The Promotion

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“Un-fucking-believable,” Alice thought as she walked in the front door. “I spent the last two years letting that pervert ogle me with his eyes, and ‘accidentally’ brush against me, only to have that two bit whore show up six months ago and steal my promotion.” She kicked off her shoes and padded across the kitchen floor in her stocking covered feet as she unbuttoned her shirt. Opening the fridge she withdrew a bottle of wine and poured herself a glass. Most of her anger had been vented on the car ride home, but she could still feel it simmering just below the surface. Alice downed the half glass of wine and poured herself another, savoring the sweet taste as it went down her throat. Returning the wine to the fridge she stood there in the kitchen, wine glass in hand; white shirt opened, head tilted back towards the ceiling with her eyes closed as she worked to center herself.

“I need to get laid,” she said aloud, the truth of the words bringing the first true smile of the day to her glistening red lips. Walking to the living room she sat in a chair, her black skirt riding up her thighs, baring her stocking tops. Alice hadn’t had a boyfriend in over a year as she concentrated on her career. Bradley had been the last man she’d slept with, and the sex drought was driving her crazy. Like any woman in her early thirties she had an assortment of toys to ‘scratch her itches’, but no toy could replace the feeling of a man.

Setting her glass down she closed her eyes and let her hands roam her body. A moan escaped her lips as her hand reached inside her bra and pinched her nipple. She shuddered as her other hand slid beneath her skirt, and past her thong. Spreading her legs she slipped two fingers into her pussy, the familiar sensation both pleasing and boring at the same time. Exasperated she removed her fingers and clasped her knees. Running through her collection of vibrators and dildos Alice could not think of a single one that would satisfy her tonight.

“Fuck! I need a man,” she yelled into the empty room. Standing she paced the room. Going to a bar meant work: Finding a respectable looking guy and playing the flirt game with him. Then hoping beyond hope that he wasn’t a perverted weirdo. Despite what every guy says, not many men seem to be interested in a woman seeking a one night stand. Most men assume they are up to something: trying to enrage an ex boyfriend, or make a girlfriend jealous. The ones that are up for it are usually not the type that Alice would want to take to bed. Frustrated she walked the room, her mind seeking an answer to her sexual desires but coming up empty.

Resigned to a night of fucking her self with her vibrators, Alice opted to order a pizza for dinner, and that’s when she knew the answer. Tony’s Pizza had the sexiest delivery guy around. Antonio was the owner’s nephew, and worked in the shop delivering pies. He had been the topic of more than one x-rated conversation in the office over the last few months. Alice had been lucky enough to have him deliver to her three times. Tonight she would offer him a tip she prayed he wouldn’t refuse. Word around the office was that Antonio was single, and an amazing fuck. Well that’s what a friend of a friend’s sister had said anyway.

She called in her order and asked if Antonio was working this evening. She was informed that he had been working and would be off when he got back, was there a message?

“No message,” she had said. She hung up the phone with frustrated resignation, her last long shot at getting laid dashed. Filling her glass again, Alice sat down and waited for dinner as she tried to decide which of her vibrators would be the one to get lucky tonight. She had a feeling that “Big Hank and bahis firmaları his anal explorer” would be the one, but she couldn’t out her purple double headed dildo either. Tomorrow night she was going to a bar, and was going to find a man to fuck her.

Twenty minutes later she had a decent buzz going, the anger of the work day safely dissolved in wine, when there was a knock at the door; the thought of dinner gone from her mind as she tried to settle on a porno and a vibrator she walked to the door, curious as to who was calling on her. “Who’s there?” she asked her hand on the doorknob.

“Tony’s Pizza,” came the reply in a heavy Italian accent. Her heart knocked in her chest as reality cut through her buzz. She’d ordered a pizza, hoping to get laid. They said Antonio was done for the evening but the voice coming through the door said otherwise. Opening the door she stood there, her shirt wide open, exposing her white lace covered breasts.

“Hi, the total is…”Antonio trailed off, his eyes settling on Alice’s 36B chest. Following his gaze she realized she had never buttoned her shirt back up.

“Oh shit, come in,” she said stepping back. Antonio chuckled as he entered the house. He watched amused as she fumbled with her buttons before giving up.

“Well I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen a woman in a bra, come on into the kitchen,” she told him.

“Not the first time, no,” he said following her, his eyes locked on her firm ass as she led the way, “but surely one of the best times.”

Standing in the center of the kitchen she turned to look at him, one hand on her hip, “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re coming on to me.” She hoped that her words would be read as the invitation they really were, and that they weren’t in any way slurred.

He set the pizza on the table and looked at her. “What? A beautiful woman answers the door with her shirt open, and a guy can’t comment on how nice her breasts are?” he replied.

Tilting her head she asked, “Beautiful? You really think I’m beautiful?”

“You don’t think I’d have taken one more delivery if I didn’t know where I was going do you?” he answered. The tension in the air was palpable. She could feel herself growing wet as her eyes roamed his hard body, imagining him deep inside her. “I have a list in my head of every great tip, and every knockout that orders. You’re special because you are one of a select few that fall on both lists.”

Stepping to him she placed her hands on his shoulders and said, “Thank you. That was the highlight of my day.” Standing on her stocking clad tip toes she kissed him gently on the lips. The kiss lasted long enough to be considered a peck at best, but she hoped it was able to convey her wanton desire in a way words couldn’t.

Looking down at her as she retreated from him Antonio ran his tongue along his lips, savoring the brief taste and feel of her succulent lips. Uncertain if her flirtation was simply that or an invitation for more he looked into her eyes, trying to read the truth of the moment. Sensing the moment was fleeing past he made up his mind. Stepping to her he put his hands on her waist. “Maybe I can make you change your mind.”

“About what?” she asked.

“About the highlight of your day,” he answered, pulling her into his strong arms. Their lips met as he held her close.

Alice melted like warm butter in his arms. The sensation of a man lusting for her intoxicated her more than a cask of wine could have. She moaned into his mouth as their tongues dueled, passionate desire filling the air like a heavy storm cloud.

His free hand roamed her body as his other held her tight. Finding the bottom of her skirt he slowly kaçak iddaa worked it upward, baring her thong covered ass to his searching hand.

Alice trembled as his hand traced across her nearly nude ass. She could feel her knees buckle when he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her thong and began sliding it off. Gasping as he kissed his way down her exposed chest and stomach she stepped out of her panties.

Antonio picked her up and set her on the kitchen table. Sitting before her in a chair he spread her legs and placed them over his shoulders, exposing her wet sex to his hungry mouth.

Alice moaned as his tongue flicked across her pussy. Gripping his head she held him between her legs, lost in the pleasures of his tongue and lips. “Oh shit….mmmmm yesss,” she moaned as he nibbled her sensitive clit.

Antonio lapped at her juices like a starved man, letting not one drop past his lips. Wetting his finger with saliva he slowly entered her, amazed at how tight she was around his finger.

“FUCK, I’M CUMMING!!!” she screamed as he worked his finger into her while sucking her clit into his mouth. Alice’s legs clamped down on his head as he continued lapping her gently, savoring every drop of her sexual essence.

When her legs freed him he stood, running his hands over her nylon covered legs. Unzipping his pants he saw her peer down the length of her body at what he was about to put in her. Knowing he needed no lubrication he placed his cockhead at her tight opening. Slowly he dragged his member up and down her dripping sex, coating his hard shaft with her cum.

Locking her ankles behind his waist Alice tried in vain to pull him into her, needing his cock deep inside her now. “Please no more teasing,” she whimpered, certain she was going to go mad with desire if he didn’t enter her now.

Smiling down at her he replied, “Your wish is my command.” With one long slow thrust he filled her completely.

Bolts of pleasure coursed through her as he penetrated her, filling as she hadn’t been in far too long, as no rubber dildo could. She moaned as his cock throbbed in her, pulsing deep inside her pussy.

Antonio reached inside her open shirt and massaged her tits as he thrust into her, pounding deeply into her again and again. “Oh mia,” cried as her tight pussy clamped down on him, her orgasm drowning out his own sounds of pleasure. He watched as she writhed beneath him, lost in throes of climax. Stilling himself he waited for her to regain her senses.

Removing himself from her pussy he stood her up and turned her around. Bending her over the table he entered her from behind, running his hands over her delicate ass while burying his cock deep into her waiting pussy.

“Make me cum again,” she begged him. Looking over her shoulder at him with lust filled eyes she commanded, “FUCK ME. Fuck my pussy until it cums all over you.”

Wanting to push her over the edge in a way she’s never known, Antonio began sliding in and out of her in a slow and rhythmic way, fully removing his cock from her on every third stroke. Grasping it at the base he slid it around her wet opening and without warning would penetrate her again; drawing deep guttural moans from Alice’s parted lips, her orgasm built in a painfully slow manner.

“Oh Gawwwwdd,” she moaned, the sensation of his thick member slowly withdrawing from her wetness; the mere seconds out of her leaving her yearning for him to slide it back in, before pushing deeply into her again; making her whimper in exquisite ecstasy as the tingle of her orgasm grew in her stomach.

Alice firmly gripped the edge of the table in anticipation of her impending climax. The combination of his cock repeatedly kaçak bahis entering her anew, with his slow and deep strokes was rocketing her to a climactic height she had never felt before.

Trembling with passion Alice screamed in surprise and pleasure as Antonio slid a wet finger into her anus. “Don’t stop…oh please don’t stop,” she begged him as he slowly finger fucked her ass. She’d had boyfriends beg for her ass in the past. One even tongue fucked it hoping he would get her to say yes, but she’d never given in. Now as she bit her lip in an effort to remain in control, she scolded herself for having missed out on this carnal pleasure that was consuming her. Uncertain if or when she would ever be able to accept a cock in her small derriere, she knew with certainty she would be buying a new toy to satiate this new hunger that had been awakened in her.

Feeling herself on the precipice of orgasm, Alice desperately needed to cum. With his next penetration Alice tried thrusting her ass back at him in an effort to make him fuck her faster, but the attempt failed. Antonio held her still as he slid his full length deep into her again, before ceasing to move.

Leaning over her, with his cock deep within her, he kissed her upper back and shoulders. Running a hand over her shoulders he caressed her cheek. “Are you ready to cum?” he asked.

Turning her head to the side she sucked his middle finger into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around as she slid her moist lips along his thick finger, imagining it to be a cock. “Mmmmhmmmph,” she moaned.

Antonio slid his finger from her mouth. Standing behind her he withdrew his other finger from her ass, drawing an angry protest from Alice. Running his hands over the milky flesh of her ass he began moving again; withdrawing from her until only the head of his penis remained nestled between her pink lips. With a quick thrust he filled her again.

“Aiiiiyyyyee,” Alice cried out, his quick pace sending shockwaves of pleasure through her every nerve. Looking over her shoulder she watched as Antonio began pounding into her; the rhythmic sound of slapping flesh igniting her lust.

As if someone had set off a firecracker on her clit Alice came, slamming her hand on the table as her vision filled with sparkles, her orgasm washing away all physical control of her body. Collapsing on the table she gasped for breath as she cried out in euphoric release, alternately begging Antonio to stop fucking her and to never stop.

With a roar Antonio cried out, “I’m there.” Yanking his cock from her spent pussy he gave three quick strokes and shot his load onto her shirt, grunting with satisfaction as each spurt landed. Sitting down in the chair he ran a hand gently along her inner thigh, placing a kiss on her ass.

Alice looked over at him and grinned. “You’re amazing.”

Pulling her skirt down over her bare ass he smiled back at her. “You’re pretty amazing yourself.” Antonio stood and straightened himself.

Alice moved from the table to his vacated seat. She watched as he tucked in his shirt and tidied his hair.

“Are you going to be okay?” he asked standing in front of her.

Alice stood and kissed him. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Thank you.”

She followed him as he walked to the front door. When he reached the door he paused. Turning he asked, “So, can I stop by again some time? Maybe we can split a pie and watch a movie?”

“That sounds great,” she answered, a smile on her lips, “I’d like that very much.”

Antonio kissed her good-bye and left. Alice stood there for a moment, lost in the after-glow of amazing sex, feeling satisfied in a way she had been longing for, for far too long.

Alice walked to the bathroom and removed her cum soaked shirt, rumpled skirt and nylons. Turning the shower to hot she climbed in, happier than she had been in a long time, knowing that despite missing the promotion, her future held great promise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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