You, Again

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Big Dick

I see you again, at the party at Dee’s place. It’s been ages since I’ve felt you inside me; my pussy, my mouth…. I’d even let you take my ass if we ever had the time to do it right.

But for us, it always seems like the way of the quick, hard fuck; the kind that leave our knees trembling and our voices weak.

We bring out the animal in each other, you and I. The kind that communicate through eye contact and a small grin.

And you’re standing there, so cool and collected with some of our mutual friends, just talking and laughing at something Dani says. You’re wearing the jeans I love; the ones that are so flattering to that bulge and your cute butt. I’m beginning to grin like an idiot and my face is getting hot. I know what you can do to me, and how I can make your body shake and give you those throbs that I feel so deep inside me I shake just thinking about them.

Then comes the eye contact.

Everything falls away. We’re surrounded by nothingness and it’s beautiful.

We meet somewhere in the middle of the room, and I’m in your strong arms as we hug. A brief kiss hello and maybe three seconds of small talk. Even that’s too much.

Your breath soft and warm at my ear. “Where?” I tell you to meet me outside in a couple minutes. Go around the back, I say. I’ll be in the driveway.

You smile and I’m gone, soon standing in shadow. We don’t have to hide, but it’s what we do anyway. It’s part of the game we’ve created. The chance of getting caught heightens all this. Doing it completely in private abidinpaşa escort is just simply not the way we do things.

It is Game. It is Fun.

It is Pleasure.

As I’m waiting, I pick out a spot for us: Frankie’s pickup; the one so big you need steps just to get up to the cab.

But we won’t need the cab, and not setting off the alarm will be half the fun.

But then, so would setting it off.

My chuckle is cut short by the sight of you, smiling at me, walking slowly, closing the gap between us. I don’t remember how this got started between the two of us, and I no longer care. I can have you at a glance, and you can have me with the same. It’s us, and it works.

Your smile widens as I lean against Frankie’s precious truck.

“Here?” You ask, a bit of a laugh coming with it.

I nod shyly, letting my hair fall into my face.

You take my hips in your big hands and kiss me deeply, our tongues licking at one another. My hands are trembling at your jeans, caressing your tight ass, squeezing hard, pulling you to me.

My hands are at your belt buckle as you push my skirt to bunch around my waist. Our eyes are locked in their own familiar embrace. I feel your fingers push the crotch of my cotton panties aside, allowing you access to my moistening pussy as I pull your cock free of your jeans. You throb in my hand and I squeeze my response.

Every time we’ve been together, I’ve taken you in my mouth and held you there while my tongue and lips teased you until akay escort I was ready. But I want none of that tonight. I don’t want to break away from your gaze.

My palm cups beneath my now-pursing lips and I allow warm saliva to spill into my upturned hand. You smile, but that’s quickly replaced my a slack-jawed joy as my slippery hand then covers you again, rubbing at the tip, smearing it with my saliva before wetting my palm with the flat of my tongue and taking your shaft into my hand and pumping it in my soft, small fist.

Your smile returns, and I’m lifted off my feet, my back skidding over the skin of the truck door. Your strength makes me burn someplace I can’t begin to define, but I don’t have to worry about that as I feel the swollen head of your beautiful cock pushing at my folds, your eyes boring into mine as breath leaves me and you let me sink down, stabbing myself on you.

The world twirls around us, and your strokes are soft but insistent. The alarm could sound now, and I wouldn’t care.

But it doesn’t, and you’re driving yourself deeper into me, grinding into me at the end of each stroke. My fingers lace into one another behind your neck as you take me, thrusting up into my pussy harder now. Even if the alarm had been set off, I wouldn’t hear it. I can do nothing but take you inside me and accept your reward when you give it to me.

My heels bounce against your ass as your thrust come hard and strong now, my eyes widening. The wave is upon me, sooner than I expected and threatening ankara escort stronger than I remembered. I’m flowing around you and your shaft is swelling inside me. Your throbs causing the tip of your cock to tease me inside, missing my G-spot, and I can’t move my hips to get it at a better angle. You’re taking me the way you want now, and that only drives me higher, the misses at my G making it all the better.

My cunt tightening around you, your cock throbs once more and you let out this little sound that make me clench and the wave crashes into me, the heat starting from my core to fighting against your thrusting cock to leak free of me.

And then I get it; my reward. Thick ropes of cum burning into me, leaping free of you to show me how much you wanted to fuck me tonight. The colors are bursting all around me, behind my eyes, the alarm’s going off, but I have no idea how long it’s been on. The two things I know are your eyes still staring into mine, and the warmth now dripping out of my cunt.

Then my heart is in my throat as you duck into a crouch, my legs still around you. For the first time since we started, my eyes break away from yours, still wide, but now anticipating being caught by Frankie as he goes to make sure his truck is still in one piece.

Several long moments later, and there’s the telltale chirpchirp of the alarm being rest, and the wailing ceases. I can hear Frankie muttering something under his breath before I hear the front door to Dee’s house close.

Our eyes return to each other as we begin to laugh softly.

We freshen ourselves up as best and as fast as we can, our smiles saying all that needs to be said.

“Until next time?” You ask.

I nod, kiss you softly, then depart to make my entrance back into the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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