We Met at a Wedding Reception

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I went to a fraternity bother’s wedding. I knew Brandon fairly well but was not in his close friends circle. At the reception I sat at a table with a couple of other fraternity brothers that also were not in Brandon’s close group. When the wedding party and guests were doing the chicken dance, and all of the other crazy things they do at receptions, I noticed a really hot chick having fun with the rest of the dancing group. I hadn’t noticed her before the chicken dance, and was surprised because I had spent time checking out the babes. She was wearing a light blue mini dress that showed off her fabulous legs and awesome ass to perfection. Her breasts were displayed beautifully in the low cut top. But the biggest attraction with this chick was her huge, ear to ear smile while dancing.

After all of the crazy dances and things were done the DJ played some good dancing music. The hot chick started dancing with a heavy set, plain Jane type of girl. I wondered if she was gay or something, but noticed, that as usual, there were a lot of girls paired off dancing, and most of the guys were by the bar drinking. I watched as her body swayed seductively to the beat of the music, making her short dress bounce up and down her shapely legs and awesome ass in a very sexy fashion. When the song was over she moved to the edge of the floor and looked around.

I seized the moment and I asked her to dance. Up close she was even hotter than she was at a distance. Her body was perfection itself, and she was the prettiest girl in the room. We danced to the fast music and I watched her with unashamed abandon. I was enthralled by this vision in front of me. When the DJ switched to slow music she put her head on my chest and we swayed slowly to the music. I kissed her hair and told her how beautiful she was. When the dance was over I led her out to my car. I put the convertible top down and told her my hotel room is only 5 minutes away. She smiled at me. I had no idea of what to say during the drive to the hotel, or maybe her beauty had me tongue tied. I finally asked who the girl was she was dancing with. She replied a cousin of the bride on her mother’s side, the same as she was. We arrived at the hotel after what seemed to be an eternity.

I kicked the door closed behind me and pulled her into my waiting arms. The first kiss was fantastic. She pulled illegal bahis herself in tight to me and kissed me back with passion. We played battling tongues and ground our bodies against each other. I was a little unsure this was real. We had barely talked, I didn’t know her name, and she was gorgeous, but here we were, making out like long time lovers. We broke the kiss to remove her mini dress and reveal a hot body clad in a matching blue lacy bra and panties set. I watched as she slowly stripped them off and stood before me nude.

“Wow,” escaped from my mouth before I could stop it. Here was the most fabulous looking lady in the world standing nude in front of me. She smiled and moved in close for another kiss. I cupped her ass and pulled in real close for this kiss.

She broke the kiss and said, “now it’s your turn to undress.”

I quickly undressed, allowing my 6 inch, uncut cock out of its confines. She lay down on the bed and I spread her legs apart opening her sex up to my devouring eyes. I knealt between her legs and started to slowly and lightly tickle her inner thighs with my hands until I reached the apex of her thighs. She watched me intently but said nothing. I finally leaned over and started to lick her puffy, pink lips. She started squirming and moaning, so I knew I was doing what she wanted. I found her clit with my tongue and began to caress it softly. Her moans became louder, but she still didn’t speak.

When it seemed as though she had enjoyed my tongue as much as she was going to I moved between her legs and entered her. She was a little tight, but soaking wet so it felt great to both of us. We started a slow easy rhythm that felt great. After a couple of minutes I rolled her over and let her be on top. The huge smile let me know that she liked that position. I reached up and caressed both of her firm, full tits. She immediately picked up the pace and soon was cumming out of control. When she came down from her climax I said now it’s my turn.

I got her up on her hands and knees so we could do doggy style. I entered her from behind and drove my cock in as deep as it would go. She grunted, but pushed back against me to maximize the penetration. I reached around her body and grabbed one of her fabulous tits and squeezed gently as I began a hard, fast thrusting into her soaking wet love tunnel. illegal bahis siteleri She was moaning again and thrusting back against me in perfect time with me. I was getting close to my orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and stroked my cock to a tumultuous orgasm, splattering hot, sticky cum all over her back.

“I don’t know if you are taking the pill or not,” I said.

I lowered myself to the bed and she laid down next to me and put her head on my chest. I toyed with a lock of her hair and said, “What is your name?”

Her reply surprised me, “Let’s keep it the way it is, two strangers having mind blowing sex.”

We were quiet for a few minutes, our breathing returning to normal, as I played with her hair and started stroking her back. She purred and reached down and felt for my half erect cock.

“How long before you are ready for seconds,” she asked?

“A couple of minutes, or less if you keep playing with me,” was my enthusiastic response.

She said, “Let me help,” and moved her head down until it was over my hardening cock. She reached out with her tongue and gave the head of my dick a soft lick and then pulled it into her mouth and began the best blowjob of my life. In record time my cock was rock hard and ready to go.

She immediately climbed back up on top, slipped my dick inside of her, and resumed her pumping up and down on my manhood and making herself cum hard. This time I let her go, her expert mouth had earned her a good orgasm. She came for what seemed to be forever when she finally collapsed on my chest, breathing hard and completely still except for an occasional spasm as her orgasm slowly drained from her body.

I thought she had fallen asleep when she lifted her head up and asked me to suck her tits. Now that is an offer I couldn’t refuse, so I sat up, with my erection still buried in that gorgeous creatures love canal and began licking and sucking on her firm, medium sized tits. She began a low moaning in her throat so I knew I was doing what she needed. I flexed my cock in her pussy and the moaning got louder. Soon she was slowly lifting her ass off of my crotch and dropping it back down, making sure I could still minister to her tits, and she was cumming again.

I have been with multi orgasmic women before, but this beautiful creature was far beyond what most canlı bahis siteleri women can do. She wasn’t as loud as before, or moving as fast, but she was cumming non stop again. I was having the time of my life, hardly moving, as I enjoyed her pussy stroking up and down on my cock. Time stood still as her slow movements maintained her orgasm without deflating my rock hard cock buried deep inside her. Finally she let out a real loud moan and collapsed on my chest again.

We slept for a while, her on my chest, my cock buried in her delightful pussy. When she woke up she kissed me tenderly.

After a few moments she said, “You must be ready to explode.”

She got off of my chest and pulled my cock up to her lips and sucked me into her mouth. The motion of her lips and tongue and the warm wetness of her mouth had me ready to cum quickly.

I had to tell her I was ready, so I blurted out, “I am going to cum.”

She said, “Good, that’s what I want you to do,” and slid me deep into the back of her throat. She milked my cock until I really did explode. My cum shot up from my balls, and filled her eagerly awaiting mouth, she swallowed and licked and sucked until I was dry and completely spent. We lay there with my limp cock still in her hot mouth.

When I came down from that tremendous orgasm she got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom. When she came back she said, “I would love to spend the night here, but I need to get back to the reception, my family will miss me.”

I watched her cover her fabulous body with the light blue bra, panties and mini dress, and fix her hair and makeup. We got into my car and headed back to the reception, without saying a word to each other.

At the reception she made the rounds of her family, danced with the groom and most of the groomsmen, talked and laughed with the bride, and pretty much ignored me. I did manage to get the last dance of the night with her when they played ‘New York, New York’, by Frank Sinatra. When the song was over she kissed my cheek, said, “I had a great time,” and handed me a folded piece of paper. I put it into my shirt pocket, without looking at it.

After saying goodnight to all of the people in the wedding party and my fraternity brothers I headed back to my hotel room and thought of the wonderful, mysterious lady I had met and enjoyed. When I got back to the room I opened the folded paper up and read,

“I will see you at the fraternity induction ceremony at state college this fall. I will be a freshman there.” “Thanks for helping me celebrate my 18th birthday.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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