White Lace Panties

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Big Dicks

The shrill ring of the telephone cut through the silence in the room. Even though Linda was expecting the call, it still startled her and made her jump. Tentatively, her hand reached out and picked up the receiver.

“Hello,” she whispered into the phone.

“Hello sweetheart. How are you?” Chris’s smooth sexy voice came through the phone line and caressed her body as though he were right there.

“I am fine, thanks, Chris and how are you? Busy?” Linda countered.

“I am just great as usual and NO, I am not busy at all. I finished up a meeting and set aside this hour just for you, honey. Now enough of the preliminaries, tell me what you are wearing, sexy.”

Smiling into the phone even though he could not see her, she answered, “A white tee shirt, white bikini panties and my woolly socks to keep my feet warm.”

Chuckling, Chris said, “You and your socks! I can picture you clear as a bell. Your long brown hair, your big brown eyes and that smile of yours that just melts my heart every time I see it. I am looking at your picture right now, honey.”

Not sure of what to say, Linda laid back on the sofa with the soft satin pillows beneath her head. She crossed her legs at the knee with one of her little stockinged feet swinging back and forth, nervously. Her and Chris had chatted on the phone often but she was still shy about the “phone game.” Thank goodness Chris never expected her to do much of the talking. He always took control telling her exactly what he wanted her to do.

And as if he had read her mind, Chris said, “Are you laying down, Linda?”

“Yes,” she whispered to him.

“Good, good,” he said softly, “relax honey, and I will take you off to a wonderful place. Slip off your tee shirt honey, and tell me what you see and feel. Be descriptive, honey. I want to ‘see’ you too.”

Without hesitation, and just as he knew she would, Linda put down the phone and lifted her tee over her head and tossed it on the floor.

Picking up the phone again and lying back on the cool pillows, she told him, “I feel the cool air on my breasts. My nipples, pinkish- brown, have puckered already. I am pulling on them gently as I talk to you and they are growing even more.”

“MMMmmm, I can picture those tasty morsels, honey. I wish I was there to let my fingers tug demetevler escort on them. Pinch them, Linda, pinch them hard for me and tell me where you feel it.” Chris demanded.

Pinching her nipple, Linda felt a small shock-waves run down her body to her clit. Little goose-bumps pimpled up along her tanned arms. When she let go, she saw that the aureole was pinker and bumpier. As she pinched her other nipple, she moaned softly into the phone. Chris heard her and demanded that she tell him what she felt. Linda obediently told him what he wanted to hear. “Honey, your reactions are making me so hard. Listening to you is making the blood flow right to my cock and it is throbbing. Now, I want you to run your fingers around your nipples and down your tummy to the top of your panties. Then open your legs wide and run your fingers up and down your thighs but do not touch your cunt, sweetheart. Do it just as I would, if I was there. Do it now and let me hear you.” Chris instructed.

Linda opened her legs and did what he asked her to do. Her pink manicured nails twirled around her hardened nipples as well as along the fullness on the side of her breasts. Down from her cleavage along the soft flat of her tummy to the lacy tops of her panties. Her nails slid across the lacy elastic but did not slip in, although, she wanted them to. While cradling the phone between her ear and shoulder, she gently caressed her fingertips up and down the inside of her thighs, close to the center of her panties that were moistening from her play.

“MMMMmmm” was all Chris heard while he waited for her to do as she was told.

“Linda, cup your sex hard. Do it from the outside of your panties. Let your finger push a little of the material into your wet slit. Take your nail and slide it across your cunt. Tell me about your juices as they fill your panties.”

Linda did not hesitate, wanting to touch her cunt so bad by now. Her small hand cupped her sex hard, she moaned as she felt the gusset of her panties moisten. Her hips lifted slightly of their own accord reaching up to her fingers.

“Oh Chris.” Linda softly whispered.

“Honey, I wish I was there. I would slip my fingers into the wet center of your panties and rip them from your body. I would lift your legs up by the dikmen escort undersides of your knees and hold them to your chest. I would lower my face to your delicious cunt and inhale your scent. Do you have any idea how fucking hot the scent of your aroused cunt gets me hard?” Chris said into her ear.

Linda’s hand and fingers danced along her opening arousing her body more and more as his voice and words aroused her mind. She was moaning softly into the phone and Chris was dying at the other end, knowing he was getting her closer and closer with each demand or comment. He was not unaffected himself from the soft feminine sounds she was sending through the wire back to him.

“Linda, my warm breath would be caressing your wet cunt now. My tongue would slip out and lick you from your ass to your clit, letting my tongue flick your hard sensitive bud, softly first then harder and harder. My lips would close around your clit and suck it in my mouth. I would dip my tongue into your wetness fucking your slit faster and faster. My hands would reach up to pinch your nipples.”

“OOOhhh Chris, Ohhh Chris,” Linda moaned. “Oohhh yes, please…ohhh yes”

Linda was not even aware any longer that she was moaning so sweetly into the phone. Her fingers slipped inside her panties and into her hot wet slit. They were soaked. Finger fucking herself, Linda felt her juices spilling from her pussy to run down the crack of her ass. Holding back the hood of her clit, Linda let her silky wet fingers circle it, over and over again. She was close now. Her breathing had become rapid in the phone and Chris could hear the changes as she drove herself closer and closer to orgasm.

“Ooohh Chris, ohhh Chris, Ohhhh Chris,” Linda repeated rapidly as she moaned louder into the phone. “ooooooohh, oooooohhh, aahhhhh.”

“That is it baby, cum for me, honey. Cum for me. I can hear you. You sound so beautiful. I can see you in my mind, honey. Cum now, call my name. Say it, Linda, Say it when you cum.”

“Oooohhhhh CHRIS!” she screamed as she came.

Her head moved from side to side and she almost lost the phone. Her chest heaved rapidly up and down while her lungs tried to take in air as her legs stiffened and her juices spilled over her fingers. A softer and more coherent, “oh ankara escort Chris!” slipped out when she was done.

Chris had heard Linda had cum many times before so he knew it was her, ‘I am back to normal, Ohh Chris’.

“How you feeling, baby?” He asked her.

“Mellow, weak, gooood!” Linda answered him softly.

“You know it won’t be long before we meet and I can get you there with my own fingers and tongue. My cock is still throbbing thinking of how much it wants to slide into that hot wet pussy of yours.”

“Ohh Chris, you have not cum. I am sorry. That’s not fair.”

“That’s ok, honey. You know it is difficult for me here in the office anyway. I will cum later with the sounds of your ‘Ohh Chris’ in my ears. I love hearing you cum.”

After making a date to meet each other on-line later, they hung up the phone. Linda slowly got up from the couch and picked up her discarded tee shirt. She adjusted her little white panties and rubbed them across her wet vulva, moistening them well.

She went to her room and sat on the bed, slipping off her warm socks and slid on her silky thigh highs. Picking up a matching white bra, she fastened it between her breasts before she slipped on her blouse. Taking her short sexy black skirt, she slid it up her stockinged legs and tucked in her blouse. Grabbing her purse, she left her apartment to go to the Post Office.

She was sending Chris a card just so he would know she was thinking of him. It was a large mushy card and she signed it with her girlie feminine script. At the last minute, Linda smiled at no one in particular as a thought came to her mind. Linda looked over at the door of the ladies room, got up and walked inside. Going into a cubicle, she slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down and off. She lifted the panties to her face and inhaled. She smelled the scent of her orgasm in the wetness that dampened the gusset. Before she lost her nerve, she slipped them into the oversized envelope with the card and sealed it.

With a secret smile, she stamped it and let it drop in the mail slot.

As she walked out of the post office, her skirt slid across her naked ass and the feeling was extremely erotic and sexy. Behind the wheel of her car, she giggled all the way home not believing what she had just done.

A week later, the phone shrilled in her quiet apartment.

Linda picked up the receiver and as she put it to her ear, she could hear his breathing before she even said hello.

“Chris?” she asked.

All she heard was a strained, “oooooohhhhh Linda!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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