Virginia Beach Romance

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This is my entry for the Annual Summer Lovin’ contest.

I hope you enjoy it!

I was on a business trip in Virginia Beach in August just over two years ago. Normally this would have been a terrible time of year to visit. I expected the weather to be bloody hot, removing any pleasure from enjoying the beach. I’m of Scottish descent, born to immigrants from Greenock. My skin is white and overly freckled. I sunburn with a thought. SPF 50 is my friend. I was in VB for a week and opted before I left to remain for the weekend after a long week of meetings. The weather was unseasonably cool and overcast and I was thankful.

When I arrived at the Marriot on the beachfront, I was pleasantly surprised to be given an upgrade to their Presidential Suite. This was a prime time for the Marriot, but my loyalty point status and an empty suite had upgraded me. I thanked them and spent a week in meetings and relaxing during the evenings in the large spacious room with a king bed. It had a massive living room, full kitchen, and a bathroom that could fit ten people inside, with five in the shower.

I ordered room service most nights to continue working uninterrupted; finalising PowerPoint presentations and researching topics. I spent time on the small balcony and smoked too many cigarettes. I had bought a few bottles of wine and every evening I relaxed on the balcony, smoked and drank wine. The week passed quickly, and I wrapped up on the Friday at lunch. I drove back the hotel, parked outside and sauntered into the lobby. I grabbed a coffee at the small café and pushed the button for the elevator. I was still dressed in my business suit, but with my tie loosened and the top button undone.

I’m a skinny fellow. Shaved bald to hide my typical male pattern baldness. I sport a goatee with a few grey hairs on the chin. I used to run half-marathons, but continuous leg injuries had put a stop to it the year before. But I was still reasonably fit. I had a backpack slung over my right shoulder and I was watching the numbers on the two elevators remain stuck up on floor ten. I was startled when a voice spoke beside me.

“Damn. They seem stuck,” said a lovely female voice. The accent was all-American and I glanced to my left to see a woman about my age, forty-something, and a few inches shorter than me. She had thick dirty blond hair and she pulled back her hair and tucked it behind her right ear.

She was very pleasant to look at. She had a little middle-aged spread happening, but she was aging very well. Her breast stood out firm, straining her business blouse. She wore a short professional skirt, navy blue, that revealed long fit legs descending into no-nonsense black pumps. Her ass looked lovely. A little bit wide, but still firm and fit. She was a very nice package. She carried a massive shoulder bag. It hung off her left shoulder and looked heavy.

She kept her eyes locked on the elevator numbers. I glanced at them. They were both still stuck on ten.

“Looks like we are stuck here,” I said and smiled at her. She turned her face to look at me and smiled. Her eyes were sparkling and hazel. Her lips were glossed and full. Her nose was a little wide, but overall she was a beautiful woman in her own right. I found her very attractive.

“The elevators here suck,” she said.

“Seems that way,” I replied and looked back at the elevator numbers, one was finally moving down.

“You sound Canadian,” she said.

I smiled at her, “Right in one. You sound Virginian.”

She nodded. “Yup. Business?” she asked.

“Right in one, again,” I laughed. “Are our accents that noticeable?”

She laughed and placed a hand on my upper arm. “Yes, they are. All ‘aboot’ and ‘eh’. Hard to hide.”

I faked a look of afront. I was enjoying her hand on my arm. “We never say ‘aboot’. We say a-bout.” I enunciated the word and dragged it out. “Not ‘a-boot’, we say ‘a-bout’.”

“Nope,” she laughed, and I liked how her face became so animated and alive when she laughed. She removed her hand and I felt its absence.

“You just arriving?” I asked. I didn’t see any bags.

“Oh, no. I’ve been here all week.”

“Oh? So have I. I haven’t seen you.”

She put on a wry look. “You stalking the lobby?”

I realised how my comment must have sounded and my very white face burned hot.

She chuckled. “Ooh, you blush so easily. I was just fucking with you.”

I laughed but felt a little uncomfortable.

“Sorry, I say the worst things.”

“No, no. It’s all right.” She looked up into my eyes searching for something. I held her gaze and for the first time thought of having sex with this lovely woman.

The elevator dinged loudly and startled both of us. We looked at the doors as they split open. I held out my hand and beckoned for her to enter first.

“Such a gentlemen,” she said and walked in. I followed in behind her. She pushed the sixth floor and asked me which floor I needed, her hand hovering over the panel.

“Eleven,” I said.

She hesitated and then pushed eleven. The güvenilir bahis floor lit up and she turned to put her back to the elevator wall. “Eleven? That’s the suites.”

“Yeah, they upgraded me to the Presidential Suite.”

“Ooh. Are you the president?” she laughed.

“Well the first name is right.”


I nodded and she laughed. She held out a hand and I grasped it. “Kelly. Nice to meet you, President Donald.” We shook once and laughed. I liked the feel of her hand in mine. I was reluctant to let go, but did before it got weird.

“I promise I’m nicer than that asshole.”

“Easy to manage,” she joked.

The elevator rose quickly and dinged at the sixth floor. The doors opened and Kelly looked annoyed to me before she moved between them. She was about to step out when she looked back at me. “Very nice to meet you, Donald. Are you leaving Virginia Beach soon?”

“No, I opted to stay for some rest and relaxation. I fly out on Tuesday morning from Reagan.”

Her face lit up and she smiled more broadly. “Me too! I mean, I leave Tuesday morning.”

She hesitated a moment and then stepped out. The doors started to close and she spoke quickly into the gap. “Maybe I’ll see you around the hotel this weekend.”

“Maybe!” I said just as the doors closed. Idiot, I chastised myself. She was hitting on you. You just blew it.

Then the male part of my brain whispered to me: she’s here all weekend.

I smiled and watched the elevator numbers rush upwards.

* * *

I took a quick shower to rinse the sweat and fatigue from the day away. I loved the massive shower. It had two shower heads and one of those rainwater heads over the middle. It was deluge inside and I adored it. Freshened up I had a smoke on the balcony and enjoyed a glass of red. I was tired of hotel food and thought perhaps I should walk the main street and find a restaurant. And maybe grab a nice glass of Irish whiskey. I used to drink scotch but an American co-worker, proud of his sixth generation removed Irish heritage had converted me to Irish whiskey. It was smoother and easier to drink.

I dressed in casual grey slacks and a white casual shirt. The evenings grew quite cool for the time of year and I got cold so very easy. Contrary to being a Canadian, I hated the cold. I looked myself over in the mirror and thought I was passable. I don’t think I’m a very attractive man. I’m skinny, bald, and freckled. I shrugged and grabbed my wallet, phone and smokes. I left the room and headed to the elevators.

I pushed down and waited. The lift arrived empty and I entered and pressed the lobby button. The elevator descended and then stopped at the sixth floor. Please, I murmured to myself. The doors opened and a young man and woman with loud kids got on wearing swimming gear. The kids were all excited about using the pool and were practically screeching at each other about just how much fun it was going to be. The father caught my eye and he looked apologetic. He also looked exhausted. So did his wife. I smiled at him and he nodded back.

The elevator hit the lobby and the doors opened. The kids poured out, getting louder and the parents followed behind telling them to keep the noise down. I exited and watched them disappear down a hallway. I was disappointed that Kelly hadn’t got on the elevator. My fantasies are being crushed early, I thought. I took one step toward the bar and saw her. She was seated at a booth beside the bar. She was sitting so she could see the elevator, I was sure of that. As soon as I looked her way she waved at me. She looked inordinately pleased with herself.

I felt my face stretch into a broad happy smile. I truly was happy. She had a look about her. She was full of life and happiness. She was larger than life and I wanted to spend time in her shadow, as long as I could. I walked over quickly and she pointed at the seat across from her.

I pulled my phone and cigarettes from my pocket and laid them on the table and sat. “Hi! Kelly, right?”

“Still Kelly. President Donald?”

I grinned and nodded.

“What’s the suite like?”

“Enormous. Really nice.”

“So jealous. My room is small. Just a queen bed. It’s nice but small. And its city side. No ocean and no balcony to smoke on.”

“You smoke?”

“Yeah. Too much, probably.”

I saw she had a glass of white in front of her. It was almost gone. “Can I get you another?”

She smiled. “That would be lovely, thank you.”

Just as I was rising to go to the bar, a waitress came to our table. She smiled down at me. She was young and gorgeous. Tanned, blond hair, pink lipstick, tits that strained against her shirt and lifted into a deep cleavage. I stared at her. She was the kind of woman that stole your breath away. I realised she was frowning at me. I looked at Kelly and saw an expression on her face between amused and something else. Annoyance?

“She just asked you what you wanted. Stop staring at her tits,” she said, rather smugly I thought.

I looked in horror back to türkçe bahis the waitress. “I’m so sorry, eh. Truly, I meant no offense.”

The waitress looked surprised. “Canadian?”

I felt confused, not sure what gave me away. “Yeah.”

“It’s okay. Men stare at my tits all the time.”

I looked for words to say and failed. I looked at Kelly for help, but she just sat back watching me with amusement.

“You should be staring at your wife’s tits,” said the waitress with a snort. “They’re bigger than mine.”

Kelly’s eyes grew round at the words and I felt my face go deep red.

“Or, maybe not. Not married?” asked the waitress.

I finally found words. I saw out of the corner of my eye Kelly looking at the waitresses tits and then her own. This was awkward. “No, we’ve just met.”

The waitress looked embarrassed now. “So sorry. What can I get you?”

I pointed at Kelly’s glass. “The same for her, and a Jamieson for me, please, on the rocks, water on the side, please.”

The waitress nodded. “Right away, honey.” She sauntered away. I watched her ass as she left. Then the waitress glanced back at me and caught me looking. She looked pleased to me and I heard her laugh.

I looked back at Kelly. She was glaring a little at me. “Hitting on the waitress?” she accused me.

I was confused. I hadn’t been. “No, just looking. Nothing wrong with looking.”

Kelly laughed out loud. “Just fucking with you! Look by all means, she was gorgeous.”

“She was.”

“She liked you.”

“She what?”

“She liked you. I saw her saunter away and look back. She was seeing if you were checking her out. You did. She liked it.”

“If you say so. I feel like I just got caught with my hand in the cookie jar.”

“She wanted to catch you. She’s attracted to you. When she heard we weren’t married her face lit up. She’ll be back and try to figure out our relationship.”

“She will? Wait, what relationship. We’ve just met.”

Kelly rolled her eyes. “Men are so stupid.”

“Wait, what?” I was confused. I had no idea what was going on. What was Kelly trying to say? That I should act on the waitress, or what?

Kelly leaned over the table and whispered to me. Unfortunately, the move squashed her breasts against the table top and I was captivated by the flesh of her breast pushed forward up out of her blouse top. She slapped the table in front of me. “Focus, did you hear me?”

I hadn’t and stared at her face. She looked amused. “You have a problem. The waitress is playing a game. She’ll try and pull you away from me. Watch.”

Just then the waitress came back with a tray holding our drinks. She put down fresh square paper napkins and put out drinks on them. My glass clinked with the ice and I spied a small plastic stir stick. She gave Kelly her wine and put down a small carafe of cold water beside my whiskey. “There you go, loves.” She placed her left hand on the cushion of my seat behind my head. Her forearm brushed the back of my head, just a little. I could see Kelly smirking. “So, not married. What brings you into town? How’d you meet?”

Kelly was watching me, and I can see and sense her amusement. I looked up at the waitress. Her left breast was inches from my face. She was leaning over, making it look natural, but I could see it was intentional.

“Um, we…I… we just met a little while ago. Both staying here.”

“Oh, so you’re not together then? You look so good together. I never would have thought.” The last words were directed at Kelly.

Kelly was ignoring the waitress and kept watching me. “Ah, well. Well, no. Just having a drink.”

Kelly looked disappointed in my reply and picked up her first wine glass and drained it.

The waitress looked pleased. “Just give me a shout if you need anything else. Just you two in the bar so far. Do you want to start a tab?”

I nodded and pulled out my wallet and fished out my credit card. I handed the platinum card over and the waitress looked at it, read my name, smiled and sauntered away. I thought perhaps she was giving her ass an exaggerated swing. She looked back and caught me again.

“Hooked,” said Kelly. “She has you now.”

I blinked at Kelly. “What are you talking about?”

Kelly made an exasperated sound. “No wonder I can never get laid. Men are so thick.”

She just said she wanted to get laid?

Kelly blew out air. “She is hitting on you so hard. It’s blatant.”

“On me? Why?”

Kelly looked surprised. “Yes, why don’t you think you are good enough looking to be hit on?”

I shook my head and felt more heat rise to my cheeks.

“Jesus. You’re gorgeous!” she said and then looked surprised at herself. “I can’t believe I just said that.”

“Gorgeous. Right.” I muttered.

Kelly had her mouth open now. “You are. Thin, fit, bald, goatee with a little grey. I bet the waitress is soaking her panties right now.”

I couldn’t believe this strange woman just said that and I stared at her.

I then saw the waitress hovering at the bar looking güvenilir bahis siteleri over at me. She had my credit card in her hand. She waved a little at me to catch my attention. Kelly saw me looking at her and turned to look. She looked back at me and laughed. “She’ll make up something to talk to you. Go with it. She’s hitting on you. Do something, see what happens. I’ll wait.”

I shook my head and rose. I walked over to the waitress. She was beside the cash register, a simple iPad. “Yes, what’s wrong?’ I asked.

The waitress smiled at me, her teeth shining white. “I just need your room number, honey.”

“Oh,” I said and told her.

She wrote it down and I started to move away. She reached out and put a hand on my waist and stopped me. She looked up at me and smiled.

Thinking about what Kelly had said I took a risk. I reached out and put a hand on her ribcage, just below her left breast. The waitress looked up at me still grinning. She pulled me a little closer. I leaned in my head a little. She looked past me toward my table where Kelly was.

“Meet me in the bathroom in five,” she whispered and then pushed me away.

I staggered back a step and muttered okay and went back to my table. My pants were a little tight and I sat before Kelly noticed.

“So?” she asked.

“She wants to meet me in the bathroom in five minutes,” I said quietly.

Kelly laughed. “There you go! She’s gonna blow you. Watch.”

I looked in genuine surprise at Kelly. “How do you know this?”

“I’m a woman. I would blow you in there.”

“You would?”

“Hell, yes.”

I sat back at looked hard at the woman in front of me. Expressions flickered across her face. I was trying to figure out what was going. She was angry a little, and annoyed too. She wouldn’t look at me now. Part of my brain figured something out. “You’re mad at the waitress?”

Kelly snorted. “Hell, no.” She finally looked at me, right into my eyes. “Maybe a little jealous. I’ve only been waiting for you here for an hour.”

“An hour? You what?”

“Jesus, men. I’ve been sitting here waiting an hour for you.”


Kelly rolled her eyes. Hard. She was looking more annoyed than angry now. “I wanted to hang with you. You looked interesting. Handsome. I’m interested. That’s why. You really are thick, you know that?”

I could see the waitress glancing over at me. She was young and gorgeous and I was absolutely going to get my dick sucked with her. Across from me, was a middle-aged, but tight, woman. I had a choice to make. My dick was screaming for me to go with the sure thing. I opened my mouth and then closed it. I spied my cigarettes and I looked at Kelly. “Do you smoke?”

Kelly’s head rocked back a little. “Um, yeah.”

“Good, let’s go for a smoke.” I got up and grabbed my cigarettes. I held out my hand to Kelly and she took it. I pulled her out of the booth, we grabbed our drinks, and turned toward the back ocean side entrance, where the smoking area was. I didn’t look back. When I got to the door I opened it, turned and held it for Kelly, who sauntered through with a little pep to her step.

I pulled out my cigarettes and offered her one. She wrinkled her nose and pulled out a pack of Marlboros. We lit up and stared at each other, smoking and drinking. Kelly looked pleased, but then she looked back at the bar through the glass. The waitress was glaring out at us and Kelly told me. I refused to look at her.

Kelly took a drag. “How long you staying out here smoking?”

I looked at my watch. “Oh, maybe ten minutes. Been dying for a smoke. Probably have a couple.”

Kelly smiled and stepped a little closer to me. We looked out over the beach. A few people ran by on the path followed by a people powering a four-person bike contraption. “So, wow,” she said.

I smiled. “What?”

“You’re turning down a blow job, for what, me?”

I put a hand around her waist and pulled her closer. I felt close to this woman. Something about her made me feel comfortable. It was brazen of me, but she didn’t resist. I thought I heard a little satisfied sigh. “She’s at least fifteen years too young for me. Anyway, you have a nicer smile.”

Kelly said nothing and we smoked. I felt her shift her weight toward me. I could see the waitress inside, clearly pissed. I didn’t care. I only had a few days in VB left. Kelly was a much more interesting person to me.

“I’m not sucking your dick,” she said after we lit our second cigarettes.

“Doesn’t matter.”

Kelly blew out smoke. “Canadians are fucking weird.”

I threw back my head and laughed. I squeezed her waist. “You have no idea. You couldn’t handle me, anyway.” Kelly jerked her face toward me. “You done?” I asked. She nodded.

We came back in. My bill was waiting for me with my credit card. The waitress wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“Do you think she’s in the bathroom waiting for me?”

Kelly looked amused. “That would be pretty sad. She knows. The bill waiting for you means she wants nothing to do with you now.”

“Oh, okay.” I signed the slip and left a generous tip. I looked at Kelly. “What now?”


“You mean, supper? Sure.”

Kelly rolled her eyes. “I know just the place. A short walk. You like fish tacos?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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