wafting off of her. Her makeup was lightly put on her face, and I could also smell the odors of some kind of lotion that she uses. My senses seemed alive, open to all of her scents, and I felt like I could almost smell the anticipation coming from her direction also. Yes, I thought to myself, she is definitely looking forward to this surprise evening. I casually asked if she was ready to go, and in the blink of an eye she had already grabbed a jacket and was at the door.

As for me, I had also taken great pains to make sure that she would remember tonight. I had a fresh haircut and had remembered to clip my fingernails to make myself as presentable as possible. I was wearing a pair of kaki pants, and a semi-casual button down shirt. I had made sure to take the extra steps to shave just before I arrived, so I could smell both my aftershave and cologne. I’m not sure if they exactly went together, but I knew that they weren’t repulsive as a pair. I had worn my best shoes, which I knew were a favorite of hers, all of this to help finish my ensemble.

I had made reservations at a little place just a couple of blocks from her apartment building. I knew that she liked the place, and even though it wasn’t a four star restaurant, I knew that it would set the mood that I wanted. It was a fairly small restaurant, especially for this part of town, and it always remained dimly lit. The candles on the tables provided the majority of the light, and it was the perfect place for us to start our evening. I had made a point of stopping at the restaurant on my way to her apartment. It was a little out of my way, but I did want to set the perfect mood. I had slipped the maitre d’ a twenty and asked if he could ensure that our reservation would be for the back booth. He had assured me it would, well out of the way of the bustling wait staff.

Even in the obnoxious glow of the street lights, I could see the faint smile penetrating her full lips. She kept giving me quick, awkward glances as we walked. I knew that she wanted to ask what I had planned, but she knew that I would never reveal my plan. So she never asked. She just kept giving me those looks, hoping that I would spill my secret on my own. Of course, I never would. I controlled the conversation as we walked, and whether it was my continual talking or her mind being on other things, she never spoke a word.

As we made our way to the restaurant, I placed my hand on the small of her back, just underneath her jacket, guiding her towards the entrance. I felt a slight shudder move through her body despite the almost perfect temperature that Chicago was experiencing. As we entered the little restaurant, our eyes adjusting to the dimness from the brightly lit street outside, I caught the eyes of the man who I had given the twenty dollar bill to earlier. It was obvious that he also saw me, as he motioned to a waitress to get our table ready for our arrival. The maitre d’ promptly came over and asked if he could güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri show us to our table after taking her coat. This is when she uttered her first words of the evening, “Don’t you need our names?”

The young maitre d’ just shook his head and told her that he already knew who we were and that our table was ready. Even with just the light of the tabletop candles, I could see a slight blush come over her cheeks. I couldn’t tell whether he had embarrassed her, or whether she was just amazed at the moment. Either way, I had to work to keep myself from blushing back at her, so that she wouldn’t know how much effort I had gone to. We were led back through the narrow walkway towards the back of the restaurant, past all the other diners, and past the door to the kitchen. I hadn’t been in this joint for a few months, and although I knew where I wanted to be seated, I had forgotten some of the complexities of this spot. There were only two other tables in our section, and all of them were along the same wall, meaning that we had a perfectly secluded spot. I doubt if it was a new addition, but I also noticed a fireplace almost directly across from us on the opposite wall. I hadn’t remembered that, but probably because, like now, it was never lit. As we approached our table, I spied the waitress removing the “reserved” sign from our table as she finished laying out the silverware and napkins. As we were sitting down, I again thanked the maitre d’ and slyly slipped him another ten. Then, as if his performance wasn’t good enough, I boldly asked if it was possible for the fireplace to be lit. He gave me a strange look, probably because of the pleasant temperature outside, but then summoned a waiter to light the fireplace. After all, the customer is always right, especially when he has already proven himself to be a big tipper.

As we sat there and did the obligatory perusing of the menus, I noticed that the other two tables had already finished their dinners and were having their coffee or amaretto. It was just late enough that I was hoping that we would soon have the section all to ourselves. The waitress, Jane I think her name was, came back and took our drink orders. She had champaign and I ordered a half bottle of a very good zinfandel. Not that I needed any liquid courage for this evening, but I decided to splurge since my plans were coming to fruition so nicely. Besides, I planned on spending the time to have a leisurely dinner before we left the restaurant.

Our drinks came as quickly as one could expect on a Friday night, and it could definitely have taken longer if we were in a different neighborhood where all the party-goers resided. Instead, this was a quiet neighborhood and a little known restaurant, so our service was sure to be wonderful. Sitting there sipping our drinks, I thought I could still notice a slight blush on her cheeks, and she was definitely smiling. We managed some small talk until Jane took our orders. She took our orders, and by the looks she was giving us, I knew that she was jealous of the efforts being extended to the lovely girl sitting across from me. Luckily for me, she was professional enough not to say or do anything to let anyone else catch on. I would have to remember to tip her well also.

When our food arrived, along with another glass of champaign for her, we sat there and ate slowly, making small talk between bites and sips. As we were finishing our respective meals, I felt that her anticipation was growing. Perhaps it was just the reflection of the candle’s flame flickering in her eyes, but I felt as though she were using some type of extra-sensory perception to decipher my plan. All I could do was smile back at her as those flaming eyes tried to penetrate my soul. After we had finished and were sitting there chatting about güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri work and our days, Jane came back around to take away our empty plates and see if there was anything else we needed. Despite the protests that I received, I ordered one more glass of champaign and asked if we could just sit here for a while to finish our drinks. My wishes were granted and there we were, just sitting and enjoying the ambience.

Looking around, I was happy to see that nobody else had been seated in what soon would be referred to as our section. The other tables had finished their meals and had never been replaced by other customers. I couldn’t believe how well things were working out.I quickly switched sides in our booth, moving to sit next to her. We were now both facing the direction of the rest of the restaurant, although with the high walls of our booth, one could never tell that there were other people here at all. The only sign of other life was the occasional clinking of glasses and an almost inaudible murmur of conversation coming from the main dining room. Sitting there, with the warmth of the fire to my left, the flickering candle on the table in front of us, and the feel of her body on my right, I felt a sense of relief at how well things were going.

Normally, public displays of affection are not things that are initiated by her, but I suddenly found myself being kissed deeply by the girl at my side. I was feeling truly transcendental sitting there, feeling both her heat and the heat of the fire, remembering the sparkle of the candle’s reflection in her gaze. As if she was feeling how relaxed I was, she deftly moved her hand to my chest. It lay there for a moment… perhaps she was feeling my heartbeat to see if she could make it grow in rapidity as her tongue eagerly probed my mouth. She let her hand trace down the buttons on my shirt until it found its final resting place in my lap. We weren’t doing anything sexual at this time, but I could feel my excitement grow, and hence, I felt a little tugging at my boxers and pants from the inside. My hands had been resting on her hips until now, and I found my left hand move to her right thigh, resting there just at the hem of her skirt. It was torn at the altering feels of her soft skin and the material of her skirt.

I wasn’t sure how much more of this either of us could take, but I didn’t want to leave our section quite yet. As our tongues continued to have their own adventures, only surpassed perhaps by Gulliver, her left leg climbed over my right leg, allowing her body to move just that much closer to my own. I allowed my left hand to switch from her right to her left thigh, again feeling the warmth of her unsheathed skin just below her skirt’s hem. Whether it was a conscious effort or not, my hand pushed slowly up the outside of her thigh, just slipping underneath her skirt. On a normal evening, this action would get me pushed away, but tonight it seemed to enflame her passion. As my hand moved upwards, I felt her own start to rub my inner thigh, rubbing fervently against the tip of my growing erection with each upstroke. I decided that it was time to quench my earlier curiosity by trying to determine which pair of panties she was wearing just by feeling them. Would they have a lace edge, be made purely of silk, or be her comfortable, white cotton panties that are normally saved for those boring Sundays of laundry and cleaning?

As my hand continued to slide along the soft, melting heat of her skin, I could feel her hips rising up as if my hand were placed six inches higher and three inches over. Her own body pressed closer to mine as our continued embrace would have made even the most liberal onlooker turn away. I must admit, I was a little nervous that our waitress, Jane, or perhaps that young maitre güvenilir bahis şirketleri d’ whose name I never got, would come back and see what we were doing there in our booth. If she had the same reservations, they were definitely being hidden from me. My momentary panic subsided as her hand once again slid along the outside of my pants. As hard as I was, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a slight spot of wetness on my pants from the precum I’m sure was oozing through my boxers and reaching the warmer air caused by the fireplace.

My hand had finally reached the bottom edge of her panties, and I let a single finger slip underneath the outer edge of the silkiness. She had worn one of her silk pairs, probably with the matching bra just in case I had been able to maneuver past her defenses tonight. I let my finger slide back from underneath her silky lingerie and move gently over her panties towards me. I was a little surprised to find that they were wet when I was still a few inches from her beautiful, hidden treasure. Even Bluebeard himself would be jealous of all the treasure that was so close to my fingertips.

I felt a slight gasp escape her lips as my hand continued its journey along her panties, feeling the wet silkiness that engulfed her underneath her skirt. I let my fingers begin to tease the fabric of her panties. As I did this, I felt her squirm just a little as she moved her body to try and fully enclose upon me, her mouth on mine, her hand on my bulged pants, and her hips to my roaming fingers. As I moved my fingers down from the bone guarding her pelvis, and I could feel the slight mound of her pubic hair and knew that it was matted down from her own juices. I felt a sharp pain as she bit my lower lip. Not seeming to let go until I had my fingers firmly implanted under her silky garments, I did as she wanted and pulled her panties aside. Letting a single finger slide into her warm, wet, inviting body, she let go with her teeth and let out an audible moan. I knew that we didn’t have long before our waitress would be back to settle the bill, so I knew that I had to try and move quickly.

Placing my mouth firmly over hers so as to muffle any sounds she would make, I slid two fingers deep inside of her waiting, longing pussy. I placed my thumb just over her protruding clit and let my fingers move in and out, fully lubricated by her own natural wetness. I don’t even think that she knew that her hand had stopped moving against my own pulsating erection, but it didn’t matter at this point…this is her special night. As I continued to move my fingers in and out, slightly curling my index finger while letting my middle finger penetrate as far as it could, I felt her breathing become more and more shallow. Even though our mouths and tongues were entwined like a pair of snakes, I could almost make out moans of “Oh God” as her hips pushed against my sliding fingers. Her breathing became even more intense as my fingers became more encapsulated in her warmth. Then, as I lightly bit her lower lip, I felt her shudder against me and heard her moans become more intense. I knew that she was cumming, for me, and for the perfect evening. Her body slowly relaxed after the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen her experience, and I knew that I had given her a fantastic evening.

After a few moments of sitting there, still locked in an embrace that would have suffocated any other couple, we finally broke apart and tried to settle ourselves. Just then, Jane the waitress came and handed me the bill. I promptly paid her, along with a very healthy tip, and led her outside. I’m not sure if our waitress and maitre d’ had seen our actions, and that is how they knew when to present the tab, but it didn’t matter. Even in the dimly lit restaurant, the glow was definitely noticeable on her face and skin. Once out on the street, I noticed that my pants did indeed have a ring of wetness a ways beneath my waist. Even if those at the restaurant did know, it was still worth the look on her face at any notoriety that we may have claimed. Now, I always remember to stop and request the back booth every time we go to dinner.

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