The Portrait

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Cathy and I had been married about three years, and were still enjoying a terrific sex life together. She was

in her early 20’s and an absolute stunner, long graceful legs tapering to a pair of fine ankles, topped by a arse cheeks to die for, moving upwards her waist was slim, her tits full but not overdone, she was a natural ash blonde with strait hair falling on her shoulders.

She was a regular visitor at the beauty parlour and had a Japanese beautician look after the waxing and trimming of her pubic hair, she always left a triangle of fluff over her pussy to confirm the fact that she was in fact a natural blond.

In spite of our energetic and harmonious sex life, I always had fantasies about her getting fucked by someone else while I watched, or participated in a threesome- giving her a double penetration in anal and cunt (she was OK with anal provided she was excited enough by the foreplay leading up to it, and her arse-button had been finger-frigged enough to make it open and relaxed).

She dressed sexily and young, very short mini skirts, tight tops, showing off the outline of her splendid tits (she never wore a bra), very flimsy pants- mostly see-through, and occasionally, after much persuasion from me, she would wear none at all. Whenever I managed to persuade her not to wear any underclothes we always ended our day in an orgy of highly charged sex, as it made me hugely horney thinking of her lovely pink quim un- protected and available and her in turn feeling very naughty and tartish making her extremely moist and responsive as a result.

One bright and fine day last summer, Cathy was dressing in a very short yellow button through mini dress and as she was getting ready to accompany me to town for a lunch and shopping outing, I persuaded her to leave her pretty knickers off, and keep them in her handbag if at some point she became uncomfortable without them. She reluctantly agreed, as her dress was really very short, just about covering her bum, and if she bent over she was showing more than was descent. I, however, prevailed, and we set off for town arm in arm.

I allowed her to go ahead of me on the first escalator we came to at the shopping centre, and was rewarded with a perfect view of her pert arse cheeks framing her pink pussy lips. My dick was twitching with excitement and anticipation of burring it deep in her hot wet little hole just as soon as possible.

“David, stop looking up my skirt you dirty old man” she giggled as we reached the upper floor of the shopping mall.

“Would you prefer if it was someone else doing the looking, you little flasher!”

As I said it I could see two young guys riveted to the mirror on the floor of the shop window we were looking into, it gave a perfect view of her pussy and her fluffy curls over it.

I didn’t draw her attention to her pussy display, but talked rather about the contents of the shop window display and keep her there for quite some time. The two young guys couldn’t believe their luck, getting such a great peep show for free. I was sure they would have a great wank as a result of their good fortune.

I was getting more excited by the minute, my prick bulging in my trousers like a tent pole.

I held my coat in front of my rampant member, and casually mentioned to Cathy that I could see all she had to offer in the mirror. She started and turning her back on the shop window gave a perfect view of her arse to the teenagers, much to their obvious delight and amusement.

Embarrassed by her little show she wanted to put her pants on right away, and leave the shopping mall, I had a better suggestion which was to take a pre lunch drink at our favourite bar which was near by.

After a lot of coaxing she finally agreed, and off we set hand in hand.

We were ensconced in our favourite booth, side by side, sipping a chilled glass white wine, my hand on her smooth cunt one finger stroking her erect clitoris, and another one deep in her wet hole.

She was purring with pleasure, and under the table was slowly pulling down the zip of my bulging fly.

She had just begun to stroke the excited head of my swollen dick when Terry, an old pal, slid into the booth opposite us beaming “Hi lovebirds, mind if I join you?”

Her hand came out of my pants, so my dick got no more attention for the moment.

“Sure Terry, have a drink and join us, we are just taking a break from window shopping”

Terry was a very successful portrait painter, and had made repeated offers to do a full length painting of Cathy, but never seemed to have the time to arrange a sitting.

Terry enthused “Listen guys, I just got a cancellation for this afternoon, why not come to the studio, and I can start on the preliminary sketches for your picture. You’re looking a million dollars, rosy cheeks and a dreamy smile to go with it, and the rest of you looks great too “

The rosy cheeks and the smile might have had something to do with where my fingers were at that moment.

“Sounds good güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to my I replied, what do you think Cathy?”

“OK so, but I’m sure I look a mess, I’ll have to freshen up at your place first, if that’s all right with you”

We all got into a taxi and were soon in front of Terry’s home cum studio.

Terry’s studio was three floors up via a narrow stairway, and no lift!

Cathy was ushered ahead of us, ladies first and all that, cruelly, I insisted Terry go next, giving him a birds eye view of her arse and hairless pussy. There was nothing Cathy could about it except climb the stairs in her allotted place with Terry’s head almost up her skirt.

When we got to the studio she was blushing furiously, and Terry had a massive hard on tenting his linen slacks in front of him.

“Well now, let’s get on with the job in hand!” said terry brightly

He ushered Cathy into the changing room cum bathroom, saying “freshen up and use the models Kimono”

Once back in the room, he gasped” I can’t work like this, look at the state I’m in,” pointing to his massive erection.

“Will you ask her if she would give me a hand job?”

“You must be fucking joking, you want ME to ask MY wife to give you a wank, are you off your game or what?”

“Firstly I don’t mind at all what she does for you if, she’s OK with it, secondly she’s a big girl and SHE will decide if she will pull your plonker or not, but thirdly and most importantly YOU must ask her and don’t get me involved in your little game”

“Are you sure it OK by you?”

“Go for it and good luck, I know she’s hot and randy right now so she just might do it for you, as for me I’ll piss myself laughing at the pair of you playing teenager games with your stiff prick”

She came back from the changing room, wearing the kimono, but not belted, so as she walked towards us it gaped open, showing her pussy, and tits fleetingly as the silk material billowed around her striding body.

“Where do you want me?” she asked .suggestively.

Very professionally, he placed her on he posing couch, arranging her legs, arms and feet, the tilt of her head, the way her hair fell, every detail, just perfect. As he was doing this his hands lingered on the thighs, breasts, and he even managed to touch her pussy (in the guise of getting the pose “just right”).

When he had finished, he went behind the canvas propped up on his artist’s easel, and took up his charcoal to make the preliminary sketches.

” Listen Cathy, you are probably the most beautiful model that has ever posed for me, but also the model that I have lusted after for more time than I can remembering so I cant concentrate on being an artist, the impassionate observer, I am too involved and , frankly I am as horny as hell. Could you do us all a great favour and put me out of my misery! In other words could you PLEASE give me a hand-job to get rid of my horn so I can concentrate on your portrait?”

“I noticed your embarrassment, which, incidentally, I took as a compliment, by the way” and looking at me quizzically, she continued, “you are serious, you want me to wank you, just like that? “

I nodded my assent, so she continued. “You’ve never even kissed me and you want me to do that to you?”

“Well, if a kiss is all that’s stopping you, pucker up and we can solve the problem right now!”

Putting his two arms around her waist, under the open kimono, he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply on the mouth. She melted against him and, from what I could see, tongued him deeply, and lingeringly.

“OK then, take your trousers off and let’s see what you’ve got!”

He opened the waist of his slacks and let them pool at his feet, his excited dick sprang into view, long, rigid, with veins standing out like cords down each side. She pulled back his heavy foreskin to reveal a purple prick head glistening with pre-cum lubrication.

“Nice dick,” she exclaimed, “now sit down on the couch and get your gear off”

While he was undressing she whispered in my ear, “You don’t mind do you, if I give him a wank?, I’ll look after you when I’m through with him, anyway your prick is bigger than his, but I feel like a bit of a Slapper and want to do something naughty for a change, his is the first prick, other than yours, that I have touched.

You don’t mind if I play the tart a bit, do you?

“You can do anything you like, including letting him fuck you, so long as you are enjoying it “I replied.

He was sprawled on the sofa, both feet on the ground. Legs apart, dick rampantly in the air, when she knelt between his legs and took his ridged dick in her right hand, her left cradled his balls, and lowering her mouth to his puffed up dickhead she licked it for a moment, then spat on it and massaged the spittle its turgid length. Slowly she wanked its length with her delicate fingers, occasionally kissing the purple head and licking the length of his shaft. He was groaning with pleasure, and his already güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sizable dick, was gaining in length and girth under her expert ministrations.

As she became more and more sexually excited the wank became more of a blow-job, she was taking more and more of his shaft into her mouth, tonguing the fat head, and letting her front teeth pull behind the rim of his dickhead ( I could feel the sweet pain/pleasure of this trick as she had often driven me near to distraction with this technique of hers), and as she got more wanton she took his shaft deeper and deeper into her throat eventually to the point where her lips were pressed against his pubic hair. Her hand on his balls was massaging and fondling non stop, he was groaning and moaning in time to her sucking and wanking of his wet shaft.

“I’m goanna cum, jeez I’m goanna cum in your mouth , I cant hold it any more, fuck it here it comes” With than his pelvic thrusts became more violent and spastic, she on her part kept at it, sucking ever deeper her cheeks hollowing, hand wanking his shaft, till he exploded in her hot mouth, she sucked and swallowed for about the first eight or ten thrusts, but then she couldn’t keep up with his volume of cum, and had to take his spurting organ out of her mouth so she could swallow the oversupply of jism in her mouth.

She continued to wank his shaft, its head ,livid and spurting, sprayed her face and hair with creamy spunk squirt after squirt, till she once again got it back in her mouth to continue sucking his copious offering to the end of his mighty cum.

She looked at me and wiping the drips of cum from her lips with the back of her hand,” Are you proud of your little slut of a wife, sucking off another guys dick, and enjoying every moment of it?”

She shrugged off the kimono and naked except for her high heeled sandals, still on all fours between Terry’s thighs, she wiggled her bum and lewdly enquired of me “Any chance of a fuck, Mister?”

I was rigid to bursting point after being spectator at a porn show put on by my very own prim Cathy and one of my best mates. My dick was as hard as concrete, and when I dropped my pants it sprang out like a lance in front of me.

On all fours, her pink cunt framed by those gorgeous bum cheeks, with a drip of cum on outer cunt lips, she was an invitation no one could refuse, so I got behind her on all fours and with one pelvic thrust was in the length of my dick in her hot wet love tunnel, I pulled back till my excited prick head was outside her wet pussy lips and ramming in to the hilt I was rewarded by a delicious farting noise from her cunt,

I shafted her like this for what seemed ages and multiple orgasms on her part till she grunted “Now fuck me in my little shit hole Tiger”

I needed no further invitation, smearing her arse bud with my wet prick I introduced a finger into her secret orifice my thumb in her cunt, then change about then two fingers and finally two fingers and my thumb all together in and out of her, now relaxed, arse button.

I pulled my sopping dick from her cunt and firmly but slowly forced it into her tight colon. I was not disappointed; it gripped my shaft in a firm hold along its entire length. I began shafting deeply as she shuddered to a noisy orgasm. We fucked like this till Terry plaintively asked “Any chance of some cunt for this spectator?”

Cathy had been wanking and sucking him all the time I had been fucking her from behind so now he was fully erect and bursting for more.

Cathy took charge of affairs and telling me to pull out; she sat on Terry’s lap holding his erect shaft in her hand she guided it into her steaming pussy, sinking down on it till it was completely embedded in her, glancing over her shoulder she instructed me “Now put your dick back where it belongs, in my arse”

I slid my shaft into her compliant fundament up to my balls, feeling the stiff prick on the other side of the membrane that separated our two members.

Cathy was possessed, behaving like a right little whore and loving every moment of her slutishness, talking dirty, and fucking like never before,

“David I saw this on one of your porno DVD’s, and the girl on the film seemed to be enjoying it immensely, so go to work lads and see how often you can make me cum!”

We did just that each in turn driving his dick as far into her as we could get it, soon I felt the tingling that announces an impending orgasm, and shouting out a warning I began to quicken my strokes deep in her arse. She responded by backing into my thrusts, driving me even deeper into her, terry who had cum earlier was not ready to explode like me , and kept on shafting her front hole as hard as he could, which was pretty hard, as I could feel the big fat head of his prick hammering in and out with huge energy.

Then I came, the biggest orgasm of my life, fucking huge, it went on and on forever, squirt after squirt of boiling jism, deep in her shit whole. She was wailing to güvenilir bahis şirketleri her nth orgasm, and thrashing about like a wild animal, lunging back against me to get the very last inch of my cock into her fundament as though her life depended on it.

Finally I was finished Cumming, and let my dick slide out of her tight arse tube.

“Come round here and let me lick you clean,” and offering my soiled dick, strait from her arse, dripping with cum to her pink lips, gave me a shudder of pure sexual pleasure I had not known before, having a wife who behaved like a whore wasn’t all that bad I thought.

“Now Terry, your turn in the little brown hole!”, and so saying she raised herself up from his prick, and slid it into her back passage, sinking down on its ridged length, with a squelching sound.

“Lets see if you can bugger me as good as my old man, and he’s pretty good at it, so get fucking as hard and as deep in my hole as you can.”

Terry set about it, and after about five minutes or so, told her to get off his lap as he wanted to fuck her from behind and get more prick into her that way, and so he began fucking her arse doggy style, and had her squealing with delight as he rapid doggy shagged her like a mongrel in heat.

Soon it got too exciting for him and he started Cumming long and noisily and in huge quantities of jism, which ran down the insides of her legs in little white streams.

Terry fell over on his back, completely out for the count, whereas Cathy a fresh as a daisy, went down on his deflating prick to lick and suck it clean, as she had done mine some time earlier.

The three of us looked at each other and began to laugh uncontrollably at our newfound situation, from friends to fucking threesome.

Terry was the first to speak

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you Cath, from the very first time I saw you with David at the beach, in your tiny string bikini, it hid nothing, and in fact I could see in the side of it and I knew you had a waxed pussy”

“Funny you should say that, I have always thought that if I was going to let someone other than David fuck me, it would be you, and now you have and it was smashing” So saying she kissed him on the mouth and then went down on him to kiss his soft prick, which began to respond to her attentions.

I was getting horny watching their carry on, and moved closer to Cathy, so she could suck mine as well.

Once she started on me the party got going again only this time I got her hot cunt to fuck and Terry had the back passage to amuse him. We fucked and buggered her for a good half hour, double penetration, one at a time, one in her mouth the other in one of her well lubricated holes, she egged us on and finally asked us to cum all over her, as inside her was well and truly whitewashed with cum at that stage, Terry was the first to squirt his spunk over her face tits and tummy, splashing her as he wanked his purple knob and rigid dick standing over her.

I in turn got to the point of orgasm in her bum, then quickly getting on top of her, sitting astride her stomach I started to cum all over her face and tits, keeping the last few drops for her to suck from my straining prick.

After all that frenetic sexual exertion we all kind of collapsed on the carpet, totally fucked out, but very happy with ourselves (and our respective performances).

Terry was the first to move, chirpily offering a glass of fizz for all, he went to the small frig and produced a bottle of Crystal Brut and three Champaign flutes frosting and ready to use.

The lift of the chilled champers went right to the spot, and I proposed that I would make love to Cathy, as opposed to fucking her like a whore as we had done for the previous hour.

She smiled agreement saying, “I’ll be your sweet little wife again, for the duration, but don’t ever forget you have shown me the fun side of debauchery, and I’ll never be the same little innocent girl that I was before to-day’s fuckfest!”

Kissing her deeply on the lips I started by fondling her full tits and rock hard excited nipples, stroking her and playing with her breasts was a change from the frantic non stop fucking we had been giving her with two pricks in her straining holes.

Leaving her tits I moved my attention to her stomach and thighs, not yet touching her pussy, to keep the chasteness of our present encounter. I began to kiss her breasts, sucking on her nipples and making them even more erect and sensitive. We carried on like that for a while with her wanking my ever growing prick, and rubbing its excited head, till drops of pre cum lubrication began to seep from the opening and serving as a lubricant for the attentions of her busy fingers.

Missionary style I lay on top of her and spread her legs wide, lifting her off the carpet I slid my rampant dick deep in her arse button till my balls smacked off her bum cheeks. Slowly and deeply I shafted into her compliant hole for a long spell, she wailing to orgasm after orgasm, till she moaned that she wanted it in her cunt so it could join the fun. She got on top of me and placing my cock at the moist opening of her smooth pussy, sat down on me impaling her on my ever rampant dick. We fucked on like this for a while till she giggled “Its hooker time again, I want a second prick in me, and quick!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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