Walk after Dinner

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We just finished eating dinner and you ask me if I want to take a walk before going back to the hotel. I say sure, it’s a nice night and there’s a beachfront not far away. A good night for a walk.

We leave the restaurant and you’re holding onto my arm as we walk, the sound of the waves gently coming up the beach. There’s a few other people walking past. At one point I stop you, grab tour chin and pull your mouth into mine. Our tongues do their familiar dance as I pull you closer into me. Even kissing you is so exciting. We’re both startled from our make out session by someone further down yelling whoa get a room. We smirk and smile at each other as we keep walking.

I love the little black dress you’re wearing. Shows enough cleavage to be enticing but not too much. The length, long enough to be respectable and not too long that it couldn’t be easily hiked up. I think to myself, I wonder if she’s wearing panties. We find a bench and sit, you face me and slide your hand up your thigh. Slowly dragging your dress up to reveal your leg. Further, until I can see your wetness, not wearing panties. I watch as you slide a finger in and I quickly grab your hand taking your finger into my mouth so I can taste you. You moan/whine watching me enjoy your taste on your finger as I slowly pull it out while my hand slides under your dress to slowly tease your pussy. Gently running a fingertip outside your lips, gently along your lips, and slowly very slowly sliding a finger inside you. I hear people down the illegal bahis sidewalk so I move closer to you so they can’t see what’s going on. While they are walking past us I’m swirling my finger around inside you. Enough to make you gasp and moan a little. The people walking past don’t notice.

I pull my finger out of you and you grab my hand and slowly suck my finger with the most seductive eyes you can make as your eyes roll back and you moan, you slide a hand over my lap and find my hard cock, squeezing it as I push myself closer to your hand. You grab my zipper but I grab your hand and pull your ear to my mouth, not here I whisper as I nibble on your ear. I adjust myself as best I can as you stand up pouting and straighten yourself dress as grab your hand a continue our walk.

For the next 5 minutes we’re ducking behind every bush and tree trying to find a quiet place, making out, my hands on your breasts, under your skirt inside you, finger fucking you, playing with your clit as you keep trying to get my cock out of my pants as I keep ushering you on. Finally I find a place that works. A lower walkway right by the water, below the main walkway. With a low stone wall at just about the right height. I take you down there and push you against the wall as my mouth is on yours, my tongue eagerly seeking yours. Losing myself in the passion, the excitement as I find my way back under your skirt, feeling how absolutely wet you are, playing with your clit, sliding a finger or two inside you illegal bahis siteleri and going back to your clit. I’m determined to make you cum on my fingers, and after a few minutes I can feel your legs get weak and your breath getting more ragged than it already is. You violently cum on my fingers. My mouth finding yours to stifle your moans and gasps of ecstasy.

You start to pull yourself together when I slide the straps of your dress down exposing your lovely breasts. I take the fingers wet with your sweet cum and rub it on your nipples, my mouth not far behind to taste you on your nipples. You’ve got my cock out of my pants and you try to drop to your knees but I grab you and pull you up and push you onto the low wall, spreading your legs. Taking my hand I rub my fingers over your wet pussy using your wetness on my hands to stroke my cock. Fuck me right now you tell me, fuck me hard right here and I get the tip of my cock your up to your pussy, using the head to slide up and down your pussy and lightly slap your clit with my cock a few times, drawing a delighted gasp from you. We both hear people coming and you tell me to wait but I put a hand over your mouth and slide my now throbbing hard dick into your pussy, hearing your muffled moans into my hand I lean my mouth up to your ear, whispering you have no idea how much I missed being inside you, feeling your tight, wet, pussy, wrapped, around, my, hard, cock. I say in between slow and gentle thrusts.

You slide your arms under canlı bahis siteleri my shirt and grip my shoulders as you match my slow and steady rhythm. I’m in no hurry and several times have to slow you down. We stop once or twice as people pass by above us but we aren’t noticed. My slow and steady thrusting is driving you nuts but driving you closer to orgasm. My left hand is on your neck as my right is playing with your breasts, you wrap your legs around my waste as you try to encourage me to go faster, I continue to fuck you slowly but making sure I put a little more force into each thrust. I can feel your legs tense up as you dig your nails into my shoulders as your about to release your sweet juices onto my cock, you moan loudly as we hear a few people passing by as you grind out your orgasm on my cock.

I’m right on the edge after you cumming and I groan that I’m going to cum, I thrust into your very wet pussy and shoot a stream of hot cum deep in your pussy as you scramble to get to your knees and take my pulsing cock into your mouth as I shoot even more cum on your breasts and all over your dress, you manage to get my cock in your mouth as your taste your sweetness mixed with my cum as I thrust a few more loads into your mouth. Your trying to get every last drop as we hear someone yell, hey she’s sucking him off down there as we both scramble to adjust our clothes you yell, fucked, he fucked me. As you pull up your dress back over your breasts your dress is full of cum as we try to wipe it down and get back to the sidewalk and hustle back to the hotel, well we were bound to get caught sooner or later we laugh as more than a few people we pass by give questioning glances, we make it back to the room, laughing the whole time.

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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