The Unknown Third

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Several years ago I had a girlfriend named Annie who loved to talk about her sex life with her friends, so I knew that there was very little, if anything, that they didn’t know about me. I was certain that she had shared pictures meant only for her, and had told them of our visits to the local swingers club to watch couples and groups of people playing in the various rooms. We had not ever joined in, but we had great sex watching them and enjoyed having them watch us. We sometimes imagined ourselves joining in, or having someone join us, but we also saw a few creepy single guys lurking and didn’t want to have them think it was ok to touch.

When we make love we like to share some of our fantasies but I never thought that one of mine would come true. I had done some things for her that she truly appreciated so when she said that she was going to plan a sexy Friday night for me in appreciation, I was ready.

Knowing that she had arranged things for Friday night I was constantly thinking about it, and tried to ask her, but she would give up any details. She did tell me that she wanted to hold off from any sex for the week, but then Monday night I caught her touching herself in the shower before she got into bed.

“What was that I saw you doing?” She knew that I was watching and now I was thinking she wanted me to see her.

“I was having some wicked thoughts about my idea for Friday night. The more I thought about it the hornier I became so I needed a little rub.”

My cock had begun to rise while she was talking, but she was quick to say that there would be no joy. Disappointed I asked why she was doing this to me.

“Anticipation, anticipaaaation” she began singing, laughing in between words at my condition but telling me to trust her.

Thankfully the week moved along quickly. First I was very busy at work and then she had a quick trip out of town from Wednesday to Friday for her job.

On Thursday when she called me from her hotel room she said that she had been on the phone with her friends all night and that they were going to meet her at the airport to give her a ride.

I was assuming we were going out so I was a little disappointed when she said that she was not likely to be back home until 9. I asked her if she wanted to reschedule the date, she said no, it was still on.

We normally have sex almost every day, and sometimes twice a day, so her absence and my work schedule meant that we hadn’t touched each other for the last 5 days.

I have to admit I was truly confused because, I thought, the night was going to be “all about me”. I asked if we were going to be meeting up somewhere after 9 and was told that I was to stay home after I got off work. She said that she would get something to eat with her friends so I should just eat at home.

At about 5:30 I got a text that she landed and was going with her girlfriends for happy hour. She said they were going to a place we liked to go that plays music on the patio, and where there are usually a lot of singles out looking. She knew I loved going dancing so she specifically said that I was not to come over because she needed to be with the girls. She must have been reading my mind, imaging that I was not happy about this and getting a little angry, because she called almost immediately after i read the text.

“Are you mad at me for changing our date night?” She said before I could even say “Hello.”

“I guess I am wondering what’s going on because you said that Friday night was going to be our night together.”

“Well I do have plans still, but probably not what you were expecting.” She said in a very low and sultry tone, “tonight is fantasy night.”

I was having a hard time picturing my fantasy night with her out at the hot bar for happy hour, and me home alone, so I asked what her plans were.

“You have provided me with several of your fantasies this past year. One, or maybe two, will be real tonight. You just need to trust me. Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do.”

“Good. I will be sending you some messages so keep your phone handy. Get something to eat, ankara moldovyalı escortlar and then plan on having a shower and getting yourself ready for me just as you would if I was there. I will be discussing my plans with the girls. You know how nasty we get when we get together and start talking about sex. Here’s a little preview.”

She sent me a screen shot of part of her group text with her friends Melissa, Alicia and Vanessa. It said “Happy hour tonight at Don Juan’s, dress to impress. No bras allowed. I’m horny as hell and want to talk about it.”

Next she sent me two pictures, both from the bathroom at the bar.

The first one was Vanessa, from behind. She was bending over the sink, putting on lipstick. Her short skirt was riding up so that I could see the bottom of her butt cheeks and a thong tightly between them.

The second one was one of them, but I couldn’t tell which, because it was from the neck down. The gals dress was silky black, and hugging her breasts. She had taken one strap down so that one boob was out and she was pinching her nipple. I knew that it wasn’t Vanessa because she was wearing a lighter color dress and her skin was darker. but it could have been either of the other two.

Her next text came a few minutes later. “The girls say hi! They hope you are enjoying your Friday.”

I was picturing each of them in my mind. Melissa was the shortest of the group, brown hair, beautiful eyes and an athletic body. I had seen her several times without a bra and it was obvious each time because her pokey nipples were constantly at attention. She had breast augmentation in the last years of her marriage so her boobs had a nice round symmetrical shape. She was also the quietest of the group, and had just gotten out of her 8 year long marriage. I had heard my wife talking about her sex life when she was single so I knew that she was more adventurous than she would appear, and that she had not had great sex with her husband.

Alicia was the thinnest of the three. She was a runner and had continued to maintain her college weight. She had no filter when she was drinking and was not afraid to reach over and grab a handful of crotch if she was curious. She also had brown hair, an ass that was perfectly shaped, and perky 34 c breasts that stood out prominently.

Vanessa was darker than the other two, and was the tallest. She was almost 6 feet in heels so she towered over the other gals when they went out. She had the smallest breasts but they fit her body type and looked good when she wore dresses with a plunging neckline. Her nipples were almost boyish, and in some ways I thought she was the most likely to be bisexual. When she was out she was always hugging and kissing on her girlfriends. She always seemed to have lots of partners to go skiing or ride bikes. My girlfriend frequently went to the gym with her so I had seen her in short shorts and tight t shirts plenty of times. In fact, she was one of my fantasies, but I had never told Annie that for fear of her thinking I wanted her girlfriend over her.

I made myself some dinner, but I was already thinking about the girls out at the bar and wondering what was going on. I didn’t have to wait long because at about 6:30 I got a text with a picture of the four of them. They were at a table in Don Juans. There were a lot of people in the background so I could tell the place was busy. The girls looked hot. Melissa and Alicia had on similar black dresses so I was left wondering who was in the picture I got.

My girlfriend was wearing white so her nipples were the most visible of the group. I knew the dress and was surprised to see that she had it because she had been on the business trip for the last few days. It was one of my favorites, because it was backless and looked great with her tanned summer skin.

The picture was accompanied by a text that said they had already had two drinks and were talking about their recent sex partners, comparing each ones size, technique and willingness to be their sex toy.

At 7:30 I got another picture. This time it was of one hand holding ankara ukraynalı escortlar four pair of thong panties. The text said that they were getting a lot of attention from the guys but not to worry, they were happily telling them that they were lesbians and were kissing each other to prove their lack of interest in guys. I was trying to imagine them kissing, and wondering which of the three my girlfriend would like to be with if she had the chance. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

The next picture an hour later was from the bathroom and showed Annie lip locked on Melissa, with one hand holding the back of Melissa’s head and the other inside the front of her dress. In the mirror I could see that Vanessa was taking the picture, and that Alicia was behind her with her hand up Vanessa’s dress.

The phone rang right after I got the picture. “Are you ready for me to come home?” she asked. “I hope you’ re getting really horny looking at me and my friends because we have been talking about you. I showed them the picture you sent me from Jamaica when you were naked on the beach. They had all kinds of questions and wanted to see more so I showed them the one of you sitting with your legs apart and your dick semi hard.”

I was a little surprised that she was sharing those, but before I could say anything she said “We will be here for another hour or so, plan on being ready for me at exactly 9. We have been talking, I will give you some more instructions before I leave here. I got one more picture from her, this time with her kissing Vanessa, and in the mirror, Vanessa’s hand on Annie’s bare ass.

At 8:30 she sent the following text:

I will be there at exactly 9. By no later than 8:45, make sure you are clean and naked in the bed. Take out the blindfold and put it on. Do not remove it. Keep completely silent. Get out both pair of the handcuffs that you bought for Halloween and put them on, one on each hand. Attach one side to the bed rail behind your head. I will attach the last one when I get there.

I did as she instructed and was laying there wondering what to expect when I heard the garage door open, then close. Next I could hear her enter through the kitchen and make her way upstairs. Moments later she touched my hand to let me know that she was there, but then took my one free hand and raised it above my head to attach the remaining handcuff to the metal frame of the bed. Her hand then lightly traced its way around my chest, my nipples and down my leg. I could feel the blood rushing to my rapidly rising cock as she teased me a little more without actually touching anything more than the inside of my thigh. When I was completely hard she stepped away and turned on some music that was just loud enough that I could not tell what she was doing now that she had stopped touching me.

I was straining to listen, excited with anticipation for what she had planned but it seemed like there was no one in the bedroom. After a few agonizing minutes I thought I heard something coming from the area around the couch that was against the bay window. The music had been turned down to almost nothing, and it sounded like her vibrator, the wand, was being used. I heard her moving around a little but couldn’t do anything but imagine what might be happening. My cock was rock hard thinking of her playing with herself, but I was not prepared for what I heard next.

There was someone else in the room. the noise from the couch was unmistakable and clear, someone was licking her pussy, and she was getting into it. I knew that she was on the receiving end because her moans and whimpers were what I heard when she was sitting over my face pressing her clit onto my tongue. I wanted to say something but her instructions were clear, no talking.

The motions to the left of me became more noticeable. Her orgasms can be intense if she is really excited and this was no exception, because soon she was talking to the unknown third in the room.

“Come on baby, eat my pussy.” she said at almost a whisper. I was straining to hear more clearly over sincan minyon tipli escortlar the music. “Thats so good baby, come kiss me and let me taste my pussy on your lips.”

Annie’s first orgasm came quickly after I heard them kissing.


She screamed out as she came violently at the hands of the unknown third. My cock was twitching, listening to her come at the hand of the unknown stranger, powerless to do anything but wait for it to subside and see what comes next.

I didn’t have to wait long because soon I felt trembling hands on my body, running from my toes up to my cock where they rested, holding the base of the shaft firmly. I was beside myself with excitement as she got on the bed and rubbed her body against mine. Soon a nipple was lowered to my mouth and it was unmistakably hers because she had a distinctive puffiness to her nipples that I recognized right away.

She continued to move up my body until i could smell her pussy close to my lips. I extended my tongue but she wasn’t willing to let me taste her just yet. She teased me with the aroma, the wetness and the texture of her pussy without letting me get close enough to lick her.

I had almost forgot about the third person in the room because I was so determined to taste her pussy, but then I felt movement of another person on the bed. Annie moved back down my body before reaching for my cock and using it to play with her clit. The third quickly put both legs over me before lowering herself onto my face.

Like Annie she teased me by getting it close enough for me to smell, but not so close for me to reach with my tongue. I raised my head up as far as I could but she kept her pussy just out of reach. With her pussy just inches from my nose I had a feeling that she was facing toward Annie, so I had images in my head of her watching Annie using my cock as a sex toy while her friend watched. I could hear them kissing passionately over me but that sound was muted when the stranger pushed her pussy lips onto my tongue and started moving back and forth over my mouth, rubbing her meaty lips on my nose and chin. I was trying to imagine which one her friends was over me, which one I was licking like this was the best lollipop ever, but I really had no idea who was there.

I savored every taste and scent of this new pussy, trying to deliver an orgasm as strong as the one Annie had moments before. I could feel it building as she rubbed harder and faster, then in an instant she was rubbing her clit and gushing all over my face and chest, spasming as she squirted all over me. As soon as the stranger started to orgasm, Annie shoved my cock in, riding me in a combination of up and down, then back and forth. I could feel her squeezing me, teasing the head of my cock with the outside lips of her pussy, then plunging it back in to reach the very back of her vagina. Her orgasm triggered mine and we both came shaking and quivering.

The stranger slowly moved off of me, as did Annie, but not before they both were licking and kissing me and each other, savoring the wetness that was all over my face and lips. I was at times kissing them, and getting a tongue bath of my face. I desperately wanted to remove the blindfold and see who was there. I started to speak to ask them to take it off but a finger quickly came to my lips to quiet me.

They got off the bed, but Annie remained next to me, stroking my hair and face, holding my shrinking cock and giving it one last squeeze. I could hear someone in the bathroom, but then the steps were walking away. Soon after I heard the garage door open, then close and I knew that the unknown third was going to remain unknown, at least for now.

Annie returned to the bed and began taking the handcuffs off. She then removed the blindfold and gave me big lingering kiss before saying “I hope that you enjoyed your evening, I sure did. I’m know that you have a few questions but those won’t get answered. Your mystery fuck wants to remain a mystery, so I will respect her wishes. She wants you to know that this was the most erotic night she has ever had and that you were awesome. I also had the most exciting night I’ve ever had and hope you didn’t mind that I kept you waiting so long for yours.

I still want to know which of the three girls had her pussy smashed against my face, but I was happy keeping it a mystery and wondering each time I saw one of them.

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