Unexpected Merry Christmas

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It was our first Christmas apart after 8 long years of a marriage that wasn’t meant to be. We share 3 beautiful children and remain friends even though our lives took separate paths. We had decided about a week before that Sam would come over early Christmas morning so that he and I could put out all the “Santa gifts”.

We wanted to surprise the children together and celebrate the holiday as a family. Around 5 am Sam knocked on the door very lightly but, from my room it sounded as if a train was coming through the small 2 bedroom house. I was a bit nervous about the holidays, I had just filed for divorce right before Thanksgiving so hurt feelings were still very tender. I answered the door in my robe, “good morning Sam, how are you?”

“I’m good, are you wearing anything under there?” he knew the answer, after eight years of marriage he knew that I slept in nothing but, the nude. I smiled at him and said “none of your business mister, do you need help with those packages?” he smiled back and shook his head no. Just the thought of him knowing what I wasn’t wearing under my robe made my nipples erect, it excited me to know that he knew and could do nothing about it.

Without saying a word we set the gifts around the very brightly lit tree and made sure each child had the same amount of gifts, and that each of us didn’t out do the other. I sat on the couch and Sam sat in the recliner that he deemed as his chair so many years ago, the tree behind him so his face was shadowed. My robe fell open slightly he could see my inner thigh and the outline illegal bahis of one of my breasts.

I could feel him staring at me, he asked “can I sit with you?” I nodded and scrunched over just a bit. He sat right beside me his hand resting on my knee and his breath gliding across the exposed flesh of my neck. I try to tell him no and he leans into me and covers my mouth with his, he tongue sliding gently into my mouth, tangled with mine, my hand slides down the front of my robe and pulls it open, as his kisses get deeper and harder my fingers slip down between my legs, feeling the wetness of my pussy through the curly bush excites me even more. His hands roaming over and inside my robe, he breathlessly whispers “you have me hotter than I’ve ever been.”

“Why?” I asked him, no answer just more roaming hands and deep hard passionate kisses. My fingers start rubbing my clit in small circles nice and wet, my clit stands at attention, just begging for more, on the inside I was screaming the same thing, more please more. Sam was practically laying on me now, his mouth moving from my lips to my neck and down to my erect nipples, I could feel his manhood throbbing inside his jeans against my inner thigh.

“I want you to sit back and watch me masturbate, would you do that for me?” I shyly asked him. The smile that came across his face was enough of an answer I knew he was more than willing. Sam sat on the other arm of the couch and unzipped his jeans, the bulge of his hard cock fell forward like leaping for joy that it was finally somewhat released illegal bahis siteleri from prison.

I sat up a little better on my end of the couch the light from the Christmas tree was enough light so that he could see all that I was doing. I spread my legs open wide, one foot on the floor and the other stretched out down the length of the couch, with one hand I gently spread open the lips of my wet pussy, the juices just glowing in the Christmas lights, with my other hand I used two fingers to slide in and out of the opening of my pussy, and one finger circled my clit.

All the while I watched as Sam’s face turned from amazement to pure enjoyment, my fingers totally soaked in the juices that I had created, I slid two of them in my mouth and cleaned them off just like they were Sam’s cock, the taste did nothing for me, but the look on his face when I did this was enough to send me into orgasm, Sam had been stroking himself practically the whole time. I patted the cushion and motioned for him to sit, he did. I slid off the couch without standing I just went straight to my knees in front of Sam his cock swollen bigger than I had ever seen it, the pulsating head just begging me to slip it into my mouth.

My hands massaged the stiff shaft of his cock, my lips engulfed the head, sliding my tongue all over the head, my hands moving up and down the shaft, my tongue sliding inside the opening, I suck on the head one last time and Sam pulls me up to him, kissing me as I straddle his lap and slide his rock hard cock inside the walls of my pussy, canlı bahis siteleri his hands guide me up and down rocking back and forth on his cock, just when I think that I can’t hold back anymore, that I’m going to explode all over he stops me and asks me if I would try something with him.

“Please, would you let me fuck your ass, I’ve always wanted to try it with you, but was afraid you would say no.” I wasn’t sure what to say, I had heard so many bad things about anal sex, but for some reason my mouth said yes while my head was still thinking. Sam moved out from under me, and went to the bathroom and came back with a bottle of baby lotion, he pulled me off the couch onto my knees, telling me his every move, “I’m going to finger your ass first, stop me if it is not what you want to do, ok?”

“yes” I replied, the lotion was cold at first, but heated up rapidly from the body heat. “Ok, how does that feel?” all I could think was WOW! I couldn’t say a word, the guttural moans said all that I needed to say to him, his motion was slow and sensitive, my body responded well to him, my hips moved in motion with him, all the sudden his fingered swelled (or so I thought, inside me. I realized that his cock was penetrating my ass, he felt so smooth and soft, his motions repeated only faster short strokes this time.

Without knowing my hands were holding onto the cushion, my body quivered, my head was spinning, it was a rush for me, a turn on as my body quaked, I could hear Sam behind me, his moans loud and pleasing, his hands holding me tightly, his orgasm exploding inside me. We collapsed, all I could think of saying was “Merry Christmas”, his arms around me, his love embracing me, for the moments we had shared for the last 8 years were dimmed by far to this one unexpected merry Christmas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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