Wendy Ch. 4

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The Dinner Dance

On Thursday, Kate helped Wendy find a dress for the dance. The dress was black and two-piece, the top was like a long scarf, it came around the back over the breasts and tied with thin straps behind the neck. The material covered all of the areola, but left much of the creamy white breast exposed. The thin material clearly outlined the nipple, even when it was soft. The skirt was like a large rectangle, it wrapped around Wendy’s lower hips and tied on the side. The material barely met and when she moved the skirt flowed, her leg exposed up to the side tie. Wendy settled on a pair of black 4-inch heels with only two little straps across the toes and arch. When Wendy looked in the mirror she didn’t recognize the woman looking back. In the mirror was a lovely, sexy tramp looking for a man, not the mother of three that left Florida for this convention. Four days ago she would have been embarrassed to look at a woman dressed as she was and now today, she looked at herself and it excited her.

Wendy had kept the shaved pussy and temporary tattoo from Wednesday a secret from her husband and now she had the dress. Wendy delayed getting ready, spending time with her makeup and her hair until her husband was urging her to get ready. Wendy took a deep breath and walked from the bathroom with nothing on, her husband started yelling that he wanted to leave and she hadn’t even started getting dressed, then he noticed the shaved pubic area and the little yellow butterfly. She lied and said she did it for him, wanted to add some spice some excitement.

As he ranted, she kept her back to him, tied on the little top, tied on the skirt, slipped into her shoes and said let’s go. He looked at her and went off again, she walked by him, kissed him on the cheek, rubbed his crotch güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and opened the door. “Are you coming with me or do I go alone?” He followed her out and down to the elevators.

The reception room was dimly lit and crowded. She stood just behind her husband when she felt a hand on her leg, sliding under the skirt and touching her. The voice was familiar as he told her she was vision. As his finger slid along the crease she remembered him from the first day. He was surprised to find her pubic region smooth, he liked it, he pressed against her back and she could feel his cock harden. “Later, you will be mine” he said, she smiled and told him he should see her butterfly. Two of the men from the day before appeared; they stood between her and her husband, slowly widening the gap, surrounding her with faces familiar and new. The black man ran his hand over her breast, opened the top, exposing her nakedness. Her nipple was quite hard, and he rolled it in her fingers, pulling it, pinching it, smiling as he made her moan. Wendy stood in a ballroom; her husband nearby and men fondling her breasts and stroking her genitals surrounded her. She was excited, she was wet, she wanted to be fucked, to suck a cock, how could she have changed so much in only four days.

Wendy was quietly guided from the ballroom, down a hall to a set of back stairs. The black man opened her blouse and began sucking on her breast. Rolling the nipple with his tongue, pulling it with his lips, biting it. She could feel her skirt being opened and the scratchy beard on her thighs, she parted her legs as she felt a tongue slide over her mounds, fingers opening the lips as a tongue penetrated. The fingers moved over her pussy as the tongue moved in and out, until his lips güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri found her clit, he pulled it and sucked and she closed her eyes. One man sucked and bit her nipple, another sucked and bit her clit and she was on the edge. She begged, “Please, oh yes, please, bite me, make me cum…………… oh yes more, more. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh now, NOW, NOW.” Wendy shuddered, her dam burst, she trembled.

The men moved back and she was guided onto her hands and knees, she felt someone penetrate her pussy from behind. She was so wet and he slid in easily, he rammed his cock in and pulled back and rammed again. The black man moved in front of Wendy and she took his cock. The long, black, thick cock was being shoved down her throat and she took it willingly. She devoured it as the man fucked her from behind ramming his cock faster and faster while the other fucked her face. The man behind went stiff, rammed in her and she could feel his load unleashed and at the same time the man in front rammed his cock down her throat. The cock stifled her moans. When the man behind pulled back she could feel cum running down her legs.

As second man moved in, his cock at her pussy, he pushed and she could feel the pain, so much bigger. He rammed his rod deep inside, stretching her as the man in front came. She wanted to scream from the pain in her pussy, but her mouth was being flooded. She swallowed, warm, salty but oh so much. It ran from her mouth, down her chin. He pulled from her and she licked his juices from the shiny cock, the pain in her pussy gone, replaced with a hot burning desire. The man fucked her hard, smacked her ass and she cried out. He smacked her ass repeatedly, turning it red. Wendy was crying and moaning, pain and excitement. One of the men grabbed güvenilir bahis şirketleri her breast and pulled on her nipple, twisting it, pulling it, pain in her nipples. Wendy was being smacked on the ass, her nipples being tortured as she was fucked. Crying in excitement and pain, the man in her pussy filling her with his cum. Pushing in and out, slowly milking every drop from his cock.

Wendy took a deep breath and was rolled onto her back, her legs lifted up and pulled wide as another penetrated her pussy, pushing in and out. She is a sloppy slut, stretched too much to be a good fuck. A second man moved next to him, pushed his cock beside the first and the two drove their cocks deep in her pussy. She cried as they fucked her. Two of the men standing and watching had been stroking their cocks and were ready, they moved closer to Wendy and as they masturbated, they shot their loads down onto her face. In her eyes, on her cheeks, in her hair, on her tits, they covered the dark haired beauty. The men fucking her pussy were excited by the cum and the friction and filled her.

Wendy rolled over, exhausted, covered in cum. There at her ass, pushing against her opening was yet another cock, stretching her annus, forcing it open to accept the cock. He pushed struggling to gain entry, and then in, the man moved with fury, in and out, in and out. He had watched her be fucked and suck cocks and he was on the edge when he penetrated her. The man filled her ass with his hot cum, ramming in and out of the used bitch.

Wendy was covered in cum, her hair was a mess, her make up smeared, her dress in a heap, also covered in cum. The door opened and her husband walked in, he was furious, his face was red. He picked up her clothes and ordered to the room. No, she could not have her clothes back. No she could not cover up, she would go down the hall, and up in the elevator, naked, covered in cum. She would show anyone around that she was a fucking slut, a whore, a worthless piece of humanity. Tears filled Wendy’s eyes as she made it to the room and stood waiting for the door to be unlocked.

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